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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.
Mayor of Hell, Michigan — in office for a few hours — outlaws heterosexuality
Elijah Daniel was impeached shortly after the anti-straight people decree.

There’s a town of about 70 people in Michigan – an incorporated community – called Hell. For $100, you can temporarily become the mayor. So comedian Elijah Daniel did just that, and he used his powers to ban heterosexuality.

Daniel based his ban almost verbatim on Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” policy outlawing Muslims. And he really thought through the details:

His mayoral proclamation explains that when he was growing up, he was often told that homosexuals would go to hell. But “now the heterosexuals are trying to take that from us too,” Daniel wrote.

So, as mayor of Hell, he would establish “new vetting measures to keep radical heterosexuals out of our town.”

To make sure his words reached as many people as possible, he posted the ban on Twitter.

Lest he seem bigoted, Daniel offered local heterosexuals a chance to stay in Hell for a price: Fork over $84,000, which they would get back after one year of abstinence from straight sex.

“Reparative therapy” to find one’s gay side was also to be strongly encouraged. The alternative: being forced to wear a scarlet H and cargo shorts in the town square every morning for some public straight-shaming.

He was impeached shortly after enacting the policy, because every mayor of Hell gets impeached, but also because that’s what should happen when you try to ban an entire group of people from your community. And yet. 


Old dolls

New beautiful children

Happy 413 all! To celebrate, I made you all these Beta kids paper dolls! I had a ton of fun making them! They can all hold things (except rose, but the’re 2 of her,) and the mayor can hold Dave’s hand or ride on his shoulders. Its up to you!

Feel free to ask about my paper doll process! Or anything on your mind, really.


[So our DM is writing his own campaign for us and the final boss of the first dungeon involved us killing the mayor of a city indirectly]

Monk: so if there’s no head political figure can I run for mayor?

DM: ok but you have to roll a natural 20.

Monk: *rolls a natural one*

DM: you are now banned and can never return to the town.

Druid: can I run against him?

DM: sure why not.

Druid: *rolls a natural 20*

DM: congrats your the new mayor but the monks still not allowed back.

NU'EST when Minhyun is gone
  • Aron: *poured orange juice on all his clothes and refuses to do laundry or get dressed* "there's orange juice everywhere" "but you did that" "Mnet did"
  • Baekho: *hoards noodles* "gotta ration our food supplies" *Aron made him pasta* *he won't eat it* (it's warranted since Aron isn't wearing anything)
  • Ren: *screaming a lot* *calm otherwise*
  • JR: *calling Minhyun* *puts on speaker phone to hear the screams* "do you see what's happening?"
  • Minhyun: "It isn't my fault, Mnet did it, Aron is right"
Buckle Up Boys and Girls It’s Time for a Theory

Unpopular Opinion: The Colonel is Darkiplier.

And not just because Damien is a pure innocent boy who must be protected at all costs.

Personally I just get serious weird vibes from this guy.

LET’S GET THEORISING (more under the cut)

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mayor matcha’s updated ref! 

she wears:

🌿 straw hat

🐢 bandages

🌿 this outfit

🐢 no shoes!!!


🌲 always sleepy

🌱 disassociates sometimes but her villagers are patient w/ her

🌲 very lazy but spends a lot of her time outside

🌱 likes: tea, reptiles, studio ghibli

🌲 dislikes: the dentist, reading, commitment


🍑🌸 Hello, everyone! I’m happy to announce that Peachy now has a Dream Address! As always, you can find more info about the town at my About Peachy page, and feel free to visit and let me know what you think! 🌸🍑

Peachy’s DA: 4D00-0070-7A5B

Season/Time: Spring/8 a.m.

