can it please be a troll

Everyone Report the bs_no Troll! Let’s Leave Mac’s Family Out of the Hate PLEASE!!!!

I agree anon!  I can’t believe that this troll took Sam’s and MM’s picture (where they had their arms around each other) and wrote this on it complete with hashtags that the family will be able to see:

Just please can we as a fandom decide it is totally uncivilized to involve MM’s family in this hateful nonsense!!!!  PLEASE?!!!!!

Jess a little help here. I don’t know who this troll is.  Whoever she is she is hateful. Can you rally your troops to report her and shut her down? Thanks!


This troll is free!


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Edit because this the only post of mine people actually look at:
That’s right, they literally just wanted to upset people.
I went through there follows and found there normal account where they were posting screenshots of dms with the people they had asking them to take the stolen pieces down etc.
I’m sorry I made a post about this in the first place I have received a lot of people saying it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation and I l know that now. I had never had my art stolen and have the person play dumb and refuse to take it down so I was really stressful my apologizes. I did in fact attempt to contact the other artists prior to the post to no success.
They are not 11, and they are perfectly fine, don’t worry.
I can not stress that enough, yes they where a troll account, yes what they did was shity but please just leave them alone. I want this whole thing to be over with. Don’t look for there personal account just to harass them either. I didn’t say anything on there main and if you find it I ask that you don’t either. We don’t need to hate on them and in the original post I did in fact say to be kind about it.

Ok more sectors, that’s all you had to see now I’m ranting a lil idk?
For those saying “contact the artists before making a call out post” I was one of the artists, I did in fact attempt to make contact with all of them to like I previously said, no successes, the only response I revived was from @midnigtartist

“She’s 11 and shes sorry!” They (don’t know there real pronouns) in fact never apologized and for people that didn’t watch the whole thing to play out they told myself and a lot of my fans to (this is quoting)
“Crawl back into your moms vag or kill yourself!!”
They still deny stealing the art and I can say with upmost certainty that they were a troll account. There gone for now and let’s hope it stays that way.


dumb doodles of dummies

Can someone please write me a fic where Jesse is trying to make a friend and Hanzo does this (because he’s an awkward potato who can only communicate by sarcasm and trolling)- shows one of his noodles only to Jesse and Jesse tries to convince people that he’s seeing dragons and he’s not crazy and Hanzo and the dragons keep trolling him and it takes him forever to realize there’s two of the little fuckers - and now he’s yelling at people about he’s now seeing TWO dragons and Hanzo is conspiring with them - and no he is not crazy.


Y’know what, my spine is dead and I already took 10 years off my lifespan drawing this so I’ll just consider it done already and work on the alphas later. I present to you my humanstuck headcanons featuring the female pre-scratch kids and the post-scratch trolls! If you can’t identify any of their flags, I’ve got a headcanon list here which specifies their ethnicities and more ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Danganronpa V3 Personality Theory (but its confirmed pretty much)

Not sure if reddit user hrcmstrbl has a tumblr, but I read their post and kinda wanted to talk about it because I was thinking this anyways SO

“[If] it’s true that their personalities were inverted for the killing game, it just makes everything all the more fucked up.” 

So like can we really talk about the characters for a split second please?

  • O!Kaede has major fucking trust issues yet still managed to create Kiibo and loved the character of Makoto from the killing games (since they are fictional in this universe, meaning he doesn’t exist). Her and Miu also didn’t have a good sister relationship. Probably went into the killing game to bring on despair, since she died in the name of hope. Named Kiibo “hope” as the ultimate troll.
  • O!Shuuichi was depressed which probably drove him into a corner and developed his love/passion/interest w possibly killing but more so murder (if it involves killing or not is still debatable)
  • O!Ouma was ultimate meme lord. Fandom was right. Darn.
  • O!Kaito and O!Gonta were bullies who maybe bullied people who loved bugs/space and became those ultimates as the ultimate joke lmao
  • O!Maki was Chisa Yukizome 2.0. Love kids, loved life, lol happy days but much like Yukizome fell to her ultimate vices and became the ultimate assassin 
  • O!Rantaro wasn’t ultimate survivor so instead of being able to survive maybe he has a serious illness or something where he could die at any second? Kinda unclear on him
  • O!Korekiyo didn’t have a split incestic personality with their sister but instead was very at peace with her death and moved on from it, even though it was a traumatic event in their life. But nope they brought that back and added 100 layers of pain to it
  • O!Tsumugi despised the ultimate despairs and wanted nothing to do w them, probably had a future foundation t-shirt.
  • O!Miu was soft spoken and had absolute good manners. Somehow O!Miu and O!Kaede seem more like sisters then rather than their splits?
  • O!Kirumi prob’ed loved Ryouma deeply instead of hating him. (fuck this one hurts - she killed the guy she loved out of false hate)
  • O!Kiibo probably hated Kaede which explains Kaede’s feelings of not being able to trust anyone.
  • O!Himiko wasn’t lazy, really upbeat and down to try anything once. 
  • O!Angie didn’t believe in religion
  • O!Tenko was team boy over team girl - wanted to love all the boys instead of loving all the girls. This means no canon relationship w himiko.
  • O!Ryouma probably gets really scared over the most life threatening things. Not calm whatsoever, really on edge all the time. Ryouma mentions that he had a positive childhood and was now a shadow of himself. REVERSE THIS. He had a horrible childhood and learned from it and grew into a good, yet timid, person. 

