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Taylor Swift NOW to Launch Exclusively on All AT&T Platforms Later This Year

DALLAS, Nov. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Fans have a new destination for unique and never seen Taylor Swift content, Taylor Swift NOW – only with AT&T.*

Taylor Swift NOW is a video experience created exclusively by AT&T and Taylor. It will showcase unique videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more from the Taylor Swift archives. This is our first-ever specially curated video catalog.

Launching soon, Taylor Swift NOW consists of themed chapters and packed with special glimpses into Taylor’s life and work spanning her entire career. This will include original content with commentary from Taylor herself.

After its launch, Taylor Swift NOW will get regular updates with new videos and chapters for special events. This includes select songs from her upcoming performance at DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night concert.

AT&T customers can get Taylor Swift NOW exclusively across all of our video platforms later this year: DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-verse. This puts Taylor Swift NOW in the hands of more than 25 million video customers – and that will grow with the launch of DIRECTV NOW.

Taylor Swift NOW will also be available through those platforms’ apps for streaming on-the-go. AT&T wireless customers can stream the content data free.

“Taylor Swift NOW is one of many exciting initiatives we have in store for Taylor’s fans and our customers as part of our exclusive multi-year deal,” said John Stankey, CEO, AT&T Entertainment Group. “We’re looking forward to working with Taylor as we develop exclusive original content that inspires her and her fans. We can’t wait to get Taylor Swift NOW into the hands of fans to stream everywhere.”

In the coming weeks, fans can get a sneak peek of the channel. Follow AT&T, Taylor Nation and Taylor’s social media handles for the latest news and information.

Taylor Swift NOW is one of many pieces of our AT&T’s exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal with the 10-time Grammy winner. Swift will also headline the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night in Houston on Feb. 4, the night before the Big Game. Portions of this concert will air on Taylor Swift NOW at a later date. Fans will have access to tickets through a series of AT&T promotions and campaigns.

Want to learn more about AT&T and Taylor Swift partnership and tickets for the Super Saturday Night? Follow AT&T, Taylor Nation and Taylor’s social media handles for updates.


It’s Saturday and here in Germany we can now start to party. Have a #goodnight.
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#cassandrafox - #Balaji by Armen Kusikian :) - Practice set by @polinadcd 😘💃❤

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title Frequency
summary Seriously, how?
pairing science, but also sasusaku

(For @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart​‘s Fluff Friday)

Static filled the screen. A sharp buzz filled the air, piercing her left temple with an unbearable sharpness. Hissing, tongue between her teeth, she ripped her headphones off. When she shot her partner a glare, his hands were already up in the air.

“Don’t touch the radio again. Got it,” Naruto promised. She clucked her tongue before she twisted the knob a few notches to the left. Naruto scribbled down a note on his legal pad. While he certainly caused a lot of trouble, Sakura had to admit that he was at least a diligent notetaker.

“They say she’s got magic hands, you know. Since Haruno came on board, we’ve found two new signals worth listening to,” Kakashi drawled as he walked in with a microwaved dinner. Sakura eyed the flimsy plastic tray with curiosity but didn’t say anything. She cranked up the volume on the equipment to drown out their voices.

This was from one of the older stars. One that her own mentor had discovered nearly thirty years ago. Kakashi had flagged it as a less probable prospect and so most of the other researchers skimmed over it. Or if they did listen, it wasn’t for more than an hour at a time.

But something about this star felt strange to Sakura. Something about the fuzzy nothingness bothered her. Her eyes drifted shut just as a sharp ping erupted in her headphones. Sakura jolted upright, her binder toppling off her lap. She flapped her hand at Naruto. He fumbled to pull on his own headset. His eyes grew huge as another pulse of sound rose and fell in pitch.

“1….1….2,” Sakura counted out loud. Kakashi dropped his meager dinner before he scrambled to find anything to write on. He began scribbling on the back of an old invoice.

“3…5…8?” she continued. Her eyes met Naruto’s.

“Is that the Fibonacci sequence?” he asked her. She didn’t answer. Knuckles white, she gnawed on her lower lip as she counted the next set of sounds.

“Holy fuck. 13. Sakura. You found something,” Naruto whispered.

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my trio rehearsal got cancelled and i’m a little bit relieved because now i can just spend my saturday reading and getting stuff done and spending time with the people i love

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Heyyy…. i know it took me a long time but…. i can finally say that the ask box is now opened every Saturday again!!! And because you guys had to wait so long i’m also opening it on every Wednesday from now on. So you guys can send requests on Saturday AND Wednesday :)
For the rest of the week it’s still closed.
Hope you have a lovely day/night ❤

✞☽† .:  Sneak peak! sth big is comming! right now I can’t tell you more but this Saturday the whole project will be launched! so keep an eye for updates at my insta/deviantart/tumblr (oh, I’m so excited! c: ) :. †☾✞

This was an old post of mine and I felt it was fitting to post this again with a different caption.

Now I can make her my wife (you know if she wasn’t engaged) in all 50 states.

Big news! Carrie’s Order Up is releasing on Steam this Monday (September 12th), at about 3pm PST!

I’m still editing footage for the release trailer (that’s about all that’s left, I wanted to release today but complications + getting the keys straightened out for those that already own it + steam doesn’t release on Saturdays and Sundays).

For now you can check out some rough test footage. Dummy-me figured out how to get higher quality recordings. Check it out:


Add ‘learning how to beat Super Mario’ to the list of things robots can now do 

On Saturday, programmer SethBling introduced the world to MarI/O, a Machine Learning program he created to play video games. But instead of being programmed to run the course perfectly, MarI/O had to learn how to play from scratch — meaning that last GIF is particularly impressive.