can she be any hotter

Lipstick and Cherry Wine (TTAL Part 11)

I knew it was her as soon as her hands pushed the big doors open. I could sense her, smell her. Fuck her scent is intoxicating, I almost completely forgot about it.

She looks like shit, apparently she fixed up a bit, but lipstick and leather tights can only do so much. Although, she looks a hundred times hotter than any other woman in here.

I follow her with my eyes until she hops up into a barstool. My blood boils when I see the bartender flirt with her the moment he opens his stupid mouth.

Man, let the woman breath!

I see her nod and smile at him and I just wanna go there and rip the guy’s throat out, but I can’t, she’s here to get me, Sam will walk through those doors any minute now…

He never does.

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