can never repay him


I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)

baby's first night; Shawn Mendes

a/n: a new parents! imagine (a late night/early morning word vomit by sourshawn - yeah, not bbs, but hopefully this makes up for it)

synopsis: shawn and his wife are new parents, and they don’t want to leave baby alone.

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a little bit of me

a little bit of you

who knew love could be so small - situated in she

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Teru (& some TeruMob) meta

Warning: contains some fandom salt, oops.

Fandom opinion from what I have gathered so far tends to either characterize Teru as this pure boy who has a crush on or lives for the attention of Mob and gets nervous and anxious over it like a shoujo heroine, OR this somewhat edgy yandere that fucks a girl every week and would probably choke and abuse Mob or something… and I fucking cringe.

Both are so wrong I don’t even know where to begin and I know both characterizations are passive aggressive wars between “antis” and “nasties” but lol, that’s something I am not coming within a 20 ft pole of and I can’t stand when ppl warp characterization to piss off the other parts of a fandom instead of reading carefully with canon… but I digress.

I think what’s jarring and easily misinterpreted is Teru’s change of behavior following his battle with Mob.

There was a great Tumblr post awhile back (which seems to have been deleted, argh) that hypothesized that Teru’s change in personality is an example of altruistic surrender.

Altruistic surrender refers to an ego-defence mechanism postulated by Anna Freud by which a person internalizes the values of another person and lives his or her life in accordance with those values.

I never took a psych class so I’m not going to delve into this further but this makes a lot of sense, since Teru’s previous identity and system of values took such a huge collapse that it’s impossible for him to formulate and rebuild it quickly, so he latches onto and internalizes Mob’s values, which does ultimately change him for the better and is a powerful driving force in him learning to reform his own personality, but does clash with his inherent personality traits to an extent.

Teru says during his battle with Mob that “people can’t change that easily” and that point is simultaneously right and wrong regarding himself. On the surface, it seems like he’s suddenly changed, but that’s because his entire world has been uprooted to the point he can’t return to it so he’s substituting believing in (and thus admiring) Mob until he figures himself out again.

However, for a person with stubborn pride like Teru, when that pride is shattered it doesn’t smooth out immediately, but impales the person on its pieces. You definitely see flashes of those gaping wounds post-defeat - an example being when he intimidates Ritsu, which I believe was both genuine advice and a way to vent frustration with his own former self.

In the manga, you see that Teru gets addicted to developing and refining his psychic power and learning multiple techniques. Sure, it’s probably because it’s useful if he and Mob ever have to fight a shady organization again (and they do), but on some level he’s still trying to surpass Mob in some way. He’s not demanding Mob acquiesce to his values like he did initially, but he’s trying to prove, perhaps both to Mob and himself that he’s an equal - since he can’t match Mob in overwhelming power reserves, he makes up for it in versatility. And from my point of view he seems to be always, on some subconscious level, trying to figure out why he wants to prove himself to Mob - as a friend? A rival? Maybe both? Why? Does he simply want peace of mind by proving that point? Or does he want to ‘repay’ Mob for ‘saving’ him? Shrugs, we can never know exactly but those are both possible.

It’s interesting that Teru’s catchphrase is “I am an ordinary person” and it seems like something he both accepts and fights at the same time. He accepts it in that he’s gotten through to his head that psychic powers don’t make him a better person inherently, they’re just another talent, etc. He fights it because he simply has too much ambition to sit quietly and not be outstanding in some way (“through effort, I have become an exception”).

Unlike Mob, he doesn’t easily accept being ‘nothing’ and having ‘no presence’ - he doesn’t quite have the strength of heart to embrace that ideal without looking back. But I do feel like this time the way he deals with it is healthier because he wants to stand out for genuine hard-earned achievement, not arbitrary factors he was born into.

Now, I’ll address the characterization in most TeruMob fics of Teru as the “nervous blushing shoujo heroine” and WHY I think people make that mistake a lot of times when writing fluff. Those writers aren’t 100% utterly WRONG in reading how Teru would act towards Mob in a romantic fanon context but they oversimplify his internal thought processes and fixate too much on the tropey outwards actions.

