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Hi! So my grandma(80) has a wheaten terrier named Max(3-4) and he's very energetic and loves to run. There's a ring of dirt in her backyard because he's run there so much. She isn't able to walk him because of his strength and energy. I can't walk him because of how far apart we live and she can't afford someone. I'm worried about him not getting enough of an outlet. What should I do and how can I bring it up to her?

I’m not really in a position to tell you how to talk to your grandma, you would know her a lot better than I do.

But it is worth pointing out that Max needs more activity than she’s currently able to give. I’m sure she benefits from Max’s companionship and don’t think encouraging her to re-home the dog in any way is advisable.

The perfect solution would be if there was someone in the neighborhood (teenager most likely) that would love to have a pet but can’t have one in their current living arrangements. A sort of pet-share arrangement where they can come visit, play with or walk the dog, but Max still lives with your grandma would be the neatest solution. There are responsible folks in the world that would love to have a dog, but know they can’t afford one, or have a family member who’s allergic.

If nobody is available who’s willing to timeshare with Max, perhaps someone else in the family could afford to pay someone to local to walk him? Even if it only a teenager who loves dogs and needs some spare cash.

if you still can’t arrange anyone to exercise Max, then using puzzle feeders or puzzle toys to keep his brain occupied, even if his legs aren’t. This depends a little on your grandma’s dexterity and whether she can pack kongs, twist n treats, hide treats in cardboard, mix and freeze ice blocks etc.

The seniors in our community can benefit hugely from having pets, but like many things may require some assistance to continue independent living.

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Yuuko seems more like a bath person than a shower person to me. A huge, claw-footed bath, with water that can raise steam in swirly and obscuring patterns (which does nothing to actually obscure HER, but is still part of the Aesthetic.)

If anything I feel like she would arrange it so that the steam would obscure everything BUT the parts that might need obscuring. 



Title: Meddling

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Could you do a lil somethin somethin where the reader is an aspiring author and she gets transferred to the BAU and when she meets Rossi she gets all fangirly and awkward and stuff because he’s her favorite author? Reid gets a bit jealous cause he has a small crush on her from reading her file and just seeing her so Rossi ends up trying to set them up and it works? Thank you! (Also maybe adding some puns would be gr8 cause there can never be enough puns in the world)

A/N: I would’ve added more puns, but I couldn’t come up with any organically. I, too, enjoy puns. Gosh, his hair is perfect. I digress. Enjoy! Thank you for requesting! XOXOXO

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Welcome to Afterlife- Ch 1||Philinda

Summary: Specialist Melinda May is on a mission to track down and rescue a lost SHIELD team that was investigating a tribe of possible Powered People in the forests of China. She works alone, she’s always been alone. Its better that way. Phil Coulson was raised in a home that admired and respected their Inhuman ancestors. At 20 he was given his birthright and became one of the healers for new Inhumans in Afterlife. When Specialist May gets put in Phil Coulson’s care this change for both of them.

A/N: Sooo this is my new Prompt verse. Thank you to the always perfect and flawless @agentsphilinda for betaing cause she is perfect! This isn’t really plotted out so if you have any ideas or anything pm me I will see what I can do LOL! this part is mostly fluff with some Angst mixed in for flavor. Enjoy!


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I just need to talk for a quick minute about how the armory scene with Carol and Olivia is everything to me.

If you watch JSS and think about what would have happened if Carol had hesitated for even half a second – at any point before she got to the armory – there’s no question that the Wolves would have gotten the guns and Alexandria would have fallen.

I’m still flailing over the fact that what, 97% of TTD viewing audience agrees?

But the armory sequence, while quick, is such a perfect illustration of Carol’s six season evolution.

She can’t even get to the guns before one of the Wolves attacks her from behind. But no matter. She’s more focused, more determined, and better with weapons, so she wins that battle easily. I love the fact that Jen Lynch even took the time to have Carol observing the splattered blood on the steps. She knows she hit the guy but good. She knows that’s one more person who will soon be down for the count. 

Then there’s the writhing woman on the floor. Morgan would have tied her up. Rick would have given her some sort of ten minute speech about who’s in charge and who the hell does she think she is? 

Carol stabs her in the head. Done.

And then omg, poor Olivia.

I have watched that scene probably 25 times now, because I’m so hopelessly in love with it. Carol hears her and yanks open the door, and Olivia’s natural reaction is to scream, “Please don’t kill me!”

What’s Carol’s natural reaction? Even though she’s filled with enough adrenaline to power NYC? Even though she knows she has to keep moving if she wants to have any chance of saving the community?

