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i know this is character talk time.... but I would really love to hear more about your thoughts on the joe wright p&p adaption.

I think Wright’s adaptation is a superb one.

Joe Wright is always so skilled as subtlety : with true insight, he manages to express on screen, and without words, what has been written about the soul of his characters. In Pride and Prejudice, it relies primarily on symmetry, glances, and gazes.

He is very faithful to the book, and particularly to the constant and delightful humour of Austen : each scene is filled with such mirth, I’m always laughing out loud when I watch it; the awkwardness, especially, is delightful. Darcy, his gait, his tenseness, and Elizabeth perplexity are a delight. 

To convey Austen’s elegant, controlled style, Joe Wright does a great job with cinematography and scenery : painting scenes, symmetric scenes, slow traveling of the camera on a picturesque yet very classical, very subdued detail. Pride and Prejudice is not baroque in the least : its simplicity, in the colours (dark green, dark blue, white, brown), in the costumes, in the repetitive and piano-filled soundtrack, echoes the tranquil and beautiful domesticity of the original story.

The characterisation is absolutely stellar and I think in that, Joe Wright really showed his respect and understanding of the book; as I said before, his Darcy is Austen Darcy : the stutter, the controlled yet passionate hand, the rare but sunny smiles, the awkward posture and early blindness to his surroundings, and then that new degree of softness and warmth when we come back to him at Pemberley; more than anything, the hidden vulnerability, the sudden pain and anger on his face when he is hurt, and the trembling eyelids when his gaze must absolutely escape Elizabeth’s.

The Bennett as well are great: Wright decided to make the Bennett parents a little closer than they are in the book, and M. Bennett a little more loving than he is in the book, and I think it’s a lovely addition; in any case, their constant giggling, occasional stupidity, the dynamics unfolding in the scenes where they are all in the parlour or at dinner is deeply satisfying: a whirlwind of laughter, smiles, conniving (and signification-filled) glances, true warmth and intimacy in their hand choreography (give me this, give me that, carried on so smoothly), their surroundings always found in the happy chaos of true living (contrasting with the cold, immobile Netherfield and Rosings).

Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth is a true delight; still full of innocence and impulse—her rapidity of expression and limpidity of gaze convey both her youth and her cleverness, her insolence and her warmth. She manages to express her thoughts without having to speak: in her rigid or supple gait, in the angle of her neck, lowering of her eyelids, in the very distinct movements of her mouth. Their is a magnetism between her and Macfadyen that is actually heart-seizing, isn’t there? From the start, Wright decides to show us how similar they are, how instinctively they are linked, and it works so well.

All the casting to me is satisfying, except for Bingley who I thought lacked in elegance and prince-like charm—but Kitty and Lydia’s mixture of impudence and gaiety, Wickham’s charisma and transparency (the cold elegance of a paper hero), Charlotte’s plain but reassuring persona, Collins’ hilarious and enraging pretentiousness, Miss Bingley’s rat-like pettiness, Jane’s peaceful, magnetic softness, and Georgiana youthful charm (although that is an invention —Georgiana is very Darcy herself in the book, awkward and shy and timid) are all perfect.

What Joe Wright has chosen to put aside from the book, I think, is a show of his talent as an adapter: he got rid only of what wasn’t mandatory to the story, letting himself linger on the faces of his protagonists, their interior turmoil palpable behind the mask of conventions. Mrs. Phillips, the Gardiner’s children, the whole London’s storyline, Mr. Bingley’s second sister, the dinners leading to Jane and Bingley’s engagement… these would have been empty additions to a well-paced, beautiful movie.

Where Joe Wright loses me a little, however, is when he tries to add drama to a very lovely yet very human-scaled story; of course the idea is justifiable. He’s appealing to a romantic audience, who might not be satisfied with only subdued and subtle signs of affection. But I do like Austen’s no-nonsense writing, and her credible (somewhat, although she’s not above easy, lucky coincidences) string of events. For example, Wright’s scene for the engagement of Elizabeth and Darcy is a bit wobbly: they both meet in a field, in the morning after Lady Catherine’s visit to Longbourn. How could Darcy have known so soon what Elizabeth had said? How can they be meeting here, in an unknown field, and know they would find each other? And above all, why is his shirt slightly open, and Elizabeth all the while wearing pyjamas? It’s the 1800′s, guys. Get dressed.

Wright sometimes overlooks the rules of propriety and modesty in Pride and Prejudice, again for the sake of drama. It’s not a problem and to the neophyte spectator, it’s certainly not memorable; but it did irk me at times. Darcy entering Elizabeth’s bedroom to give him the letter, although she is alone and again, in her nightdress; Lady Catherine forcing herself into the Bennett’s household at night; Darcy running after Elizabeth; Elizabeth and Darcy being again and again thrown alone in a room, although the book always has them chaperoned.

What is beautifully done, however, is the slow discovery of Elizabeth’s own mind; the intensity of the feelings. It’s subtle, you know, both in the book and in the movie: otherwise the audience and readers could think Elizabeth changed her mind when she saw Pemberley, for example. But no —her fascination for Darcy starts just a little earlier than her visit, and gnaws at her steadily; at first, she cannot explain it; when she can, she’s horrified that she has lost his esteem forever. Her silence when Jane asks her about Rosings (which a departure from the book: she confesses Darcy’s proposal to Jane there), her single tear at night when Jane talks of Darcy and Bingley; her sole, heart-breaking admission in front of the mirror: I have been so wrong. Silently, slowly, passion has been growing on her side as well.

All in all, I think it’s a true, faithful, respectful hymn to Jane Austen’s work, and what Wright had to bring to the table in his adaptation is generally very successful, very thoughtful, and delightfully carved. He did such a good job.


Tanaka-sensei’s Official Twitter account just announced that Tanaka-sensei would be on hiatus for an indefinite period of time due to chronic illness. According to the series of tweets, she (they?) has been suffering from chronic neck and spinal disc problems due to working non-stop in a sitting position. She has been having the pain for awhile but refused to rest just so she could make us, her fans, happy with her manga.

I honestly don’t know what to say….. I’ve admired Tanaka-sensei for working non-stop, and me and other fans had previously wondered if Tanaka-sensei was okay from working so hard on not only the manga, but the drama cd scripts, illustrations for the anime bd/dvd, and even doujinshis and goods that she faithfully presented to us at past Comikets and other big events.

