can it be june please

hey so i got accepted to university of massachusetts amherst to begin my ba program in english but they’re asking me for $500 as a required deposit. i’m currently homeless, having ran away from my abusive transphobic parents, and unemployed. the deadline for the deposit is june 1st

please donate if you can, my is $Victablook and my paypal is

i’m currently very miserable in my current university and major, and transferring to this college and doing the major i want will really help my deteriorating mental health

share if you can as well

Hey RebelCaptain shippers!

We’d like to introduce to you an activity we’re very excited about… 

         ~*~The RebelCaptain Rom-Com Challenge!~*~

Summer is coming (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and we thought this might be a fun, exciting activity to spruce up the season. We hope you enjoy it along with us. There are TWO phases to this challenge, so please read the information post carefully!

How the Challenge works:

  • The first phase of this challenge are the submissions! We’ll be collecting a list of Rom Coms that YOU would like to see adapted for Jyn x Cassian
  • Only Rom Coms on the list will be available for sign up, so please do send in your ideas!
  • The second phase involves actually writing it; you will sign up to write a “Romantic Comedy AU”—one AU per person.
  • You’ll get the summer to write it, and we’ll check in every now and again with you to reblog your snippets, teasers and WIP so that the fandom can cheer you on.
  • Graphic makers will also have a chance to participate! If you sign up as a graphic maker, you may contact or be contacted by an author to help them create a graphic to go with their fic! (You can start signing up immediately, unlike fic authors.)
  • Of course, you can sign up for both portions of the challenge, as a fic writer and graphic maker.
  • This challenge will work kind of like an exchange, except instead of signing up to give your work to one specific person, you’re making a gift for the whole fandom!

Important Dates:

  • Please submit ideas for Rom-Com AUs that you would like to see written—you have until June 20th, midnight PST to do so. (Starting now!) We will be updating your ideas for AUs into this list. 
  • On June 23rd, you will be able to sign up to write an AU! Sign ups will last until July 5th, midnight PST
  • AUs will be given on a first come, first serve basis, and the list will be updated with the authors next to each AU
  • The challenge will officially begin on July 7th and you will have until the end of August/beginning of September to complete your AU
  • (Posting dates will be staggered so that everyone’s works can be appreciated upon release)


  • While you don’t have to be a member, all participants must be following @therebelcaptainnetwork as everything will be happening here (and we don’t want you to miss updates!)
  • Reblog this post (the more people who join, the merrier!)
  • Have your askbox open!
  • Your completed work must be at least 5k words

Sign Ups:

Please send all forms to!

Graphic makers (please send the following form before midnight July 5th):

  • Tumblr Username: (your username)
  • What your graphics talents are: (gifs? graphics? edits? fanart? au gifsets? multitalented?)
  • Nopes?: (anything you wouldn’t like to make a graphic for?)
  • Contact or Be Contacted?: (Would you like to reach out only to authors you want to work with? Or can anyone message you asking to work with them - given you can?)

Rom-Com participants (please send the following form beginning June 23rd and before midnight July 5th):

  • Tumblr Username: (your username)
  • Please list your top 5 Rom Com AU choices: (1 being the one you’d like the most)
  • Any Rom Coms you wouldn’t like to write?: (Are there ones you wouldn’t write at all?)

We’ll be using the tag #rebelcaptainromcom for all posts related to this exchange. This is also the tag to use for posting your snippets and answered asks for this challenge!

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about this event! We know that was a lot to take in, so if there’s any confusion, as always, please message us if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

anonymous asked:

Do you still think something good is coming in June Becks? Because June is almost here. Can you tell us more please?

I said END of june!!! :D also to add to the confusion keep the 16th in mind :D


“I killed a lot of people, but the one person that I couldn’t kill… Was you. So I killed myself. Over and over again. And I’d rather do that here and now than to risk your life.”

Shaw’s never afraid. You know that thing that makes you flinch ? Yeah now she does get that. The woman she loves would rather kill herself than live in a world without her. She can’t live without you Shaw …

  • [group chat on Donghyuk's Birtday]
  • Hanbin: Happy Birthday Dong dong! Today hyung will treat you to a meal :)
  • Jinhwan: How did you know I was taking him out for a meal?
  • Hanbin: I was talking about me!
  • Chanwoo: I want to treat him!
  • Chanwoo: Jinhwan hyung can I borrow some money?
  • Jinhwan: Uh No.
  • Yunhyeong: I'm already about to cook his favorite meal so don't even try to take him out!
  • June: Guys, Donghyuk is gone.
  • Yunhyeong: WHAT???
  • Bobby: It's true! I was about to give him his birthday spanks and he wasn't in his room.
  • Jinhwan: But i was going to treat him :(
  • Yunhyeong: No i was!
  • Hanbin: Hey don't spank him without us!
  • Chanwoo: Donghyuk hyung where are you?!
  • Donghyuk: Everyone I'm out buying chicken so we can share a meal together :)
  • Jinhwan: Ah.
  • Chanwoo: Why didn't we think of that?
  • Hanbin: Our dong dong is so thoughtful
  • Yunhyeong: This is why i love you T_T
  • Bobby: Get back soon so i can give you your birthday spanks!
  • June: Please don't get spicy chicken. It's too hot.
  • Donghyuk: I know jun-e
  • June: Thank you.
  • June: oh and happy birthday!
  • Donghyuk: :)
just an apes thing-a-ma-bob

hi everybody, i know i haven’t been posting much of my content ;-; but i promise i will soon! once i finish my finals next week, i’ll be working on my summer assignments for my sophomore classes and there will be content to upload i promise !!!

anyways, my final for my apes class is to create a campaign on whatever issue we’d like to focus on. my partners and i decided to have our campaign focus on child labor. for extra credit, our teacher told us to create a site/blog/etc. i made a tumblr blog for our campaign and it’s called @childrens-delight

if you guys could please check it out and maybe leave a follow, that’d be awesome. this is because i don’t want the teacher to think the blog is dead and no one’s really paying attention to it except my partners and i ;v;””

y’all can unfollow on june 17, for sure!! thank you!!

oh and please check out one of my friends’ ig for her campaign! it’s a campaign focusing on promoting cruelty-free cosmetics! the ig account link is here

thank you so much, i hope all of you have a lovely day :D