can she just sing me to sleep every night

Ninjago Season 8: Baby Garmadon and the Unexpected Lullaby

It happened. It actually happened. 

 The Temple of Resurrection was filled with a blinding light as the spell was completed. Lloyd fell backwards, holding his bandaged hand from the cut needed to bring his dad back.

 As the light died down, the last thing both teams expected to hear rose from the smoking circle of resurrection.

 A baby’s cry. 

 The other team stood back in shock, but the Ninja team didn’t hesitate. “Get him!” Lloyd barked. 

 Cole instantly flipped over the barrier and scooped up the baby. As the Garmadon worshippers snapped into action, the ninja team was already set to holding them back. Cole tucked the child into his arm and then lifted a glowing fist as the signal. 

 Lloyd nodded, seeing the glowing orange hand. “Retreat!” He ordered as he painfully pushed himself off the ground.

 The ninjas vanished like ghosts, but the worshippers weren’t that easily defeated. “Follow them!” The leader screeched. 

 The ninjas regrouped at the edge of the temple. “They are hot on my trail,” Kai huffed as he slid in the circle.

 "Alright,“ Lloyd acknowledged the red ninja. "We need to get us and Garmadon to the Bounty. I recommend we split up, so they have to split up too.”

 "Who is going to take the baby?“ Jay asked, looking around. 

 Lloyd extended his hands to Cole. "I will. He is my dad." 

 Cole didn’t hesitate when he handed the small child over. Lloyd took the child, but then something weird happened. 

 The baby began to cry. 

 "No no no,” Lloyd hushed to the baby but something was clearly making the baby upset. 

 "Over there!“ The leader of the worshippers called through the twilight mist.

 Lloyd pulled the baby closer to him, but he just cried even harder. He stuck his pudgy arms out towards the sleeveless ninja. 

 The green eyed ninja slowly raised his eyes to Cole. "I think….he wants you." 

The black haired ninja stared blankly back. "No way. I can’t care for babies. I don’t even like babies-”

 Lloyd passed the baby to Cole. The baby instantly stopped crying and smiled up at the tall muscular ninja. “Well, get your parent instincts on, you’re taking care of him til we get to the Bounty." 

 Cole looked down at the smiling baby before rolling his eyes and tying him to his back. "Hold on Lil’ Garmy.” He grumbled as he tightened his new package on his back.

 A burning arrow stuck itself right above Zane’s head. “We need to leave.” He told everyone. 

 The ninja all nodded in unison and split into the night.

 The tall and muscular ninja slid through the jungle like he was a ghost. His eyes constantly darted through the undergrowth, looking for movement. The Bounty was still about a hundred yards away but he wasn’t about to take any chances, especially with Garmadon strapped to his back. 

 A twig snapped to his right. 

 Cole ducked down fast and froze. The baby was being remarkably silent as he waited to pounce on the enemy. He tightened his grasp on his war hammer and waited until he saw movement. 

 "Ah, gross…“ 

 Cole sighed then stood up. Jay flinched and bit back a yelp. "Cole! You gave me a heart attack!" 

 "You gave me one first!” Cole hissed back as he tightened his package. 

 "How is he doing back there?“ the blue ninja asked as he peered over Cole’s shoulder. 

 The baby smiled in return. "He’s doing fine,” Cole grumbled. He motioned with his hand and they both ducked into the undergrowth and crawled together toward the Bounty. 

 "I knew the Resurrection thing would make a baby, but I didn’t expect to be the babysitter,“ the taller ninja grumbled. "I’m horrible with babies." 

 Jay looked over with his eyes narrowed. "I thought you said you liked kids." 

 He snorted. "There’s a fine line between a child and a baby.” He explained. “Kids you can entertain with screens and they can use imagination. Babies sleep, poop, eat, and-" 

A wail cried out from Cole’s back. The two ninja froze. ”-cry.“ Cole finished with wide eyes.

 Baby Garmadon began to screech. Cole untied him and held in him his arms, trying to look for what was wrong. "Hey, hey, hey….sssshhhhh!” Cole tried to comfort the baby while Jay looked around in panic. 