To think that she suffers greatly for our sake….. I can’t help but shed tears. She’s one of the most hard-working mangakas I know and she doesn’t *deserve* to suffer for being so kind to her fans. I can only pray that she will recover soon and has the strength to carry on with the series as soon as she feels good enough to work on it again. I’m sure me and other SERVAMP fans will be waiting faithfully for her…..

P.S. Thanks to @xpeppermin for the info.

!Even more random twin headcanons, because apparently that’s all I can think about in the last days:

  • hot chocolate is Luke’s comfort drink

  • Lando introduced him to it

  • whenever Luke feels that Leia is stressed, he makes her some, and it always helps

  • once, when Luke was away on an emergency, Leia tried to make herself some hot chocolate. It tasted wrong, and she never did it again

  • Leia likes trashy holo dramas

  • she makes Luke watch them with her, and he is soon hooked, too

  • Han pretends to hate them, but he actually thinks they’re really funny

  • Leia sometimes trains with the Rogues. She is an amazing pilot, and could easily fly with them, but as a symbol of the Rebellion and a member of High Command, the risk is deemed to high. Sometimes, she can convince people to let her fly, though, and has flown at least a few combat missions with the Rogues

  • the Rogues consider her a member of their squadron

  • once when they were drunk they went and got T-shirts made that have “Member of the Rogue Squadron” written on them in black in front of a white Alliance symbol

  • Leia wears hers proudly even years later, even though some stuffy politicans give her weird looks when they see it

  • the lady in charge of the mess hall of most of the bases the Rogues are stationed on is a middle-aged woman from Tatooine called Amee

  • Luke is her favorite, and they often converse in the language of their people

  • they never let others listen, though, because their language is a secret that’s not meant to be shared with free people

  • Luke calls her Ajuna, which is the typical adress of a woman of her age for any child of the desert, and means grandmother

  • for a long time, the Rogues assume that Ajuna is her name

  • the Rogues always throw the twins a birthday party together

  • there’s more than one joke about them being secretly twins long before anyone learns the truth

  • Luke always needs extra blankets, because this boy is from the desert and used to a much hotter climate

  • Leia can’t sew to save her life

  • Luke can

  • Leia contemplated suicide a few times directly after the destruction of Alderaan

  • Luke is very anti-slavery, given his background as a freeborn son of slave. This causes him to react rather extreme to some situations, like when their new ally insists that his servant girls in their scimpy dresses love to dress that way, and no, that’s not slave trackers, what makes you think that?

  • Leia is usually very quick to join Luke in his outrage

  • they like to watch action movies and take apart the flaws and parts that are physically impossible

  • Leia can take amazing, very artsy holos. She never shows them to people outside of her family, but she is very talented

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Sorry bout my last ask it was kinda rude so can i try agian? it would be swell if you had some drama club AU headcannons. thanks!!!!

I did drama club in the 4th grade and we did A Charlie Brown Christmas but I don’t remember who I played. ANYWAYS, so as to do this request justice, I handed it off to rongasm who was more than happy to fill this request. Thanks again, Rachel! 

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I'm amazed at how things go from so great to so crappy so quickly! We had goodness for such a long time and it seems like within a week or two it's all gone. What's your take? I'm still in denial or disbelief that one person who nosed into this can cause everything to disappear. Thoughts? I really hope she goes away soon and we get it back again.

It’s happened before, but never to this extent of destruction. I think that shippers have put up with a lot of drama, hate and games for years. This was just the final straw. People created a happy place here and after spending years fighting to keep that happy place its not worth it. Why struggle when it would be easier in another fandom where the network and the actors value the fans. 

Cheater Cheater Part Two //LH

rating: sfw 

You saw y/n’s side, now here’s Luke’s.


part one

Lukes pov. 

I couldn’t believe this was happening right now. This was never my intention. All of this was one big mistake. And after that night on Halloween, when y/n found me cheating, I tried so damn hard to win her back. 

A few months prior we’d signed with new management. They thought things with y/n we’re going too well. That we weren’t getting enough attention or something I don’t even know. What does that have to do with my music? They told me about arzaylea, how I’d take a few photos and stuff, stir some things up. I was gonna talk to y/n that night before the party, but it never came up. I left her to film and when I went to the party Arz was there. We took a few pictures and before I knew it, her lips were on mine. When I saw y/n there with tears in her eyes I didn’t even know what to do. What do you even say to the girl you’re in love with? Like hey I’m sorry another girls tongue was down my throat? I kissed back. I’m an asshole. 

I tried. I tried for months to get her back, all while pr made it look like me and Arz were dating. I saw she finally posted on YouTube, and of course it was a video on me. I still haven’t watched it, it’d be too much to handle. 

Yes, technically I’m still with Arzaylea. Do I have a choice? Probably. Have I done anything about it? Nope, because what can I do? There’s contracts and meetings and deadlines and drama that I wish never existed. I wish y/n was there, holding me and kissing me softly telling me something stupid to take my mind off it it. But every morning when I wake up, it’s not her anymore. 

I know of the drama Arzaylea has caused, I know it’s all to stir the pot a bit. What sucks is not only have fans left my side, I’ve lost the absolute love of my life. But according to management, things are going well. We have the attention now. I just don’t know what to do anymore. 

When I heard about our meeting with y/n and Sierra today, I nearly shit myself. I changed about four times before looking acceptable. “Mate what are you even doing? You have a girlfriend and y/n probably gives no fucks as to what you’re wearing” Calum said. He’s always cared for her as much as I did. I wonder if they still talk. I flipped him off before getting in the car and that’s where we are now: me sitting at a table waiting for a girl whose heart I broke to sit down and talk about things as if nothing’s ever happened. As if we are just all clients and partners. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door opened and Jordan, their manager walked in followed by Sierra and y/n. 

Wow did she look amazing. She was even more fit than I remember, her long candy pink hair was now mid length and a nice light brown with messy curls. She was wearing a sweater that had NO FILTER scribbled across the center of it with black jeans and boots. She was as stunning as ever. She made eye contact with me but before I could even offer a smile she averted her attention to her feet, before shuffling to sit down. 

She stayed quiet the entire time as everyone talked. It was decided we’d do what we used to do, like what we had done when we first met. We’d film videos and hang just like the old times. In addition they’d choreograph some dances to our newer songs and post those as well. Promote future songs. My management team thought that it would be good extra drama now that y/n and I have been broken up. Sierra and y/n both looked uncomfortable, but who can blame them? When everything was decided, our managers shook hands as y/n stood up as soon as she could. She was out of the door before anyone could even say anything else. I frowned softly but got butterflies at the thought of getting to spend time with her again. As soon as I could, I pulled out my phone and checked her social media. Woah.. 9 million Instagram followers? I scrolled through her feed and saw posts that primarily consisted of her and another guy. My heart dropped before I realized I had no right to be upset. I simply clicked the tag and saw his name was Alex, and he dances with the girls. Just friends apparently. I instantly relaxed before going on YouTube. 

