can love be synth

Some facts about Gen 3 Synths I’ve discovered while in the Institute

- Synths can age, but only if programmed to. They can be programmed to age naturally or they can be programmed to age to a certain point and then stop. Synths that have stopped age can have their aging process started again via reprogramming.

- The favourite food of all Gen 3 Synths is Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. Scientists are trying to find out why but haven’t discovered an exact reason yet. That’s right fellow Danse lovers; Mr Stoic Tin Can loves cake.

-Synths cannot gain weight or lose weight, a Synth that is built to be fat cannot become thin and vice versa. Unlike aging this doesn’t appear to be reversible.

-A Synth that becomes self-aware enough to express loyalty to The Institute is disposed of, The Institute dislikes Synths having free will even if it works in their favour.

-Members of the institute can have “Personal Synths” built to act as their maid, personal assistant, or lover. One such Synth named Eve was built to act as a replacement wife to a Scientist and his son when the original woman died.

-The Institute is building Synth animals as a pet project to see if they can one day repopulate extinct species.

-The scientists working on Synth Shaun are disturbed by him because they are growing to love him and see him as a real little boy instead of just as a machine. This could partly be why they don’t like creating child synths.