can it be cup of russia now

The 2ps as shit my friends (and family[and me]) have said pt.  2
  • 2p America: Listen bucko I've seen more pussy in my 17 years of life than you ever will
  • 2p England: The first time I tried to cook I caught an oven mitt on fire and burned an orange. Don't ask how because I don't know either
  • 2p China: If you can't remember my name you can call me ling-ling or dumpling, I don't care
  • 2p France: I will literally break your finger if it comes any closer to my face
  • 2p Russia: *pouring 4 packets of sugar into a cup of tea* it's 6 in the morning and I went to bed at 4. I have so many regrets
  • 2p Canada: I'm going to slit the tires on my neighbor's car if he doesn't stop coming onto our land I swear to fucking god
  • 2p Italy: *breaks finger after catching a football**completely monotone* it seems that I'm in a bit of a situation. How unfortunate. Now, if you'll excuse me *goes to the nurse crying his eyes out*
  • 2p Germany: Yeah, I can speak German. Eat meine Dick
  • 2p Japan: The only thing darker than my soul is my hair
  • 2p Romano: *in response to 'you should wear a suit to bed'* you're right, I'll look dapper as fuck while I take a napper as fuck
  • 2p Austria: I can play skrillex on my ukulele
  • 2p Prussia: *nearly in tears* she took my flower crown
On Minako and Yuuri


I know a lot of people are trying to dissect Viktor and Yuuri and the dynamics of their coaching relationship. (It’s really hard though since there are literally no boundaries between them as student/coach, fiancés/lovers.)

But anyways: let’s talk about the single most underrated teacher/student relationship in the series.

The easy route to go with these characters is to parallel them with Yurio/Lilia. Both Lilia and Minako are celebrated dancers (they probably knew each other or of each other) and both are extraordinarily influential in their students’ skating styles. Yurio’s FS isn’t possible without Lilia’s ballet-boot-camp. We joke about how Yuuri’s dance mastery—and subsequent banquet shenanigans—is all because of Minako? 

What sets him apart as a skater?

His ridiculously high PCS scores? That’s Minako’s lasting influence—she trained Yuuri as a dancer, probably made sure he was as skilled in it as he possibly could be, and as a skater he made up the score gap with his artistry. Even notoriously hard to impress Yurio is intrigued by Yuuri’s step sequences—the figure skating component more “dance-like” than anything else.

But let’s go to the Scene that Keeps on Giving

1) We get Viktor and Minako in a room together. Please people, keep imagining them talking with each other. They are in many ways, very, very similar and very, very much in awe of Yuuri. If Viktor is an unending source of romantic love, Minako is basically his second mother, and an unending source of familial love. They are both Yuuri’s eccentric teachers.  They both are prodigies in their given fields.

(That pretty statue we see in Minako’s studio? That’s a Prix Benois and it’s the highest dance-award you can get. On that note… 

Hell: if Minako is in her 50s, she was most probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Win All her Prizes. She was probably, in-universe, The First Asian Woman to Dance Principle in X, Y, Z Ballet Company Abroad.

I know homophobia is handwaved in the Yuri on Ice universe, and to a lesser extent, racism. But Phichit and Otabek are always pointed out as trailblazers. When you see them crying or proud because they’ve done something for their country that no one else has? Minako’s been there, done that, and still hasn’t aged.


But going back to Viktor and Minako… Just think of all that underlying tension. Minako is all “Take advantage, Yuuri” to Yuuri’s face but you can bet she’s somewhat leery of Viktor. Because she’s heard the stories. If Yuuri’s idol-worship is keeping him from realizing how creepy Viktor’s arrival is… I’m imagining the good people of Hasetsu are all… “So this Viktor guy just shows up naked, unannounced, and he says he’s teaching Yuuri.” 





“Hand me another drink ji-san. He kept staring at my boy’s ass for all two hours of our ballet class.”)

Minako would probably be the first person to cut Viktor if he doesn’t make good on his coaching Yuuri promise.

2) The scene is used to establish that Yuuri is a genius of hard work.

(This distinction probably only means anything to Minako and Viktor, who most likely both worked their asses off but had the sheer talent to boost them up to living legend status.)

but: Here’s Where This Becomes The Most Enlightening Scene Ever


To unpack this:

Minako is low-key telling Viktor: “Yes, Yuuri gets anxious. It’s not just a competition thing. He’s been anxious his entire life. This is his coping mechanism.” 

And then: *bam* “I usually go along with him.”

Can we just?

Imagine baby Yuuri, who probably has used up all his spoons for the day, and then there’s his teacher Minako, who notices and goes all “Okay, what do you need? You need to skate? Ok. Let’s tell your parents, I’ll go with you, and I’ll stay with you.”

No questions asked, she’s just there.

Like—she’s either dancing with him or just watching him ice skate for however long it’ll take the anxiety attack to go away. 

The fuck.

For the entirety of his childhood, Yuuri has had this one woman support system of “You need to skate/dance right now? Kay, let me just find my coat, off we go Yuuri!” Can you imagine? How many hours? How many times a week? And she’d just go with him. 

Minako is the ideal teacher: She saw what Yuuri needed and gave it to him.

Bonus: She wasn’t at the GPF where Yuuri failed. She didn’t fly into Russia for the Rostelecom Cup where he was alone for the second half. You can imagine that before Viktor arrived, Minako was the person most likely to help Yuuri during an anxiety attack. 

