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soooo fox gave all their upcoming xmen films release dates for next year so do you think wb will give us an updated slate at comic con???

Yes. They need to at least announce the release dates for DCEU movies coming out next year. The rest can wait if need be, but the DCEU is the only major comic book franchise left now without their dates on the board for 2018.

They have announced the release date for ‘Aquaman’ but that’s not until literally the very end of the year - December 21st 2018. That is such a bad date for that movie. Not only should it absolutely not be a holiday release but it’s going to be directly competing with the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel (which will be huge) and the Miles Morales animated Spider-man movie. I don’t know what WB were thinking with that release date. 

WB have waited so long and there are so many big movies coming out in 2018 that pretty much all of the best dates have already been taken which makes it quite easy to kind of predict which dates they’ll announce. I’ve listed all the big releases for 2018 so you can see where they might squeeze a movie in (see below). Depending on whether they’re going to release 2 or 3 movies in 2018, the best dates free of major competition are March 2nd and April 20th for the first half of the year. Then August (the most likely) for the later half of the year. August worked out great for ‘Suicide Squad’ and is pretty much empty right now. They should pin those dates down before Disney steals them.

FIFTY SHADES FREED - February 9th 2018

THE PREDATOR - February 9th 2018

BLACK PANTHER - February 16th 2018

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING - February 23rd 2018


TOMB RAIDER - March 16th 2018

ROBIN HOOD - March 23rd 2018

READY PLAYER ONE - March 30th 2018

A WRINKLE IN TIME - April 6th 2018

NEW MUTANTS - April 13th 2018


HAN SOLO - May 25th 2018

DEADPOOL 2 - June 1st 2018

OCEAN’S 8 - June 8th 2018

BUMBLEBEE - June 8th 2018

THE INCREDIBLES 2 - June 15th 2018

JURASSIC WORLD 2 - June 22nd 2018

BARBIE - June 29th 2018

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP - July 6th 2018

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL - July 20th 2018

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 - July 27th 2018

SCARFACE - August 10th 2018

VENOM - October 5th 2018

JUNGLE BOOK - October 19th 2018

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - October 19th 2018

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX - November 2nd 2018

MULAN - November 2nd 2018

BAD BOYS SEQUEL - November 9th 2018

THE GRINCH - November 9th 2018

FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 - November 16th 2018

GIGANTIC - November 21st 2018

MORTAL ENGINES - December 14th 2018

ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN - December 21st 2018

AQUAMAN - December 21st 2018

MARY POPPINS RETURNS - December 25th 2018

(Other big 2018 movies that still don’t have release dates - The Nutcracker and the 4 Realms, The Black Hand, Cruella, Peter Pan, Goosebumps 2)

TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2013 - BALLOT

Hey, all! The ballot is here! Congrats to all the nominees!

Before I list the nominated stories and authors, let me just say that there were quite a few stories cut for adult content and other reasons. All of these went through staff votes. If there was enough time, if something was cut from your nomination, you received an email letting you know and giving you a chance to re-nominate. However, there were some last minute nominations where stories had to be cut and there was no time for replacement nominations. We are so sorry if something you nominated was cut! Do know that we’ll be fine tuning the rules on adult content for next year, so do know there is some implied (but not explicit!) adult activity in some of the fics that made it through; please don’t take it personally if a story you nominated was cut but some others weren’t. We really did vote on everything regarding this. If you’re confused why something was/wasn’t included, please send us an ask and we’ll do our best to explain.

Finally, a reminder of the schedule: the reading period is February 20th - March 20th. (However, there are a ton of stories on this ballot and are already hearing back that people would like more time. We are currently discussing this.) Otherwise, the voting period will begin March 21st. You can find the full schedule at the end of this post.

Sorry for all the rambling. Without further ado, here are the nominations!

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Q & Answer: Where Do I Find Wide Shoes?

Jason asks: I have wide feet.  Flipper wide.  My comfortable shoe size varies between makers, but my most comfortable dressy shoes have been Rockports in a 9.5 EEEE, and my best 9only) athletic shoes have been from New Balance.

(I also wear Five Fingers shoes, but they tend to be a little long in the toes.)

Finding shows that fit me is very difficult.  Can you suggest strategies for finding sellers of shoes that will fit the shape of my feet?

There was a time when just about any shoe store on Main Street, USA had a full width run of all its sizes. As the 20th century marched on, sadly, this stopped being the case. Whether you have wide feet like Jason or (like me) narrow feet, it’s now kind of a hassle to find shoes that fit.

