can it be december yet

  • me: okay so I'm pretty excited for TLJ but all this finn/finnrey/finnpoe/finnrose/poc (or the lack of) drama has got me worried
  • disney: drops the TLJ BTS which has tons of finn, poe, rose (and rey and luke and leia)

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Aaaah gosh thank you for the quick answer, don't worry about the confusion I'm just not used to these things (´∀`) Then, I'd like to request a Akira/Takemi fic, with "things you said with no space between us", if that's ok (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

I apologize that it took this long! I hope it’s to your liking…? c:

Title: the Things You Said with no Space Between us

Prompt: ^ same 

Pairing: Akira/Takemi

 By: Admin

A knock rang from downstairs when Akira’s clock shined an hour prior to midnight.

Akira narrowed his eyes at the stairway railings, an odd feeling of hush descending into his stomach.

Did Ryuji forget his manga again?

He sat up and left Morgana asleep by his leg before he venturing to the first floor. When he reached the last step, the darkness engulfed his entire sight while he fondled next to him for the light switch. The room was quiet save for the pouring rain outside, weaving a rhythm into the silence like the padding of Akira’s bare feet on the wooden floor.

When he opened the door, he felt his heart still.


As if she hadn’t expected to see him, Takemi’s lips parted soundlessly, and her lashes raised.  

“You’re here,” she whispered. Akira noticed her hands were shaking.

Lacking preamble, he immediately felt unnatural warmth on his collar – something hot tickling the skin there before disappearing into his neck.

“Takemi?” he asked again, quieter.

She didn’t reply. With barely an atom between them, Akira could only see the top of her head.

He didn’t have time to speak again before she forced him to lean against a counter, strength he hadn’t known she possessed. Takemi pulled at his clothes, lifting his shirt, tugging his sleeves, pressing her fingers into his palms urgently and fiercely. Akira could only stare down at her crown, unfathoming what she was doing when she started talking under her breath.

“No traces of scarred tissue…”

“Calluses, but no signs of infection or ulcerations…”

“Only slight underlying tension in the muscles…”

He jerked when her hands settled under his shirt, feeling out the divides of his ribs. A tongue clicked near his ear.

“Noticeable weight loss…”

The whites of Akira’s eyes showed when she leaned further into him, their breathes intermingling and Takemi’s scent abrogating his senses; the smell of aomori hiba oil and antiseptic winning over the café’s innate joe.  

“What are you…?”


Takemi gave his half-complete question no answer. Instead, she deviated her hands from Akira’s sides, tracing the path from his costae spuriae, to his costae verae, to his thoracic

…to his scapula. Something in Akira’s chest hurt when Takemi released a sigh, one that elevated her shoulders and her chest; one that sounded like many small, unspoken words evaporating into finally peaceful air.

Akira’s eyelids unconsciously lowered, hiding a flickering light of disquiet beneath. “Are you okay?”

“Really, you are so…” Takemi chuckled mirthlessly into his chest. Two gentle hands wrapped round his cheeks, like two soft lulls of serenity. From the first step she’d taken inside, this was the only time Takemi’s tawny eyes had met his.

“They say the scapula is where we used to have wings…” she spoke, after a time had passed. “Considering it’s you, I was half expecting to find a hidden pair there.”

“Hah, so, you could make me your guinea pig again?” simpered Akira. The memories those words brought back made his face feel warm. Takemi noticed, and mercilessly shot him with a coy curl of her lips.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how much you’ve matured since December,” she divulged, ”yet you can still blush like that?”

Akira almost pouted. Almost.

But as she’d said, this was no longer December. There was no longer an adversary to face, a team to protect, a crime to pay for…

Takemi gasped when he put his hands under her thighs and lifted her up, precipitately locking her arms around him in astonishment. Akira let a small smile sneak over his lips, but hid it by nuzzling into her dark locks.  

…an affection to disregard.



“I missed you,” he whispered before their lips met.

