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8BitDo controllers work with Switch now ⊟ 

Get the 4.00 firmware update here, then set the controller to Switch mode (I didn’t know how the different modes worked on these things until just now), and you can be playing Switch games with whatever 8BitDo bluetooth controller you may have lying around! 

My NES30 doesn’t have enough sticks or buttons to play Zelda, but it still let me play! Shovel Knight worked great. Best of all, now I have a third controller!

Is this the first third-party controller, released long before the console itself??? Or, rather, the first huge line of third-party controllers, including arcade sticks? This is very cool.

BUY 8BitDo controllers

The rest of the world has its eyes on Manchester right now. And I too, is praying for them.

But my country right now is also fighting its demons. Today, May 23, an ISIS supporter group Maute, spread terror in one of the city of Mindanao, the Marawi City. It’s 12:16 am right now while I am writing this. I cannot sleep. How can I when one part of our nation is living a nightmare?

Just barely an hour ago, social media was flooded with post from the people in Marawi asking for help. Hospitals had been invaded by the Maute, hostages had been taken. Power supplies were cut off. And in total darkness, schools and universities had been burned.
It was a total hell in there. But bear in mind that tho I am describing it as hell, I am thousands of miles away from where this is happening. Imagine what all those people might be thinking of my own definition of hell.

Our president, Rodrigo Duterte, is in Russia rn, but he declared one thing the sovereignty all despise: Martial Law. Yet, we cannot bring ourselves to protest anymore. And this, is one proof how serious things are now.

I am asking you. Please, pray for my country, and for the people of Marawi.

Maraming salamat po.


Glenn Rhee in Every Episode» Vatos
It’s a good idea, okay, if you just hear me out. If we go out there in a group, we’re slow, drawing attention. If I’m alone, I can move fast. Look. That’s the tank, five blocks from where we are now. That’s the bag of guns. Here’s the alley I dragged you into when we first met. That’s where Daryl and I will go. While Daryl waits here in the alley, I run up the street, grab the bag. You’ll be in this alley here. I may not be able to come back the same way. Walkers might cut me off. If that happens, I won’t go back to Daryl. I’ll go forward instead, all the way around to that alley where you guys are. Whichever direction I go, I got you in both places to cover me. Afterwards, we’ll all meet back here.


I absolutely adore the fact that they used a traditional dance for Hanzo and one that is recognizable! For those that don’t know it’s the dance that goes with Soran Bushi–it’s the fisherman’s dance! *criesbecausehanzoissocuteanditfitshim*

BUT I ADORE HIS NEW SKIN. Some people might not care for it but I love it. It’s a cyborg Han and he has the OW colors! It’s so neat!  AND FUGGIN GENJI IS LIKE A SENTAI RANGER MIXED WITH KAMEN RIDER AND HE LOOKS SO COOL. GOD I LOVE THE SHIMADA BROTHERS. 

So yeah…bottom line…I love them and appreciate them and fuggin fight me if you don’t. I’m not even sorry for loving them this much.


what i say: what up 

what i mean: Haulet and her goon squad should apologize for their role in making this behavior acceptable. Just saying. This was a systemic issue. Everyone in the fandom who normalized Haulet and co’s collective freakout over a thoroughly tame sex scene helped make this happen. Everyone who decided “eh it’s just in the fandom” and turned a blind eye when she FUCKING DOXXED SOMEONE let this happen. This didn’t just happen. It wasn’t one person. This is a fandom problem.The good news is you’ve got a choice to make now. You can choose to be better. You can choose to speak out. It’s frightening, sure. Last time I spoke out, I got hate for it. But now’s the time. It may be our last chance as a fandom to right the ship.

Roy: How did you know where I was?

Jason: When we first started the Outlaws, I may have… injected a tracking device into your body.

Roy: In my body?

Jason: Bro? Buddy?

Roy: No, no, now that is a breach of trust, Jason.

Jason: Do you really want to open this can of trust-breachy worms right after I just caught you and Bizarro with a dead Martian in the trunk?

Roy: I do not.

Jason: You do not.