Teru has never had a real friend before Mob because his previous “friendships” were for status and ego boosts. Mob saw through that facade while everybody else bought into it.

There’s a lot that could give him anxiety re: forming his first friendship because it’s new and difficult and he’s learning as he goes along without being able to skip any steps, and also because Mob is particularly difficult to read as is. Teru and Mob, in the earlier stages of their friendship (outside of the necessary temporary alliance in the Claw infiltration arc) would probably be very awkward as both of them can easily be concerned with what could go wrong.

Mob is bad at reading the atmosphere, and Teru is not the greatest at genuine communication without putting up a front, so you can imagine how that goes.

Now if we’re going the route of implying Teru having romantic feelings for Mob, that complicates things further. Teru’s dated girls for show but when it comes to somebody he genuinely likes… given the way he’s handled facing his own emotional problems thus far I’m inclined to think he’d be in denial. While Mob’s clinical, pathological compartmentalization of his emotions made him a literal time bomb of sorts, Teru is more of the “self-aware but actively avoiding” type is my interpretation. And frankly speaking, there’s a lot that could go wrong should he get into a relationship with somebody he has genuine feelings for because he has too much to unpack about himself. His admiration of Mob in general would prompt him to also keep those feelings under wraps because the friendship is already an intricate maze to navigate.

Again, everything I’ve just explained is probably where TeruMob fic writers are coming from but they tend to gloss over or skip depicting these parts and thus end up with a hollow shell of what could have been. Also, for anime-only watchers, it’s easy to not get a good grasp on Teru (because you miss out on his technique-developing obsession and what that implies) I feel.

louis inspires me so much, i feel like everyone needs someone like him in their lives, someone who will make you see life as something positive, he is this bright energy that will always make you happy always make you believe in yourself and im just so? proud of who he is and who i am because of his influence, i wish i could thank him enough but i can’t, he gives me much more than i deserve more than i can repay… i’ll never leave him, i’ll always support him, sometimes in a selfish way because i need him more than anything

Obsessive - Part 32 - The Finale

The stalker is in Juice’s home and has attacked (Y/N). Can Juice intervene before its too late?

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

A/N: Its been a wild ride, you guys. Thanks so much for supporting the story and giving me your feedback. I enjoyed hearing all the theories about what was going on, (from Jax and YN playing with a ouija board when they were little, to the intruder actually being ant-man), the commentary has been hilarious, and I loved every minute of it. I always said I wouldn’t write Juice unless the idea was good and this one was great, given to me by none other than @codenamekaraortiz. Yup, it was her little seed that she planted in my brain and let me grow it. I hope I did your idea justice love. And I’m sorry for tricking you guys with that fake finale, but I am a prankster deep down and it was really fun writing that ‘alternate ending’ lol. I’m a Tig girl, I can’t help myself! Thanks for sticking with me anyway, dolls, and I hope this finale is well worth the little trick I played on you earlier!!!

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


You woke up being jerked up from the couch by your hair, pain radiating through your head and neck as you struggled to find your feet and your voice. You heard Juice yell out, “Let her go!” and then you were stricken with fear.

You knew without seeing him that John Howard was who had grabbed you.

A thousand thoughts crossed through your mind in a matter of seconds. How did he find you here? What did he want with you now? Why was he so obsessed with getting to you? You yelped in pain as you were pulled backwards away from Juice.

“J-JUICE!” You screamed a bloodcurdling scream, struggling against the perpetrator who had you by the hair, still trying to drag you away. Juice charged at the man, stopping short just as you felt something cold against your temple. A gun barrel.

“I will shoot your precious girlfriend in the head if you don’t BACK OFF Juan Carlos!” The man bellowed.

“You took my gun?” he asked, his voice trembling. You looked up at Juice’s face, tears filling your eyes the same as they did his.

All of a sudden you heard something behind you, and John must have as well as he let you go, spinning around to point his gun at Tig who appeared in the hall, boxers and kutte only, with his gun raised.
As soon as you hit the ground you clawed your way to Juice who dropped to his knees to check on you.