Prompts from this post: the way you said “I love you”. My intention was to write small fills for all of these prompts when I hit blocks on other works. I had all the prompts in this one post and, with a bunch still unwritten, Tumblr told me I hit the maximum amount of text blocks allowed in a post. So I’m going to do this in sections.

All fills are Sid/Geno, not all in the same verse though some very well could be. I don’t think any of these ones are a first-time-saying-it, but more during their day to day interactions. Also, I’m not very angsty so some of the sadder prompts were interpreted differently than they were likely meant to be.

There is one that’s explicit. Be forewarned.

As a hello

Sidney can’t control his excitement when he hears Geno’s key in the front door. It’s been a long summer spent on two different continents and they’re finally together. Fit to bursting, Sidney races down the steps and slides into their entrance-way just as Geno pushes the door open. He stands there staring, just sharing a smile neither of them can contain, before Geno steps inside and Sidney throws himself in his boyfriend’s arms.

He holds on tight and whispers, “I love you,” over and over until Geno being there finally feels real.

Over a beer bottle

Riding high on their win and a few victory shots, Sidney’s relaxing at their table in the bar and nursing a beer.

It was a hell of an evening, a 5-4 win over the Flyers, a moral victory just as much as a physical one. Most of the guys are still recapping the game in the booth but a few of the singles are mingling around, looking for a warm body for the night.

Sidney toes the arch of Geno’s foot where his is pressed against it under the table. Geno looks up at him so Sidney fiddled with the wet label on the beer bottle and turns so his eyes are on the other side of the room. Out of the corner of his mouth he says, low enough that only Geno will hear, “Love you.”

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair

Sidney loves the porch swing at his house in Cole Harbour. He spends hours at a time on it, reading, watching the lake, talking on the phone, each day he’s home. It’s the perfect length for him to lay back on, one leg curled up on the swing and the other pushing lazily at the porch to sway him to and fro.

It’s also the perfect length — Sidney finds out the first time Geno visits him at this home — for Sidney to sit tucked into one corner and Geno to lay draped across him, head resting in the crook of Sidney’s arm on the armrest. They’ve spent hours here just listening to the calm, Geno drifting in and out of consciousness.

The sun has been setting for a while and Sidney really should get up to start on their dinner, but the sun’s last rays have them both cast in fiery hues and Geno is lit up like a God, every part of his summer tan shimmering and his hair glowing in the light. It hits Sidney like this sometimes, like a Mack truck he’s just slammed into, a suddenly overwhelming wave of love that leaves him breathless, achy and clingy all at once. He brushes his hand through Geno’s hair, as soft as he can so they can sit undisturbed just a little while longer, and whispers so feverently even he can hear the ache in his voice, “I love you.”

Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble

Sidney grips at Geno’s back, arms wrapped around his shoulders and his face tucked into Geno’s neck. He’s only holding on at this point, his back arched off the bed and his hips moving in time with Geno’s. There are tears pricking his eyes and Sidney gasps every time Geno thrusts into him, clutching harder at Geno’s back.

Hes so close to the edge, his cock rubbing against Geno’s stomach with every movement. His spine is lit up in pleasure from the overwhelming sensations and Sidney feels torn, wanting to come and wanting to stay in stasis just as he is for the rest of his life.

His mouth is moving but he’s to the point where he can’t tell what he’s even saying anymore. He shouts when Geno wraps a hand around him between their bodies, coming on an upstroke, throwing his headback and riding the sensation of white-hot bliss.

When he comes down, still writhing beneath Geno while the other man holds still, he can recognize his babble for what it is; a constant stream of “I love you”.

From very far away

Geno’s been back in Russia for a few days now and Sidney’s yet to go home to Cole Harbour. The season took so much out of them both, Geno was happy to leave town and leave another year without the cup behind him. Sidney prefers to drag these things out rather than try to run away from his problems. He’s been sulking around the house since Geno left 5 days ago, only just getting started on closing down the house for summer.

He wants to give Geno his space — it’s the least he could do after the blowup that was their round one exit — but he misses him. He misses the low rumble of his voice in his chest when Sidney would lay with an ear pressed against it. He misses how Geno’s hugs are more like an envelope of love surrounding him, drowning him. Sidney wraps his own arms around himself in lieu of Geno’s and tries to get on with his packing; the sooner he goes home the sooner he’s back in Pittsburgh with Geno.

Later that night, Sidney’s in the kitchen, trying to satisfy a late night hunger for junk food that just won’t leave. He gives it all up for the summer every year, the last piece of it always being before the potential last game of the season so there’s no excuse to not start on his summer diet right away. He hasn’t touched it in more than a week but figures he can have just one more bowl of ice cream, if to do nothing other but soothe the ache in his heart where Geno sits. He pulls open the freezer and grabs his tub of chocolate ice cream. He’s skipping the bowl — Geno isn’t there to judge him while he eats it straight from the container — and notices a small piece of paper tucked into the edge of the lid once he sets the ice cream down on the kitchen island. It wasn’t there the last time he has a bowl, he knows that for sure, and his heart beat picks up as he pulls it off the lid and flips the paper open.

It reads, “я люблю тебя”.