What is confirmed is that “Kaede, Kaito, and Shuuichi because those are the audition videos we’ve seen. Ouma’s comedy/clown group does exist; they showed it in game but made it look like they were spreading despair when in reality it’s the opposite. So this partially confirms that their backgrounds / personalities / motives / etc. have been inverted for the game to an extent.”

So because DR doesn’t exist in this universe bc they are fiction not reality Danganronpa fans sign up to have their minds erased and their personalities replaced, so they can literally become Danganronpa characters, which most likely give them more killing/cunning qualities to make the game show interesting. Most of these characters got royally fucked over because, unlike the cold and evil Ouma we see, he really was just a meme lord who wanted to raise money for a good cause and drink phanta soda.

Please know that while I understand you guys mean well in messages being sent to the pearlrebs account, whether you’re defending Rebs or trying to reason with this person, they are still - for lack of a better term - a “troll” and your attention is what they want. They aren’t here to reason with you or display empathy, and they don’t care about Rebs’ feelings or ours. If they did they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing in the first place.

So please just report the account and don’t bother messaging them. That’s what they want. The person using it now is violating the tumblr community guidelines for impersonation, harassment, and harm to minors, so please report them and voice whatever else you can on why what they’re doing is wrong and hopefully, we can get it taken down. Thank you.


I took a break from The Big Write-Up and found y'all this wonderful nugget of suspicious rhetoric. Bear with me here, as this is a huge sign of an underlying pattern of white supremacist propaganda. In re-reading that sentence, I sound like I’m wearing a tinfoil hat, but please, read this:

One of the Stormfront (shitbags) “Swarmfront” debate tactics goes thusly:

1. Make a statement, either on its own or in reply to something, that “Saying only white people can be racist is racism.” (Check out how Alt Yellowstone just pulls that out of the air, an odd topic for a National Park.)

2. Wait ten seconds for liberals to reply in droves, insisting you’re mistaken and undereducated. (We are like moths to a flame in this regard.)

3. Entertain them for a bit. Throw in some articles or dictionary entries to stoke the fire. (We’ll likely respond in kind and get even more riled up, and follow the thread more closely and emotionally.)

4. Bring the focus to “their” idea - that due to power dynamics and history, only white people can be racist.

5. Ask some of them - “Are you anti-racist?”

6. Self-styled progressives will jump at the chance to declare, “Yes, of course I’m anti-racist!” (We’ll look at each other smugly.)

7. The Neo-Nazi will draw a “logical” conclusion - “Well, if only whites can be racist, and you’re anti-racist, then you must be anti-white!” (One of their “Mantras” is “Anti-Racist Is Code For Anti-White.” I’ll go into their Mantras more in the big post.)

8. Disengage. The Neo-Nazi has said his piece, and because it’s such an inflammatory topic and white liberals have spent so much time avoiding discussing racism directly, even if 100 of the people following the thread just roll their eyes, a handful will think to themselves, “Oh wait, that’s logical.”

9. The white supremacist egg will hatch in another mind, sending him to their forums for guidance. The circle of shitbag life continues.

Okay. With that in mind, check out the Alt Yellowstone Twitter knocking out steps 1-4 in quick succession.

These accounts that popped up in our fervor to go against SCROTUS are suspect, as they should be. Use your intuition when engaging.

Can we please please pLEASe talk about Trolls more

Like seriously look at the characters

we have a character who is not only a (lets face it) single father in some essence, but certainly doesn’t stick to most “movie-skinny” body standards.

Cooper, a character who is majorly different from the rest of the cast, with dreads and uneven teeth

Harper may be a minor character but she is rocking that heterochromia 

Not skinny, monobrow, long nails, jagged teeth and still won the guy over

He is literally the KING and he has never even HEARD of body standards, pimples and all

if you say DJ doesn’t have dreads i will throw a banana peel in your general direction

??? conjoined twins???? that are??? fashionistas??? and??? have?? piercings??? where was this???? when i was a kid????? also Chenille definitely has a tattoo on her ankle 


J.K Rowling totally just shut down conservative troll Mike Pence!

Can J.K. Rowling PLEASE be elected by the people as the first Minister and Head Mistress for the Ministry of Earth??!

There are days where Poppy is in such a really bad mood, even Branch seems like a pocket full of sunshine compared to her on these days.

Despite her being really grouchy, he gets her everything she needs and tries to comfort her when she allows him. But also gives her some space when she asks.

