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to-do list for when i find you (u know who u are)
- hold your hand a lot
- kiss your knuckles, both absentmindedly and purposefully
- hug you. always.
- press kisses to the top of your head
- sneak up behind you & wrap my arms around you
- lend you my favorite books
- knit you a scarf
- probably write you all sorts of sappy letters
- definitely drown you in pet names 24/7 to see if i can make you blush
- watch ghibli movies with you
- leave hickies on your wrists
- make you a mixtape
- be ridiculously, hilariously, absurdly in love
- never let you feel lonely ever again

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Just a cute little photobooth scenario you know Johnny and Ash would eventually do and of course, it ends in a kiss. ;-)

These two are just too adorable, I can’t take it. T_T

Also, I uploaded a new chapter of my JohnnyxAsh fict, “Set Me Free” if you’re interested.


170624 kimheenim instagram update:

Happy Birthday GUNHEE🎉🎀🍰🎂

Happy Birthday GUNHEE🎉🎀🍰🎂
#hwayang theater

Gunhee commented:

GH: why did you make it dirty??
HC: seems like you’re going to feel (simjung).. a heart attack (SIMjang JUNGji)….😏😏
GH: when i look at you i feel like i’m going to bulk up (dukkun), dugun dyugun (heartbeat sound)…🤗
GH: everyone thank you for the birthday wishes 😊 i want to send you love in heechul’s place -posted by simjung gunhee-
[t/n: the puns don’t translate well but i hope you can see the joke]


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this is so fucking beautiful oh dear 

unpopular opinion about the rpdr finale,

I felt like it was truly anyone’s game and tbh I was fully rooting between Shea and Sasha and everyone is like so against the Sasha win and ? I really would like for someone to tell me why ? I feel like they all did good. in rankings of style, peppermint could have won. in rankings of dramatics and facials, Sasha was the breadwinner. Shea had stage presence and strong very put together, tight dance moves. and Trinity had the sex appeal and you can see she felt the music. like I’d really like for someone to respectfully (and not meanly) explain where all this sasha hate is coming from. 

some of my favorite tags on my most recent lance photoset

#tall, dark and memeful
#danger noodle son
#lance is that guy that everyone is in love with a little bit

anonymous asked:

In your teenage mecha ninja turtles fic what's all of the main 6 doing with their lives? Are Donnie and April just collecting degrees and being geniuses? Are Leo and Usagi making use of dimensional skype calls? I'm so pumped to hear what you think they're doing.

In this fanfic of mine, the main six have all aged as well as six human/mutant disasters possibly can, and this is what my version of things has them doing:

April and Donnie started a company together once alien/mutant rights were established; the company is O’Neil laboratories and majority of their work is in sciences that no one else for a long time could even comprehend. Very world changing stuff. Donnie is mostly only involved with the scientific portion of things, he remains the top scientist and likely will even after death, while April is a tiny devil in a suit that continues to crush their competitors/saboteurs under her fist. She might be pushing ninety, but she is A) still a kickass kunoichi, and B) the most powerful psychic this side of the galaxy, possible in all the known universe. She’s a scary as hell old battle ax, and Donnie is a grumpy old codger. They live together for convenience and because they’ve remained best friends their whole lives.

Casey and Raph got restless around sixty or so, and ended up becoming travelers. Like, inter-dimensional and universal travelers. When they’re on earth Casey and Raph spend most of their time crashing at April and Donnie’s place, but otherwise make their way through dimensions and galaxies as they feel like it. Traveling with them is typically Casey’s daughter, Shadow (they couldn’t stop him from giving her that name, trust me they tried), who is buff, stubborn, and too much like her uncle and dad. Their time spent on earth is getting longer lately, since they’re really getting up there in years, but they remain the hellraisers they’ve always been.

Leo is a bit of a drifter on earth, moving between his siblings and friends and spending months on his own wherever he ends up next. Occasionally he’ll visit other dimensions, like Usagi’s, which has always felt like a home to him, but he likes earth best of all. He spends the most time in Japan, partially because it’s where his father was from, partially because he just prefers the culture and atmosphere of the country. Once they were really done their wars and battles, he hung up his mantle as a sensei and leader and retired for good. A lot of bad stuff happened to them over the years, and his choices directly led to some of those things. They’ve all got issues like that, even years later, but Leo feels the weight of them the most at times.

Him spending time with Karai and her wife Shinigami helps with that, since Karai’s role as the Godmother of the Foot clan is hardly an easy one. Her popular saying is that her daughter Pimiko will have to cremate her before she lets go control completely. They basically spend a lot of time being meddling meddlers and showing the current generation of crime bosses they still got it.

Mikey is the only one who remained in New York, but sometimes still goes to stay with one of his siblings/friends or goes on a road trip with Raph, Casey, and Shadow (and whoever she’s dating at that moment). Home sweet home is where he’d rather be though, even if Donnie keeps telling him he should at least buy a real house. (Mikey still prefers living off the grid, and this has resulted in Donnie and April putting money into creating a new lair for him. One they admittedly also really love being in, same for everyone else in their family. They’ve come so far from who they were as teens, but sometimes they just gotta go back to where they started.) He ends up semi-adopting his four ‘turtles’ one by one, and eventually becomes the Hamato who follows in Splinter’s steps. He’s pretty proud of himself for that and he loves all his kids down to his old bones.

Family reunions are a huge mess, since the Hamato clan has gotten pretty large over the years, but they make sure to have one every few months regardless. Family is a precious thing, and they’ve all got the lingering feeling that one of them could disappear at any time if they’re not careful. The whole process just gets even more chaotic now that Mikey has kids too, and honestly the idea of them all being wrinkly old hellraising veterans together is an excellent one. Especially now that the next generation is there to learn from them all.

May call a semi-hiatus for a few days, just to recharge. I just had a massive mood drop over some personal things and I know I definitely need the rest. This week and next week are definitely going to push the limits of my patience, but, I shall react and go in grace and kindness with all things.

Or I may return from my shower and put 20 things in my queue.

Either way, I know what I want to get done.

1.) Return to my Gaston blog as soon as I have the time which won’t be for awhile/a few weeks.
2.) Add the muses I want to this blog including potentially, my own spin on the Beast from BATB with my own interpretation. Not sure who the face-claim will be but, I will be taking suggestions!
3.) Get back into reading! I miss my books.
4.) Icons galore for friends and myself/more promised backgrounds!
5.) Do personalized starter call edits/more edits!

And all of this means time management is a must! But for now, I roll away, either until I’m fresh or for a few days. <3

Take care of yourselves, everyone. <3

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Plz explain why you hate Lena dunham so much? I mean she spent years writing and acting in a show to try and break stereotypical expectations we have for girls in todays society and does A LOT of other good shit. I get she can be a bit much sometimes, but i don't understand the hate :S

haha okay yeah sure by using nothing but white girls (and guys) as the main cast members?? that’s so relatable to the poc community; look, I’ve been asked this a couple of times and I’m just gonna link a few sites as to why I can not stand lena dunham:

the ultimate masterlist of why I don’t like her:

And there are plenty of more links but I am not up for starting problems on a KYLO REN/ADAM DRIVER blog; I do rb girls content bc it has adam in it but I do not and will never support lena dunham and that’s that.