“Are you okay?” he panted, looking you over frantically. You couldn’t speak over your own breathing so you nodded, the floodgates opening as you began to sob. That moment was broken up when a gunshot rang throughout the house, John had fired his weapon.

“Tig!” Juice screamed, standing up to see that Tig had taken cover behind the living room wall.

You scurried behind Juice as John turned back to face you, “She belongs to ME!” He screamed, making to lunge at you when another gunshot rang out, this time from Tig’s gun, hitting John in the leg. Juice sprang forward, tackling John to the ground and knocking the gun out of his hand. You screamed as the two of them struggled, Juice landing a few punches, then John getting the upper hand and landing a couple more.

Tig rushed to your side, “We gotta get you out of here,” he spoke hastily, grabbing your arm and pulling you to your feet before grabbing the gun that has skittered across the floor and tucking it in his kutte.

“No!” you struggled, “I can’t leave him!” you blubbered through tears.

“Doll I have one job that’s to keep you safe now let’s GO!” he urged, pulling your hand to take you away from the brawl that was going down in Juice’s living room.

Tig pulled you out the front door, grabbing his phone out of his kutte that he wore over his naked back, and hitting #2 on the speed dial which called Clay.
Clay picked up on the first ring.
“She’s fine.”
“He’s here, brother.”
“Yeah you need to get here, now!” Tig implored your father before ending the call.
As he lowered the phone from his ear there was a crashing sound from inside and you turned to run back inside, your arm pulled backward by none other than Mr. Trager himself.

“I have to go!” you pleaded with him, “He’ll kill Juice!”

“I can’t let you go in there, (Y/N), I’m sorry.”

You collapsed into a sobbing mess as you continued to hear the yells and crashes from inside the room, followed by motorcycle engines coming up the block.

Juice was battered and bruised. He was bleeding from his mouth and his nose, his knuckles busted up and his hand was most likely broken as he traded blows with the intruder in his home. He didn’t care about himself, he didn’t even care about winning the fight, he just hoped he could distract your attacker long enough for help to arrive. He was only worried about keeping him away from you.

Both men were exhausted, throwing punch after punch, rolling on the floor, returning to their feet and standing toe to toe before going back to the ground again. Juice punched John several times in the gunshot wound to his leg, causing him to yell out in agony as he assaulted the wound. Juice could hear you yelling for him outside the house, Tig’s even louder voice accompanying yours.

He was comforted momentarily by the thought that you were safe outside with Tig as he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, looking down to see blood pouring from his stomach.

John had stabbed him.

The stinging was replaced with a white hot fire coming from the site of the bleeding as his vision blurred.
He saw John grin, standing up and dusting himself off, “Time to go get my girl,” he taunted, panting, and headed towards the front door.

You were crying into Tig’s shoulder as your father, Jax, and Chibs came running up. All of a sudden the front door opened and you blearily turned to see who was stepping out of the house. Tig, Clay, Jax, and Chibs stood, drawing their guns in the direction of the backlit body in the doorway.
You didn’t have to see his face to know it wasn’t Juice.
You wailed, stumbling to your feet to charge the man between you and your lover when he lurched forward, toppling down the front steps with Juice Ortiz standing behind him, panting breathlessly as John Howard thudded to a stop on the ground in front of you.

Juice dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach.
As everything went black, your screams were the last thing he heard.

“JUICE!” You cried, sprinting to his side and looking him over. He was bleeding profusely and you didn’t have to be a doctor to know he didn’t have long before he would bleed out.
“Somebody do something!” you screamed, shaking him, trying to get him to remain conscious, “HELP!”

Tig, Clay, Jax and Chibs stood gaping at the scene, not sure of what to do.

“You have to DO SOMETHING,” you yelled at them through tears. 

All of a sudden, you saw the body of John Howard resurrected, standing up and turning towards you, “You BITCH!” he yelled, raising a fist before three gunshots rang out and he jolted, falling to the ground again, this time for good.

As Jax, Clay and Tig each put their guns away, Clay pulled out his phone and called 911. You cradled Juice’s lifeless head in your lap as you sobbed over his body and Chibs rushed over to start attending to his wounds. 