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In honor of Marcus May -- Marcus x Hermione - University AU. "Please help me study for anatomy. Coach won't let me play next semester if I don't pass all my classes." (Okay, not in love with that sentence, but I mean, you get the general gist of it?)

Oh-my-GOD!! My hero! I actually WANTED to write something for the Marcus May, and have been thinking about it FOR SO LONG and YOU JUST SAVED ME.

(I’m gonna butcher your sentence, forgive me -my courage comes from you saying you aren’t in love with it)

*cracks knuckles*


He waited for her to notice him.

She didn’t, so he cleared his throat loudly, and spoke again.

“Hi, can I sit here?”

She nodded, distractedly. Mumbling a “Yeah, sure.”

Marcus sighed. She wasn’t making this easy. He cleared his throat again, now you are overdoing it, Flint, he thought. She flicked a gaze towards him, her eyes lingering on him only a fraction of a second and she turned back to her work again. He sighed inwardly, considering to give up already. She would never notice him.

She seemed to only notice her friends, anyway. He was sure she dated none of them. She still came to every game, and Marcus remembered how he had been jealous of Potter when she ran to him after a game.

Too bad that he found out Potter was not interested in girls after he made the younger kid hate him.

He realised he had forgotten to open the books he randomly selected to pretend he was studying when she lifted her gaze toward him then looked at his books pointedly. He coughed with embarrassment and she looked at him again, a shy blush on her cheeks. Marcus almost fell from his seat.

He had never thought of himself particularly smart, nor handsome for that matter. Girls liked him, enough, he thought, since he was a great football player. He doubted Hermione Granger cared about that. He doubted she even knew his name.

“Anatomy?” she asked suddenly, surprising him.

She was talking to him. It had been too long since he got this stupid over a girl.

“So what?” he barked.


She blushed, then her brows furrowed and her eyes sparked with anger. She huffed a breath and turned back to the pile of books in front of her.

“Sorry!” he said, feeling like an absolute imbecile. Lie, his mind supplied helpfully. “It’s just that, I’m gonna fail the class.”

She didn’t say anything for few seconds but didn’t seem as angry as before. “The coach said I can’t play next semester if I failed,” he added for good measure. The coach, of course, had not said such things.

He didn’t even take Anatomy. He prayed she didn’t know.

Hermione smirked, her eyes still on her workload. “Uh-huh.”

“Maybe you could help me study?”

She lifted her eyes, looking at him with a smirk.

“Help you study anatomy?” Hermione clarified, and she was, ugh -so hot!

“Yes,” he said, dazed.

She laughed, not loudly, but her face flushed with amusements and her eyes were sparkling making Marcus’ blood boil.

“Sure, pick me up at eight.”

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Hello! I have an autistic character who is german-born but now lives in the USA. I am considering how burnouts & meltdowns and even high stress may affect him - I know sometimes people will go nonverbal, but do you think it would be sensical for him to "lose his grasp" on English? He still knows it, of course, but he just absolutely can't use it during those periods. Whether he can manage to string together a full sentence even in German is debatable, but no English whatsoever. Yay or nay?

In my opinion the answer is basically “yay”. This answer comes with the caveat that I am not a language expert, I am just basing it on my experience of being bilingual and learning other languages.

It makes sense for him to lose access to his second language (English) more quickly than his “mother tongue” (German). Of course, the extent to which this is true depends on how long he has been living in the US, how old he was when he began speaking English, and what language he uses for thinking.

As far as your character using “no English whatsoever”, it might well be a sliding scale - he might begin by “losing” words or phrases in English whilst still knowing their German equivalent and become frustrated at himself or anxious about appearing “stupid”. Being distressed about forgetting a phrase might in fact speed up the process of reaching shutdown or meltdown and make him quicker to lose access to language.

Also consider that there might be some concepts that your character has only learnt in English, so he would not have access to them in German. For example, I know French adults living in the UK who don’t really have the vocabulary in French for computer and internet-related things, simply because they left France before this technology became mainstream.

There are other variables of course. I don’t know hold old your character is or if he still has the opportunity to speak German; children who go without speaking their first language for extended periods can lose this language. I also don’t know what impact the differences in sentence structure between German and English would have.