She instantly yanks off the bandana. She says, “It’s okay.”

It’s okay.

She knows those two words are exactly what Olivia needs to hear.

There is nothing in her that is not a nurturer.

And then, when Olivia is understandably overwhelmed by the totality of the circumstances, Carol knows exactly what to do. There’s no time to talk about feelings or process anything. Carol’s beyond smart enough to know that what Olivia needs in this exact moment is instructions. Direction. She needs someone to tell her how to handle this situation, because she hasn’t the vaguest clue how to handle it herself.

Anybody who wants to tell me that Carol doesn’t see her former self in Olivia can step right off the edge of my blog. So much of Olivia is who Carol was in S1 and S2. Terrified. Uncertain. Lacking any confidence in her own ability to defend herself and win.

But the magic of Carol is that she processes all of this in half a second. She should be running out the door, but she takes the time to explain guns to Olivia in five seconds or less. (And can we all just pause for a moment to appreciate the way both Ann Mahoney and Melissa McBride are breathing in this scene? Lord, why does nobody have an Emmy, jfc?)

And because Carol takes those five seconds, because she doesn’t ridicule, because she doesn’t belittle – because she doesn’t dismiss this adorable sheltered woman who would probably love to take care of herself if anybody could help her learn how – Olivia follows her instructions without question, raises the gun as she was told, and stoically watches Carol leave.

That shot of Ann Mahoney holding the gun – trembling but determined as fuck – will give me life until the end of the universe.

Carol has evolved into someone who can do what needs to be done without a single moment’s hesitation, but she’s still exactly the same person who apologized to Rick in “Tell It to the Frogs” when she couldn’t get his laundry as clean as she would have been able to in her Maytag. She can read people in half a heartbeat and instantly adapt herself to be the person they need in that moment.

However, it all comes at a horrible psychological cost, which is why we get the porch scene and little muffincup Sam’s “A.”

Carol saved so many more people with her quick-thinking decisiveness than Morgan will ever save with his moral dithering.

She’s the most selfless human in the zombie apocalypse, and that tiny scene with Olivia is just one more example of this truth in action.

I mean. Look.

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Late night games
  • *Shep comes home late from doing whatever and tries to go to bed all stealthy and Liara's totally awake*
  • Liara: Good evening, how can I be of service?
  • Shep: *not missing a beat* Well well! Good evening miss. I hope you can help me. You see, I'm trying to get home to my bondmate, but the road's left me weary and I can't go on any further today.
  • Liara: Oh dear! Please, come in, you're more than welcome to stay with me for the night.
  • Shep: *crawls into bed next to her* Thank you kindly.
  • Liara: *Snuggles close* Mmmm. What does your bondmate look like? Maybe I can help you find her.
  • Shep: Her name's Liara. Smooth blue skin, full luscious lips *kiss* perfect supple curves *runs hands over hips* and this wonderful little patch of freckles right across her nose.
  • Liara: Mmmm, she sounds wonderful.
  • Shep: She is.
She’s beautiful, with a heart as golden as they come. Her grind is unique, and she can light up any room that she walks in. She’s far from perfect, but everyday, this Queen gets better. She’s not looking for a fairy tale; she’s looking for someone loyal, and that’s just as tired of getting it wrong. She’s looking for more than just money, because she has her own. At the end of the day, she’s just looking to share something special; and something that lasts with a man that was worth all of the tears she cried before him.

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Like you, I believe seb and margarita aren't together anymore. There just isn't anything pointing to them being together. I just think it's sad how seb seems to be holding on to her. Of course no one is perfect, but seb is such a sweet guy, but him chasing after her like he seems to be doing is a waste. She just seems to be very un genuine and very clearly not interested in seb any more. Now that she doesn't seem to be getting much attention from him, she could care less about him.

We can’t be sure how their relationship is now, based on some comments I think it’s a friendship but either way he seems more dedicated to it than her. I don’t like the “make the man the victim” thing but it makes you wonder and sometimes I feel sorry for him as well because I know the feeling of holding on to someone in the hope of getting some attention.

She seems to be independent from him now and he needs to get that or he’ll look like that ex that can’t let go, I can’t blame her completely on this as much as I dislike her behavior, if it’s over then it’s over.

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"Are you really happy now?"


