can never make fay look like fay

So I was just thinking: how do you think Kurogane first reacted when he saw Fai? And I don’t mean how annoyed he was or how much he hated Fai when he first met him, I mean when he SAW Fai.

He’s used to pale skin, it’s nothing new after being raised by his mother and then Tomoyo. And he’s seen some different colored eyes, like Tomoyo’s and even his own (and his father’s). But he’s never seen eyes the color of the sky before, and Kurogane finds it hard to look away from them. The light can make them look lighter or darker but they always stay that brilliant blue and Kurogane has to pry his eyes away to keep from memorizing ever speck and shadow in Fai’s eyes

And then there is Fai’s hair. In Nihon, nobody has hair so light. Kurogane mostly sees black hair in Nihon, and he’s seen some shades of reds and browns, but still they were dark. Fai’s hair looks like wheat though and it’s wispy and flies in different directions and it looks so very soft. Kurogane thinks that Fai’s hair would slide off of his fingers like silk rather than sit heavy in his palm.

Fai’s looks are entirely strange and exotic and only add to Kurogane’s annoyance of being thrown into worlds that are not his own. Kurogane learns to enjoy strange things during his travels though