Over your shoulder

It’s the start of a new season. The ice is fresh, smooth and cold, ready for their blades to slice through it. The crowd is roaring itself into a frenzy after having gone months without their sport, their team.

Sidney feels the anxiousness of it all boiling through his blood. He feels on fire, lit up and aware like only hockey can make him. He’s ready, the motions of his game-day routine already broken in like an old hat. Warmup gear, peanut butter sandwich, soccer, and warmups, all before changing into his pads and skates, freshly taped sticks leaning on the bench to his left.

The last part is with Geno, their handshake engrained in both their routines. He’s doesn’t know how he ever stepped onto ice before it. They bump fists first and then to the crest on each other’s chest, before they lean in, helmets tapping. Geno swats his stick softly at Sidney’s ass as he turns to head to the ice, crowd drawing him out. Sidney turns his head over his shoulder and glances back at Geno, mouth where the cameras can’t see. “Love you.”

Muffled, from the other side of the door

“What were you even thinking? Locking them in the closet like this?”

“You’re not Flower.”

“This isn’t even a funny prank.”

“I’m sorry, okay? They were fighting and I’ve heard locking people in a room together can make them sort it out. I’ve even seen you guys do it!” Rusty flails to explain.

Sidney sighs and tips his forehead against the door. Ian’s been wiggling a credit card through the lock for a solid five minutes now while Dana searches for the key. It isn’t a well used storage closet, and who knows how long Geno and Phil have been in it for. Rusty makes it sound like it was a while before he came to get help.

“Guys?” Sidney calls softly through the space where the door meets the jam. “We’re working on getting you out, okay? Bryan’s sorry.” He throws a glare over his shoulder to watch the young kid hang his head.

“I’m lucky Geno hasn’t eaten me yet with the way his stomach keeps growling. Can you guys work faster?” Phil calls through the door, voice muffled.

The door creaks with weight as someone on the other side shifts. Sidney feels it press into where his shoulder is, just a little.

Geno’s “Love you, Sid,” is right in his ear.

Leon Goretzka: Back Home

Request: Leon Goretzka gets back home after a long trip away.

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The thing about drawing freckles is that your graphite pencils must be sharpened to perfection, and that you have to plant each freckle with utmost care, intricately calculating the shape and depth and darkness of each one. I sat there for countless minutes carefully threading Leon’s freckles onto the soft paper skin of a man of my imagination, a stranger I created who was not supposed to look like Leon Goretzka. But he had morphed into him when I’d zoned out for merely seconds, my pencil sprouting tufts of hair out of his head and delicately sprinkling those lovely freckles onto his face.

Longing tugs at my heart as I look at the finished micro-carbon version of him forever trapped in my sketchbook. I desperately missed the real thing. Leon has been gone for over two weeks now with the German national team in Russia. The plan was that I would go with him, but my leg ended up in a cast after falling down the stairs only days before I was supposed to travel, and the whole thing was scrapped. I only got the damned cast off on the day of the confederations cup final, so one can imagine how bitter I feel. Skype calls and text messages were not enough for me; I wanted to hear his voice in my ears and have his hands in my hair and feel his lips against mine. I wanted to melt against his warm, warm body and trace his freckles with my fingertips. I wanted a lot of things, and I would still have to wait for another day.

I turn over the page and start on another sketch as the waiter sets another mug of green tea on the table. I’ve escaped our tiny apartment in search of a distraction out on the streets of Gelsenkirchen, and ended up here, sipping tea and drawing away.

Hours pass before I decide to go back home and call it a day. I sulk as I walk back to the apartment I’ve shared with Leon for the last 6 months, glaring at the bright azure sky for not reflecting the misery I was feeling at that moment. The minute I get into my flat I know something is wrong; I go into the kitchen to fill myself a glass of water, but there’s something strange as I look around my place. It looks much more neat and tidy than what I remember it looking like before I left this afternoon. Like someone had taken the time of their day to clean all the tabletops and wash the dishes and hang the towels where they were supposed to be hung. For a second I close my eyes and paranoia kicks in. I start to wonder if I’d forgotten to unlock the door when I left and if it was even closed when I got back. Anxiety clouds my mind and I set the half full glass back on the marble counter and my brain goes haywire, imagine a thousand different scenarios all including crazy serial killers hiding in my apartment out to get me.

I tiptoe around the living room, growing increasingly suspicious and nervous as I stare at the arranged pillows lining the sofa and coffee table devoid of any dirty mugs and plates. My heart races faster as I enter mine and Leon’s bedroom, to find the be made with a fresh set of clean sheets I definitely did not put out this morning. My hand finds my phone before I can register it, and I begin to dial my best friend’s number.


A pang of fear slices through me and I scream so loud I’m sure it’s heard all over the town. I fall over onto the bed and that’s when I see him. Leon is standing at the door and in a pair of sweatpants, clutching his heart and laughing hysterically at my reaction. A slew of swearwords follows on my part and I spring up from the bed and throw myself at him, punching any part of him that I can reach as he wraps his arms around me and attempts to hug me, still laughing.

I realize then that my eyes were tearing up both as a result of fear and how much I’d missed him. I finally give up resisting and let myself melt into his arms, which I notice have a stronger grip due to intensified training this past month. “Why did you do that?” I mumble meekly into his shirt and he chuckles yet again.

“Sorry, Liebe, I wanted to surprise you.” Leon leads us to our bed and sits down with me on his lap, still embracing him tightly. “I’ve missed you so, so much. I wish you could have been with me.”