Hope this helps!

-Mod Snail

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91 for Josh Ornelas please? (your writing is A+ btw)

“This is so your fault,” you pointed at Miles.

The smile on his face just grew, “Oh ho. Don’t act like this is my fault! That was all on you. I may have pointed out a few things but your feelings for Josh were all there before I even intervened.”

“You locked us in the office overnight! You are so to blame and now because of you I can’t work near him without getting all blushy like a school girl,” you argued.

“If it helps I can take the blame,” a voice said from behind you. You spun around flushing instantly as you saw it was Josh, knowing he heard everything. “I was the one who asked Miles to ‘accidently’ lock us in.”

“Told you,” Miles muttered, you turned enough to give him a good glare.

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Hi Lucie! This year I started a bujo to help me keep organised at school, but starting a full time job while on finals period made life too hectic and I stopped filling the journal out. Now my life is back together and my very perfectionist self doesn't want to skip sort of giving May its space(?), so I wanted to ask if you could suggest any ideas to fill those pages up? I just don't wanna use magazine cutouts for all of the spaces. 🙈🙈

Hello Natalia! Oh, I feel you, I also don’t like to skip days/weeks in my bujo :’D

Maybe you could write down what you did during that busy period and how you felt, sort of a diary-like thing? You can do it in short bullet points, to stay true to the bullet journal system ;D, and maybe say what worked for you during the finals (whether it be a way of organizing things, certain study method etc etc) and what didn’t, for future reference? Or write about how you’re proud of yourself for making it through the exam period (which you should be! :D). Or simply add some quotes/lyrics you like, or doodles… and the rest can be filled with the magazine cutouts :D

Do you guys have any ideas? :)

Did Barry just Give iris permission to love again and promise him to continue loving and living?

Now I’m no expert but I do believe that WHEN Barry returns from the speed force he would not like to see Iris “loving” someone else.

Realistically Iris has lost two loves, I don’t see how she can move on properly from this bs drama.

PS if I were them I would always hate May, shit always go wrong in that month, lmao😂😂😂

may we talk about the relationship that nog has with the other members of the crew? because it’s just so special. you can’t tell me that every starfleet caded would be allowed (or would dare) to chat with the crew at the bridge. a normal cadet would just do their job and be silent. and nog? he is treated like one of them. they knew him since he was a boy and they are obviously very fond of him. and now he earned their respect. i love how at ease he seems to be when he joins the conversation of his senior officers and how they don’t mind at all. what i love most, is nog’s relationship with chief o’brien. they work together a lot. what’s most beautiful is how miles takes care of him so often. miles being totally wonderful with his people is another case. nog might have been discriminated against by other cadets in the academy, but once he got assigned to the station, he was appreciated and loved. station was his home and the crew trated him as family, which is surely not a case with other cadets, and it makes me so happy.

"Anything Goes" Ask me anything?

This is a “Anything Goes” journal!
- Need art advice?
- Have questions about my work/commission process?
- Simply want to know about me personally?
- Have personal questions?

Then feel free to ask! You can ask whatever, I will not get mad about what you ask, but I may of course not give you an answer if I’m not comfortable with it.

Anyways! I just got back yesterday from camping in Meritt with a furry friend group. Was quite fun! Now I have Electrofuzz to look forward to, and then the road trip to BLFC.

HIATUS NOTICE (5/23 - ???)

I have to be out of my apartment by 5:00pm on Friday (26 May) but due to some miscommunication, I have nowhere to move to at the moment. I can live with my parents but I have a job I can’t just up and leave. 

The plan as of right now is to put my things in storage, stay with mine or Squishy’s parents during the weekend and use the motel offered to employees sent to other stores during the work week since I have an obligation to travel to the other store starting back up next week. This is subject to change based on what my bosses say and other things but is my plan for now. 

For the next few days I’ll be limited trying to deal with stress and packing and working in the meantime. And after that I can only confirm internet access for Fri & Sat nights. This means rp will be sparing for the time being until all of this settles out. 