I held my breath as I searched for the video I thought I’d never watched. 


I clicked on it gently before waiting for it to load. 

“Hey guys” she sniffled. 

This was a bad idea. 

Her hair was now faded pink, clear this was a few weeks after our breakup


“A lot of you have been asking about Luke and this other girl” she tried to compose herself. 

“God I’m sorry I told myself no more tears” she tried to joke wiping her eyes. 

I hate when she cries. And it’s because of me. 

“But yeah, basically we were all going to a party and I met up with him later. When I found him he was with another girl” she said calmly. 

“This video is in no way supposed to spread hate to them, or be some sort of revenge. You’re all my family and you deserve the right to know” she spoke composing herself. 

Even when she’s mad at me she still told them not to send hate. How wonderful it must be to be able to share everything with your fans. Not have to fake things and seem like the bad guy. Well, I am the bad guy. I still hurt her but you know what I mean. I closed the app before wiping the tears I didn’t know I had. I was disrupted by a text message. 

Arzaylea: hey we still up for tonight right?

I typed a quick yes before instantly regretting it. 

See, Luke. This is why you fuck things up. Why’d you say yes? I sighed softly. God I’m a mess. But tomorrow I will get to see y/n again and who knows what’ll happen?


The non-anons who requested a part two:












A final rant on Moon Lovers

I feel like enough time has passed for me to make this post, without anyone thinking it is a personal attack on their opinions. Because it is not. This post does not counts for every single person who didn’t like Wang So, but rather a highlight of some of the things that didn’t sit well with me.

I should start off by saying, you are not obliged to love every single character. You’re allowed to dislike characters and not enjoy their relationships in view of them being problematic. This post is not about that - this post is about the way in which, throughout the drama - both on tumblr, twitter and various other platforms; some of the people who didn’t like So as a character made it out that enjoying him as a character was the epitome of anti-feminism. 

Its no secret that Wang So was a victim of abuse throughout the drama, and I feel like a broken record going on and on about it. But every so often I go through the tags for other dramas and noticed something whilst going through the Sassy Go Go tag. Soo Ah was also a victim of abuse, so far to the extent that she literally wanted to die. But she was also one of the dramas earlier antagonists, a bully, someone who consistently sabotaged the other characters and even went so far as to frame a teacher for sexual harassment (this would literally destroy his life - even if it didn’t mean an arrest, he’d be shunned and barred from ever working as a teacher again). But we still sympathised with her. Because she’s a victim. Because she’s a child. Soo Ah was 18, Wang So was 17. I’m not saying Soo Ah didn’t deserve our sympathy, because I too rooted for her happiness. I’m asking what it is that separates the two characters so far apart that people are so understanding to one character but not to the other?

Another female character that parallels closely to Wang So, but was received very differently is Hwangbo Yeon Hwa. The reason why I enjoyed her character so much was because, like So she was a survivor. Almost everything she did was for her own survival. The difference was, So had to physically fight for his survival, whereas Yeon Hwa had to play her cards to her advantage. And I think it’s because of this, that so many people who disliked So, simultaneously wrote about how she deserves the throne and screw everyone else. Yeon Hwa never had to physically get her hands dirty, so people really did downplay her darkness a lot. 

Then there was the break up between Soo and So - where So tells Soo that whenever he sees her, he’ll be reminded of how he had to kill Eun. And I saw plenty of posts raging at his words, and even had people come into my inbox calling him an asshole. But where were these voices when Soo screamed verbal abuse at him? Why wasn’t she an asshole when she said to him that everytime she sees him, she’s reminded of the things she wants to forget, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with them? A key factor that I noticed in the fandom was the fact that Hae Soo was allowed to hurt So over and over again, and no one would bat an eye. Even till the last episodes she was allowed to tear him apart, and no one would comment - until of course, Wang So reacted. Because apparently, a relationship means if your partner hurts you, you’re supposed to just take it and brush over it (which to be honest 3 out of 4 times - he did.)

This is less about So but more about the forced marriages in the drama. Both Yeon Hwa and Soon Deok forced a marriage upon their spouses. Eun was threatened with death and So was threatened with the safety of his people. Yet, do you know what I read over and over again? People getting angry at Eun for not being head over heels in love with his wife and people being angry at So for not having any inclination of love toward Yeon Hwa. I can tell you right now, if there was a female character forced into a marriage, and she didn’t bother giving her spouse the time of day, these same people would be praising her for telling the patriarchy to screw itself. And yet, not a single person commented on the fact that these two women we the enforcers of unwanted marriages because of their own wants. 

And finally, Yoo Jin (K2), wonderfully complex and deeply immoral. Though I should mention - as with every other female character I’ve written about on this post, she was a favourite of mine (before dropping the drama). And being a favourite, I did read post after post about her (because when you have a complex character, it’s interesting to see how others perceive them). The result however, was seeing a mass number of posts calling people out on not liking Yoo Jin even though they liked Wang So. And yeah, maybe she didn’t force a kiss upon someone, but she did hold someone captive for over a decade, she was responsible for the death of the lead’s mother, she did try and have the lead killed because he happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time (aka witnessed her husband’s affair) and was willing to kill anyone involved with said lead. I liked Yoo Jin. But the idea that there is somehow a double standard in liking So but not her, baffles me. So was a survivor - I’ve said it time and time again; but if he didn’t adapt to violence and killing - he would have been dead years ago. Yoo Jin was a greedy killer. She didn’t simply kill those who threatened her life, she killed those who stood in the way of her power. There’s a difference. 

okay, I think I’m done :)

I Hate You (Part 26)

Ryan Sitkowski x reader
​Warning: language, smut

Your father is increasingly displeased.
What are you doing for your college? Did you still have intentions of going? You aren’t going to thrown away your life on some boy, are you? What if he gets you pregnant and you decide to keep it?