… yes. for the most part, that was the truth. he had belle here; at long last, he was no longer alone, and if he believed her professions, she loved him. that was leagues more than he ever thought he would have in his life. nevertheless, not everything was perfect: he would never entirely rid himself of that sinking, panicked feeling that rose up in his chest every time he thought of how monstrous he was beside her, and there was always an ever-present sense of guilt weighing him down over everything she was giving up for him. even if she was here of her own free will and not as his prisoner, he could not shake away that guilt. with him, she was obliged to live a life of seclusion. he could never accompany her to new cities or stroll with her in the marketplace of the village. she might love him, but that did nothing to urge the rest of the world to accept what he was, and that rejection from society would always hurt somewhat.

he was not entirely sure he would ever fully be happy, but life was infinitely BETTER with her. this was as close as he could ever come to having what he wanted. 

“ yes. i am happy. ”

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idk if you're still doing them but if you are : maki

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: >:/
worst quality: nothing she’s perfect
ship them with: Kaede
brotp them with: Tenko
needs to stay away from: Kaito
misc. thoughts: SPOILERS

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I’m almost finished with reading The Beekeepers Apprentice and lemme tell u

I love it. I really really do. It’s just a charming book and the main girl is interesting, not just because ~ohh strong female character~ she admits to her weaknesses and is ALLOWED to be weak of have limits that are accepted by the other characters without humiliation– she’s allowed to express her stresses and struggles to keep up and work more for the same things Holmes automatically gets, despite being pretty much just as capable… Also she’s Jewish and theres like… and HUGE section about her visiting around the middle east and then jerusalem and getting more in touch with this part of her… Like, I’m now Jewish, I can’t say for sure if it’s perfect representation or if there’s any issues, but as far as I know, it’s been a really good book…

Pls read The Beekeepers Apprentice…. It’s about a 1940′s Sherlock Holmes who’s retired and older basically taking a 16 yr old feminist girl under his wing to just teach about his skills n such because she’s got a natural affinity, but like… IT’S CHARMING AND SWEET AND IT’S ALL FATHERLY-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP

like i know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have shot himself if he could over the book, most likely, but…. I like it okay.

I don’t think I am ever going to stop watching this. I’m so emotional. It’s so perfect. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we’re getting NEW Gilmore Girls. Its all new. Why was Kirk at Friday night dinner? Why did Rory tell Jess she didn’t have any underwear? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! I’m just so happy. It’s been almost 10 years, and these beautiful wonderful characters that I’ve loved for most of my life are back. These perfect characters who have shaped me as a person are FINALLY back. And I think I might be more emotional then I thought I’d be, but in a really good way.

People will ride with anything that’s against you when they don’t like you.

When people really don’t like you, they will ride anything or anybody that’s against you. So even though a lot of these people really don’t like Kim, they don’t like Taylor more. When Kim exposes Taylor… that’s the world we live in where celebrities are perfect. Taylor is the epitome of the perfect celebrity. She never really makes any mistakes. She says the right things. She does the right things. So people were just waiting, waiting to have a reason to really get at her so this is their reason. Because in their mind they’re like no one can be this perfect, she’s fake. As soon as they get a little inkling that she may be fake, or she may not be telling the truth. They couldn’t wait to jump on this bandwagon, so it’s just that simple. People will ride with anything that’s against you when they don’t like you.

—  Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of nationally syndicated Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, told E! News this week in response to the Kimye vs. Taylor controversy.
I like to think I'm open/neutral on Emily.

The way I see it, she is badass on her own. The type of girl that can get shit done and be sassy while she does it. She’s also smart and when she’s being nice to her friends and boyfriend, she is so sweet and perfect and I love her.

The problem is we don’t see much of her being nice. Even if you pick the good choices she still comes across as very self centered and nasty to her so called friends.

That being said I won’t stand for people bitching about her for things that clearly are not her fault.

For example: I will stand up for both her AND Ashley during the gun scene because they both acted quite reasonably considering everything that happened. Ashley was scared and over reacted after everything she had seen (and let’s not forget she wasn’t even the one holding the gun) but so was Emily (well she was scared but in my opinion she most certainly did not over react).

Also I won’t put up with this Emily cheated stuff because a) you should hate Mike just as much and most people don’t and b) I’m actually one of the few people that believe Emily was lying. When I first saw that scene all I could think of was that Emily was just saying whatever would get Matt to stop harrassing her so much while an inch away from death.

I think the thing that bothers me the most are people going from one extreme to the other. They’re either “Emily is a horrible bitch who deserves to die! She over reacted on Ashley and she’s nothing but a total c**t” or they’re “Emily is an angel! Such a badass! The only person who even does anything! She’s so brilliant and sweet and is a great girlfriend and deserves the best out of everyone. The only decent character.”

You know it’s okay to have a problematic fav just as long as you admit they are problematic. Or at least headcanon that they get better.