 "Jay I don’t know what’s wrong!“ Cole hissed as the baby continued to cry. It was so loud, he was sure their location was jeopardized. 

 "We have to make a run for it!” Jay spat quietly, but Cole shook his head. “They don’t know where we are yet-we need to get him quiet!" 

 "OVER HERE!” A distant cry echoed through the woods. Baby Garmadon continued to wail. 

 Jay held his head in panic. “Give it food!" 

 "I don’t have any!" 

 The blue ninja made a panicked noise in this throat. "Well, do something! Cover its mouth, sing a lullaby or something-" 

 "I’m not covering his mouth!” Cole hissed through his teeth. “And I’m not going to sing-" 

 ”We are gonna get caught if you don’t do something!“ Jay screeched as softly as possible. 

 "Grrrr! Fine!” Cole spat as he cradled the crying child. “Um…go to sleep…" 

 Baby Garmadon’s wails died down some as Cole’s voice softened into song. Jay’s jaw dropped under his mask. 

 Cole’s heart pounded, but he kept going. "Uh…”

 "Go to sleep my little one 

Sleep until again there’s sun.“ 

His voice was shaking now, but the baby was now staring at Cole, completely calm. He looked up at Jay, who gestured to him to keep going. He took in a shaky breath but continued. 

 "Hear my voice, you’re safe with me 

Hear my sweet sweet melody." 

 Baby Garmadon started to blink sleepily. Cole couldn’t believe this was actually working. As Jay peered over the bushes, Cole finished the last verse in a controlled and soothing tune. 

 "Don’t be scared, and please don’t cry 

Listen to this lullaby.” 

Silence fell again on the forest as the baby softly slept in Cole’s giant arms. The two ninja anticipated an attack, but none ever came. Jay poked his head out of their bushes and waved the clear sign. Cole glanced one last time at the baby before holding him tight and making a dash for the ship. 

 In a few seconds, Jay and Cole were halfway up the gangway. “J AND C!” Jay wailed as they hit the deck. All the other ninja were waiting for them, where Nya instantly pulled the ship up and off the ground, Zane and Kai lifted the gangway, and Lloyd pulled the sails taught. Another few seconds and their ship was airborne. 

 The ninja all met together in the kitchen, where Cole was cradling the baby. Lloyd was the last one in with his mom, who had wrapped fresh gauze on his hand. “I’m glad we are all safe. Especially you, Cole. Looks like you didn’t have any complications." 

 Jay snorted. "We did have one big one. The baby decided to let loose a sobbing fit while we were in stealth mode." 

 Kai’s jaw dropped. "How did you not get found?" 

 The team all turned to Cole, who was sitting in the corner slowly rocking the baby. Baby Garmadon was fast asleep with his little head facing Cole. His left tiny hand was resting on Cole’s bicep, but the Ninja didn’t care. In fact, he was looking down upon the baby with an unusual small smile, as if he was the proud father. 

 Jay slowly turned back to the group. "He sang a lullaby." 

 Now all the ninja’s jaws dropped. "I thought Cole said he couldn’t sing,” Zane murmured. 

 The blue ninja forced a laugh. “Well, he lied. Big time." 

 Cole slowly cradled the baby but looked up at the team. They all stared at him in shock. The black ninja blushed. "Fine, yes, I can carry a tune." 

 Jay crossed his arms. "You can do more than just carry a tune. You put a baby to sleep just with your voice." 

 Cole blushed harder. "The song….it was sung to me when I was a baby. I remember my dad singing it to me every night….but…” Cole drifted off, his eyes staring in the distance deep in memories. “…I kind of remember someone else singing to me, a woman." 

 "Your mom?” Nya asked. 

 He looked back down at the small child, who was starting to stir. “I don’t remember my mom at all. Dad said she passed before I could remember." 

 Now the baby was yawning and blinking open his big brown eyes. He gazed at Cole, before smiling a little. "Wuah-wuah!” He cooed at the Ninja. 

 Cole smiled back and said, “Wuah-wuah!” back. The ninja all stood in silence, shocked to see this side of Cole for the first time. 

 With a huge smile, Baby Garmadon clapped its small hands together. Then it reached up to Cole’s face and spoke, “Da-Da!" 