Please please please bear with me through this. I know I’m slow and that doesn’t help matters but I will try and work on what I can in my off time and post it when I’m online. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to update you guys. Take care of yourselves lovelies. 

tl;dr: i’m going to be temporarily homeless for an unknown period and will lack reliable internet access. 

Etsy Promotion

I have never really done one of these through Tumblr before, but I figured why not give it a go! :D

Hey there everyone! I thought we could do a little event! :D Something that could get you a free item from my shop (don’t even have to pay shipping!!!) How do you ask???

From now until May 31, you can enter to be put in a drawing for a free item. On June 1, I will put the names of everyone who entered into the drawing, and draw one lucky winner. That person will get a free item!!! How do you enter???

To enter, you have to pick an item from my shop (just click link above) and share it on Tumblr!!! You can enter up to 5 times (but have to share a different item each time). To ensure that I know of your entry, you need to tag me when you share the item on here (or message me the screen shot)!

I will be closing my shop at the end of the summer, so this would be a great way for you to try to get that item you have been eyeing for a while now! I hope you all will join in on the fun! :D I may have some other fun things going on as well, so keep an eye out!!!

Reasons an FP/anyone may not have replied to you yet

I know that a lot of us with BPD- and other disorders such as anxiety, DPD, paranoia etc- can get really worried when those we care about don’t reply- or anyone! We worry they hate us, are angry, are leaving us, are hurt. So, here’s a list of possible reasons why they may not be replying that aren’t those! 

  • They’re asleep. This is kinda subjective to the time they’re in, but this included naps! Sometimes people fall asleep suddenly, or fall asleep before your reply
  • They’re busy. They made need to focus on something, or not be allowed on their phone. Or, they want to save their reply to you for when they can put their full attention on you and give a proper reply
  • They’re unsure how to reply yet. sometimes people need time to think of how to reply, and want to give a proper one
  • They don’t feel like talking to anyone right now. It’s not that they don’t wanna talk to you specifically- they may just be socially drained or want to focus on themselves! 
  • They’re not in a mental place where they can reply to you. This includes perhaps they’re dissociating, or can’t think straight to reply 
  • Their phone is dead. Plain and simple
  • Their wifi dropped. Same again 
  • They’re taking pleasure time. Video games, reading anything. Sometimes people need time to relax- it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy talking to you, they just wanna fully immerse themselves in their activity.
  • They’re interacting with someone/in a situation where it’s not appropriate to use their phone. Maybe at dinner, church, a lesson, anything
  • They suddenly have to deal with something urgent.
  • They forgot. I know this one is scary/hurts- but it doesn’t mean you’re not important to them! Maybe they saw your message whilst busy, thought they need to reply later, then forgot. Some people also have memory issues that mean they forget to reply to things.
  • They’re not logged into what you talk in. This goes esp for facebook/tumblr
  • They havn’t got your message. This can be for lots of reasons! Bad connection, app is broken, phone is slow, anything like that

sana, my beautiful darling. she’s making these walls she’s learned to build up around her over the years even thicker, because of how much she’s been hurt lately. it’s too much, what she’s been through, in such a short amount of time, and you can tell just how…emotionally exhausting this has been for her. you can see it in her eyes. and she’s at a point where she can’t risk getting hurt more, so she’s closing herself off. building that though exterior. making herself look and sound though. and the saddest thing about this is that you get the feeling that she’s…given up. but can you even blame her? you can’t, not after everything that happened on may 12th. she is just so tired. 

and now, she’s not letting herself feel, because not feeling at all is much better than risking getting her heart broken again, multiple times  

Object Cursing

Originally posted by hecatecrataeis

The Basics

What is a cursed object?

A cursed object is an object or item that has been enchanted to hold a curse to it. It is similar to the movies where a cursed object may cause bad luck or torment someone. Just like any enchanted object, it is linked to a spell but it instead puts out negative energy.

What objects can be cursed?

Any object or item can be cursed, just like how any object or item can be enchanted. Whether you are cursing jewelry, a crystal, an image, your grimoire, or anything else it doesn’t matter.

Why would one want to curse something?

A witch may wish to curse something for various reasons, just like there are many reasons people put curses on others.