He tries to kiss me and I push him away, deciding to give him a hard time instead. “I’ve missed you too. When did you get here?”

“A few hours ago,” he flashes a cheeky smile. “I saw the place was a mess and decided to clean up a little. I’m seeing now it has creeped you out a little. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

I laugh and nuzzle my face into his neck, breathing in the warm scent of him. “Don’t you ever do that again, Leon. And I’m not just talking about this; I don’t care if my entire body is in a cast, next time, I’m going with you.”

Leon nods, smiling, before he leans in and tries to kiss me. This time I let him.


Sorry I only just posted this; I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and spent most of today in my bed sulking. I’m almost done with the Max Meyer request, so to the anon who asked me, sorry it took longer, it just took a while for me to think of something, it’ll be up in an hour or two!

Anyway to the anon who requested this, I really hope you enjoyed it, tell me how you liked it! :D

2ps reacting to their Nyotalia selves

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “finally someone who can keep up in baseball, LETS PLAY” 

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “so…you are me as a girl…you still like animals right?”

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: “…what cup size are you?”

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “YOU ARE SO CUTE!”

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “…..i am the only one here who is shocked  out about gender bent versions of our self” 

Yang Wang / 2p china: “so you are me, but a girl, what is like having boobs?” 

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “LET’S GET A DRINK!”

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “i think you might be the only one i like around here now” 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “YOU ARE FABULOUS” 

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “s-so you are m-me…d-do -you maybe w-want to hang out…p-please” 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “meh by this point i am not shocked anymore” 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: *takes out sword* “there can be only one”

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: *they don’t talk to each other and are just sleeping* 

wizardmafianinjapirate  asked:

HOLY SHIT A FLOWER SHOP AU AND A STEPFAMILY AU IN ONE DAY???? YOU AND KES ARE UNBELIEVABLE (also when does Kenjirou (not sure i spelt that right??) first call Viktor dad?)

Sorry I’ve been taking so long on putting out more posts for this AU guys XD I’ll try and answer one of your asks a day about it until they’ve been answered. 

Remember guys, you can read the rest of the posts in this AU in my Stepfamily AU tag~!

Anyways yes here you go:

  • Yuri, Victor, and Yura (which is what I’ll be calling Yurio from now on) are in Russia for the Rostelecom cup. And after Yuri’s freeskate, they get the call that Makkachin is in hospital, so Victor has to rush back home.
  • Initially, he wants to take Yura with him, but Yura is absolutely adamant that he just HAS TO stay in Russia with his daddy because he doesn’t want him to be alone, and he needs someone to cheer for him, and Yura promises he’ll be a good boy.
  • After Yuri assures Victor that he’s completely okay with it, Victor gives in. But before he leaves for Japan he calls in a favour from Yakov, who is back in Russia now since Georgi’s already completed his two qualifying competitions for the Grand Prix, and Yakov doesn’t have any other male skaters competing this season. Yakov reluctantly agrees to be Yuri’s coach for the free skate.
  • Victor hops on the first plane he can get a ticket for, on pins and needles for the entire duration of the flight, worried about not only Maccachin, but also Yuri.
  • It’s about 1 in the afternoon when Victor arrives back in Hasetsu, and he decides to go back to Yu-topia first to drop off his luggage and get a quick change of clothes before he goes to the vet clinic, only to be attacked by his silly poodle as soon as he opens the door. Victor stares in confusion at Maccachin, who is just as energetic and affectionate as always.
  • Hearing the commotion, Mari comes into the hallway, and as soon as she sees Victor, her expression morphs into one of guilt, and she immediately starts apologizing, saying that it was just a false alarm and that the vets were able have Maccachin out of the clinic in just a few hours and that he’s entirely fine now.
  • Victor just feels this huge wave of relief crash over him as he hugs Maccachin tightly to his chest, reassuring Mari that he’s not upset at all, that he’s just happy Maccachin is okay, and that he appreciates that they had immediately let him know what had happened to him.
  • Victor gets up from the ground where Maccachin had tackled him to, and he’s about to head back up to his room for a quick shower and a nap before Yuri’s free skate is set to begin (he hadn’t slept at all on the plane ride and he’s completely dead on his feet), when suddenly, a little blond head pokes around the corner.
  • Kenjirou’s entire face lights up when he sees Victor, and he screams “PAPA!” and goes toddling up to him with arms wide open, asking to be picked up. 
  • Victor’s expression immediately brightens, and he sweeps the two-year-old into his arms. “I’m sorry, solnyshko,” he says, the pet name coming naturally to his lips as he nuzzles the toddler’s tummy, drawing a delighted giggle out of him. “Papa is still in Russia. It’s just me today.”
  • Kenjiro giggles and pats him on the cheek, babbling excitedly about something that Victor can’t even hope to understand. Mari watches the entire thing with fond exasperation, telling Victor that Kenjirou had been awake all the previous night, cranky because he had missed Victor and Yuri.
  • Victor smiles and moves Kenjirou to just one arm so he can pick his luggage back up. “Then we’ll just go take a nap together now, won’t we, Kenjirou-kun?”
  • Kenjirou giggles again and cheers, “Nap with papa!”
  • Victor’s brain short-circuits as he realizes that Kenjirou hadn’t been calling for Yuri earlier, but that he had been calling Victor himself “papa”. His face flushes a bright red, he’s so flustered and excited.
  • The two of them end up napping the entire afternoon away, and only wake up when Victor’s alarm goes off about half an hour before Yuri’s scheduled to skate. As Victor turns on his laptop to open the livestream for the Rostelecom cup, Kenjirou climbs into his lap, and he just looks so adorable with his hair sticking every which way and his eyes half-mast because he’s still half-asleep, that Victor just can’t help taking a selfie of the two of them.
  • He posts it to his instagram, with the caption “Watching the Rostelecom stream with my little man! Sending lots of love to #katsukiyuuri!”