 Cole’s smile faded and color drained from his face. He slowly looked up at the team in shock. Jay was coving his mouth trying not to explode in laughter, but Cole didn’t think it was funny. "He thinks….” Cole breathed, as he looked down at the baby. “Garmadon thinks I’m his dad.”

Lullabies, Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Ashton & Y/N

Summary: It’s easier to sleep when Ashton sings to her.

Warnings: Fluff tw

803 words (sorry it’s so short, I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything bc it’s bad)

A/N: This has been a scenario that has been in my head since I joined the 5sos fam so I figured I should finally write it down. Beware, it’s literally all just fluff.

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For @fullysketch’s @badboyandprincess AU. So, This is my random headcanon… lol. A Bad Boy Marco and Princess Star AU. “Every night, Marco always have trouble falling asleep (its nostalgia or something like that lol) and has to stay up all night because of it. But ever since Star came, he was able to fall asleep comfortably now (except for the times that he always think about her and her kindness. Me trash! XD) ‘cause every night before going to sleep, Star would always sing a lullabye (Yes you heard me! Singing! Since Canon Star can Dance, I want AU Star to have a lovely singing voice). Star would always sing a lullabye before going to sleep on her balcony. She would just, let her hair flow in the wind and just enjoy the peace in her surroundings then just, sing. Marco would go sneak up to her bedroom and take a peak at her at the balcony. He would just rest his head on the wall and just listens to her singing. When she finishes singing, marco would quietly tip toed quickly to his room to avoid being caught by Star (which would be embarrassing to him to be starring at her in the middle of the night). Marco would go back to his room and sleep. (Lol my headcanon sucks! XD sorry about that…)” I was listening to this list of songs while drawing this…. “Glitter” - Fairy Tail, “Hoshi no Nagareru Yoru ni” - (Megumi’s Song) Special A, and “Dear You” - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. All are japanese but, I really love listening to them before going to sleep. And I just imagine Star singing them all. XD omayghaad….

So here’s the first chapter of my Zen X MC fanfic. This is the first time I wrote a fanfic. Thanks you @r-f-a-imagines for giving me the courage to post it!!

He Belongs To All Of Us.

Chapter 1

He kissed her.

“I’ll only be gone for 5 days princess. After this show the director is giving me a week off” Zen said with a big smile.

“I know, but we’ve never been apart for so long” MC said a little sad.

She put on a smile, just to make sure Zen wouldn’t feel bad for leaving. She thought of all the happy things that happened since she moved in with Zen. It was right after the party and since then, everyday was so much fun. Zen had to work most of the time and always came home late, but that didn’t stop her from waiting up for him to come home every night. If they both had the day off, he’d always take her on a romantic date. Just last week he took her to an amusement park.

“Send me a selfie every time you go to bed and when you wake up.” MC said with a pouty face.

“Of course. I can even sing you to sleep.” Zen already missed MC. “But I have to go now. I’ll be back before you know it”

He stroked her cheek and kissed her one last time. After that he closed the door behind him.

It’s had been three days since Zen left. They talked on the phone every night. He send her selfies just as he promised and MC even send a couple naughty ones back. She just had a naughty call with Zen.

“Damn you Zen, now I can’t sleep” She lay on their bed and kept staring at the ceiling. She blushed just thinking about all the things Zen said to her over the phone.

After a couple of hours she still couldn’t fall asleep. It wasn’t because of Zen. There was something wrong. She didn’t know what, but she just had a weird feeling. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Maybe a shower would help.

Just as she walked in the bathroom, she heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from the front door. She stopped and listened again. Someone was definitely at the door.

“It couldn’t be Zen!” She thought nervously.

Outside, a woman tried to open the front door. It was dark and nobody was around. Tonight was the night. After a few attempts she heard a click. The door slowly opened.

“That bitch needs to go” the woman thought.

She smiled as she stepped inside the house and closed the door behind her.

MC walked towards the the front door and saw a black figure standing in the dark. At that moment she knew what her weird feeling meant. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and called Zen, but he didn’t pick up. The figure moved towards her. MC ran to the bedroom and tried calling the police. She didn’t have the chance to press the call button.

