can never unsee it


day 2: favourite male character  ✧ julian bashir 


7FEB2015 ~ 10FEB2016 | art progress

decided to redraw my first mastermind au! also dedicated to that anon that mentioned mm!sonia would use “we, us, our” pronouns in her speech!

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For the prompt thing, pretty please 10 or 29 or both in one 🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is kind of the opposite of what I wrote yesterday. So here be fluff and nothing but fluff. It’s a sequel to this (sappy) prompt. But you can read it on its own as well. Thank you for the prompt! 

10. “I can never unsee that.” + 29. “Y-you love me?”

When Mulder finds himself in the car en route to Mrs. Scully’s house, he is not sure when it happened.

Or how.

But here he is, in the passenger seat, forced to listen to classical music that’s supposed to be calming. That’s what Scully told him 20 minutes ago, anyway. She’s quiet, tapping along on the steering wheel while Mulder keeps trying to come up with something clever to say. Or really anything. He has questions, plenty of them, but he doesn’t ask any of them. Why am I here, Scully? He would like to know. Why do I have to see your brother twice in one day? Mulder grows agitated just thinking about it.

Why did you kiss me earlier, Scully? That’s the one he really wants to know about.

In good old Mulder and Scully fashion, they haven’t talked about it. The kiss. It’s been hours and Scully hasn’t mentioned it once. If he didn’t know better, he’d think it never happened. Just a figment of his vast imagination. He’s imagined kissing Scully a million times over the years. But no; it definitely happened. Her hands were on his thighs, he can almost feel them still, and her lips grazed his oh so softly. Oh yeah. It happened.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Scully says in between songs. As if the music should not be interrupted.

“I thought you wanted me to shut up.”

“That was… earlier.” Mulder thinks he sees her blush.

“Yeah well, I didn’t know when you wanted me to stop.” Mulder cracks open a sunflower seed, realizing how hungry he is. With her kissing him and then convincing him to go with her to her mother’s made him forget everything else. Like having lunch.

“About the time I – never mind.” The kiss, he thinks, suppressing a smile. She certainly shut him up with that.

“You mean the… you know.” Here he is complaining that Scully doesn’t mention their foray into new, more intimate territory and he finds himself shying away as well.  

“It wasn’t fun, Mulder.” Oh.

“I’m sorry, Scully, I didn't… you started it. I just – then why did you ask me to come with you to your mother’s? If I’m no fun.” Mulder sounds bitter; he tries not to, but what can he do? He’s been wanting to kiss Scully for ages and when they finally do, she hates it.

“That’s why,” she tells him, her voice even, her eyes on the road, “You made fun of me. You know I thought you had something important to tell me and you let me believe it, Mulder.” Oh, again. She wasn’t talking about the kiss at all.

“Scully, I’m sorry. Your brother unnerves me,” he sees her nod in agreement, “He said all these things and then when you finally showed up at the office I felt like… I just wanted you to know there was something to come back to. As stupid as it was.”

“An espresso machine in accounting.”

“I realize it wasn’t my brightest moment, Scully, but I had to say something.”

“But do you realize that I hurried through lunch with my brother because I thought something important was going on?”

“I’m sorry, Scully. What else can I say?”

“Next time your exciting news turn out to be about kitchen appliances, tell me right away and don’t make it a secret.”

“In my defense,” Scully shoots him a look and Mulder ignores it, “I never said it was exciting. I didn’t keep it a secret either. So that’s why I’m here? As punishment?”

“Partly,” she admits.


“And what?”

“What’s the other reason?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Scully chuckles and Mulder adds it to his long, long list of things they, apparently, don’t talk about.


Mulder doesn’t know what he expected, but it’s not this. This is not, as Scully assured him earlier, a small family gathering. This is dozens of people running around Mrs. Scully’s house.

“Oh Dana, you made it!” A woman, who is almost as tall as Mulder, hugs Scully tightly.

“Mom made me promise.” She replies with a soft smile. If only she would smile like this more often.

“And who is this nice young man, Dana?”

“This is Fox Mulder. My partner,” she startles, “my friend,” Scully turns to him, searching for the right word, “my work…” She trails off with a confused hand gesture.

“Oh Fox,” the large woman shakes his hand heartily, a huge grin on her face, “Maggie told us so much about you. She didn’t say you were coming today!”

“Ah yes, I cleared my schedule for this,” Mulder puts on what he hopes is a charming smile, and judging from the woman’s face it works well enough, and sighs, “I wanted to be here.”

“That’s so lovely, Fox. I’m Dana’s aunt, Millicent.” She’s still holding his hand, he realizes. “Now, go say hello to everyone else. I hope I’ll see you around, Fox.” Aunt Millicent winks at him and Mulder blushes. When she’s out of sight, Scully sighs audibly.

