can relate to this quote so much

  • Ranpo: What's a metaphor?
  • Kunikida: My life is a trainwreck.
  • Ranpo: I know, but what's a metaphor?

i’ve forgiven so much that’s it’s making me bitter because i’ve forgotten to let go and now there’s rope burns on my hands and i am bleeding and i am bitter and i am tired of spitting out forgiveness when i can barely muster up enough courage to tell someone they have hurt me. sometimes people tell me i have hurt them and it stings. every time i hear how i’ve wronged someone it’s another light going off in my skyscraper body. i don’t want my building to go dim but i am so tired of people walking all over me and i know there’s not a thing i’d do differently because id rather be a door matt than someone who hurts anyone else but i hate it. i hate it so fucking much.

Like you read so many quotes by people where they saw voting for Trump as their last bid for financial security. Like so much of it is like “I’m didn’t know what to do, I had to look out for my family” or something like that.

And yes, it’s related to racism, or at least a myopic worldview.  But if that attitude isn’t racism perpetuated by the ruling class then idk what is?

And it’s not working out for them.  They can already see this. So like idk, I get why people (including myself) would want to hate on these people and mock them but like

We can do infinitely better than that.

it’s so sad when you can just feel the distance between you and an old friend growing wider and it’s almost like no matter how hard you try you can’t stop it. like it’s inevitable that you’ll never be as close as you were and all the good times you used to spend together are behind you guys. you’ve both changed so much and it’s even hard to remember why you used to hang out. you can only look at the pictures and memories in your mind and just be thankful they played such a vital role growing up with you. those are some of the hardest times in life for me, letting go and accepting and embracing the change you never thought would come. 

some Hunk Headcanons, Hunkcanons™ if u will, i thought abt in the car:

  • he’s had nightmares about coran’s mustache
  • as in, more than one
  • he’s talked about it with pidge, in the sense that he vaguely alluded to it and pidge thought it was some kind of weird metaphor
  • he used to love hannah montana and unironically watched it with lance to the point where they could quote it at each other (this is also related to the unfortunate beginning of lance’s love/hate relationship w mullets)
  • his favorite nicholas sparks movie is a walk to remember, the notebook is Fine but a walk to remember is too much, he can’t do it, it’s so pure SHE WANTED A MIRACLE AND HE WAS HER MIRACLE
  • (in that same vein, He Does Not talk abt the last song. don’t ask him abt it. he won’t answer)
  • has mixed feelings on gordon ramsey
  • wants to participate on Space Chopped
  • “there is no space chopped” “they’ll franchise it out here eventually. and when they do, i’ll be ready
  • has said “flavortown” before he even knew who guy fieri was
  • hates guy fieri with a passion
  • (lowkey wants to be him)
  • lance: “guy fieri is like if u me and keith all spawned an adult male child” hunk: “this is why your mom wasn’t surprised that time i blocked you on facebook”
  • went through a phase when he was 14 where he would use “dank” as an adjective for everything, both good and bad. he wasn’t even sure what the actual definition was. “woooooah, that’s dank dude” “ate some dank ramen, dying inside” “just took the dankest test, not sure question 8 was even legal” 
  • at the same time, relentlessly laughs at lance–and brings it up randomly, years after the fact, at his leisure–for using the phrase, “don’t worry, we’re gucc” [gucci] literally One (1) Single Time. and not even in a mocking way. in a This Is Genuinely Hilarious I Love You way
  • favorite dog breed are chowchows because they’re wrinkly and chunky and lovable af
  • can’t help but spit a lil when he laughs too hard
  • american football > p much every other sport, has two cousins that played college ball in utah
  • Loves Pockets (Hot, jacket, and pants)
  • is super brilliantly rational and logical to the point where he can hone in on a flaw in an idea / plan that no one even considered but literally saves the day
  • keith has noticed this abt him and encourages it in that lowkey, awkward, “i support u, but i’m not gonna make a big deal abt it, i’m just gonna have ur back” nerd way that is hunk’s friendship kryptonite
  • but for real hunk is Excellent at finding solutions and he’s always straight to the point abt it once he’s got it
  • he does it because he likes helping people??? it gives him #life??????okay?????????????? 
  • also, last but not least: is the friend that sees u vaguepost on social media and, instead of getting annoyed, reaches out 2 u to make sure ur okay, no matter how often u do it
I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong.
—  Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun
Loving Yourself? Or Loving Others? Theory

