can she be more beautiful


adorable puppy a bit scared mrs might be mad but mrs understands. ♥

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The unlimited creative🙇🏻‍♀️🎭🎨🖼✍🏻️mind and hands🙌🏼of Alycia Debnam Carey💖 

Can she have more art inside her…?🎭🎨🎼🌟 Look at those amazing beautiful animals watercolors paintings? Yes! she also paint and drawing! Alycia posted those pictures long time ago in her Instagram. I wish she could had keep posted them and i also wonder if she still painting in her free time? They are so cute btw, they could be perfect to children books. I totally love how much creativity she has. A truly complete talented artist in that soul🌟👏🏼👏🏼.

headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself

This woman tho. important person in resistance. looking amazing. damn.

Forget the stars
Forget the moon
She is neither

Forget the sun
Forget the clouds
She is neither

She is not mystical
She is not magic
But she could fool me

She is warm and soft
But she strong
Stronger than me

She is beautiful
She is more than I
Can understand

She is confident
She is kind
Who am I to
Stand near her

She is also sad
She is angry
She is quiet
She is loud

She is not just something
distant and abstract

She is real
She is multidimensional
She is herself
She is more than I
thought possible

She Is

—  She Is, an original poem for Sapphics
the reason why i love padmé amidala

i was six when i first watch star wars and i cant even remember my reaction to it or what movie i saw first. i only remember loving and watching the movies over and over and over again. i remember watching the prequels just so i could watch my idol padmé amidala.

i know natalie’s carrier was nearly destroyed after the prequels and i understand why some cannot stand them. but guys please keep in mind how important padmé was too young children across the world. she is a true figure for feminism. she is brave, she can hold her own. she’s beautiful, but uses her witts more than her beauty. she’s not afraid to love and be loved, she stands for what is right and will keep fighting. she founded the rebel alliance, long before it even was a thing. 

padmé nabaree amidala isn’t just a side character, she was my idol growing up. i wanted to be her, just like her. become a politician, maybe an aid worker. she shows us the importance of being compassionate to others while still kicking ass. though george can you please confirm the fan theory of her death bc that was just poorly planned out with no explanation 

i was always padmé whilst playing star wars with my friends. i didn’t need the lightsaber like the others, because i had a gun. i didn’t need the force, because i have my brains. 

padmé amidala shows us the importance of personality and the importance of using your brain instead of beauty


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

Things that Anya definitely told tiny warrior Lexa
  • “We are what we are.”
  • “The dead are gone. The living are hungry.”
  • “To lead well you must make hard choices.” 
  • “Mockery is not the product of a strong mind.” 
  • “Don’t be afraid. Death is not the end.” 
  • “Sometimes you have to concede a battle to win a war.” 
  • “This is war. People die.” 
  • “You showed true strength today, don’t let emotion stop you now.”
  • “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.” 
  • “We do what we must to survive. The enemy does the same. It’s not personal.” 
  • “Tiring yourself with questions already asked and answered is a waste of energy.” 
  • “We must look into the eyes of our warriors and say ‘Go die for me.’” 
  • “You could be a leader your people look to, pour their hopes and dreams into- someone they would fight and die for.” 
  • “You were born for this.” 
  • “It takes as long as it takes.”