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so you’ve seen my post yesterday, how i was invited over and i had my way with her and left before the fiance came back home. these are some more of the photos i took during her tied up. such a sexy feet and toes, i want to kidnap her and keep her in my basement like you see here but in shibari i put her in. 

i don’t think she told him what happened, or maybe she did- there was no drama and texted today how i should come over again soon. 

i for sure will and look forward to more play with her this way- i know she liked it. i loved it. maybe next time i can take more pictures of her feet and toes tied up. maybe even cummed on? possibly. i want to pull her pants down see how her pussy feels and taste like. maybe next time and possibly soon. 

Been having the same issues with dramas lately, except for Lookout. Been rly diggin that. And I turned to variety shows for the time being :D hope ya find a good one soon!


Because I can’t reply to replies with xkit anymore (get your shit together Tumblr, damn):

Lookout was on my list of dramas to watch…………. till I saw who the lead actress is. I just can’t. I want so much to like her because in theory everything about her seems like she’s probably this bad ass chick IRL but omg I just cannot.

Seriously disappointed about that because:
a) Kim Seul Gi,
b) Key,
c) plot sounds like it would be right up my alley.


Get well soon.

Dammit i’m posting RP stuff again, so this is like an AU

Sad stuff again, I RP as Chica and she’s not doing very well as you can see… so much drama for her AGAIN.  

Yeah i’m so lazy and i like to recycle draws (?) there she is alone and her with the two boys she loves the most  (Bro Chicko  -he’s bind  because another fight- and BF Foxy) 

If you wonder what happened to Chica… Mangle (boy) attacked her.

My draws are so influenced because my RP and i want to draw everything (?)

Reader x Elliot

Hacker VS. Hacker pt. 2
Word count: 2071 (lmao??)
As in part 1 I kept reader gender neutral

After leaving Coffee Palace, with Elliot’s cup safely in a zip lock and tucked away in your backpack, you head for the subway. It was almost time for your shift to start at Motherboard a tiny little computer parts and repair place. It was almost always dead, which was a big part of the appeal. Plus the owner, Doug, never seemed to care about your chronic lateness. You arrive at Motherboard a few minutes past the beginning of your shift. Pushing the heavy glass door in, you are greeted by the smell of plastic and dust. And Doug’s burnt coffee.

“Did you move a package out of the backroom yesterday?” Doug immediately asks, standing behind the small dingy counter of the shop.

He did not look happy.

“No. You practically made me sign an agreement in my blood saying I would never touch your stuff. So if a box is missing, it wasn’t me. Have you asked Jeremy?”


a voice boomed from the back of the building


You snicker

“I bet.”


Jeremy yells again from the backroom


“Would you two shut the hell up?”

Doug mumbled more to himself, digging through drawers.

Doug was a nice guy. Not the most attractive man. He was a 45-year-old divorcee, father of three. His wife bought him the store, and the name was her idea as they had bought it just around the time she became pregnant with their second child. It became clear that Doug was married more to the store than he ever had been to his wife as time passed. At least according to her private messages to friends that was her side of things. His bank account confirms he lives on fast food, and if he isn’t out eating then he’s at the store. You found a comfortable pace with him quickly, despite only having worked for him for a few days.

Jeremy, on the other hand… Jeremy is Doug’s kid. He’s nineteen, and a spoiled snot. Not the vicious kind, thank God. It’s obvious that he has never had to do much for himself. Hacking him had been pretty boring for the most part. He has obnoxious friends, they do obnoxious things together. Some of them do petty crime for fun, but Jeremy is too scared of the repercussions to ever join in. He does have a softer side he keeps well hidden. He writes a lot of poetry in a private blog… It’s actually really good.

“Now that you’re here, I’m gonna have to leave for a few hours. Jeremy is supposed to help you today up front if you need it. Don’t let him be too much of a dick.”

You give Doug a half-hearted shrug

“I’ll try my best.”

While Doug gets his stuff together, you peek your head in the backroom to see Jeremy with his sneakers on the break room table, Drake coming out of his earbuds on full blast.

“Could you not put your nasty shoes on the table I eat lunch at?”

“WHAT?!” yells Jeremy, pulling one earbud out

“Shoes on the table? Nasty, stop. Also, pour out the coffee and start a new one. This one is burnt. I could practically smell it from outside.”

Jeremy rolls his eyes, but slides his feet off the table and motions to get up


“Thank you!”

You yell over your shoulder, heading back towards the front desk.
Doug had left, and the front was empty again except for you.
You pull your laptop out and rest it on the counter, pulling an old stool over to sit down. Today was a short shift, just a few hours. The store always closed early on Sunday.

You’ve been researching this group called FSociety for a couple of days when things get slow. It was kind of incredible, the lengths they’ve gone to. It was exciting, the news of Colby’s arrest, and their demand for his release. Their last stunt was… incredible. Total distruction of E Corp. Your DarkArmy sources say FSociety is too reckless, they want too much too fast. Maybe that is true, but at least they are doing something. They’re trying.

Besides media mention of FSociety, there wasn’t a whole lot of information on them. They don’t seem to ever talk online, no hidden forums anywhere. FSociety must have a real life meeting place. It’s the only thing that made any sense at this point. The only way to hack them was in real life. Just like Elliot.

Speaking of Elliot, you remember that you had taken a CD from his case when Darlene let you in his apartment. She had gone to the bathroom, and the CD case was just sitting on the floor next to the sofa… begging to be opened. You flipped through the discs. All burned. Band name, album name in Elliot’s scribbled handwriting. After a minute of contemplation, you had slipped The Cure’s Disintegration out of the plastic and into your coat pocket before Darlene came back.

“Yo, you probably shouldn’t touch that. Elliot loses his shit when people touch his CDs.”

You flipped the case closed, zipped it up, and placed it exactly the way you had found it.

“Ha sorry, I just love music. I can understand not wanting people to touch your stuff.”

Darlene lit a cigarette

“Well, Elliot is a bit of a drama queen. Always has been.”

You smiled politely

“I gotta get going, I have work soon. Thanks for the drink. We should hang out again sometime.”

Darlene nodded enthusiastically

“Yeah, totally! I’ll hit you up sometime.”

Darlene did seem like a cool person. She probably wouldn’t be cool with the fact you’re trying to hack her brother, but you weren’t about to let it go. This mystery was too thrilling not to chase. You could admit it, you have a problem staying in your own lane. Always have. It’s exactly how you got yourself moved here to Elliot’s cheap apartment building in the first place. But that story is too long to dwell on now. An elderly couple just came into the store, and they look completely lost as they eye the room. It looks like it’s going to be a long shift after all.