“I got you now bitch”

The woman grabbed MC’s hair and pulled her down. MC screamed and dropped her phone on the floor. She tried to grab her phone, but the woman kicked it away and climbed on top of her. She put a sock in MC’s mouth and hit her in her face.

MC stared at the woman in shock. The light of the bathroom shone on the woman’s face. She knew who this woman was! MC had seen her at every show of Zen she visited. She was a huge fan of Zen. What was she doing here?! MC tried to push the woman away. But she was too strong.

“Tonight is the night you’ll die and let Zen be free again. He belongs to all the fans. Not just to you” the woman screamed hysterically.

The woman grabbed something from behind her and hit MC on her head. After that all MC felt was the darkness coming over her…

Voice of an angel

I hope you guys like this one! I am trying to start doing Male and Female imagines and this request didn’t specify which gender so I didn’t either. I hope you can all enjoy it. Love you all and more are coming but keep on requesting! <3

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Summary: Can I request a cas x reader where the reader can’t fall asleep so cas sings carry on my wayward son as a lullaby to her?

Characters: Cas

Gender: Female or Male

Warnings: None

Requested: Anonymous

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Destiny [NCT U Ten One Shot]

Genre: Angst, Fluff…?

Ten P.O.V.

Sometimes, I wonder why she keeps circling around him when I revolve around her like the moon…

“Oh my god, Doyoung smiled at me,” Y/N squeal at me.

“That’s good,” I replied trying to be as happy as I can for her.

“I wish he would look at me the way I looked at him,” Y/N said and began to tidy her locker.

“I wish you looked at me the way you looked at him,” I mumbled.

“What did you say?” Y/N asked after locking her locker.

“N-nothing, let’s go get some cake,” I said and she nod with a smile.

Her smile alone is enough to make a go crazy over her.


She always dreams about him at night, even when I shine on her…

“What did you think of my performance?” I asked her as I went backstage.

“You did so well Ten, I’m impressed,” Y/N said and gave me a thumbs up. “Your expressions were on point!”

“I know right,” I said with confidence and she hit me lightly.

“You’re full of yourself,” Y/N joked.

“I’m not,” I replied back.

“You so are,” Y/N replied with a cute giggle.

Then, her attention on me was changed when Doyoung came up to us.

“Hey, Ten! Hey Y/N!” Doyoung said happily.

“Hey!” The both of us said together - except Y/N’s tone was happier than mine.

“Ten, you did great out there,” Doyoung said to me with a smile.

“Thanks hyung,” I replied.

“Anyway, I’ll see you guys later. It’s going to my performance after Jaehyun’s,” Doyoung said and left us.

“Let’s go watch Doyoung’s performance,” Y/N whispered to me with excitement.

“Okay,” I said and we both went to the stage.

While the both of us watch Doyoung’s performance from the backstage television, Y/N’s smile was so bright as if she had just seen the brightest star in the sky.

“His voice is so nice, it’s like an angel,” Y/N said softly to me. “It would be so nice if he sang me to sleep every night.”

“So, if he sings to you every night, you’ll probably dream of him then?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Actually, just him singing now can make me have dreams about him,” Y/N admitted and focused on Doyoung.

“I hope the dream stops and the night wakes and I hope waves come crash with your clam heart ,” I mumbled to myself.


Her heart keeps leaning, hot or cold it grows for him with the seasons. But, my heart that is always directed to her is not even felt…

“I can’t believe that it’s been a month that Doyoung and I have been great friends - and it’s all thanks to you!” Y/N said and hugged me tight.

“I know, I’m awesome right?” I bragged to her as a joke and she hit with lightly.

“You’re so not awesome,” Y/N teased back.

“Anyway,” I said and got out a present for her. “Happy Birthday!”

Her eyes were as wide as an owl and her smile was as bright as the stars. “You shouldn’t have,” Y/N said feeling overwhelmed.

“Open it,” I said eagerly.

She then opened the present and her eyes were about to tear up. When she took it out, it was one of the albums that she’s been talking about non-stop - Lovelyz: A New Trilogy.

