can not handle the cute


170320 x daily dose of day6 


I can’t handle all this CUTE 😙😍😚😍😀

Ok but Chris’s handwriting is 👌 and so is Steph’s new haircut.


What I liked about Room For Ruby (aka Navy)

1. Navy’s cuteness (lmao don’t trust her)
2. Garnet blushing.
3-4. Peridot and Lapis sure enjoy star gazing and just staying there to see the sunrise (u can not tell me this is not a date let me be happy)
5. “You have us now.” *the looks*
6. Lapis using her powers to explain rain.
7. Peridot was being really cute and kind and adorable I can’t handle it.
8. Lapis laughing hysterically about being right.
9. Lapis was authentically happy she was right.
10. “Sorry for your loss”