After work you catch the subway back home. Walking up the stairs, you pause in front of Elliot’s door. Everything seems quiet. He must not be home. You head into your apartment across the hall, and kick your shoes off in the breezeway. Pulling your laptop out of your backpack as you drop to the sofa, you reach over the back of the couch for your coat. You pull Elliot’s Disintegration album out of the pocket, and slide it into your laptop. First things first, you begin scanning it for any hint of a virus. After a few minutes it’s official, the disc is clean. The only thing inside is a folder titled Shayla. Wasn’t that the name of the girl who owned this apartment before? Did Elliot have something to do with her? All of her personal information was in these files. Social media, bank account information, conversations… It was as if she was still alive inside this disc.


A loud yell followed by even louder banging on your door made you jump


You slam the screen down, and hop up off the sofa, fumbling towards the door.

Looking out the peep hole, you see a very annoyed looking woman with furrowed brows staring through the door at you.

“I can fucking see you! Open the fuck up NOW!”

You sigh, and crack the door open enough to make eye contact

“You’re not supposed to meet me here. What do you want?”

She pushes into your door with little resistance, and walks into the living room

“I’m surprised you don’t already know what I’m doing here.”

You scoff

“I’m a hacker, not a psychic. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to check up on you.”

“Alright smart ass. I’ll take it from your smug tone that you didn’t hear what happened with your case today.”

You sigh, closing the door behind you.

“No, I had work today. Remember? You set it up for me, Mia.”

Mia was the officer assigned to relocating you after you testified against a major crime lord. She was kind of a huge pain in the ass, but she meant well. Mostly. Mia flopped down on your sofa.

“How could I ever forget anything about someone as frustrating as you? It’s not like I’m actively trying to block out your memory or anything. Anyway listen, that scumbag Largo is confirmed as one of the escaped convicts in the major prison break. He’s out, and probably for blood.”

“No. He’s not supposed to be anywhere near me! Why was he here?!?”

“He got transferred a few days before the break you. There wasn’t a whole lot we could do. I tried calling you, but you don’t answer my calls. The prison he transferred from say overcrowding, but… It seems convenient. Maybe someone tipped him off the break was going down? Maybe it was his people that pulled it off, or maybe it was just a sick coincidence. Whatever the case, he is out.”

“He can’t be out! He’s a murderer!”

A sadness washed over Mia’s face that said it all. She was telling the truth. Largo was a free man.

“He’s going to come after you. You know that, don’t you? You need to leave. The city, the state… Hell, even the country wouldn’t be pushing it too far…”

“I’m not leaving. I just got here. I like my new job, the apartment isn’t too bad… Besides, he will find me no matter where I go. At this point, it’s better to start planning for an attack.”

“And I’m going to pretend I did not just hear that. Listen, I’ll tell the boss you don’t want to leave. He won’t be happy, but it’s your choice. In the meantime, are you staying out of trouble?”

“Of course. I’ve been the purest of pure.”

“So you wouldn’t happen to be behind this FSociety bullshit, would you?”

“I wish.”
You admit honestly.

Mia laughs and gets up off the couch.
Walking towards you, she pauses an arms length away.

“I bet you do. Listen, I’m going get out of your hair. For now. Take care of yourself, would you? Stay away from Largo. And don’t hack anyone!”

“I can only agree to one of those. I’ll let you figure out which one it is.”

Mia narrowed her eyes before slipping out the door.

After watching her disappear into the stairway, you rush back to your laptop. You save Shayla’s folder and burn it to a new disc titled as The Cure’s follow up album to Disintegration, Wish. After you put the copied disc away, you put on your coat, slide the stolen disc inside your pocket, and slip your shoes back on. You go out into the hallway, across to Elliot’s door, and knock.

A few minutes of silence go by. You grab your kit from another pocket inside your coat and start picking his locks. It only takes a moment for you to get inside, and you lock the door back after you slip inside. At least it would give you time to prepare if Elliot comes back while you’re still inside. You move to the place beside the couch where you left the CD case in the floor and quickly put the disc back in it’s rightful place. Once again, you put the case back on the floor exactly the way you found it, and turn to leave-

There is a sound at the door. Elliot is back. There is a jiggling of keys outside the door, and the locks begin to turn. “Fuck fuck fuck…” You whisper, trying to stop panicking and decide whether to hide or wait in the open. Hiding seems like too much effort, especially in his minimalist apartment. And if you did find a place, it could take awhile to get out.

You make the split second decision to sit on the sofa, facing the door, as though you were waiting for him. The door swings open to reveal Elliot in the hallway, holding a leash attached to a small dog.

“Hello, again.”

Pregnancy Story Pt.1

I felt some inspiration on this one tonight, and actually got something completed! Yay me! It will definitely be a multi-parter just because of how ling it took me to write this, and how much more I want to put into it. I really do hope you enjoy this!

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Hiddleswift - Part 3

I’m so sorry it’s up so late. My internet didn’t work Sunday to Wednesday. And then I got stung by a wasp and I’m allergic or very sensitive when it comes to Swedish wasp’s, so I have been sick. So now it’s up. I know it’s mostly Tayvin, because they most break up somehow in this story. And this is part one. Hope you like it <3


Part 1:

Part 2:

The first text

*Taylor’s pov*

I landed in LA pretty late the next day. And I decided to go home and take a shower and switch clothes and then head over to Adam’s. Just to make sure he would be there I send him a text ”Hey, I just landed in LA. Can I come over, in like one hour? Love you -T”

I put my phone down in my bag and stepped in to my drivers car. I asked him to drive me home, and then I heard the sound that I have when I get a new text from Adam. ”I be back home around one and a half hour, sounds good?”

I answered ”Sure, I be there then. Can’t wait to see you” because in a way I really looked forward to it, until my phone buzzed again, and it was a text from Austin, my baby brother.

”Hey Teffy. I know you have had a lot of things on your mind lately, and I have wanted to see you happy and all, but what’s going on? Adam’s interview? Didn’t you two write that song together? And why are you on the front page of a lot of magazines with the text ”Taylor is cheating on Calvin”? Text me when you see this. Love you, Austin”

Wait what? Adam’s interview and me cheating? This was the weirdest things ever. I decided to call him, to find out the whole story.