Cloudy Skies, Cloudy Water

A Trolls fanfic

Inspired by @ask-artsy-oncie promt here 

Note - I haven’t written in years, I gave this thing a prologue to both stretch some really old muscles, and two, to give some context of the first time (post movie) Branch loses his colours … Chapter 1 will be set at the actually beginning of the story following the prompt

Note 2 - If anyone can give me a better title, please shoot them my way … this was a filler title whilst I thought of something better … (though it kind of fits a little with the context of the story)

Chapter 1


“Branch I -” the bright pink queen turned her head with a grin, looking to her new partner. The smile faltered, realising the troll she was looking for wasn’t there. Her eyes looked left, right, left again.

Keep reading

Things I need from season 2 of Trollhunters

1. Jim defeating Gunmar

2. Please please let them find a way to get Arrrrrrrgh back?

3. Also, some more info about Blinky’s brother


5. Possibly more trolls that we can recognize or whatever?

6. Plus, is that a troll dog I see in the credits? Can we have that?

7. Bring Arrrrrrrrrgh back

8. More epic monster battles.

9. Expand the kinds of monsters we can see Jim fight (like Gargoyles or something. You know, mix it up?)



Trump has a thing for killers

The first major scandal occurred late last year when renowned twitter troll @feckhead contacted Trump: “My parents who passed away always said you were a big inspiration. Can you please RT for their memory?” Trump happily obliged. Unfortunately, the image actually featured notorious serial killers, Fred and Rose West

After receiving heavy criticism for controversial remarks regarding a Vietnam veteran, Trump retweeted @ConnorBaldwin21’s “My bad ass Vietnam vet dad has balls too which is why he’s voting Trump!”. Helpful Twitter users broke the news to Trump that the picture he had retweeted was of Jeffrey Macdonald, a former US army officer and convicted murderer serving three life sentences. 

In a May 2013 tweet he referenced Jodi Arias, a woman who briefly fascinated the country when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend. “[Arias] stated that she follows me on twitter so I really hate to be saying that she is guilty but sadly, she is as guilty as it gets,” he wrote.  

getlostandsmile  asked:

Helloooooo sweetie ! Can you please try #12 and Sterek ? Thank you. Lots of love ❤

“Stop complaining at least you only broke one leg.” “YOU BROKE MY LEG!” “I said I was sorry.”

Derek was not having a good day. It had started just fine, but by just after breakfast it had all gone to shit. 

There was a troll. A big, smelly, angry, dumb troll decided to wander through the Beacon Hills preserve. Scott called the whole pack together to take it down which meant Derek’s perfectly good day was ruined.

“I’m going to need at least three stitches,” Stiles said as he drove to the animal clinic where they had agreed to meet after. 

“My leg is broken!” Derek growled, his eyes shut right against the pain and his bones slowly knit back together. 

“Stop complaining, at least you only broke on leg,” Stiles said, his voice excited in a way that told Derek he was running on adrenaline. 

“Stiles YOU BROKE MY LEG,” Derek all but yelled, his eyes opened and flashed blue. 

“I said I was sorry,” Stiles said with a wave of his hand. 

“No, you didn’t,” Derek said, “And when you pushed me out of the way of that falling tree the troll stepped on my leg.”

“And it broke,” Stiles said with a nod, “I remember, I was there too.”

“God you’re such an ass sometimes,” Derek muttered, “Are you still bleeding?”

“Yeah I’ll need a few stitches,” Stiles said, “Is your leg healing?”

“Almost done I think,” Derek said through gritted teeth, “Where did Scott and Liam end up?”

“They went to bury the troll,” Stiles said, “I really am sorry about your leg.”

“I know you are,” Derek said, “Were just looking out for me in your very special way.”

“Are you saying I’m special?”

“I didn’t say that,” Derek said, “But you are.”

Stiles pulled into the parking lot of the clinic and hopped out of the Jeep, “Do you need some help?”

Derek hopped out of the Jeep and put a little weight on his leg. It shook a little but didn’t hurt too bad, but he wanted Stiles close to him, even if he was kind of mad at him, “Yeah maybe a little.”

Stiles jogged around the Jeep and Derek caught him by the arm, “Hey Stiles?”


“Thanks for saving my life,” Derek said before he pressed his lips against Stiles’. Stiles let out a soft sigh at the contact and melted into Derek’s arms. 

“You’re welcome.”

“Let’s get you stitched up,” Derek said, kissing Stiles again, “Then we can do that again.”

Drabble Prompts

Tsuna: I just cannot take any more surprises today.  Really I can’t.  Please don’t ask me to.

Hibari (completely deadpan): I’m a vegetarian.

(everybody stops what they were doing and stares)

Mukuro to Gokudera: Is he trolling us?  I can’t tell if he’s being serious or not.  Someone, please tell me he’s trolling.

Tsuna: *wails and flails*

Hibari: *smirks*

  • Me After Seeing Trolls: Why doesn't everyone hug more? We should all hug! It would be great. We'd all be way happier.
  • Also Me, Being Hugged: Please stop please this is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever experienced how can you be enjoying this please get off just stop we can end this right now.

Dear everyone slut shaming Sophia,

Can you not? You don’t know what is actually happening. And blowing up her twitter won’t change anything, other than the fact that you’re so insecure about your own life you need to bother her about hers. Please let the woman live. Thanks.

Every Sophia fan that’s sick of your bullshit