Sorry I haven’t posted something Trolls related in awhile, just been busy. (Also I got really into Yuuri on Ice so…)

So, I really love the quote that says,

“"You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you, oh god. I loved you some much, I forgot what hating myself felt like.“

Because I think Branch can really relate to this. I think it’s so interesting that Branch, being colorless (another theory is that the trolls call being gray Colorless), could care so much about Poppy and also others in the kingdom (to kinda a smaller degree? Maybe?).

It gave the idea that the trolls think that loving yourself is the key to happiness. Loving being who you are and show it off to the world. But ever since his grandmother’s demise, Branch couldn’t do that for himself.

But then Poppy just wanted him to be happy, Poppy was the only one who even wanted to be around Branch. Who even liked him. Branch couldn’t even say those things about himself, I bet.

Branch holds onto those things, the invitations, the poems he writes, because he liked being… well… liked. And Poppy is the only one who would do that for him.

As they go on their adventure. Branch sees Poppy even more in a new light. He sees how she thinks everything is beautiful and it INSPIRES him. She continues to be with and find out more about him and Branch can’t help but want the company and he can’t help but love her.

But when all is lost inside a crockpot. He misses when she would tell him to not give up, to look on the bright side, to sing, to dance, to hug, to love.

He finds his voice because he knows it’s what she needs. And he is willing to finally put down all the guilt and pain. To show how much he loved her. He gains his colors back by being happy. But not in the way that trolls usually thought would make you happy.

He accepted himself, but never can love himself. So he allows Poppy to fill that gap for him. And the love that he gives, gives him a reason to get up in the morning. To sing. To dance.

Yet, after the events of the movie, I think Poppy would’ve thought for awhile that he did love himself. Until the anniversary of the death of his grandmother. Where he lies alone in pity and sadness. Blaming himself. Being colorless once again.

“Don’t you love yourself?” Poppy asks in disbelief.

Branch lets out a sad and empty chuckle, “of course not, and I probably never will Poppy.”

“But there has to be a way, I want you to be happy with the way you are.” Poppy says, reaching for his hand.

Branch lets her take his hand as his shimmering blue flows back through him. All because of her, her touch, her words, her…

“Are you happy with yourself now?” She asks quietly. Letting their loosely tangled hands hang down between them.

Branch takes a step closer, resting his forehead against Poppy’s and shakes his head. Poppy then starts to cry, slightly surprising Branch as she slides down to kneel on the floor. Hands still tied together. She reaches for the other hand and looks up at him with tears in her eyes as he looks down with confusion but the look of sadness outlining his face.

Her voice cracks, “how come you can’t see yourself how I see you?” Her head then lowers as she continues to cry, letting his hands go as she brings them to her face to mask the tears she’s bringing. Branch’s look of confusion then relaxes into acceptance. He takes deep breaths for a second before kneeling down in front his princess.

He watches as she hides her face from him. Her shoulders are shaking and you can hear the quiet sobbing coming from her. He then takes her hands to pull them from her face. He then has their hands rest on his lap. He held her hands in tight grip so that she couldn’t pull away.

"Being… Happy. Is the best feeling in the world Poppy.” He says, trying to reach her eyes. “And I mean it when I say that it’s all because of you.”

Poppy’s eyes then blink to look into Branch’s beautiful eyes. “Because of me? But you have to-”

“No. You don’t.” He cuts her off. “Trolls always thought that loving yourself is the only way to make you happy. But that’s not always true.” He lets go of one the hands to brush against her cheek.