”Hey Austin”
”Hey Tay, had a safe flight?”
”Yeah sure, but your text. What interview and why would I be cheating?”
”The interview with Ryan Seacrest, if you haven’t watched it, go and do it now! You and Tom yesterday, I love you no matter what, but I need to ask. Did something happen between you two, more than dancing?”
”Nooo! We are just friends, I promise. Don’t worry about it. Okay, sure Adam is still in the studio so I’m gonna do that before I meet him.”
”Okay great, call me if you wanna talk after you watch the interview.”
”Sure, and thanks for the information”

My driver stopped the car outside of my house. He helped me take my bags inside and I thanked him. I took off my coat when I stepped in, and then washed my hands. After that I sate down on my couch and searched for the video on youtube.

He started talking and I smiled and bit my lips. He looked hot, his voice sounded great. I had missed him a lot. Then, Ryan asked Adam if he would do a collaboration with me. I had wanted to keep it a secret that I was the one who started writing the song and that he then continued with it. And the reason was because I wanted the song to be notice because it’s great, and not because we, Tayvin, did it together.

His voice changed when he started answering the question and to my surprise he said “You know, we haven’t even spoken about it” my face turned in to that really surprised emoji. It’s fine if he lies, because that was what I wanted, but this is so not what I expected him to say, so not the way I thought he would put it. He then continued with "I can’t see it happening though. No. She’s about to take a long break.”

WHAT? I can’t see it happening? So you are not just going to take all the credit for our work, you are also putting it like you never wanna work with me. We are different and make different types of music, but we made this song together. And it’s number one everywhere, so it worked out pretty well, or?

A tear fell down from my cheek. I felt disappointed, and empty. I was thankful that Austin had told me the story, but this wasn’t what I had hopped for. I had to meet Adam in one hour, and his house was not exactly the first place I would like to go to after this.

I watched the end of the video, he said some nice things about me and Nashville in the interviewed, but the negative part was the once that were stuck in my head. Another tear fell down my cheek. I texted Abigail and asked her if she had time to talk, but I was pretty sure she worked and was busy, and my boyfriend problems wasn’t exactly the most important thing. So I went to my piano and started playing and quickly came up with a melody and also some words, some more and 15 minutes later I had a finished song. Or I hadn’t recorded anything, so that was left, but the rest was finished.

I looked at the clock and realized I needed to be at Adam’s in 45 minutes. So I took a quick shower and pulled out a nice outfit from my wardrobe. It was beautiful, but still not too much, because I didn’t want him to think I dressed up extra for this. I put on a light foundation, some concealer, and some mascara. I didn’t go with my black eyeliner or red lipstick, because I didn’t know what would happen. This could turn in to a break up, but also a ”make up”.

I knocked on his door, exactly one and a half hour after our texts and he opened the door with a smile on his face and invited me in. I hugged him and he hugged me back. I felt safe in his arms, I was glad to be back, but we couldn’t stand there the whole day. So a few seconds later I pulled away from the hug. ”Do you want something to eat?” he asked a bit nervous. ”No, I’m good, thanks” I said. We stood there and looked at each other and down at the floor for some moments. I thought I had to break the silence in some way.

”But I would love a glass of water” I said. He looked at me and started going to the kitchen, so I followed. ”So I heard This Is What You Came For is doing great” I started. ”Yes, I’m so happy about it, really. Thanks for everything with it” he responded. He gave me a glass of water and we walked out to the living room. He sate down in the couch so I sate down next to him, with some space between us. I put my phone on the table in front of us, so I wouldn’t crush it when I sat down.

”I saw your interview” I started. ”What about it?” he responded with some anger in his voice. ”Why did you…” I said, but he cut me off with ”You told me to lie, to keep it a secret”. I started getting a bit angry at him, for using that tone and for not letting me finish. ”Let me talk, okay. I know I told you to keep it a secret, so thank you. But did you have to say it like that. Like working with my would be terrible. Was it that terrible, really?” I asked. He looked down at the ground. ”Are we going to argue about this too?” He asked me. ”I don’t know. Maybe” I said, not knowing where he was going with this. ”I’m tired of fighting, Taylor.” I was about to start laughing. Didn’t he see that this was tearing me apart? ”Why are you saying that like I think it’s funny. I hate this, as much as you do. I miss the old us” I said and thought back to all the fantastic moments we have had.

”What do you say about making some popcorn and watching a movie and then talk about it?” Adam asked me. Normally I would probably run out, because it was so silly, but I was too tired. I had been on a plane for hours, not been sleeping great and I was so sick and tired of all the drama. ”Sure, I go and put on some popcorn, you can pick a movie” I told him and went in to his kitchen.

*Tom’s pov*

Was it to early to text her? Did she even remember me? Or what about that three days rule they always talk about in How I Met Your Mother? But if it was bad between Adam and her, maybe three days would be too much.

”Hello Tay. Thanks for yesterday. I had a lot of fun with you, hope you had fun with me too. And I really hope we can do it again soon” I wrote on a ”new message”, but no maybe that sounded silly. Or what about ”Hello Tay. Thank you so much for yesterday. Dancing with you was the best thing I have done in awhile” no Tom you can’t write that.

I felt my phone buzz and saw how a new text come up on my screen. I clicked on it. It was a picture message so I couldn’t really see what it was when it buzzed, but when I clicked in on the picture, that one of my best friends had sent me, I saw that it was a magazine’s front page and the text said ”Taylor Swift dance it off with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston” I then got a text from the same person saying ”Dude, really?” I replayed ”No, we are just friends” fast and turned my phone off. What if she had seen it? What if Adam had seen it? It was a picture of me and Taylor when we where dancing, she was very close to me, so of course it looked worse than it actually was in real life.

”Hey Taylor” yes that’s a great start, Tay sounds a bit to personal. ”I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon.”

The finished message was ”Hey Taylor! I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon. - Tom”

*Taylor’s Pov*

I headed out to the living room with the popcorn. I saw Adam holding my phone and looking down at the screen. What was he doing? We knew each others passwords, but he wasn’t that type of guy who read your texts and stuff like that, so I got really confused.

”Hey, what are you looking at?” I asked as I walked against him. I sat down next to him and he just stared at me. ”Okay, I think we can watch the movie another time” he said. ”You didn’t answer my earlier question.” I said to him, mostly because I had no idea of what was going on right now. He stood up and started walking agains the hallway. I stood and watched him go away from me at first, but then I remember my dream from that other night, when we got back together and everything turned out great. So then, I went after him. ”Adam Richard Wiles” I said pretty laud, to make him stop. It worked, he stopped and turned his face to me ”Taylor. Just GO!” and gave me my phone back.

I looked at the screen. I read the new message and started to laugh and looked at Adam. ”What? Is this a joke to you?” he asked me. ”No, but seriously Adam. We are friends. It’s nothing more between us, I promise!”

