can men be feminists

“Asexuals can perpetuate homophobia, transphobia, lesbiphobia, biphobia, and can access heterosexual privilege, blah blah” 

…Yeah? Gay men sure as fuck can be sexist and transphobic and racist, lesbian feminists literally have a subculture full of violent transphobes, and racism is a rampant problem in the LGBT community. Bisexuals are constantly accused of being privileged because they can pass as straight, as if being erased is a privilege

Plenty of your precious “real” queer people are fully capable of speaking out of turn and making ignorant jackasses out of themselves, that doesn’t mean that we’re planning on kicking entire subcultures out of the community any time soon. So maybe quit ascribing every possible evil to the ace community as if it’s some evil borg hivemind and chill the fuck out. 


important/positive reminders

- you are valid

- you are good enough

- your mental health matters: make it your priority. make yourself a priority!

- your body, your choice!

- tell yourself you are worth of happiness!

- self-care isn’t selfish!

- you CAN do it

- it’s okay to ask for help

- put yourself first

- you are NOT your mistakes

- celebrate even your smallest accomplishments!

- you are capable of extraordinary things!

- learn to love yourself. be yourself for yourself!

- spread kindness!

- your weight doesn’t define you! acne is normal! stretch marks are normal! body hair is normal! don’t be ashamed of your body

- women need to support each other

- support people of color

- support the lgbt community

- trans women are women, trans men are men

- make up has no gender!

- men can be feminist!

- stop slut shaming!

- you are loved! you are BEAUTIFUL! you are NOT alone! you deserve to be happy! your opinion matters! your feelings matter! you matter

Iโ€™m a feminist because I want women to move forward. Iโ€™m a feminist because I want equal pay. Iโ€™m a feminist because I can work just as hard. Iโ€™m a feminist because I want men to be expressible. Iโ€™m a feminist because I want women to feel just as safe. Iโ€™m a feminist because I want to share what my husband goes through. Iโ€™m a feminist because it benefits men too. Iโ€™m a feminist and I donโ€™t hate men, I believe in rights for both men and women. feminism is a chance for equality that brings out the best in both.

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

There’s no bigger lie perpetuated by the alt-left that Bernie Sanders is better on women’s issues than Hillary Clinton the same way he’d be better on race relations than Barack Obama.

And no, it’s not coz Clinton is a woman and Obama is black, but coz Bernie really suck in those issues and has no record or good policies to back up his patronizing lines from his stump speeches.

I can’t believe I actually have to clarify this:

feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. A.K.A, equality.

• gender inequality is something that needs to be fixed in society in a peaceful and mature manner

• people of privilege should use their position to help others more oppressed than they, but should not be attacked for their privilege

• men can be feminists

• we should all work together to reach the same level and become more united

• about equality, not superiority

misandry: dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men. A.K.A, “man haters”, “feminazis”.

• men are fucking pigs. they’re all stupid and just want sex. good for nothing, nobody needs men

• men have more rights than me when I deserve more rights than them, women should be in charge

• you want to hold the door open for me? I can do it myself, I’m not helpless. not holding the door open for me? rude

• you’re a man and you dare call yourself a feminist? get out you idiot

• you’re all misogynists and I hate you

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. If anyone shows signs of misandry but claims to be a real feminist, they aren’t. You can’t change textbook definitions. Educate yourselves.

After much introspection I’ve come to the conclusion that as a little boy, Mulan put the first seeds of feminism in my tiny brain. It is when Mulan is revealed to be a woman and suddenly all of the people who had heralded her as a military genius suddenly turned their backs on her because of one thing: her gender. I might have been young but the problem with that was very clear to me.

When we say boys don’t relate to female characters, it’s because they were never allowed to. They were told Princesses are for girls and Warriors are for boys. But Mulan being “acceptably relatable” to both created the seeds for feminism in my 10-year-old mind. 

When we destroy the idea that little boys get nothing from strong female characters, we can finally see boys who grow up into feminist men. 

when you say “feminism is about equality” men hear “that means i should have as much say-so and power in the feminist movement as women do”

and thats why i say feminists who constantly have to remind everyone that “we’re for equality!!!” are kindergarden feminists

kindergarden feminists are concerned with making sure men still like them and keeping men happy. you can be a feminist and still like men of course, going through life hating men (or anything really) isn’t healthy.

but you cannot solve anything by sugar-coating feminism just so men can feel comfortable with it

feminism is uncomfortable. feminism takes the rose colored glasses from mens eyes and throws it against the wall. feminism pops men’s bubble of security and comfort. feminism makes men take responsibility. feminism is a rude awakening.

do not sugar coat your feminism

feminism does not cater towards men

feminism is about dismantling the oppressive systems men have put in place and continue to uphold

men can get involved in the movement

but it is not. about. them.

A conversation I had today: 

a friend who is a guy: wait omg I just heard that you were a feminist?!
me: yeah, so? 
a.f.w.i.a.g: but aren’t those… like activists who like…. do weird shit and stuff? 
me: sometimes? I guess? idk we’re all just campaigning for equal rights within the law and society. 
a.f.w.i.a.g: wait so you’re like…. equalists? 
me: I guess in a manner of speaking, yes - between genders, in any case. 
a.f.w.i.a.g: *whispering* holy shit. im a feminist, then? can guys be feminists? 

It’s not men who are the problem…. it’s society and parents of these men who don’t teach them shit.