“T-thank you Ten Ten!” She shouted happily and hugged me tight. “You’re the best friend I could ever ask for.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied feeling a little hurt when she said best friend.

“That reminds me, Doyoung got me a Gfriend Album. It’s their third album: Snowflake,” she said as she took it out.

“But I thought you didn’t like GFriend,” I asked.

“Yeah, but it’s from Doyoung, so, I’m willing to listen to it,” Y/N said.


Even though her days glow, there’s not really enough room for me in her heart. Sometimes, my heart fills then it gets tired over every time. A day for me feels like a month…

“Ten Ten,” Y/N called out to me. “Let’s watch The Huntsman: Winter’s War together.”

I was surprised that she invited me to watch a movie with her. Usually, I’m the one that invites her, but not today. I think today’s going to be a great day.

“Sure,” I replied with a smile. “When are we going?”

“After school,” Y/N replied. “Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark, Taeil, Taeyong and some of the girls are coming too.”

Or not.

“Oh,” I said trying to sound as excited as I can even though I felt sad. “Okay.”

“I hope I get to sit with Doyoung,” Y/N squealed. “And you must sit next to me too, okay?”

“O-okay,” I replied and walked to my next class.

I wished it was only the two of us. We rarely watch movies together anymore.


“Y/N, let’s do our homework together,” I said as we met at the lockers.

“I wish I could Ten Ten, but I’m doing my homework with Doyoung tonight, maybe tomorrow?” Y/N asked.

“S-sure,” I replied trying to not seem bothered by it. “H-have fun,” I said and left immediately.


For once, if I could stand between her and him to hand her the ring of light. If I could block him away from you and fly through your day.

As I walked to the library with Taeyong, I couldn’t help but think of Y/N and Doyoung. Doyoung’s lucky to have someone like Y/N admiring him. I would anything to be in his place.

“You okay dude?” Taeyong asked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” I asked him back.

“It’s because Y/N and Doyoung are studying together right?” Taeyong asked and I sigh.

“Don’t remind me about it,” I said to him and we walked to the library in silence.

“Cheer up,” Taeyong said as we entered the library. “You know there’s lots of girls that like you. You’ll eventually fall in love with one of them.”

“But I don’t like any of them,” I said immediately. “I only love Y/N. She’s my destiny.”

“Seriously, you’re like the Moon, and she’s like the Earth and Doyoung’s like the Sun,” Taeyong said feeling confused about all this.

“You did not have to mention that out loud,” I said feeling slightly annoyed.

“At least you have me,” Taeyong said.

“I know, but I wish Y/N was here too,” I said disappointedly.

All of the sudden, Taeyong stopped walking on.

“Yah, Taeyong, let’s go. I want to quickly finish this homework,” I yelled in a whispering tone because we were inside the library.

“I-I think that’s Y/N,” Taeyong said and pointed to a girl crying in the corner while holding onto her phone.

“P-please pick up,” the girl said to herself in between sobs. When I heard her voice, I knew it was Y/N. I’ve seen her cry before and I know how she cries.

I immediately passed my books to Taeyong and ran to her. Without saying anything, I just hugged her.

She didn’t even looked up and just cried in my arms.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I was shocked at realising someone was hugging me, but the scent of the person made me know that it was Ten. I tried calling him but he didn’t pick up the phone. Why is he here, how did he know I was here?

“Don’t cry anymore,” Ten said into my ear. It made me cry even harder because I felt so bad for not choosing him over stupid Doyoung.

After I managed to stop crying, I sat up and saw Ten sitting in front of me with worried eyes.

“What happened? I thought you were with Doyoung?” Ten asked me.

“I-I was,” I said. “B-but I saw him kissing another g-girl. I know we’re not dating or anything, but I wish didn’t ask me to study with him and kissed another girl.”

Ten’s P.O.V.

Aish, this Doyoung. I’m gonna kill him when I see him tomorrow.

“Y-Y/N,” I heard Doyoung’s voice calling out to Y/N.

Or maybe now. I immediately got up wanting to punch him. Taeyong, who saw that, immediately dragged me away from Doyoung, so, I did not get to punch him. Y/N immediately got up in shock not wanting me to start a fight with someone.