I can’t believe the Mexico NT treated me right for once in my life and were amongst the first teams to qualify for the World Cup, so now I can enjoy the CONMEBOL drama like:

Originally posted by counterclockwise-clockcounter

okay so we know what other competing skaters/coaches thought of victor’s decision to coach yuuri ( “yeah it won’t last, we want him back” ) and japanese commentators like morooka generally just seemed way more interested in yuuri overall to comment much about whatever victor was doing in his life. 

we also know that it has to have become common knowledge that victor and yuuri are engaged at the grand prix final. they kissed at the cup of china, they’re wearing literal gold wedding bands on their ring fingers (and on the hand which is traditionally used for wedding rings in russia), the multiple ring kisses before the short program at the GPF, the ice dance, etc etc. 

we don’t yet know other competing skaters’ reactions to victor’s decision both to return to competition while still coaching yuuri, but what i really want to know is what the international community thinks of this??? like retired professionals or commentators, because they’ve just observed

  • obviously very skilled and talented yuuri katsuki have a poor showing at his first grand prix final and bomb his entire season, struggling to get back on his feet;
  • a viral youtube video of yuuri katsuki, who’s just left his coach in america for the first time in five years, skating living legend victor nikiforov’s routine to near perfection*;
  • victor announcing barely any time later that he’s going to be yuuri’s new coach - had they been secretly planning this/working together for a while before announcing it?;
  • victor choreographs short programs for katsuki and plisetsky, who also shows up in japan (have any of these russians ever interacted with yuuri katsuki before???? there’s no evidence about this and the international media would like to know!!!)
  • victor and yuuri go fairly under the radar for a while;
  • yuuri announces on japanese national television that he wants to hold onto victor and that he’s very consciously calling that emotion “love” (debatable how much this makes it into international commentary at the international competitions, but fans def know)
  • victor and yuuri kiss at the cup of china;
  • victor and yuuri are clearly romantically involved at the cup of russia;
  • victor and yuuri are straight up engaged at the grand prix final, when the hell did this happen holy balls how long have they been in a relationship;
  • victor has both his world records broken by programs he choreographed;
  • victor is…. returning to competition??? but still coaching yuuri katsuki??? his fiancé??? can anyone explain the season they’ve just witnessed?!???

i really want to hear the commentary on that one when the next season kicks off, like the american commentators at skate america going “well it was clearly very gay phil but how do we think they’re feeling right now? did yuuri katsuki’s theme of ‘love’ last season and record-breaking performances prove that their combined gay powers will be enough to keep both of them at a mental and physical level they need to be?”

*but for a few downgraded jumps

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what the 2ps would do if they found the reader crying alone in their room? Please and thank you xx :)

2p America: Hey doll I was wondering if you- Wait are you crying? Wait don’t cry why are you crying oh my gosh I don’t know how to hANDLE THIS WAIT STAY HERE LEMME GET SOME CHOCOLATE AND STUFFED ANIMALS OR SOMETHING I GOT THIS

2p England: Oh, poppet, what on earth is wrong? Did someone say something? Come here come here *practically engulfs you in his arms* Sh it’s alright Ollie is here for you

2p France: …..*awkward cough* Don’t cry, whatever it is will be..fine- *awkwardly pats your head* Yeah

2p Russia: *quietly hugs you* …

2p China: Nope *picks you up* You’re not allowed to be sad *squeezes you* Feel be t t e r

2p Canada: Hm, this is awkward-  *walks over and kisses your forehead* But I’m here now tell me what the hell happened

2p Japan: *slow blink* *decides to let you have your personal space*


2p Italy: *takes your hand and kisses it* Mind telling me why tears are running down such a beautiful face? *pulls you in for a hug*

2p Romano: Honey no tears do not look good on you a smile would better suit you especially with that type of purple you’re wearing- *smiles and cups your cheeks* Now smile~

2p Prussia: I- *shuffles over and hugs you while stroking your hair* ….Is there something I can do to maybe help..? No? Then I’ll just hug you until you feel better..


My 3rd sharing from ‘‪Yuzuru Method‬’:
~Senior debut, 15-16 years old (2010-2011)~

NHK Trophy

His senior debut was in the autumn of 2010. The 1st competition was NHK Trophy (in Nagano) with Daisuke Takahashi and Takahito Mura. Of course, the tickets were sold out. It was the season just after Vancouver Olympics and Japan’s figure skating fever was at a peak.
Day after day, TV broadcasted promotions and special programmes on NHK Trophy. They also focused on Hanyu who was the World Junior Champ last season and had just moved up to senior level. All the TV channels and news called him “Japan’s next ace”.
The music he chose for SP was ‘White Legend’ from Swan Lake, and for FP 'Zigeunerweisen’ by Sarasate.

