can just be a zombie

  • 2-d: in every zombie there's always a bloke that gets bitten by one of the zombies but tries to hide it from the group... why? there's no way he could get a cure. and it's not like he can stop himself turning into a zombie... he's just endangering everyone he knows. that's pretty messed up, isn't it?
  • Murdoc: it's three in the morning, get the fuck out of my room.

Rewatched the ending cutscene of Revelations and heard Monty call our boys snowflakes… look I dunno what I’m doin, I’m just really fucken tired


Ah, that’s better. My hero. 

Dead, yet so full of life~

Rottytops, as voted for in the Shantae character poll from a week ago!

(Finished just in time for October, how fitting)

Worth It | Seokjin | Oneshot

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,643

Listen to: Breathe by LEE HI

Summary: Somewhere along the way, Seokjin began to believe he needed to carry his burdens on his own, and you couldn’t help but wanting to help him.

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After being in a relationship with someone for a long amount of time, it becomes easy to notice the little things about them that reveal so much more. Like how digging a nail into their thumb means they’re anxious, or how they’re holding back how happy they truly are by tugging on their bottom lip with their teeth.

And of course, you could tell when there was something wrong with Seokjin.

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Playing TWDG S3 like

Me in eps 1 and 2: I don’t hate David. I don’tt think he was a good husband or brother, and he’s with the New Frontier, which makes me not like him, but surely he’ll get redeemed when he hears about his daughter. I should give him a chance, relax.



So @kittenpatissier has this cute Touhou AU set a little in the future featuring the kids and/or ship-kids of a bunch of different characters, it’s neat! These are just a few of the characters i made for that! From left to right: 

Apollyon ‘Polly’ Lapislazuli, child of Hecatia and Junko, a little mischief-maker with a temper rivalling her mom’s and destructive ability rivalling a vampire’s (and fashion sense rivalling her fairy big sister’s). She’s cute enough as long as you don’t get into an argument with her, or let yourself become the victim of one of her ‘jokes’ (which tend not to be very funny).

Okuhoshi Yagokoro is the daughter of Eirin and Sagume, who, understandably, lives on Earth and is unknown to the Lunarians, because, you know. If they found out a Lunarian had a thing with an impure Earthling criminal, eh, yeah. She’s also a Hourai immortal and is totally omniscient, but also possesses a complete inability to lie, bend the truth, or keep secrets. She doesn’t understand a lot of what her ability lets her know, so can still be kind of naive, even if very intelligent. She’s also Eirin’s apprentice!

Homu (totally not short for ‘homunculus’) Kaku, is the… experiment? Uh, let’s go with ‘daughter’, of Seiga, using the same kind of magic she used to resurrect Yoshika. Can you really just bring back a dead child as a zombie and make her your magical experiment daughter? Fuck the rules, says Seiga. She loves her little baby. Everybody else is slightly unnerved. Homu is a little dim and naive, on account of being slightly dead, but very friendly!

Akiraki Sukuna is the result of an excited Shinmyoumaru wishing for a baby with Seija, without Seija’s knowledge, resulting in Seija’s subsequent near mental breakdown and ultimate acceptance of the fact that she now has a magic wish daughter. This is what happens when you give an excited girl a magical mallet. Akiraki has the ability to grant the opposite of any wish, and boy does she like to use that to fuck with people. Due to only being half-inchling, she can’t really use the Miracle Mallet, just carries it around for show.

So… yeah! I’m not a die-hard fan of any of these ships or anything*, it’s just really fun to mash Touhou girls together and see what you get, and I’m proud of the character designs and wanted to post them somewhere, haha. (She’s also got an rp blog for them at @gensokiddos if that interests you at all!)

*except junheca junheca is pure

anonymous asked:

i'm in love with your writing it actually gives me life lmao but i was wondering if you could do a RFA+V+Saeran where they're in the zombie apocalypse?? if you don't want to that's perfectly fine, but i'm also obsessed with the walking dead and i think it'd be pretty cool-thank uu !! ~~


This is an interesting one! Thanks for the requests, guys!

~If you wanted an actual scenario, you can inbox me. Specify one of the MM characters (doing them all would be too much) and I’ll get to it when I can.^^

◉ Yoosung

  • He was a strong warrior in LOLOL
  • Now it was time for him to be strong in real life!
  • Actually like super violent??
  • When it comes to protecting you
  • His weapon is a Long sword 
  • He feels like a real medieval warrior when he’s protecting you, slashing through the enemy
  • Gets this crazed look in his eyes if you’re in danger
  • He does change, he’s no longer this soft boi anymore
  • He was finally a manly man
  • Kind of made you sad that the Yoosung you knew was long gone, but damn he was keeping you alive so…

◉ Jumin

  • He has a ginormous, extremely secure underground bunker.
  • There’s seeds to grow for years and years and a grow room
  • Solar power w/backup generators
  • Literally everything and anything you could need to survive this
  • Comfortably
  • You were shocked like
  • When tf did he have this built????
  • He would be extra clingy with you
  • Yes, it’s possible.
  • Does not want you out of his sight, EVER
  • He’s happy as long as you’re down there with him
  • Couldn’t care less about what happens to anyone else