”What if I don’t believe you?” He asked me. ”Then we have a really big problem in our relationship. Because if you don’t trust me, what is left then?”

”I don’t want you to see him again, ever” he told me and I got a bit pissed off. Did he think he could decide everything about me now? ”Why? You saw a magazine front-page off me and Tom, so what? We were dancing and nothing more, but you can have girls over at night time at your hotel in Vegas with out it being weird. And yes, I know about that!” I said with an angry tone. ”Just go Taylor” he screamed to me.

”So it’s true. You cheated on me?” I finally got out of my mouth. My eyes started tearing up and I opened the door and started to walk out. Adam grabbed my arm hard, very hard. ”Augh, what are you doing” I screamed to him, now with tears all over my cheeks and mascara that starts falling too. ”I didn’t cheat, Taylor.”

”Release my arm” I screamed. He released it and I run to my car. Not sure about anything no more. Had he been cheating on me, didn’t he want my children and why did he talk about working with me as such a bad thing, in front of the whole world?

*Later that night*

I had 5 missed calls from Adam, 10 texts and 5 voice messages. And I didn’t even care. He didn’t love me, because you don’t treat the people you love this way. Not letting them talk, not respecting the other one, and hurting the other one.

I had ice on my arm, it had gotten a jack from when he grabbed it and one of his nails had gone in to my skin. I would probably get a scar from this, that would remember me of Adam, my whole life, no matter if we end up together or if this was the last time we ever spoke.

The only thing that made me a bit happy was the message from Tom that I had been reading the whole evening ”Hey Taylor! I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I had a great time. And I hope I get to see you again soon. - Tom”. It was so simple, still so beautiful.

I decided to respond. ”Hey Tom, nice to hear from you. I’m happy you didn’t forget me, because I had a wonderful time with you too. Yeah sure, I’m in LA right now and I think I will be here for two weeks or something. So if you are in the neighbor hood, feel free to send me a text or something. -Taylor”

I clicked send and hoped he would respond. The first text he sent me had made my day, so I could just imagine what another one could. But I was tired so maybe it would be best to sleep for awhile, and hopefully wake up to another text from him.

siwon1987: I’m a Korean Actor, without your support and love, I never thought that I can have 3 Chinese movies to be released in this year. I’m very thankful to have all of you. Really hope that I can see you all soon. Also, please give your support and love to my new drama “She is beautiful” Thanks again.

i love you (mingyu)

type: sort of fluff???? im bad at this
synopsis: FIRST I LOVE YOU’S
a/n: idk im so tempted to post this even tho its not a request IM SORRY 

Originally posted by vernonstop

“Where the hell is he?” She scratched my head, starting to get impatient, when a voice hollered down the pavement walk, she turned around happily but a smile on her face fades when she saw that it’s Wonwoo running towards her, Jun, and Minghao, out of breath.

“Mingyu – he’s – cleaning…and I am so tired,” he panted once he reached them, putting his hands on his knees and dropping his head.

“Wonwoo!” Jun squealed, wrapping his arms on the exhausted boy’s back resulting both to fall down, it was a funny sight. “Get off, hyung!”

“But I missed you.”

Mian, but Mingyu couldn’t make it,” Wonwoo stated as he got up, dusting his black skinny jeans off. Her shoulders slumped, her heart is sinking to her stomach as a disappointment is shown all over her face. He didn’t even bother to pick me up? What was he cleaning that made him so busy? He hadn’t called her again since their little phone encounter that was like…3 days ago. Had I done something wrong? The questions never left her mind, it stays there, thinking about the answers she’ll probably never finds out anytime soon.

“Oh,” she mumbled, playing with the hem of his sweater and shaking her head slightly. “Well, whatever. Can we just go now? I just want to go back home and, like eats lots of chips while watching K-dramas.” She could see Wonwoo’s smirking in the corner of her eyes.

She had left Mingyu for two weeks to go visit her grandmother in China. And Seventeen is currently having a break for a week, some of them use this to go back home, including Jun and Minghao. Knowing they’re in China, she decided to tag along when they’re coming back to Korea. She called Mingyu 3 days ago to say that she’s coming home today. It seemed like he had some important cleaning to do….right?

“I doubt that would actually happen.” Wonwoo said, grabbing the handle of her luggage and rolling them down the airport’s sidewalk.

While in herrapartment, the dream tree is cursing at himself for getting so many paint stains on the flooring, not only there but also his hands. He absolutely looked like the 21st century barney. He had started painting her room when he got a call she’ll be back in 3 days. He’s not a very artistic person, but he is not that bad he gotta admit himself. And where did he get the keys to her apartment? Well, he may or may not have stolen one of the three keys she has.

His phone buzzed, probably from Wonwoo. ‘I am arriving there in 10. You better get prepared.’ He chuckled, placing his phone on the table. He paced back and forth, whispering encouraging words to ease his giant nervousness. He walked towards the mirror and smiles. “Jagi, glad you could make it he – no.”

“Welcome back – fuck.”

“What brings you here – it’s her house, damn it!”

The jingling of keys brought him back from his little introduction speech practice. That caused him to shriek as he run back and forth throught the rooms, debating on whether he should hide or stand right in front of the door. But, he hadn’t see her for like two weeks, he wanted to see her. So, he walks toward the door standing just a few feet away, and it swung open, revealing her back. But instead of seeing her lips curving upward, she was frowning as she struggled to get luggage inside. “Kim Mingyu is an idiot!” She yelled suddenly, pulling her luggage harshly and turned around.

Then, her eyes caught mine, widening in surprise. “I am an idiot, huh?” She runs to him, embracing him in a long warm hug as he lifts her up. She sighed as she tighten her arms around my neck, her feet cling around the back of my knees loosely. All he wanted at this moment was to hold her until she told him to stop.

Not that he was going to.

He placed her down on her feet and cupped her face, capturing her lips with his. Although it’s been hell for him not to have her lips on him for such a long time, the outcome was incredible. He was gentle yet firm, his lips moving quicker against hers, as he pulled her closer, gripping her waist tightly. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

He pulled away to catch his breath, resting his forehead against hers. “I was going crazy.”

“You didn’t pick me up, I was waiting for you.” She pouted, he kissed her once more, biting down on her botton lip gently as her ears turned a shade of pink.

“I had something important to do.” Her face automatically fell, as she tried to pull away from him. He grabbed her arms to stop her from moving. “Don’t take it the wrong way, baby, it’s worth it. Come,” He takes her hand and drag her toward the bedroom door, laughing at how she dragged her feet lazily, rubbing her eye adorably.