October 22nd, the ladies’ competition started. The men’s competition was the next day, so Hanyu was in the hotel resting his body, and he watched the competition on TV.
Kanako Murakami, who was also World Junior Champ last season, had also moved up to senior level like him. As a peer and a friend, Hanyu watched her performance attentively. Her uptempo 'Jumping Jack’ was fresh and lively, and she achieved an amazing 2nd place in the short programme.

NHK Trophy being the 1st competition of Hanyu’s senior debut, there was actually no pressure for him to be on the podium. But seeing Murakami’s good fight, he suddenly became anxious. In his hotel room, he played games and tried to ease his own anxiety, but he could not fall asleep for a long time that night.

The next day, his turn came.
“Do the jump axis properly on the right, keep the shoulders level.”
These were points to note given by Coach Nanami Abe. Thinking these important points in his head, he did a gesture like a cross over his body. It was a gesture that he made up himself, and he had started doing this from about 1st year of juniors. It was a routine gesture that helped him to focus.
Opening jump, he did a beautiful triple axel. He skated with his feelings and flowed with the music. His position for SP was 5th.
(video link : White Legend is so beautiful)

The next day was the free programme and he would be challenging the quadruple toeloop in competition for the 1st time. Actually, in normal practice, his quad toeloop success rate was still not high. In the Sendai rink where he practised, he himself was the top skater. There were no skaters practising quads around him and he rarely had the chance to see a live quad jump. Now, at the official practices, Japan’s top skaters like Takahashi and Mura were jumping quads all over the rink. Hanyu’s eyes took it all in.
It was different from watching a video. Breathing, timing, sound of blades scraping the ice, softness in the spring of the whole body, all this could be felt at close distance.
He overlapped the images of Takahashi and Mura onto himself and entered into the path of his jump. His top-heavy theories after his own process of trial-and-error, he put those away and thought only of the images of Takahashi and Mura. That morning’s practice, he landed his 4T cleanly. He couldn’t help feeling really happy about it. And he waited impatiently for evening to come.

Evening time, the FP competition began. Before his turn, Coach Abe did not say this or that; she only reminded him to be careful about 'entering the right axis’.
The music of 'Zigeunerweisen’ started powerfully, and for his opening jump he landed a beautiful quad toeloop. As if his body had been familiar with it for many years, it was a graceful and supple quad toe. He was overjoyed.

However, the world of senior competitions was not that sweet. Rotating and landing that 4T which he did not easily land in practice, used up a lot of strength in his body. In the 2nd half, he made a mistake in the triple lutz and the loop was just a single.
“I landed the 4T but my legs became really tired and my stamina was not enough…..”
“But in such a tense atmosphere, landing that 4T which was more beautiful than expected, it was really good. I also succeeded in the 3A-3T in the 2nd half. After that, it was (a lack of) body strength. For my next competition, I want to perform better and get onto the podium. At the senior level, I really get the feeling that I am representing Japan. Getting onto the senior podium is the real thing.”
(FP: 4th place. Overall: 4th)

[Video link;  the commentator said: Yuzu is getting tired in the 2nd half but he is only 15 and has just moved up from juniors; the requirement in senior level is 30 seconds longer for the FP.]

In the days after NHK Trophy, the figure of Hanyu carrying 4 kg dumbbells in each hand, going up and down the stairs could be seen.  One hour each day.
“My stamina was not enough in the free programme during NHK Trophy. So I am training my body trunk/torso. When my torso is stronger, my jumps will be more stable.”


Being 4th in NHK Trophy in October, Hanyu’s mind was set on the podium for Cup of Russia in November.  It was held in Moscow, at the Megasport Arena.

Official practice started. Thinking too much about getting onto the podium, his eyes were drawn to the skaters around him. All were doing quads easily.  At NHK Trophy, as a challenger, he innocently absorbed the jumps of Takahashi and Mura. This time, he was aiming for the 2nd successful quad in competition.
For his SP, he had no quads. He did a clean programme (70.24 points) and was in 6th place. This meant he was in the last group for the FP competition. (ie. the top 6 skaters)

Preparing for the FP, his eyes were drawn to the the manner/style of the quads of other skaters. Of course, being too conscious of his surroundings meant that he could not concentrate on himself.
The actual competition came. For his opening jump, there was some impatience and the quad toeloop became a triple toeloop instead. The usual mistake was missing the timing totally and turning it into single jump, or falling on it, but this (4T–> 3T) was very unexpected. He also had a fall before his step sequence. At the end, his score of 132.42 was much lower than expected.

Because of the rule that “triple jumps can be repeated only up to 2 kinds of jumps”, his 3Lutz-2Toe combination in the 2nd half broke that rule and was given zero points.
(t/n. this was due to his 4T at the start turning into a 3T, so it caused him to have one too many repeated triple jumps. Plan was: 4T, 3A, 3F, 3Lz+2T // 3A+3T, 3Lz+2T+2T, 3Lo, 3S.) (// denotes start of 2nd half)
It was a mistake that caused a loss of 8 points and it had never happened to him before. Sitting in the Kiss&Cry, he was crestfallen and his shoulders drooped. Coach Abe said to him, “From now on, let’s also do the simulation for situations where it (the quad) becomes a triple.” He just nodded quietly.