“So I’m your work, huh?” Mulder bumps her shoulder playfully.

“Oh shut up, Mulder. You know what I meant.” Scully doesn’t look at him, instead she seems to look for someone else among all these small and not so small heads. There’s a whirlwind of noises and voices surrounding them.

“Do I?” Scully glances up at him, brows furrowed. Her mouth opens to say something when a loud, distinctively male voice chimes:

“Is that Dana?” In a quick movement, Scully grabs Mulder’s coat sleeve and drags him with her right into a room he’s never seen before. It’s dark, it’s small and for the moment, surprisingly quiet. It could be a coat closet, he thinks, as a soft fabric brushes against him.  

“Scully what-” She puts her finger on his lips to quiet him. Not as effective as her earlier mode of shutting him up, but it works. He’s not going to complain that she’s touching him. Her finger is warm, it’s soft, and he just can’t help himself; he kisses it. Scully’s eyes open wide, but she doesn’t take her finger away, and so he kisses it again.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Mulder.” Her angry whisper shocks him, but even if he knew what to say, he couldn’t. Scully’s lips find his again and this time he makes sure she’s not cutting their kiss short. His arms tighten around her and hold her close. She moans into his open mouth as one of his hands wanders up her spine.

“Why would they – Dana! And Fox!” The door opens and their mouths separate with a loud smack. Their arms still around each other they stare into the faces of Scully’s mother, her brother and man Mulder doesn’t know. Oh well.

“I can never unsee that.” Bill Scully mumbles shaking his head in disbelief.

“Why are you hiding in here?” Maggie Scully, a laugh in her voice, opens the door wider so they can step out. Mulder tries to secretly wipe at his mouth, but the nameless guy watches him intently. As does Bill.

“Bill wanted to introduce you to his Navy friend.” Now it’s Mulder who eyes the other man warily. This is the guy Bill Scully told him about earlier in his office. On his turf. This, he figures, is neutral ground. Not to mention that he just kissed Scully for the second time in one day. That should count for something.

“This is Frank,” the blond stranger waves awkwardly, uncertain if he should shake Scully’s hand, “My friend I told you about earlier.” Bill finishes, his eyes full engaged in a glaring match with his sister. For once Mulder is glad to not be at the receiving end of that death stare.

“And what did I tell you?” Her voice sounds like pure ice.

“I’m just asking you to meet him. You don’t have to marry him.” Bill glances at Mulder, who briefly considers hiding behind Scully or even her mother.

“I’m not interested,” she tells him, “Sorry, Frank.” The man blushes furiously.

“It’s because of him, isn’t it? I mean what you just did…”

“Bill.” His mother’s voice warns him.

“That’s none of your business.”

“He has nothing to offer you, Dana!”

“Bill, leave your sister and Fox alone. Now come on, all of you. We’ve got a house full of people. Behave yourselves.” Mulder watches as Scully raises her eyebrow as if challenging her brother and of course, he bites.

“What is it about him, Dana? He doesn’t love you.”

“Hey,” it’s the last straw and Mulder can no longer keep quiet, “I do love your sister. I love her more than I could ever put into words.”

“Y-you love me?” Out of the corner of his eye Mulder sees Mrs. Scully lead her son and the ominous Frank away. Not that Mulder still cares. His eyes are on Scully, and hers are on him. Right now, in a house full of people, they’re the only two that matter.

“Scully, I am not drunk,” he begins, his voice slightly wavering, “I am not drugged either. I am just me and I am in full capacity of my sanity,” Scully’s eyebrow rises, “as much as is left of it anyway. So let me tell you that yes, I love you. I am in love with you.”

“That’s really nice,” Scully tells him and it’s only now that he notices how close they are once again; like magnets drawn to each, he figures, “Because you know what?”


“I love you, too.”

No more words are needed and so he kisses her again and again and again.

do you ever think about how much Isak must’ve thought about Even after that first eye locking moment, tho? about how it was probably not that excessive, not that often, considering he didn’t know who he was or what he did and had never seen him before. like, it’s obvious they clicked from the get go, and they gravitated towards each other since second one, but unlike Even, who’d been eyeing Isak for ages before that first eye exchange moment, Isak probably just… acknowledged a hot guy? like, yeah, fuck, he’s handsome, shit you’ve been caught staring, move on. and then that was it.

but then all of sudden, he just knows he’s there? and he exists? and holy shit he’s beautiful. and the hottie just keeps showing up in all those places at school where Isak had never seen him before, and he just can’t unsee him. he’s not used to this? because yeah he’s been admiring guys from afar for a while now, but he never let himself linger too long or think too much, lest it lead him to answers he’s not ready to find. and hottie over there with the nice eyes and nice hair should not catch his eye as much as he does.