“Good morning,” a sweet voice called as he stirred, waking from a long and very strange dream. Juice opened his eyes to see you, sitting by his bedside in a hospital room. The pain in his stomach was the next sensation he discovered, wincing as he moved to get a better look at you.

“Hey…” he spoke feebly, his voice as beat up as his face, body, and hands.

“How are you feeling?” You asked, typing a text to Jax, letting him know Juice was awake, before putting your phone away and standing to walk over to his side.

“I feel like I fought a crazed lunatic,” he smirked, resting his head back against his pillow as you took his hand.

“You saved my life, Juice,” you told him earnestly, “I can never repay you for it.”

“Yeah, well,” he blushed a bit, “maybe a kiss is a good start,” he smiled and you leaned down to plant one on his lips, his hand finding the side of your face as he deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue into your mouth.

A whistle broke the two of you apart and you looked at Juice to see his blush was strong now, your cheeks adopting their own shade of crimson as well.
Jax, Tig, Chibs, Clay, Gemma and Bobby were filing into the room followed by Tara who was making her rounds, filling in for a colleague, and was there to check on him for the morning.

“Hey guys,” Juice grinned, trying to sit up and waving his casted hand at the horde standing before him. He was obviously happy to see his family, and you couldn’t blame him, you were happy to see them too.
“Juice,” your dad spoke sternly, causing you and he to furrow your brows at Clay’s complicated response.
Clay walked to his bedside, frustration and disappointment in his eyes as he stood beside you and looked down at your boyfriend.

Juice was visibly tormented, gulping loudly as Clay huffed heavily, “I can’t believe….” he trailed off, “that you would lay your life on the line to protect my baby girl,” Clay smiled.
“I had doubts about you. I didn’t think your head was in the right place. I didn’t think you would put yourself between (Y/N) and danger but you proved me wrong. There’s no better man I’d rather have for my daughter than you, Juice.”

Juice reached his hand out and Clay slapped it away, leaning down to hug the younger man as the rest of your family in the room ‘awwed’ and ‘whooped’.

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So. In an earlier post, you said this:

“I mean I think it’s kind of hilarious that with Lotor and the generals having a relatively normal conversation, Acxa sort of randomly butting in with ’I WOULD FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE’ is being construed as evidence she’s scared of him, or the situation.”

And I get that. But what I’m not understanding, is why. Like you said, they’re having a relatively normal conversation. Why is Acxa randomly butting in with something like that? It seems out of place, especially when the literal next line is Ezor doubting him. While I don’t mean to say that the generals have to think the same on everything, it feels … odd. What is that line meant to do? Is it supposed to show a contrast between Acxa and Keith, who are currently parallels (like, while Keith breaks off from the team, Acxa stays loyal)??? You said it might be her in awe, because it’s a general goal for all the generals, but given everyone else’s reaction it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t know, but I kinda sorta really love your theory and I’m hoping you can help me out here?

So, anon, this is aptly timed because I was actually thinking this over last night!

This actually seems to fit a pattern of behavior for Acxa in particular that she’s very defensive of this idea of Lotor.

We see her glaring coldly at Throk when the generals surround him in s3e1, and later, on Puig, she snaps at the Puigian leader for even speaking to Lotor, implicitly because she doesn’t like his tone because they’re technically there to speak to him. Even when said tone is not especially inoffensive.

Acxa’s bio also describes her as someone who puts others in their place if they question Lotor. It all seems to create a profile not just of Acxa who is loyal, but, aggressively loyal, quick to leap to the defense of her prince.

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I’ll Take Care of It (Part 5)

Killian x Reader

Word Count: 2503

Rating: M

Warnings: smut, language, mentions of violence, mentions of kidnapping, mentions of murder

Notes: I wrote this somewhat in response to a request I received quite a while ago, where Killian is rough and dominant with the reader. Enjoy!

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Fic: How Lucky We Are (6/?) (M)

Author’s note: Thank you all for your patience! This verse is so much fun; I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it.