[Video of FP]

However, when he came before the reporters, the frustration came out before the introspection.
“I’ve always had the thought that I do not want to lose to the quadruple jump. I told myself, even if I fall, even if I die, I will definitely do the quad. That is why I do not want to think about things like 'the jump becoming a triple’ and I have not done any simulation practice. Inside me, I did not want to allow that.”

That was just like him, his kind of guts. For normal skaters, there is a high possibility of 'a little faintheartedness /weakness’ during competition where the quad becomes a triple, and so they would do simulation practice on such a mistake and how to recover for the triple in the 2nd half.  But for Hanyu, to make assumptions of 'a little weakness’ means you are already defeated.
“Rather than regretting about not doing simulations, I regret more that I could not do my quad. Triple toeloop, how many years have I been doing that already, I feel so down and so snubbed.”

Just a simple “after reflection, from now on I will do simulation practice in case I make mistakes on jumps”… even if you rip his mouth, he would not say things like that.  To strategise with an assumption of weakness is the same as sliding backwards, regression. One will not be able to climb over the wall (ie. conquer the challenge).

“There are many walls inside me….. The 1st one is the success of my quads. At last month’s NHK Trophy, I thought I had conquered this wall, but that self-confidence turned into over-confidence. NHK Trophy was in my own country; a competition in a foreign country is another big experience. I am full of regrets, but there’s nothing I can do about it now, the past cannot be reversed. But I really enjoy quad jumps. Precisely because they are difficult, I can find them so enjoyable. I will practise everyday.”

During the interview with the reporters, he saw the final results on the monitor screen. Gachinsky who was 3rd at Junior Worlds last year, was in 6th place. (Yuzu in 7th place)
“Aargh, I was the junior champion last year and he was third! I cannot forgive myself for losing to him. I am so angry with myself right now! But with rivals like that, we can become stronger. I have to include a quad in my short programme as well. It’s been a long time since I felt this regretful……. So what if I’m the Junior World Champ. I am not a junior anymore,  I cannot compete with a junior’s mentality. I realise that now. Ahhh….. I want to quickly return to Japan to practise! I don’t need to watch the exhibition. I can also use the practice rink here to skate or play my free programme music. I want to practise!!!”

“There are so many regrets, I am glad.”
A bit more about Cup of Russia 2010:

Being in 6th place after the short programme at Cup of Russia, Hanyu was in the group of top 6 skaters for the free programme. In that group was Patrick Chan.
He knew that Chan had an established reputation as “world number one” in skating skills, but to see him for real and to practise together, it was the first time.

Unable to contain his excitement, in that morning’s official practice, he could not concentrate on practising his quad jumps, instead he skated behind Chan. Following behind him, he could see what kind of timing Chan had, how much of an angle his blades tilted, how much acceleration he had.
In any case, just skating to follow him took all of Hanyu’s efforts. In addition, with that footwork with the deeply inclined blades that look like they would fall over, and at great speed, Chan did a magnificent quadruple toeloop. It was a masterpiece.
“Patrick is amazing….. It’s good that I could see a strong person.”

In the end, because he was paying too much attention to Chan and other skaters, he did not concentrate on himself. He placed 7th at Cup of Russia. However he felt concretely that he had received something more important than placing.
“Just as I thought, it’s good that I moved up to senior level. I enjoy it. There are so many frustrations/regrets (kuyashii) and I am glad about it. There are still many parts to grow stronger in…… I know what is right before me. I can become stronger.”

Hanyu was not selected for the exhibition.
But he had to go there the next day for an interview. He saw Chan and other skaters practising for the exhibition.

“You can’t help but look at great skaters like Patrick. Watching from outside the rink, one’s eyes are just drawn to him. Skating with him, I can feel his aura. During practice, I feel that I have to give way. 'Top of the World is here! I better get out of the way!’ I get this kind of feeling….”

But there was a strong tone of 'however’.
“If you beat the top of the world, then you are at the top.  I have to fix my eyes on that.  Now I am still on the way there and it is so enjoyable.”

“This is my first time in Russia. The buildings are all so big and the area is vast. In 3 years’ time, the Olympics will be in this country….. I want to compete in Sochi Olympics. I must come to Sochi!”

End of season:
In December 2010, he turned 16 years old. At the Japanese nationals, he put up a good fight and achieved 4th place (and was selected for the 4 Continents Championships).  [FP video]
In February 2011, in his first 4CC (in Taipei), he landed a beautiful quad toeloop and won the silver medal.  Like a dream, he achieved success and his first senior year came to an end.  

4CC: SP video / FP video

(Note: not a proper translation, I paraphrased some parts, some parts are left out.  Pics: all from internet, thanks to original owners.)


Congratulations Germany for winning World Cup 2014! Prussia must be really happy now, for he finally be able to win the cup together with West (last time Germany won the cup, they’re still separate countries). Ugh, siblings feels once again, why did I have to torture myself?

What a roller coaster of a tournament! I’ve been following WCs from 1998 and so far, I think this year’s the most dramatic and interesting of all. Thank you Brasil for hosting such wonderful world cup, good job for every country who participated, and hello to Russia as the next host of World Cup 2018!

Damn, it’ll be hard to move on from this, I wanna watch all of the matches once again they’re just so good! Will they release a DVD set for this WC2014? Please tell me they do.

papa-matthew  asked:

To the mun: Do any of the littles outside of Ludwig enjoy being bottle-fed?

