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I keep seeing this post going around about how stripper poles actually spin?!
Some spin and some don’t. It totally depends and if you look closely you can usually tell.
NOW that being said. In NO way is one easier or ‘cheating’. Static pole is very hard because you are moving yourself and creating your own momentum. Spinning pole is spinning you around so its hard because you have to control your momentum 24/7 and sometimes go against it. Both are very hard!!! Both burn super bad!! No one is cheating lmao and I’m surprised to even see those kind of comments. Don’t matter what type of pole it is, it’s hard WORK. BUT!!!! stop being concerned with the pole and remember to tip your strippers😇😇!!!

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re: divided classes! I know! And by classing some skills as 'male' or 'female' they're creating a gender bias in their fields! Say *kunoichi* learn flower arranging (poisons) and music for seduction/infiltration purposes, but hello! The ...Ino... family? owns flower shops. Men can run shops, same as women. It's easier for civilian men to be travelling musicians. What if there was an amazing singer/prodigal musician who just so happened to be boy-shaped? So he's going to be left to work on 1/4

possibly creating a career-long alterego that could start off performing in bars, but eventually work his way up *naturally* to performing in noble courts and houses and *years* of verifiable evidence to prove he’s a ‘real’ person? There’s a massive loss of potential right there. And then, of course, you have actual seduction: gay people, straight people, bi-, pan-, asexual but wants pretty people to sing/perform/cuddle with them, aromantics who just want hot sex. Teach everyone how to seduce *everyone* and all the necessary skills. So you can have a kunoichi playing a butch lesbian/transman who knows lots of traditionally male skills and passes as a man most often in order to assassinate someone who prefers dating/having sex with crossdressing transmen. (i.e. a man in a dress). Frankly, I *know* that gender segregation wasn’t a thing during the clan wars because there were clans competing for money, so they *couldn’t* have afforded to waste money (jobs) by teaching only-female and only-male things. Maybe there was some civilian backlash at first when they were trying to get civvies to settle in Konoha and the school compromised by labelling them shinobi/kunoichi classes and it was *meant* to be just a name (i.e. traditionally female skills v. traditionally male ones), but it rapidly came to mean only girls could go to those classes and vice versa? Because civilian council? Or just more silly wordbuilding by Kishi?

God I love all of these ideas, and it makes so much sense in context. I would definitely put it down to shitty worldbuilding, because doing it this way would be sensible

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How many languages can you speak? :D

I speak Hungarian (mother tongue), English, Korean and French (if I must).

I’ve also studied Chinese for a semester in university, but that’s in my dark past and I was very depressed then so all I still remember is 我很忙 and 我不好. Most depressing story in my life, really… (not because of Chinese, though the language didn’t make it easier).

I can also understand bits and pieces of German, Japanese, Italian, Catalan and Dutch. Few words in Swedish.

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Can you put all the links to your Cinderella AU in a recent post so they are easier to find? (If you can do that, that is.) I really want to read them all start to finish because the story looks so good. Thanks!

I’ll try to do that here on tumblr. If you can’t wait, the easiest way is to visit my deviantart: Click the Gallery button and you should be able to view my art chronologically, with the newest displayed first. There might be unrelated art in between the “chapters” but the order should be fine. I hope that helps. 

Thank you so much for your interest in my ML Cinderella AU!! <3

It’s Okay to Say No.

If you feel uncomfortable about something in your dog’s training then it’s okay to say:

  • “My gut tells me this is wrong for my dog so I’m not going to try this.”
  • “I feel uncomfortable doing this with my dog so I’m going to stop.”
  • “This isn’t the direction I want my dog’s training to go in.”

It’s feels weirdly difficult to say no when everyone else is telling you that it is okay.

  • “I did it with my dog.” (so it should be fine for your totally different dog)

  • “I did it with my dog.” (are you saying that I don’t care about my dog?)
  • “If you just try …..” (I don’t understand your feelings of discomfort so you must be suffering from a lack of information)

  • “You are using +R methods so everything is fine.” (but Bosco will do what Martin asks him to do, even if it hurts)

It’s really helpful to have an experienced mentor who actively listens to you.

  • Martin’s mentor ignored her instinctual feelings in the past and two of her dogs were injured. She wants Martin to learn from her painful mistakes. She listened carefully when Martin explained why he didn’t want to teach Bosco an exercise.


  • no one understands your dog’s capabilities better than you
  • you are responsible for your dog’s safety, and 
  • you are the person who is going to have to care for your injured dog (let’s not talk about death because it’s too sad).

I’m going to repeat myself because it’s important.

It’s okay to say no.

But it isn’t easy to do.


Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 6 - Favorite ship

Betty x Jughead (Bughead)