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 6

Emma stared at Tinkerbelle, flabbergasted. Nothing made sense. “Not Blue? Tink, you must be mistaken. That makes no sense!”

Tinkerbelle simply looked worried and sad. “Emma, I know what I saw. I’ve known Blue for a long time. That fairy wasn’t her. I swear. It’s hard to forget the woman who banished you.”

If Tinkerbelle was right, then the corridor was no place to discuss such things. She grabbed the other woman’s hand and nodded up the hall. “My room’s just ahead. We can talk there.” She could also find out if Killian was back from his interrogation.

Emma threw open the door, looking around eagerly for her pirate. “Killian? You here?” Only silence greeted her. “Killian? Tinkerbelle is here?” More silence. Don’t panic, she thought wildly. There could be a dozen reasons he wasn’t back yet.

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And then Jack takes on the roll of taking care of Chase's kids bc he wants to repay him but he never can repay him enough bc chase is gone (dif anon for the chase sacrificing himself thing)

yall are breaking my heart here guys ;-;

swingandswirl  asked:

I never thought of BPD!Nursey before I saw your post, but now I'm intrigued! For a prompt... how about his family being supportive, or at least trying? My experience with diaspora South Asians (I headcanon Derek as part Indian, specifically Tamil) has been less than positive and I want better for him. TIA!

yay let’s talk about his family ((Nursey’s various family hc’s are another major point of world building for me)) 

ok I seriously don’t know where that post is right now but here’s where Nursey’s storyline coincides for this universe. His parents are uber sucessful (top of their fields, constantly going to conferences and speaking at events and are widely renowned for what they do). His older sister is like five or six years older than him and was raised for most of her childhood by one nanny. Then that nanny retired and Derek got a lot of inconsistent care. That instability left it’s mark on him. It wasn’t until he got older that he was able to do more things with his parents and they were more interested in who he was as a person. So he has this fear of not being interesting enough for people. The first people he ever had to mediate himself around was his family. 

Which isn’t to say they didn’t love him. But they always took his attention seeking as him being dramatic or eccentric. And he didn’t know really that what he was feeling (or rather, his inability to regulate his emotions) wasn’t normal? Then you move to him in his middle/high school years where at first he received a lot of shit from people and learned to lowkey hate himself for crying in public or for not being able to shut up sometimes. And he moved into this phase in high school where he tried so hard not to feel that he was basically devaluing everyone. 

this is getting long and the rest is sort of a jumbled mess tbh:

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What if Lotor did grow up all 10,000 years with Zarkon and Haggar and didn’t just appear like some people are saying. What if he grew up seeing all the chaos and destruction they made. And the cat (whose name slips my mind) is there the entire time with him and gives him a sort of anchor and support that his crazed parents couldn’t. And maybe when he was exiled and found Narti, he gave the cat to her as a gift to make her feel equal to the others and have an advantage in fighting. And what if that’s why Narti stays by Lotor’s side? He gave her her sight back, and she feels she can never repay him for that other than serving him loyally and fiercely.
Pictures aren’t mine, credit to @n-adagio

Enzo Amore One Shot - Superstar Ink (Zo’s Girlfriend)

Part one:

“So today we have the beautiful (Y/N) with us on Superstar Ink.” Corey Graves began as you adjusted yourself on the bar stool beside him. “Thanks for having me on here… Maybe my phone will stop blowing up now.” You chuckle. “Yeah you have been our most requested guest yet.” “I’m flattered.” You blush adverting your eyes from the camera. You and Corey go over your various tattoos and finally got to the one that everyone as been pestering you about on social media. “Okay so lets get this one over with.” You roll up your shirt sleeve to show the large tattoo on your forearm. “Looks familiar.” Corey smirked. “It should… Its inspired by one of Enzo’s tattoos.” Your tattoo was the outline of the state of New Jersey. “But it looks like the outline of it is handwritten.” You nod and move your arm for the camera to get a good angle of it. They show a side by side comparison of yours and Enzo’s Jersey tattoos. “Now did you get this because of Enzo or??” Corey asked. “Yeah I did… I mean I didn’t get it just because Zo got a tattoo for me… I got it because Zo as been a huge part of my life… He told the story of how we met and his side of the story but mine represents my side of the story… You see its true that I saw something unique in both Zo and Cass but it wasn’t just something in the ring when it came to Zo… I was drawn to everything about him. He always put a smile on my face. Even if it was just a phone call in the middle of the day it could turn my day from horrible to fantastic.” You smile over at Corey who hung on your every word. “Now everyone knows that Enzo is a confident son of a gun so it wont be a surprise to everyone that he asked me out the day he made it to the main roster. Literally the first words out of his mouth when he saw me backstage were ‘Me you dinner tonight okay??’ and of course I said yes.” You blush thinking back to that day. “When we went out to dinner that night Enzo was talking pretty much non-stop about how I inspired him to shoot for his biggest dream and how it wasn’t an easy road… That right there that passion he had for his dreams and how he claimed I helped inspire him was the inspiration for the the quote at the top of Jersey on my arm.” They show the top of the tattoo that says ‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’. “I just feel like that sums up the look in his eye that day…” “Now what about the bottom quote?? What does it say?? ‘Life is tough my darling but so are you’??” Corey questioned. “Yup… A lot of people who follow me closely know that about half a year ago I had some difficulties with my family and it really took a toll on me… Made me go into a dark place that affected every aspect of my life… I was pretty much living in a pity party and started to push people away from me… It wasn’t a fun time for me or anyone close to me… One day on a really hard day for me I found a note in my duffel back… It was from none other than Enzo and all it said was ‘Life is tough my darling but so are you’ and somehow that right there snapped me out of my sinking hole. Honestly I can never repay him for all the support and strength he has given me since the day I first met him.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… thanks to everyone who requested part two and a big big thank you to @meganloveeeworld for helping me with the details :)… if you want another superstar ink with another superstar let me know… please let me know whatcha think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READGING

yoongi; stress out, love in

i’m really stressed out, thus the messy format than my usual but i just wanted to write and post it out sooo, here’s a lil’ something ♥

Upon entering the apartment, everything seems to crash just as you drop your bag to the floor. It creates a loud thud and you hear shuffling coming from the bedroom, telltales that Yoongi’s home and would be wondering what the hell or who the hell came in. The thought makes you feel inconsiderate, that you should’ve spared how he’d feel but today wasn’t that day.

It’s all about caring what other people think, what they want, what they need and it’s everything that deducts from your conscious—from what you want. It’s to the point where you can barely hear yourself think, worried about everyone else that you had forgotten about yourself. Today’s the day you say fuck you to that. It’s a day to listen to gather your thoughts and try to collect yourself before you lose yourself completely.

You close the door shut and let it click before locking it securely.

Yoongi steps out, an excited smile on his face because it’s been a long day without you and he’s always, always down to greet you home. It’s the least he can do when the roles are reversed. He can never repay you for the amount of times you’ve showered him with love whenever he came back from tours, drained out from trainings, wrecked from fansigns. Your love was there to cure it all and it’s the little things and daily affections that keep him rooted to who he is.

His smile is bright, wide, but it slowly fades when he stands by the walkway, watching as you press yourself to the door. Your back faces him, your shoulders hunched forward and your head hangs low, forehead thumped against the wood. He stares at your worn out figure, tired and fatigue and it’s everything combined together to crush his spirits.

Frowning, he comes closer, taking a few measured steps, leaving a gap in between that would pass as lgiving you enough space, “B-Baby?”

It takes you a while but he’s grateful you’re answering instead of shutting him out like how he sometimes does to you (he’s trying his best not to, you’ll give him that). “…yeah?”

Sensing your tone, despite how airy it is from the emotions overwhelming you, Yoongi manages to stand right behind you. He soothes a hand on your shoulder, feeling your tensed muscles attempting to relax at his touch. “Are you okay…?”

He doesn’t need to hear it, even if you lie.

“Yeah, just…”

“Tell me the truth,” Yoongi says calmly, succeeding in holding onto you with both hands as he lures you a few steps backwards. He’s testing the waters, slowly turning you around and when you’re following his suit, he makes you face him. Your eyelids are trembling, closed shut with your pink lips parted, quivering as you try to breathe.