“I’m tired.” She yawned, letting go of his hand and wrapping her arms around his torso from behind, leaning her head against my back. “I want to sleep. Stay?” He chuckled, “I’ve been here for the past three days, and haven’t left.”

He felt her giggle against his back, as they stood in front of her bedroom door, taking a deep breath he placed his hands on the doorknob. “Wait a minute–“ She traced her fingers down the back of his arms. Damn it, he thought. “–why do you have purple on your arms?” He had no choice but to tell her.

“I was painting.”

She gasped, her face lit up. “You were?” She looked at the door and back at him. She beats him to the door and swung it open as he followed behind her, standing right in front of the wall he had painted. He was expecting to see her warm smile, but reality says otherwise. She had a frown on her face. “My books,” She reached the books on her table that had a few purple stains on it. She kneeled down, seeing dark stains on the floor, she tried to wipe them off, but gasped when she’s unable to. “Mingyu, what the heck?”

“I was trying to–“ He thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to her.

“How am I supposed to get this off? Why didn’t you use newspaper?” She tried scratching it off with her nails, but it’s no use. “This will take ages.” She groaned, she was mad. She knew he is her boyfriend, and yes, she did love him, but that gave him no right to mess up her room like this. She was a neat person, and she’d like to keep it that way.

She stood up form the ground and turned to him, he watched her as her eyes traveled from his face and to the wall behind him. She noticed something along the white wall behind him. “You painted my walls too? Why?

“To –“ He stuttered, his voice cracking, he looked at his feet like he is a little boy in a big trouble. “To show you this.” MIngyu stepped aside to show her what he was hiding, and she felt her mouth agape, her heart bursting with thousands emotions. All good.

‘I LOVE YOU’ was written in her favorite color. There were various drawing and symbols around the beloved words; something that she guessed was a duck, a balloon, and some clouds. From the corner of the wall to the edge of the door frame, there were flowers; daisies and daffodils and others were just puffballs. And lastly, a small rectangle with the familiar x’s and o’s and a signature on the corner, written in Hangul. It said; Kim Mingyu.

“I was painting the whole time you were gone,” MIngyu breathed, as she stepped back, not taking her eyes off of the wall until she bumped against his figure. She turned around and looked at Mingyu who’s fiddling with his thumbs and staring at the ground.

And that’s when it hits her.

Kim Mingyu loved me, and I loved him back.

She nudged him with her elbow, he didn’t look up so she tried again. “Mingyu-aaaah,” she pushed him playfully with her shoulder, then grabbed him by his shirt so he wouldn’t fall. “Mingyu-ah!” She kissed his cheek, and watched as the corners of his lips twitched up softly, before he lifted his head to look at her.

“Sorry about your wall.”

“It’s okay.”

“And your books.” I let out a breath as he interwined our fingers.

“I said it’s okay.”

“And sorry for the ugly giraffe.”

“That was a giraffe? I thought it was a duck.” He stayed silent after that, shaking her hand and squeezing it once a while. She squeezed back and opens her mouth, “Hey, do you want to know one similarity and one difference, between me and this amazing masterpiece, over here?” She joked, letting go of his hands, averting her attention to the wall then back to his lips.


“The difference is, I would’ve drawn the giraffe with four legs, not two. And it would’ve actually looked like a giraffe, not a duck who looked like it’s crying.”

Mingyu nodded, not taking off his eyes off of me.

“Want to know the similarity is?”

This time he rolled his eyes, “What is it? You’re not going to make fun of me again, are you?” she chuckled and kissed his cheek again. He takes her hand and picked it up, bringing her knuckles to his lips as he kissed them softly. Although it’s sort of random, it never failed to made her stomach flips. “No, I’m not. Even though, I am kind of tempted to.”

He punched me playfully, leaning his cheek against the top of my head, feeling his lips touched my hair.

“The one similarity is–I love you too.”

Excess - Chapter 1

Fic Summary: Lauren and Camila were the perfect couple according to almost everyone who knew them. But according to Lauren, Camila didn’t see it like that. 5 months ago, Camila left Lauren with no explanation and completely cut her out of her life, leaving her heartbroken and still Lauren wonders what happened to their relationship. All Lauren ever thinks about is her. If she had to ever meet Camila again, will she try to rekindle their now dead relationship or settle for just friends?

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An Ode To Jenna

On the 27th April, nineteen-eighty-six in Blackpool, someone special was born.

A small child who would grow up, and take the acting world by storm.

She’d want to be a dancer and an actress, and also a swan she’d one day say.

And at ten she’d be an Italian bridesmaid, in Summer Holiday with Darren Day.

As a part of her theatre company, she’d go to Edinburgh to perform at the festival.

The play she’d be in would win an award, and she would herself for her acting as well.

She’d be talented and smart and pretty, what more is there to say?

And she’d get all As in her A-levels (Which is bloody amazing by the way).

At nineteen she’d star in Emmerdale, although her character was sixteen,

And she’d begin to show the public her unbelievable talent, on our television screens.

She’d conquer the heart-breaking storylines and honestly, make us all cry,

And to say that nobody would sob when she left would be a big, fat lie.

But she’d still have so much more to show us, with her role on Waterloo Road.

And although so many tears had already been shed, there was another bucket load.

She’d live in the city of Angels for three months, and be in the Avengers,

And then back to England for Room at the Top, also a drama on 1950s dancers.

She’d star in a show about the Titanic, and once again, she’d make us all weep,

Her acting never ceasing to amaze, making audiences stand to their feet.

She’d soon turn up in a programme, showing more and more people what she can do,

And she’d be loved and adored by thousands of fans from the TV show, Doctor Who.

She’d play the beloved Clara Oswald, to whom so many people now relate,

And in the fiftieth year, she’d be seen by millions, who all say she is incredibly great.

We’d see her as Lydia Wickham, in the adaption of Death Comes To Pemberley,

And she’d completely steal our TV screens as she made each moment extraordinary.

There’d be so many more things in her future, which, with no doubt, she will shine in,

With the most amazing life ahead of her, and multiple awards she is bound to win.

She’d be an inspiration to millions, who will love her, her whole life through

Her name is Jenna-Louise Coleman, Happy Birthday Jenna, to you

I wrote this to go in a birthday box for Jenna, but I thought I’d post it online. The idea was that it had twenty-eight lines, one for each year, but I’m not sure if that’s too clear.