For wide feet, you’ve already found a great solution for athletic shoes. New Balance carry a full width range. If you’re looking for other options, a big shoe site like Zappos will allow you to search by width. New Balance is likely to end up being your best bet though, if like Phife Dog, you want to avoid a narrow path.

It can be a little trickier for dress shoes. While most of the British brands have slightly wider standard widths, their wide widths can be tough to come by in the US, and every brand uses a different width sizing system. Some mark wide sizes E, some G, some other confusing stuff. You can take a blind stab at mail order, but your best bet for English shoes is likely a specialist store.

Luckily, the two leading American brands both offer wide sizes. The easiest to find is likely Allen-Edmonds, who offer very wide widths. If you visit an Allen-Edmonds store, or a customer-service-oriented retailer like Nordstrom, they’ll likely be willing to order sizes they don’t have in stock for you to try on, and they may even have very wide sizes in stock.

Of course, there’s also used or made-to-measure. Used shoes aren’t for everyone, but when buying unusual sizes there’s often little competition, so deals (while infrequently available) can be had. Made-to-measure is expensive, but can accomodate a tough to fit foot.

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I absolutely love Life is Strange, but I also hate it because it hurts so much..
Episode 5 will (hopefully) be released on October 20th! And I wanted to do a little giveaway for it.

1st place:
- Life is strange season pass (episode 1-5)
- Any shirt you want
(If you already have the game or don’t have a console to play the game, you can either pick another shirt, or any other (fan) March you want as long as it’s roughly the same price)

2nd place:
- Life is strange season pass (episode 1-5)
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If this somehow gets over 500 notes I’ll add a third prize:
- Life is strange season pass (episode 1-5)
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I’ll pay for everything and I’ll ship worldwide!
Just in case you missed it here is the link to the store selling the LiS shirts.
I’ll pick the winners a week before episode 5 release (roughly 13th October) 


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Any questions send me a message.

That’s all, good luck.

I’ve decided to do my first BOTM. I’d love you forever if you’d entered! Before you do please read the rules.

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Good luck! x

(Attempt number 3405934 to do something for those of us who feel lonely in this fandom, me included).

Hello, darlings, and welcome to the classic rock treasure hunt! (More like 39 clues - classic rock style, but you got the point).

You can sign up until the 20th of February, which is almost a month away. The treasure hunt itself will begin on March 1st (I’ve got something with this date and I don’t know what) and will end on April 1st. Well, April 2nd. Once you sign up you’ll be paired randomly - eventually, the point is meeting new people, and the treasure haunt will begin.

There will be 20 (or more) riddles, classic rock related, that you will have to solve (preferably together - after all, the pint is to meet new people, as I said already). Each riddle comes with a task, and you’ll have to search on classic rock blogs to find what you need according to the task. So basically it’s a challenge for anyone who wants.

I will also open a blog, theclassicrocktreasurehunt, where the riddles will be posted. I ain’t gonna post it here because, well, nobody will find them if I do.

Do not hurt / humiliate / whatever other players even if they solve the riddle before you do.

I know it might be silly to say something like this, but I’m not taking chances.

Any treasure hunt has a treasure. What’s the treasure here?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bootleg fanatic, so the treasure is a bunch of bootlegs, to sum it up. Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions and other bands’ bootlegs.

Also, you get to meet new people and hopefully become friends. So heck, why not?

If you wish to join, all you have to do is message me. Name, age and favourite classic rock band. That is all.

Have fun, and if you’ve got questions feel free to ask, because I’m almost positive I forgot something.

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hello and welcome to my spring bots!


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Ayy, it me, Fen the fox. :) I have a mission for y’all photoshop junkies and artists!

Soo…I’m obsessed with Mitch Grassi and Tyler Oakley, and I’d LOVE to have a fantabulous original edit/photoshop creation or piece of artwork of the two of them together to make my icon here on tumblr. If anyone submits anything, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVERRRR NO KIDDING I PROMISE.


• Just post your entry on your blog and use the tag I have named below. You can also notify me that is is posted personally if you’d like.

• ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TAGGED ‘fruitler edit for fen’

• You can make it HOWEVER you want, but I am picky, so please don’t be offended if I don’t choose yours (there’s a possibility that I won’t choose any)

• I will reblog every single entry

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• If there is a winner, they will be chosen on MARCH 20TH

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So there are the details! If you have ANY questions regarding the rules, the people/videos/photos, or ANYTHING I’m talking about, CONTACT ME AT fennecylikeafox