can pokemon draw a picture


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

I gotta say, Hawlucha is by FAR my favourite Pokemon to draw right now, you can just throw it into any picture striking a pose even without context and it’ll work. And of course it looks cool as hell while battling! I think the animator’s feel the same way, for example with the way they portrayed Hawlucha in the Movie 17 Klefki short, last time I posted screen shots from that but this time here’s some classic Luchabro moments by your’s truly. :]

Here’s for more Luchabro greatness in the future, I’ll be rooting for you at the Lumiose Gym, Forest Champion!!

hey!! i’ve had this blog for about three years now, i think. remember when all i drew was pokemon?? well i thought i should start doing that again (at least in moderation.)

to motivate myself, i’ll draw for you guys! you can get a full pokemon picture or a tiled background like this one! i can do original pokemon characters too, if you’d like.

you don’t have to be following me for this giveaway, and both likes and reblogs count!

good luck!

(also, thanks for the 1000 followers!)

(edit: wow i was really tired and left out some important stuff! there will be 3 winners. i haven’t decided the end date yet but i’ll let you guys know when i have)