can it be christmas yet!!

  • yuuri: vik, can we open presents yet
  • yurio: not until the first star shows,, stupid
  • viktor: well bitches, here's the star
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“I really can’t stay.”

“But, baby, it’s cold outside.”

Sam’s eyes squinted as he stared at his brother and his best friend from his perch at the table. His eyes narrowed almost to closing as he watched them over the screen of his laptop. Part of him wanted to laugh at the lines, and another part of him seriously considered that they had no idea they were quoting a Christmas classic.

“I got to get home.” Castiel’s deep voice echoed through the silent bunker.

Dean raised an eyebrow with a plea lacing his pupils. “But, baby, you’d freeze out there.”

At this point Sam had had enough. With a loud sigh he slammed his laptop shut, gaining the other two men’s attention, before he glared at the both of them evenly. “Seriously?!”

At that, Dean smirked with a cocky shrug. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

Sam pointed a finger at him with growing agitation. “You two. All it ever is around here is you two being disgustingly in love. If you’re going to play weird games where you quote romantic shit, go to another room. I’m glad you two are happy together but seriously it’s too much to witness every goddamn second of every goddamn day and I’m trying to do research.”

Castiel couldn’t help the small smirk upturning his lips. “Dean said that it would be fun to see how long it would take until you cracked.”

The last thing Castiel heard before both brothers darted from the room was the sound of Dean’s belly deep laughter. The fallen angel watched with a priceless smile as the younger brother chased the older brother through the bunker halls with obscenities spewing from his lips.

It was the first Christmas that Castiel felt he had a home to finally find happiness in.

When the laughter died down, and no more thundering footsteps were echoing against the walls, Dean came charging toward Castiel with a shit-eating grin on his face. The two embraced like an old dance they had practiced for decades.

Just as Dean was pressing his lips to Castiel’s forehead he whispered, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Castiel could only chuckle as he sunk deeper into the warmth of Dean’s chest and let himself forget about the waging snow crashing down on top of the bunker.


I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet this year. We’re nearly there!

Dating Jungkook (Part 1)

Dating Jungkook means you have to deal with:

  • Surprise back hugs
  • Lots of cooking for the big baby
  • Morning kisses 
  • “where’s my present?” he asks
  • “babe, its not Christmas yet”
  • “but can’t I get an early present” he winks and wiggles eyebrows.
  • “lol no.”
  • Inside jokes
  • Ugly laughs
  • Hot choco in blankets while watching kdramas
  • Then playing video games, and ending each game on top each other
  • Couple sweaters
  • Couple socks
  • Fights
  • Both party holding the worst grudges
  • Bra-less nights
  • Hickeys
  • White shirts
  • Movie date at the roof
  • Large speakers
  • Amazing parties
  • Complete opposite music tastes
  • His amazing body scent
  • Back hugging him in bed
  • His pout face that gets you every time
  • His stubbornness
  • BTS meet up every Sunday
  • Shopping only with you
  • When a guy looks at you, he gets protective and moves you closer to him
  • Gets jealous easily
  • Picnic dates
  • Cooking wars
  • Stupid pick up lines
  • When you pretend to be bleeding after touching his jawline 

“Can I look yet?”

“No, shut the fuck up and just keep walking, I’ll tell you when.”

“I’m gunna trip or something,” Izuku shuffled along the hallway, one arm out stretched out towards the wall, fingers just barely grazing the cool paint and the few pictures littered along the way, “can’t I just close my eyes when we get to the living room?”

Katsuki clicked his tongue from behind Izuku, a puff of hot breath washing over his left ear as he  closed in and placed his hands on his hips, gripping tightly. “You can get through here by yourself with your fuckin’ eyes closed, you’re being stupid,” Katsuki’s nose brushed Izuku’s hair every now and then as he swayed side to side, having to walk funny in order to guide Izuku the last few steps into the living room. “We don’t even have carpets to trip on, but I got you Deku.”