“You freaking idiot,” I said to him angrily - wanting to shout but remembering that I’m in the library. “You know that she loves you so much and you just kissed another girl?”

“It’s not my fault that lots of girls like me,” Doyoung said.

“Don’t be so full of yourself,” I said to him angrily. “You’re not he only one that popular among girls.”

“Exactly,” Doyoung said. “So, why do you bother so much about her feelings?”

I seriously want to punch him now. If only Taeyong let go of me.

“It’s because I love Y/N and only Y/N,” I confessed in front of the three of them - but Taeyong already knew, so, only Doyoung and Y/N were shocked.

“Are you really that stupid?” Doyoung said with a laugh. “Y/N loves me, not you. She only sees you as her best friend - nothing more.”

I wanted to say something but I was cut by Y/N’s lips on mine and I felt Taeyong let go of me. I was kind of shocked but I returned the kiss. Her lips were just like how I imagine it to me. Soft and moist - I guess it’s because she likes to lick her lips. I could feel as if every single star shining outside was meant for the both of us.

When we broke the kiss, I could see Y/N unsure of how I feel. I think she felt bad.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I felt bad for kissing him out of the blue. I had a feeling that he was upset with me because I immediately just kissed him without telling him how I really feel about him.

Honestly, I’ve loved him from the moment we met, that’s one of the reasons why I became best friends with him. If I couldn’t get close to him through love, then I shall get close with him through friendship. Even though I told him about my love for Doyoung, I only tried loving Doyoung so that I wouldn’t love Ten. I didn’t want him to ignore me or us becoming awkward with each other. Lots of girls liked him and some girls in my school even hate me for being best friends with him. So, I constantly called him my best friend in public to make sure that the girls didn’t get mad at me or anything.

“I-I’m sorry,” I heard then said immediately and quickly recovered from my zone out moment.

Ten’s P.O.V.

“Y/N, I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. I really do love you. I love you a lot and you don’t know how crazy you make me feel every time I see you. You’re like my Earth and my heart lights up just for you-”

“Ten, stop,” Y/N said and covered my mouth. “I should be the one saying sorry. I’m the one who didn’t realise it sooner. I really love you too, but because there are so many girls that like you and they’re so much prettier than so, so I thought that I was not worthy. That’s also one of the reasons why I tried liking Doyoung.”

“You tried liking Doyoung?” I asked in surprised and she nods.

“Yeah and I was starting to actually like him, but then when kissed another girl, my heart just broke,” Y/N admitted. “But, even though I started liking him, I never loved him. You’re the only one that I’ve been thinking of every single night and you smile lightens my day more than Doyoung’s.”

“Really?” I asked and she nods with a smile.

“But now, I’m angry,” Y/N said.

“W-what? Why?” I asked in surprised.

“Because you didn’t pick up my calls when I needed you most,” Y/N said.

“I-I’m sorry, I left my phone at home because it was going to die. Besides, if I brought it out, no one could contact me,” I said.

“That explains why.” Y/N said.

“But, I promise you that I will be there for you whenever you need me,” I said to her and kissed her once more.

I guess we’re destined to be together. Her gravity pulls me and I can never look away from her. She’s all that I see and I will never leave her. Because she’s my Earth, the centre of my day.


I hope you enjoyed that one shot of Ten. It’s inspired by Lovelyz’s new song - Destiny. I’m seriously in love with this song right now. This story is all my idea and if there is anything that is the same as this story - it’s a coincidence. But, yeah, I hope you enjoy it :) and I love Doyoung 💕 Don’t get me wrong for making him a bad character in here 😁

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Bumbleby/Bumblebee Headcanon: Blake, being a cat Faunus and all, actually has really sharp canine teeth. And whenever she is eating something that shows them or when she is flossing Yang mimics the jaws theme song. And of course Blake rolls her eyes every time.

Yes omg. Yang so fuckin would do that to Blake. But no can I add on because I just fuckin thought one of the first time they really kiss Blake, not meaning to but sharp teeth, bites Yang.

And Blake is about to say sorry when Yang starts singing/humming the Jaws theme song again