can it be july 3rd already!


hi taylor!

I’m Emily, and this is my costume for the 1989 World Tour. I’m seeing you at MetLife Stadium on July 10th! I’m sitting floor 4, row 3 (with my mom) but I don’t know my seat numbers yet (the tickets haven’t come I’m stressing)!! If you can’t tell already, I’m a skyscraper! (Based off of WTNY) The irony of this costume cracks me up because I’m literally 4ft 9inches and I’m a skyscraper. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU FOR THE 3RD TIME ITS GONNA BE MAGICAL. (Ps I’m also going the second MetLife date!!) I love you so much and see you soon!!! taylorswift taylorswift (pps creds to my lovely cousin katie for making this!!!)