Theme: None, just a whimsical town set in Spring time


oh my god @mayor-mami 😂

i didnt think this would turn out so extra

btw the black and white one was a glitch but it looks kinda cool so in it goes


Pastries, Patrol, and gossip
  • Volpina: Hey, Ladybug, why are the pastries you bring out to patrols always from the Dupain-Cheng bakery? Do you live near there or something?
  • Ladybug: what?! Nooo-
  • Queen Bee(interrupting): I know right, like is it a sponsorship or something because if we need backed up financially I can guarantee at least the support of the mayor.
  • Chat: If it's like that then I'd rather stick with the bakery,I don't eat sweets very often at home. Plus the Mayor can be a little over the top and his daughter's been a bit clingy around Ladybug in the past.
  • Queen Bee: just what are you trying to say?!
  • Chat: that was mostly before you two were here. And anyways I liked hanging out with the Dupain-Cheng's daughter more anyways.
  • Ladybug, Volpina, and Bee: WHAT?!
  • Chat: Not like that, she was more helpful with Akumas
  • Bee: That klutz? No way.
  • Ladybug: Guys, can we please talk about something else?
  • Chat: Jealous?
  • Ladybug(deadpanned sarcasm): yeah, let's go with that
  • Volpina: but seriously why that specific bakery every time?
  • Ladybug: Look, if you have a problem then bring your own food and otherwise, bug off
  • ------
  • Later at Marinette's house
  • Marinette: I don't care what Volpina told you Alya, that doesn't sound like any customer I recognize. Now please go tell Chloe to buy something or leave because it's been really crowded since you mentioned that ladybug supposedly picks up pastries to go from here
  • -----
  • Later on patrol again
  • Ladybug: I brought some again but none for you Volpina
  • Volpina: what!? Why?
  • Ladybug: because SOMEONE told the ladyblog where I get food and that place was way too busy!
36 Reasons why Phantom Planet is most definitely only Danny’s dream

1) the whole thing starts in space???

2) WHILE in space a FIRE starts in the outside part…. no offense but uh,,, theres no oxygen in outta space? how would it burn? No logic

3)Tucker ended up mayor??????????

4) Danny gave up his powers and was totally stupid? but also how he gave up his powers is totally illogical? I mean the machine half killed him to begin with, so why didn’t it full kill him this time? 

5) I refuse to acknowledge it as canon

6) i mean seriously? fire in space

7) Danny got statues all over the world for being a hero? da fuc

8) Why the skunk hair?

9) Danny knew about Vlad’s robot maddie from an earlier episode so it’s plausable that they’d appear

10) Why would a computer argue with itself???

11) How’d Vlad even get the map? and out in space?

12) When Danny went out int space to fight Vlad (in the very first minutes) why’d they need to open the cabin door thing for him to get out? He’s a ghost?

13)Also? He’s a ghost? He doesn’t need to breath? I’m pretty sure theres and episode where he’s underwater and can breath (or something i could be wrong) but still??? He’s dead?

14) Disastoroid? Really?

15) A blast would have to be freaking MASSIVE to send the ‘disasteroid’ out of orbit from the rings and across the solar system and into earth???

16) with what minimum wage workers deal with a ghost is probably not that big a deal…

17) Why would vlad hire teenagers to do the ghost hunting??? Surely theres more capable adults? Why would Vlad want to deal more with teenagers?

18) Master’s Blasters??????????????

19) I still refuse to acknowledge this as canon

20) Sam’s reaction was kinda really super dumb and not like her at all?

21) Every time Danny tried to best the Masters Blasters he ended up in only his underwhere? That nightmare 101 my friend

22) It is NOT that easy to take down that grass dude ghost man, fuck that

23) The ghost that the Master’s Blasters all took on were ones Danny had extreme trouble, yet the Blasters took them down super easy, which is also nightmare 101, making his self worth crumble

24) Didn’t we just fight that void/dream realm dude Nocturne?? He even appears in Phantom Planet? He’s probably just screwing with Danny

25) Tbh, Sam would’ve been more understanding, same with Jazz, cause like, have you meet those two? Danny was only fourteen, and he was fighting ghosts, not because he overly wanted to, but because he had to as no-one else could, and finally theres someone there who can do it really well, and Danny doesn’t need to anymore? Why shouldn’t he have taken that opportunity to give up his powers?

26) The portal almost didn’t work in the first place? Why the hell would the Fenton’s risk changing it in case it didn’t work again?

27) Seriously? what is up with the skunk hair man?

28) What was with Vlad going ghost like that? He wouldn’t do that? Da fuc

29) Also his plan was shit? Why was his plan so shit? ugh

30) What is a space nomad?

31) How is it that computer Maddie never got around to telling Vlad what the asteroid was made of?

32) What was up with Danny getting his powers back through the many ghostly plasma blasts? It don’t work like that?

33) Why didn’t Danny go to Clock work?

34) Did the guys in white kill Freakshow???


36) If Halfa’s turn human when they go unconcious being a free roaming space nomad isn’t probably the best escape


I thought this was an immensely adorable idea for the halloweens, or if you just want a mayor who’s a little feisty. All the hair colors are there, And skin is toned towards a tanned mayor. Skin can be made lighter or darker upon request but include a specific item name!

This pattern aligns with both the 

“I’m serious> Grin and bear it!” and “I’m serious> Fight and overcome!”

Femminine hairstyles.

Big thanks to This Post and its creator Petal-Parasol for guiding me through hair coloring and shape and saving me hours and hours as I fight my way into the much newer concept of hat design.

P.s. This Code is compatible with New Leaf!