do you ever think about how utterly confused and troubled his mind must’ve been each time Even ever so slightly seemed to turn in his direction/look his way? (because you know that happened more times than we were able to see) like, mild panic attacks. shit is he looking at me? is it someone behind me? why is he suddenly everywhere? why does he always seem to look my way? am I paranoid yet?

do you ever think about how all of those emotions repeat themselves through the whole season: Isak being confused, ecstatic and selling himself short all at once? and then instead of stabilizing himself he learns that maybe stability is not the way at all? and it’s great to keep being himself, in every way, really, and that means keeping and comprehending all of that mess of emotions as well as someone else’s?

because I think about this a lot and I had to share it. I’m sorry. goodbye.


L taking Yotsuba!Light to wammys on bonfire night

-light watching in terror as a bunch of teenagers build a bonfire as big as the building

-someone tries to set him on fire several times

-literally all these kids are wearing fucking gas masks n shit and you can see this fucking fire for mILES

-someone smuggled in fucking vodka and everyone knows who it was but they won’t break the bonfire code of silence

-L gets SHITFACED because “bonfire night only comes once a year, light-kun.”

-light watches in horror as several wasted children dump CANS OF GASOLINE on this huge fire and CHEER when someone nearly lights themselves on fire

- “L Beyond is gone.”


- the orphanage almost burned down that night

- light is forever traumatized by bonfire night at wammys and can never unsee the horror


Number one, and Reader x (Character)


1. “Don’t you dare.”
2. “Get under the covers.”
3. “You look cold.”
4. “Run.”
5. “Party time.”
6. “Stop being so crabby.”
7. “What is that thing?”
8. “Oh my god!”
9. “Cover that up!”
10. “I can never unsee that.”
11. “I like that.”
12. “Are you high?”
13. “That doesn’t mean jack squat.”
14. “That’s it. We’re cursed.”
15. “Go on. Tell me.”
16. “You walked away, not me.”
17. “I need to leave.”
18. “You need to leave. Right now.”
19. “You left me there.”
20. “I’m fucking stuck!”
21. “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”
22. “Delete that. Now.”
23. “Game’s over.”
24. “It’s not coming off!”
25. “You spilt that everywhere. Who has to pick that up? Me.”
26. “I left it all for you!”
27. “I left my life behind all for you!”
28. “I love you, you asshole.”
29. “Y-you love me?”
30. “Well, there is a first for everything.”
31. “Please don’t leave me.
32. "I don’t want to go.”
33. “She was crying, right in the middle of the gas station.”
34.“Blood. Blood everywhere.”
35. “What is that?”
36. “That’s so gross.”
37. “Give me ten bucks, I’ll explain later.”
38. “And BOOM! There they were.”
39. “They just popped out!”
40. “I thought I was alone!”
41. “That was an accident…”
42. “I swear it was like that when I found it!”
43. “I swear to god if you touch me…”
44. “Not me.”
45. “We are leaving. Now.”
46. “That isn’t appropiate.”
47. “D-don’t do that with your lips.”
48. “That’s distracting.”
49. “Eww, don’t do that!”
50. “My eyes are covered.”
51. “Hold my hand, bitch.”
52. “You little shit!”
53. “Is that my food?! You ate my food?!”
54. “Sit down.”
55. “Listen up.”
56. “That is not your problem.”
57. “You have no idea what I do for you.”
58. “Walk away! Do it!”
59. “If you step out that door I am never taking you back!”
60. “Oh, do that again.”
61. “Oh yes.”
62.  "Don’t force me.“
63. "Is that sass I hear?”
64. “Don’t touch me.”
65. “Baby, come back.”
66. “But I love you!”
67. “But I hate you!”
68. “Suck my nonexistent dick!”
69. “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.”
70. “Look, a distraction!”

Feel free to request a drabble prompt! 

chris--daae  asked:

"I wanna imagine Erik eating chicken nuggets and booty dancing to the 2004 movie soundtrack then I will" - thank you, now I can never unsee this

You’re so welcome. Just, drunk Erik, scarfing down chicken nuggets like there’s no tomorrow and shaking that bubble butt to badly casted versions of him in a 2004 movie. ♥ that’s my aesthetic ♥

Just after @thaidraws drawing of the buff blueberry…I can’t unsee it now. I never drew US!Sans much anyway so I think I will stick to the beefcake look for him.

I already draw Sans unintentionally bara and Papyrus unintentionally buff anyway so why the fuck not