“That’s not he point, your Christmas present isn’t gunna be spoiled if you just let me see where I’m going until-”

“Just be quiet. It’s not wrapped, and I don’t want you accidentally seeing it in the reflection of one of your dumb vases or something okay.”

“Is it a new office chair!?” Izuku asked, turning his head a bit, right hand still pressed firmly over his eyes, “A new mattress?”

“No, and no,” Katsuki urged him forward, shaking his head despite Izuku being unable to see, “You think I’d tell you if was already going through the trouble of doing this shit?”

“No, but if it was either of those,” Izuku faced forward again, head cocked slightly as Katsuki gently turned him as they finally came to the living room, and carefully stepped through the threshold, “I’d tell you that I love you, but your surprise is kind of stupid.”

With a snort, Katsuki lifted a hand from Izuku’s hip and smacked his thigh, the shorter male yelping with a quick ‘Hey!’ in response. “My surprises are never stupid Deku. You’re confusing me with yours.”

“My surprises aren’t bad,” Izuku smiled, laughing softly as Katsuki moved to stand beside him, leaving one arm to wrap around his waist and slowly guide him forward towards the small, plastic Christmas tree. “Remember that time I got you new socks? Best surprise ever.”

“I dunno if this sarcasm is from you hanging out with hair for brains too much, or Mina, but it’s not cute!” Katsuki barked a laugh at Izuku’s stupid grin, Patting his butt fondly as he brought his boyfriend to come and stand in front of the tree. 

Izuku could see the warm yellow lights from behind his fingers, and imagined how the light bounced off all the multicolored decorations he and Katsuki littered the tree with, Tinsel twinkling along with it. He couldn’t help but sig wistfully as Katsuki tugged his arm, leaning in to press his mouth against his ear with a loud kiss.

“Sit down,” Katsuki breathed, a chill running down Izuku’s spine as he listened, slowly lowering himself down to his knees.

“You can take your hand off your face, but keep your eyes closed for a sec.” Katsuki moved away, Izuku’s arm reaching out blindly after him as a reflex, hand left hovering mid air with his fingers curled.

“Is everything okay Kacchan?” Izuku could hear Katsuki’s knees hit the wood floor across from, and the sound of something whapping against cardboard followed after. His smile turned a tad nervous, Izuku moving his hand to reach out in front of him. “Kacchan?” Izuku curled and uncurled his fingers, swiping at air as he leaned forward a bit. His brows crinkled when he didn’t get a response right away, and his nose wrinkled in confusion when he heard scratching the cardboard, and a few grunts, but kept his eyes closed as fingers laced through his own.

Katsuki pulled his hand, coaxing him forward, and Izuku had to shuffle forward on his knees to get closer. Izuku was about to ask what was going on again, or if he could open his eyes, but couldn’t help himself from doing the latter when his hand was released, and lowered to press against plush fur. 

“Wha-” Izuku blinked rapidly, eyes snapped wide open as he stared at the wiggling, fluffy puppy being held captive in Katsuki’s arm, squirming as it tried to worm it’s way closer to Katsuki’s face, who’s mouth was already being licked in affection and from excitement. Katsuki’s mouth was sht tightly, but he was still smiling, and looking back at Izuku as he was assaulted by the little puff in his lap. “Oh my god Kachan- He’s- It’s, He?”

“Shwee-” katsuki tried to speak, the puppy managing to lick inside his mouth, and causing him to sputter as he threw his head back.

“She’s adorable!” Izuku exclaimed, shoving the box between them out of the way so he could sit knee to knee with Katsuki, “What’s he name!?”

“That’s your job,” Katsuki, lowered his head again, leaning to the side to try and get a grip on the wiggly dog with both hands before trying to hand her to Izuku, “You get to name her,” He swiped his tongue over his teeth, staring down at the little tail that waved side to side rapidly as Izuku scooped up the puppy from under her arms, immediately nuzzling his face against her puffy little dorito-chip ears. 