◉ Zen

  • The only thing he cares about is protecting you
  • You guys go around on his motorcycle
  • It’s a lot easier to maneuver than a car and faster, too
  • He has two guns
  • But also carries a mace for melee
  • Bullets don’t last forever
  • You guys just ride around constantly moving
  • siphoning gas when you need to and trying to find food
  • He was lost for a while
  • His life revolved around his looks and now he couldn’t rely on that
  • He’s just grateful he has street smarts instead of book smarts, and that’s helped keep you guys alive

◉ Jaehee

  • This girl
  • She doesn’t need a weapon
  • Her body is her weapon
  • All she needs are her fists and legs
  • Super bad ass
  • But she doesn’t like blood or violence
  • Jaehee is still the same as ever
  • Very cunning/wise and level-headed
  • You both mostly just sneak around, hiding out and avoiding confrontation
  • But if she needs to, she can easily take them down to protect you
  • She’s the best at finding food and places to stay out of danger
  • You guys will do just fine

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s gone insane
  • Cried when he had to leave his favorite baby car behind
  • He couldn’t drive it past the sea of abandoned cars
  • His fav weapon is a flame thrower
  • Yep
  • A fucking flame thrower
  • He wears it on his back like a Ghost Buster of death™ and just melts the zombie scum with ease
  • He can MacGyver a bomb out of random finds wherever you guys are
  • You guys live together in this old house out in the middle of nowhere
  • He’s rigged death traps EVERYWHERE so the chances of anything getting close are slim to none
  • You have a sniper rifle on the top floor and you’ve gotten pretty good at aiming
  • You guys are a pretty awesome duo
  • you got this

◉ V

  • Hate to say this but…
  • You guys are dead. T_T
  • V is too kind hearted and that paired with his sight is just a losing combo
  •  You’d probably make it for a while
  • And he’d end up sacrificing himself for you
    • “I’ll always love you! I’m sorry I couldn’t be stronger…Run!”
  • He’d yell while getting ripped apart
  • Leaving you all on your own
  • You’d survive for a while because it’s easy to be quiet and sneak around when you’re alone
  • But it’s also easier to slip up and eventually you would

◉ Saeran

  • He is thriving more than anyone
  • Legit enjoys this
  • Has a baseball bat with nails in it and he smashes skulls with that sucker and laughs
  • Won’t let you in danger, ever
  • Always makes you stay at a safe distance and gets angry if you try and help him
  • You guys just roam the streets during the day and he takes them out one by one
  • So bad ass that eventually people start to follow him
  • He thinks it’s annoying but he gave up trying to stop them
  • His only focus is keeping you safe and he makes that known
  • If any of them ever get in danger he just keeps walking
  • Survival of the fittest and he’s not about to risk his neck for anyone but you
The Signs In a Zombie Apocalypse

Aries: *loud battle cries heard in the distance as Aries attacks hordes of zombies*

Taurus: The loyal right hand man

Gemini: The person that is always used as bait

Cancer: The glue that keeps the group together

Leo: The group leader who recruits an army of kickass zombie fighters

Virgo: The one who comes up with all the plans

Libra: The little kid who just wants to prove himself

Scorpio: That one redneck who has prepared for this their entire life

Sagittarius: The idiot that almost gets everyone killed on multiple occasions

Capricorn: The one who can kill a person just as easily as they can kill zombies

Aquarius: The person who starts naming the zombies

Pisces: *casually being eaten in the corner*

If the zombie apocalypse did happen, you know who would be guaranteed to survive?

Mike Rowe.

That man has been caked in so many substances and fluids by now that he’s probably immune to literally everything.  Plus, he’s gotten at least a day’s worth of hands-on training in just about every necessary-for-life job you can imagine.

When the zombies come, Mike Rowe will outlive us all.



Let’s be honest though, I probably was going to pull an all nighter anyway. But thanks to Max, now I’m spending it trying to make sure he doesn’t kill off any more people in this AU.

midnightmarionette  asked:

How on earth does ennard even eat really. Like i imagine him at some restaurant trying to food and like he just smashes it in his mouth not even chewing xD

                                      *COOL GUITAR RIFF*

IN THIS EPISODE: Our friendly neighbourhood cool kid robot goes to the newly opened noodle bar to try out the treats with his big bro Mike!

WHOA OH! Looks like this big noodle couldn’t handle his noodles! Turns out robots don’t need to eat! Who would have thought? 

But you know what kiddos, we gotta give him some credit here: He went out to a new place to try new things. Even though it didn’t work, he had a good time with his bro nonetheless and he wouldn’t have known that if he never went.

Even if Mike had to grab a mop and bucket and clean up after themselves after the waitress got mad. Because it turns out, zombies can’t eat either! Just goes right through him! WOOPS

What a mess these boys have got themselves into this week!