can not contain excitement

I should have done myself a favour and stayed away from Tumblr and Twitter (regarding the show) during the hiatus. I’m getting my hopes up again, and that’s dangerous, but I can’t seem to help it.

Magnus in slippers, Magnus dancing (maybe Malec dancing), maybe Malec waking up together, Magnus’ past, Magnus having scenes with Catarina, Malec fighting demons together… GAAAAAH!

oh boy oh boy oh boy my birthday is tomorrow and i’m going to florida to see my girlfriend next week i can hardly contain my excitement!!

INTP Fun Fact #1327

They’re generally cool and collected, but as soon as you mention an interest of theirs, it’s like their body can’t contain their excitement. Their faces light up and they might flap their hands around or bounce on their toes as they babble on about their passion.

They’ll probably be able to contain themselves for a moment as they realize they might be acting overenthusiastic, but they’ll quickly jump back into kid-on-a-sugar-rush mode as the conversation progresses.

And as soon as the conversation is over, they’ll immediately slip back into that well-composed expression, like nothing even happened. 

Now onto this famous scene from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

The importance of this scene is heavy weighted on Anakin’s view point. He starves for affection, for acknowledgment, and for familiarity. After years stuck with the Jedi who we all know by now kept him at arm’s length and never actually accepted him. Now this person, this angel who he longed for and loved since the age of nine has come back to his life and he can’t contain his excitement. It’s as if he was dead until the moment he saw her again. He wants to tell her everything without holding anything back because he knows she won’t judge him… and that is something only his mom ever done for him. A reassurance, that someone [ admittedly ] cares about him *going back to the Japor Snippet scene in Ep1*. Everything seems perfect, too perfect in fact. So naturally, as soon as Padmé opens her mouth in this scene in particular I’m afraid our dear Padawan was able to return to a sense of… difficult reality which clearly expose how much different their upbringing fundamentally is.

Padmé: We used to come here for school retreat. We would swim to that island every day. I love the water. We used to lie out on the sand and let the sun dry us and try to guess the names of the birds singing.

[ note: lol, I just love how she just bragged about water to a slave boy from a dusty planet. Padmé no! ]

And we see unmistakably that Anakin is having hard time sinking in his own feelings. Up till this moment he was able to forget their status: former slave, former queen. But now it’s all back and he can’t even smile. Like at all. And no one of course can expect him to. While he wants to get to know the woman he loves so much, the thing she was saying kinda felt like drinking acid. I mean what is someone like him expected to answer to that? Having to hear; about such beautiful lavished and serene moment so very much unlike anything that happened in his entire harsher young life. This is where the awkwardness begins. At one point he wants her to keep talking to him, and at another he knows he can’t possibly relate to anything she says.

Anakin: I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.

This line isn’t about sand. This line isn’t about Anakin’s hatred of sand. This line is about Anakin’s original home, Tatooine, the place where his mother is (currently) slowly dying in. The muse of his nightly nightmares and where his nonexistence sad childhood had began. Except; he couldn’t just say it out loud. It’d ruin the mood for one thing and surely illustrate the vast gap between their worlds. That could only play into his fears, and serves as reminder that he’s not good enough for her. So, he tries clumsily and awkwardly to connect with her on simpler terms.

This overlooked moment shows how two different worlds came together and how it wasn’t an easy thing to do thanks to the major difference and unforgiving aspects. This very moment also was the start of Anidala courtship.


Okay theory,
the first gif is of Yuzuru when he broke a short program record. Yuzuru can’t contain himself in excitement and rubs/fixes the hair behind his ears in a self soothing gesture.

The second gif of them together is when Javier beats Yuzuru (at worlds I believe), and even though Yuzuru was happy for Javier, he was mostly upset with himself, and broke down crying.

I think that through training together and being such close friends, Javier Fernandez knows Yuzuru’s nervous habit of smoothing his hair when he is overwhelmed. Javier knows how to comfort Yuzuru, and rubs his hair accordingly.



But I’m also excited for 5x16, 5x17, 5x18 & 5x19 because what on earth happens in those 4 episodes that eventually leads us to 5x20.

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Otayuri headcanons #2

- Otabek’s grandmother knows how to knit the most beautiful clothes, and once she finds out that her grandson has finally befriended the boy he’s been talking about for the past five years, she decides to knit the pretty Russian boy a dark red sweater with a cat paw on it. She insists Otabek give it to Yuri on his birthday.

- When Otabek gives the sweater to Yuri, all blushing and red ears, he says: “And this is from my nan…she says hi…,” and Yuri can’t contain his excitement.

- He immediately tries it on, despite it not at all suiting his normal choice of clothes, but it is warm and fluffy and he won’t take it off anymore for the rest of the evening. The next day, he writes a lengthy mail to thank Beka’s gradma, but then he realises he can’t speak a word of Kazakh

- He asks Beka to help him translate and only then he realises how often he mentions Beka in the mail and how often he says how freaking amazing he thinks Beka is and how much he wants to come visit Beka’s family. He mentions Beka’s name almost in every sentence.

