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tactileintrovertedace  asked:

Senpai, can I have you give me my godly parent and hogwarts house?


SO I DEFINITELY THINK YOU’RE A HUFFLEPUFF. Like oh my gosh you are so kind and nice and thoughtful!!! Your just- Yes. Definitely Hufflepuff.

And I think your godly parent is probably Athena-because you are wise and smart! You seem like someone logical, driven, who knows stuff.

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Iwa-chan, Certified Nerd

For some reason there’s a movie poster in this week’s issue of Jump!! Make sure to have a look!!

Kageyama: ‘Sup Iwaizumi-san

Iwaizumi: *fidgety fidgety* Kageyama, next up, switch with me…!

Kageyama: ‘Kay 

Hinata: Owowowowow!! Get off!! Kageyama get off!!


There was an attempt


“Humans and Monsters”

Part 1 / Part 2 (here) /Part 3 (tba)/ Part ???

Hey! look at what I did!

So I recently got a laptop for Christmas (well, actually I got it more around the time of new years, but that’s a different story!) So I got 2 games along with some others that i’v been longing to play: Seduce Me The Otome and Yandere Simulator. Love both games BTW. Soooooooooo while I was fooling around with pose mode, I remembered Seduce me and then this happened! someone might have already done this, and done it better then me, but I still wanted to post this.

I also made one of Mika, the Protaginst

Here’s all of them together! (yo, I’m gonna be honest, I had no idea how to fit all of them in the picture without out her being to the side and making it look awkward, so I just made her short and put her in front)

The Signs as Three Words

Aries: come at me

Taurus: aw, you tried…

Gemini: fuck me up

Cancer: notice me, senpai

Leo: can I leave?

Virgo: better than u

Libra: o m gggg

Scorpio: don’t touch me

Sagittarius: u wot m8

Capricorn: I miss you

Aquarius: where’s the booze?

Pisces: I don’t know

It’s time for another one of our  #SenpaiStories!!!

Suzuki-senpai is one of the members of the school’s dance club. As an idol, Suzuki-senpai not only has to sing well and make good music, he is also expected to put on an amazing performance and have impeccable dance moves. This is the main reason why he joined the school Dance Club with Jae-senpai as its moderator.

Having debuted earlier and being a few years older, Jae-senpai is someone that Suzuki looks up to. He considers Jae his senior, even though their industries are a little bit different from each other, with Jae-senpai mostly working in the Korean entertainment industry and Suzuki doing most of his work in Japan. He fondly calls Jae “sunbae” and often asks him for advice about being an idol.

Even though his own dance style is different from Jae-senpai’s specialty, Suzuki-senpai tries to learn what he can from him. Jae-senpai is an incredibly talented dancer. He is widely respected for his skill and his ability to create new dance moves and trends. Suzuki uses what he learns from Jae-senpai to put a spin on his own choreography and performance. And at times, there are things that Jae-senpai learns from Suzuki’s style as well.

When Suzuki-senpai is not spending his free time at school in the cafe or in the music room, he usually can be found practicing with Jae in the school dance studio.

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