(For sure. Some of them are a bit older then the bottle feeding age, but they still enjoy it immensely. 

I think Ivan would be one of those littles, but only now and again. He can usually drink all by himself using big-boy cups. But sometimes, he just really craves that closeness that comes with bottle feeding.
Kiku is another one. He won’t let anyone bottle feed him in the nursery. But when he is the security and privacy of his own home, then he will allow his caregiver to bottle feed him, if he so wishes.
Lila really really likes bottle feedings. She actually routinely drinks from bottles, both in and out of the nursery. There easier to carry around, cute, and a lot more satisfying.
Francis doesn’t use bottles unless he is in his own home. And he does enjoy bottle feeding, because it feels rather bonding, and he can go down to his youngest age.
Feliciano really likes them too. He can feel really little and really cute when he is being fed. Be careful though, he’s a bit of a dribbler.
Finally, Vash. It may be a bit surprising, but he sort of likes them too. But you will only ever get him to take a bottle from you if he really trusts you. Otherwise, he will point-blank refuse.)

The USMNT have failed to qualify for next summer’s World Cup.

They had an extremely disappointing qualification campaign, but heading into tonight’s game against Trinidad & Tobago, they still had control over their own destiny.  A win or even a draw would have secured their advancement to Russia.

So of course they came out with no heart or passion or urgency and they lost 2-1.

I’m so pissed off right now I can’t even think coherently.  

Bruce Arena was obviously the wrong man for the job after Jurgen Klinsmann’s firing.  Sunil Gulati is not the man to head the USSF.  And almost every single player needs to be massively ashamed of their own performances.  I hate to be rash but they need to clean house from top to bottom.  Build the team around Pulisic and the young players currently at the u-17 World Cup.  Continue what Klinsmann started by incorporating more overseas based players.  Don’t let those players come back to MLS as they are still establishing themselves in Europe.  Get rid of pay-to-play in the youth system.  

These are just a few things that need to be done right away.  

I’ll post more of my own ideas and thoughts as well as some links tomorrow once I calm down from this.  It’s just so disappointing right now to be a USMNT fan and supporter.

Why Viktor kissing Yuuri’s skate is significiant

So I did this as an answer firstly but after I decided to make a post out of it:

Viktor kissing Yuuri’s skate and Yuuri being clearly comfortable with it can mean a lot of things of course.

In my opinion two main things are:

Firstly it shows that Viktor and Yuuri are comfortable with each other, and they know what they feel. There is usually at least two weeks between Rosetelecom and China cup so they had time to talk about the kiss and their relationship. They love each other and affectionate.

Secondly: They are in Russia. Russia was in uproar about Viktor leaving to coach “some” Japanese skater after a video. ANd now Living Figure Skating Legend Viktor Nikiforov KNEELS DOWN before said “some” Japanese kid and proceeds to kiss his skates in recognition and love that he feels for this man and his skating. IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, ESP. THE RUSSIAN MEDIA :D <3 You gotta love Viktor after this :D

Of course there can be a lot of interception but I feel these two are the most important ones!

Tom Hilde mars 23, 2016  

The season is over and it’s time for a break, but i wanted to write a short summary before i start my easter vacation. Winning the CoC overall was a highlight, specially because I only jumped 14/27 competitions. The experience going to Russia all alone is probably something I will remember forever, and even managing to get two 4th places, without coaches, physiotherapist, wax guys or service men made it worth the trip. Huge thanks to the Austrians for filming me, Slovenia for picking up my bib(when i forgot to do it :P), Germany for adjusting my suit and the Czech physio for making sure I had warm clothes in the outrun. When i stood on top of the podium and they played the national anthem for me after winning the overall, I decided to end the season as a tourist in Planica with the rest of the boys instead of all alone in Russia. Even though i didn’t contribute a lot, I did get some wc points and got to go on the podium and receive the yellow bib for winning the nations cup.

Now I am really looking forward to a break from Ski jumping and training to clear my head and figure out why i didn’t succeed as well as i hoped. I reached some of my goals, but I guess i need some time before I can really start the evaluation, figure out what went wrong, what to improve and how to be better next year.

And finally.. Thanks for all the support. You guys are great and without fans and sponsors we would have been nothing.

Eighty-Six Years

Just a little Oliver and Felicity on the road drabble.

AO3 here.

PS- That field wedding piece was a VERY delayed posting.  Not sure what that’s about.

“We are his Plan B,” Malcolm says, just as the speaker on one of her
computers comes to life with a burst of static.

“-el-…Fel…ty. Anyone?”

She runs to the station, fingers flying over the keyboard as she tries to
clean up the transmission. “Oliver! Oliver!”

Malcolm leans in, and she has to resist the urge to push him away. “Where
are you? Where is Ra’s?”

“Ra’s jumped out. He has the virus.”

“What do you mean, Ra’s jumped out?” Felicity demands, just as Laurel


A streak of red brightens the sky. A plane, falling to earth too fast.

“No,” she whimpers.

“Felicity.” His voice sounds tired, resigned. Broken. “I’m sorry. For
everything. I’m so sorry. I – ”

The transmission cuts out just as the plane crashes. The windows shake as
Felicity screams. “NO!”

Her eyes pop open.

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