- Otabeks translates the cheesy parts without even bating an eyelash, although next to him Yuri dies from embarrassment. However, more often than not, Beka’s elbow brushes gently against his and when they finally send the mail, Beka’s hand squeezes his and he just says quietly: “She’s gonna be happy to hear from you.”

- Although Yuri is an exceptional figure skater, his grades are suffering from his excessive training. His parents are mildly worried about that and tell him to go and get a personal tutor. Yuri couldn’t be less enthusiastic about the idea as he tells Beka that night as they Skype.

- Beka looks at him for a moment and then he crooks a smile and says: “Well, I could fly over and help you with your studies.” Yuri loves the idea and nearly knocks his laptop over as he jumps up to ask his parents

- Yuri’s parents already view Beka like a family member and when Yuri tells Beka he’ll come pick him up from the airport, his friend looks at him for a moment, before he turns to look out the window and still Yuri can see the massive blush spreading over his usually so stoic face.

- Yuri’s heart starts squeezing pleasantly inside his chest and he starts counting the days toward Beka’s arrival in St. Petersburg

- Yuri’s parents don’t necessarily have a big house, so Yuri offers Beka to sleep in his room, and he’d instead sleep in the living room, as Beka is the guest. Beka just frowns at him and says: “Don’t be silly,” and that’s it.

- They put an airbed next to Yuri’s bed, a blanket and a pillow and Beka doesn’t mind the makeshift bed one bit. Yuri repeatedly asks him if it’s ok and if he’s really comfortable sleeping on the floor – Yuri has never had a friend sleep over at his place, not only because they really have not much space, but mostly because he isn’t close enough to anyone to offer them to come sleep at their house. But with Beka it’s different.

- Yuri repeatedly offers Beka to sleep in his bed and he sleeps on the floor and Beka has had enough. His hand comes up to ruffle Yuri’s silky blond hair and he just quietly says: “You’re the reason I came here. Not your bed. I’m here with you, I don’t need anything extra.”

- When he says that Yuri’s eyes fill with tears because he never would’ve believed that he’d ever have someone who likes him enough to come help him study without asking anything in return.

- Yuri turns away from Beka’s touch because he doesn’t want to let the boy see that he cries because he never, ever would’ve thought that he’d ever find a friend who wants to be with him – just for Yuri being Yuri.

- Beka knows that Yuri needs a few moments to calm down, and he lets him have as much space as he needs. He goes to play with Yuri’s cat and at some point, a few minutes later; he feels a light weight lean against his shoulder.

- He doesn’t look up, but he starts to smile. Yuri snuffles a little. He says: “I like sleeping in.”

- “That’s good. Me too.”

Imagine: Being Jared’s daughter and dating Cameron Monaghan

Growing up with Thirty Seconds To Mars you are very close to Tomo and his family, so he knows you love to watch Gotham. When Tomo’s sister get’s the role of Selina’s mother he asks her to take you to set with her so you can see how the show is made. On that day Cameron Monaghan is making is return as Jerome, you can barely contain your excitement when you see him and he is stunned by how beautiful you are. The two of you see each other on set everyday, get to know each other and become friends. Cameron eventually works up the courage asks you out right as the new season is premiering. The media starts buzzing about the dceu Joker, Jared’s daughter going out with the TV Joker, Cameron. You’re dad is worried about the press but Cameron get’s a kick out of it.

(Thank you to @lululank​ for the original idea) Full Imagine Series Coming Soon

Welcome back

Frisky anon asked: 

can i request for a really really smutty scenario with sehun pls? it’s been a really long time since you’ve last seen each other, but he’s finally back from tour and y'all get steamy in the hot tub / pool?

Word Count: 1572
Genre: Smut. There’s love in it, but it’s smut.
Warnings: It’s smut. Stay away if you’re a minor.

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Next month in GW2! IT’S COMING BACK! I can hardly contain my excitement, so I made this short of my Asura Zenelly running through the SAB!

I just want to love you.

I wanna love you when you’re sick,
and need a blanket or hot soup.
I wanna love you when you’re sad,
and falling apart on the bathroom floor.
I wanna love you when you’re mad,
and want nothing more than to scream at the top of your lungs.

I wanna love you when you’re happy,
and smiling that beautiful smile.
I wanna love you when you’re sleepy,
and you have that adorable sleepy voice.
I wanna love you when you’re excited,
and can’t contain your adorable giggles.

I wanna love you on your good days,
and I wanna love you even more on your bad days.
I wanna love you.

So let me.
Let me. Let me. Let me.

—  the girl who loves you more than anything you’ve ever known