An object may be cursed to prevent others from taking it or if someone does it will bring them misfortune or misery until the object is returned to the owner. Some witches curse their grimoires or other magical books to keep others from snooping in them or stealing their personal secrets, especially if that witch finds their practice very personal and wish not to share it with others. An object may also be cursed if it belongs to another that the witch feels deserves to be punished.

How to Curse an Object


Before you start your cursing process you need to do cleansing. Cleanse the space you will be working in, cleanse yourself, and cleanse the object you are cursing. You don’t want any extra or residual energy hanging about and affecting your curse.

I often will also set up some self protection, though nothing ever too big. Usually I just put a bowl of salt near me and a few protective crystals. You can put up wards as well if you desire and any other barriers if you feel it is needed.


Once you and your area is cleansed, if needed you should ground and center yourself. Cursing can take a lot of energy so drinking some energizing tea like black teas can help as well as drinking water and eating beforehand.

Get your object ready and then gather your other ingredients.

If you need some help determining what to use in a curse here are some posts of curse correspondences:


Once you have gathered your ingredients to cause the effects you desire to whoever ends up with this object surrounded or cover the object with the ingredients, you are going to use their energies to curse your item.

This is when you use your visualization skills, you may visualize the energies physically leaving the ingredients and entering that of the item of you are cursing. You may also use chanting if you desire.

Writing down your intent for the curse and either reciting it outloud or in your head is recommended. It would also be a good idea to state in your curse that this curse only affects those who take this object from you and that it is a curse that is to activate once the item leaves your possession.

It is good to make sure in your written/spoken words of the curse to state that once the item returns to your possession the curse will subside or end. Or to have a small item ‘anchored’ to the curse such as a notecard with words on it “I break the curse” or a sigil, a dried flower or herb, etc that once you do wish to break the curse on the object and you do not have it in your possession any longer you may burn or destroy this “anchor”.

If your item or object has already been taken or stolen and you wish to curse it you can. Perform your curse in the location you normally keep the missing object for it should still have that object’s energy about and if you can have something related to the object about such as wires that were once connected to it, its case/box/bag, a picture or image of it, something that was kept close to it, its instruction manual, etc. Curse the object using these items to connect you to it.


Once you have finished cursing the object tuck your anchor somewhere safe and easily available for if at any point you need to immediately break the curse. Then re-cleanse yourself and your room but do not cleanse the object you just cursed (it would ruin all of your hard work). Then take a nice well earned rest, cursing can be very exhausting.

Removing a Curse from A Cursed Object

If you wish to remove the curse from your object you may then destroy the “anchor” previously mentioned. Another way, if the item is in your possession, is to do a nice good cleansing of it and while cleansing it stating very clearly that you now end the curse on the object.

Some cleansing methods to remove a curse from an object are: running it through incense or sage smoke, submerging in moon water, washing with soap, resting it in or near salt, moonlight cleansing, sunlight cleansing, wind cleansing, rain cleansing, crystal cleansing, chanting, music and sounds, and cleansing herbs.

It is best to let it rest to cleanse for a few days if you are using a technique such as moonlight cleansing, salt cleansing or herb cleansing.

Once it is well cleansed and the anchor is destroyed it should be curse free.

NOTE: Removing a curse of an object that you did not curse yourself can be much more difficult to do and may take numerous cleansings and banishing spells to remove the curse fully.

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did Octavia take the chip to become commander? It will be all Lexa's gay thoughts to make Octavia queer Lexa: Clarke was really good at sex Octavia: the fuck?

She isn’t a nightblood as far as I know which makes it even worse. 

Honestly they may get me to watch an episode again if they put Lexa in Octavia’s head whispering really inappropriate shit at the worst times. 

Lexa: “Her boobs look really great in that shirt.”

Octavia: “I’m in a council meeting, Lexa. Shut the fuck up.”

Lexa: “Tell her I say her boobs look really great in that shirt. If you do I’ll stop talking.”

Octavia: “No.”

Lexa: “Fine. I can just describe the things we did when we had sex. So Clarke-”

Octavia: “Clarke your girlfriend says your tits look great!”