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can you do how the characters would act on Christmas!

It’s not even December yet and I am sO HYPE for Christmas you don’t even KNOW BOI

Inspiration for this scenario, yo!


  • Is so hype for the new game releases
  • Bakes holiday sweets with you
  • Loves any gift you give him tbh
  • Doesn’t have the money to buy you anything and he feels really bad, but he makes an AMAZING latte art masterpiece of YOUR FACE
  • Thinks he didn’t do a good job and you’re just like “???” because it’s fUCKING FANTASTIC
  • Spends the rest of the day cuddling up with you watching cute Christmas films


  • Totally starred in at least 5 Christmas related musicals; I shit you not
  • Insists you watch them with him
  • Makes you want to see him in an elf costume more often because HOT DAMN
  • You can be my “little helper” boi ;)
  • The beast is AWAKENED when you show him your sexy Santa outfit
  • Like, fuck the dinner; let’s get it on rn
  • But in all seriousness doe he offers to do the cooking so you can relax
  • CRIES when you get him a gift (a mirror)
  • He’s just so touched you thought of him when you picked something for him
  • Gets you a pretty heart diamond necklace with earrings and helps you put it on
  • Says something cringeworthy touching like, “But no fine jewel ever outshines you, my princess~”
  • Ends the evening with stargazing in the cold with sweaters on
  • Passionate kiss under the stars


  • Studied how to make peppermint bark coffee and asks for your feedback
  • Literally NAILED IT like oml can she be any more perfect? Das waifu right dere
  • Isn’t picky with gifts, as long as it comes from the heart
  • Takes you ice skating as your gift!
  • Never told you, but she used to ice skate back in her college days
  • So she’s like, AMAZING
  • You’d keep falling but she gets you up and guides you with her hands
  • Lets go of you once you get the hang of it
  • “I’m doing it! I’m really doing it, Jaehee!!”
  • “*giggles* I knew you could.”
  • Goes shopping with you at Barnes & Noble 
  • Gets books for y’all to read together
  • Falls asleep with you on couch during reading session


  • Honestly doesn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas
  • Uses money for everything
  • Fills the ENTIRE FLOOR with gifts for you
  • You spend 6 hours unwrapping them all
  • Takes you out to a five-star Italian restaurant on the other side of town for dinner
  • Like, fancy dishes
  • Fancy dishes EVERYWHERE
  • They’re all blurry af but his camera roll full of pictures of you is literally the best gift he can get
  • But then you give him a framed picture of you holding Elizabeth 3rd in your arms and he mentally loses his mind
  • He makes a copy to have them in both of his offices
  • Ends the night with “one more gift” HUEHUEHUE ;)


  • Literally tramples down the stairs to the Christmas tree
  • Almost knocks it over
  • Claims “Santa” ate the gingerbread cookies you baked
  • Got you a couple of things, but he got you the best gift of all
  • Like, how tf???
  • You named him Mr. Cuddles
  • If you get him a new flavor of Honey Buddha chips and Dr. Pepper, he’ll LOVE YOU EVEN  MORE THAN HE ALREADY DOES
  • Down for tacky sweaters
  • Christmas meme hunting
  • The one with the best memes gets to pick what board game to play
  • He wins
  • He picks Scrabble and OWNS YOUR ASS IN IT
  • “Saeyoung, ‘queefing’ isn’t a real word.”
  • “YES IT IS”
  • Wears nothing but an apron and attempts to cook the dinner but almost burns down the kitchen before you come in to save the day
  • “I thought it would taste better with it!”
  • RIP ham; y’all just order pizza instead and call it a night

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JD you can understand people giving up - it has been 8 months since December yet he publically is still with her. Publically. She has been playing her sick games for all these months so people find it hard to believe he can't shut it down. Fortunately the tabloids stories are so silly.But still 8 months!

I understand, but we have to endure, laugh at the articles like Nyc, Felix  Skippy and I are doing.

Thanks anon