Your eyes open to meet with Yoongi’s and when you see the depth of his love, seeing how much he cares, it’s impossible to be a liar.

“Honestly? No, not one bit. My brain feels like it’s being deepfried. Again and again, ripped to pieces, then fried again. I think I’m going to go insane,”

Yoongi bites on his lip at how distressed you are, leaning forward to rest your head on his shoulder, you arms weakly holding onto him, “I’m sorry I’m such a downer on our night off. I’m just… I really can’t today…”

He shakes his head, sighing as he puts his arms around you. His tight grip assures you that that’s nothing to worry about as he kisses your head, tucking you in his embrace. “Silly girl. You don’t always have to be happy around me. If that’s the case, I would’ve been kicked out of this house a long time ago, don’t you think?” You laugh at Yoongi’s tone because he’s right. Damn, he’s right.

He pulls you away delicately, tipping your chin up to look into his eyes and you swear, you fucking swear, that’s love right there.

“How about you go take a long bath, wash away those bad feelings while I make us something simple to eat? We can talk about it however you want and I managed to get a few of your favorite ice cream flavors.”

“I fucking love you.”

“Damn straight.”

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hands ;3

((Put one word in my ask box and I’ll respond with a headcanon about my selfship related to it.))

“Levi and I have matching scars on the back of our left hands.The words ‘I will not break rules’ from that bitch Umbridge’s blood quills. Whenever I hold his left hand, I find myself running my thumb over the scar or kissing it. It’s just another reminder for me of his dedication to us; he could have taken the easy, safe road when she tried to drive us apart but he didn’t. Time and time again he has chosen to fight for us and I can never repay him for the sacrifices he made to stay with me.”

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What was the sweetest thing Optimus did for you?

♔. }

       ❝ Too many to list, Anonymous. Optimus has always been incredibly thoughtful whether its doing chores around our dwelling, getting me mid-grade when I forget to refuel, or leaving me small notes and gifts out of the blue…

I would say perhaps giving me Kaal for my past creation day is the grandest of these sentiments. It was the most unexpected surprise, and one that I can never repay him for. ❞

This is a very accurate representation of how much the people behind the screen matter. When on my darkest days when I feel like it’s impossible they are the ones who make me smile when I don’t have the energy. When they smile or laugh or just be goof balls it keeps me up and on my feet. Even though they don’t know me, or realise how much they affect me just being able to be happy and smile, I don’t care. I hate to see them sad, and when they do I just want to give them a hug. They deserve all the happiness in the world. There is a YouTube channel, run by a magnificent man at the moment who in particular is helping me get through a rather difficult time for me and he goes by the name markiplier. If I ever meet him I want to say this in person and give him the biggest hug. I can never repay what he has done for me. So thank you.

Sorry for the kinda deep post, but I felt like it needed to be said.

-credit to the creator of the picture!

A Change of Color

She hates Peeta Mellark. From the moment he steps in and alters her life she pulls back. He’s golden, healthy, freckled and fine, she can never keep up. When they are young he saves her and she hates it. She wishes to have what he has. It keeps happening. But finally fate intervenes. She’s here and so is he. One summer, one job, and one boat that breaks down one hot summer evening. She hates Peeta Mellark. Until she realizes she doesn’t. Katniss is green with envy. NC17 language and sex ;)

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curvacious-conversations  asked:

Thomas I just want you to know that my whole family loves your vines! My brother has autism so he latched on to things that he loves and he LOVES you and your vines. They make him laugh so much and it's given me a way to bond with him that I can never repay you for. Ps. My brother is determined to you his brother by asking you to marry my sister or me! 😂 he constantly asks when I'm gonna go marry you. I hope this makes you smile because you deserve it! ~❤️ Sierra and J.P.

Omg!! This is absolutely the sweetest story ever. It definitely made me smile!! Tell him we’re already cyber brothers, because you and I just got cyber married! Lol I hope I can continue to make him laugh, and I hope I can continue providing content for you two to bond over!! <3 Give my love to the family!