“Poppy, you touch me and suddenly I’m back in my colors again. It’s all because of you. I’m not happy because I love myself. I’m happy because I… like you. And I’m happy because you, somehow, you of all people, like me too.”

“O-of course I do.” She said, she then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then looked to her dashing prince with all of happiness in world “How could I not?”

Branch blinked at that statement and laughed as a deep blue blush covered his cheeks. He then pull her in to kiss her right then and there. Stroking her face softly with his rough hands as Poppy reached and pulled him closer by tugging at his vest.


Poppy wouldn’t really exactly understand until her happiness relied on him too. Where Branch nearly loses his life when one of the lower branches (ha) lands on his house nearly destroying him. Poppy spent hours in the rubble looking for him. Until finding him scared and bruised deep in the rumble.

As soon as Poppy found him, her colors instantly grayed in horror, sadness, and worry. And she would spend the next couple of days right beside him, waiting for him to wake up. Barely getting any sleep at all. Holding onto his hand in the same manners as he did months ago. Not wanting him to ever let go.

One night, where the only thing lighting the room was Branch’s own colors. Which he said existed because of her. because she loved him.

She was dazing off, almost two weeks without sleep can do that to you. She could barely feel anything. Couldn’t even respond when her friends or family tried to talk to her. She just felt… empty.

She thought she was dreaming when she felt the hand she was holding shift and move. But then she heard a horse familiar voice.

“Poppy…?” Poppy looked to see Branch’s half lifted eyes looking right right at her. And she froze, he was alive. He was…

Branch smiled as he saw the now colorless princess have streams of tears rolling down her face as she stared at him.

“What’s wrong Bugaboo?” Branch asked. “I’m right here.” He then lifted his hand and as soon as he touched her cheek, color spread slowly from that spot and filled her with a feeling that Poppy could describe. She wanted to cry, she wanted to shout, she wanted to do so many things at once. But she just stood there as the colors overcome her as Branch wiped the tears off her face. When he finally stopped, letting his hands drop. Poppy looked at the one thing she knew now could make her the happiest troll in the world. And leaped into his arms without any warning expect a scream of his name.

She rubbed every inch of him, trying to memorize every feature while she kept whispering his name. Tears once again coming out of her eyes. Until he grabbed her hands and her eyes flew to his. His beautiful blue eyes that she could easily get lost in for hours. He slowly intertwined their hands together and he looked at her with what she could tell was all the love in the world.

“I love you Branch.”

She then gasped at the words she just said. Just then as Branch’s face turned into shock. Poppy never even thought she would be the one to say it first. Well, he did say it before in song and so did she but like this…

They both immediately blushed out of embarrassment. But Poppy then knew what Branch was talking about. And she knew now. That she loved Branch way more than she could ever love herself. She then felt a hand on her cheek turning to face him, with the deepest of blue on his cheeks.

“I-I love you too, Poppy. More than you’ll ever know.” He said. He may have looked and sounded nervous, but Poppy knew that those words were true and she would never forget them.


But that’s just another thought I guess.

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I never enjoy anything. I’m always waiting for whatever’s next. I think everyone’s like that…living life in fast forward, never stopping to enjoy the moment, too busy trying to rush through everything, so we can get on with what we’re really supposed to be doing with our lives. I get these flashes of clarity, brilliant clarity, where, for a second, I stop and I think, “Wait, this is it. This is my life. I’d better slow down and enjoy it, because one day, we’re all going to end up in the ground,” and that will be it. We’ll be gone….So I think we should fuck.

Have been noodling away at the PC Beverley AU in recent weather-related downtime, and honestly god of the Tyburn Peter is A LITTLE BIT TERRIFYING.

(Quote: “I don’t cheat,” says Peter. “I just make sure I liaise with the committee in charge of the rules.”)

ETA: although this took fifteen minutes to post so who even knows if I can edit: like seriously imagine canon Ty mashed up with Commander Grant and be worried