can john green find this

Hey so I drew this a while ago, when I first got into John Green and Hank Green and being a Nerdfighter and in Nerdfighteria… And I loved it so much that this came to be.

I would really like it for Nerdfighteria to see it, and if it’s possible help John or Hank Green to find it as well. Nerdfighteria means a lot to me because it makes me feel safe and fills me with all this awesome stuff. So, could you guys help this post out? DFTBA

Ps… Can you find my mistake, math nerdfighters?


Almost two and a half years ago, I bought my first copy of The Fault in Our Stars (yes, I have more than one copy. Don’t you dare judge me), and slowly made it my An Imperial Affliction. I’ve hightlighted, underlined, and marked so many lines, that by now I have no idea why I’ve highlighted, underlined, and marked each individual line. I’ve written in it and I’ve doodled in it. And as of Tuesday (just in time for the DVD to come out!), I’ve completely covered every single page. It’s an art project I’ve worked so hard on and would so love for the original artist to see… I didn’t mean to make this sound so sappy.

Read More to see all of the pages.

(And can we make John Green find the thing?)


Okay, so. Awhile back there was this post about a video game concept where the housewives of 1950s America had to save the country from a zombie apocalypse. I ran it by my cousin, and he loves it. So he ran it by some friends he’s starting a game company with. Group of teenage boys, and their collective reaction was “dude. I would so play that. We’ve GOTTA.”

Because my cousin is pretty badass, his next question was: “who started it? We need to contact them.”

So, tumblr: you can make John Green find the thing, I need your help. I NEED TO FIND THE ORIGINAL POST. Not copy-reblogs, the actual post from which I can take an original source. It will include vintage-style housewives holding weapons, the first concept, plus a discussion of using a y-chromosome specific serum to begin the plague while ensuring women are immune.

Please help! I reblogged it MONTHS ago and don’t think I tagged it.

UPDATE: thank you to Tumblr user gootarts, who found it and linked me!