Izuku could feel his eyes stinging, more from happiness than anything else, staring up at Katsuki through his bangs as he gave little kisses to the top of (what he assumed to be) the huskies head. “I love her” Izuku muttered, heart swelling as Katsuki crossed his arms, grinning ear to ear.

The puppy in Izuku’s arms wriggled ad struggled to get closer, licking his neck and chin before she was lifted into the air. “I’m going to name you… toaster!”

“WhAT-” Katsuki’s voiced cracked from disbelief, red eyes narrowing as Izuku lowered the licky puppy back down to his face to rub noses with her. “That’s a stupid name, why would you even-”

“Because she’s going to keep me toasty warm! Yes she is!” Izuku cooed, accepting the kisses, and the little tongue that made it half way up his nose every now and then.

Katsuki stared, hands on his knees, looking over the energetic puppy who would grow to be a beautiful dog, and who was now named toaster. He loved Izuku, and he was pretty stupid sometimes, so Katsuki supposed he could love a dog with a stupid name like Toaster.

From the couch, two large eyes watched the scene, a fluffy black cat waving her tail behind her as she dropped down from the couch with a light thud. She gave a soft meow, padding her way over to Katsuki, and rubbed against his side out of jealousy for the new addition to the family. Katsuki wasn’t about to let his original baby feel left out, so with a little smirk, he scooped her up and held her close to his heart, continuing to watch his idiot roll around on the floor with Toaster.

24 Days of Christmas: Best Present *Chris Evans x Reader*

Originally posted by jediavengers

Day Twenty-Four

Summary: I wrote my friend Julia ( @juliagolia87 / @promarvelfangirl) a thing over kik ‘cause I’m a nice friend, lol. And then it turned into something real, we just like Chris with a beard, okay? Don’t judge.

Note- Seems fitting to start and end it with Chris, I had a Romanogers thing with possible Winterwitch but reading it back, it was terrible so I deleted it and now I have this. 

Day Twenty-Three

Chris slowly blinked his eyes open, the alarm clock on his bedside table reading 6 am, he gave a gentle sigh because no matter how much older he gets; he can never sleep in on Christmas. It only happens one day of the year, yet for the beginning of the month you’re preparing and then the day arrives, it happens in a blink of an eye and before he knows it, it’s New Year. He liked being up as easy as possible, to spend the whole day being Christmas-y.

He turns over and you’re lying with your back facing Chris, sleeping peacefully and Chris’s eye catches the window, it’s snowing which is usual for Boston and fitting for Christmas day. Chris wraps an arm gently around your waist, slowly pulling you to him and you make a little sound in your sleep before turning to bury your face in his chest, trying to sleep for as long as humanly possible.

Chris smiles as you tiredly blink your eyes open, groaning as you peeked up at the man-child, no matter how many Christmas’ you spent with Chris you’d never get over how early he wakes up. It’s like his body and mind is in sync with Christmas, you didn’t mind too much but you weren’t exactly a morning person, not even on Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispers with a grin and you can’t help but smile and mutter it back to him.

You glance back up at Chris, he’s content with laying in bed for a few more minutes, his face has a permanent smile upon it. Your lying across his chest, you bring a hand to lazily smooth through the hairs on his face that he’s been growing since he last filmed as Steve Rogers, you preferred bearded Evans. You had nothing against shaven Chris, it was still your Chris but for some reason, you didn’t know why but he always looked a little cosier; a little warmer when he had a beard.

You scratched softly as he hummed lightly, eyes falling shut for a brief second before they open again, blue eyes shining even in the dim snowy lighting from the window.

“Well, at least, one of us would have been up if we had kids right now!” You chuckle lightly and Chris lets out a hearty chuckle before wrapping his strong arms around you, pulling you closer. “God, you’d be getting them up, I know you, and you’d definitely do that.” You poke his chest accusingly.

He nodded in agreement, “Unless they have my enthusiasm, which means, they’ll be getting up at the time I was when a kid,” you wait expectantly, “around five in the morning.” You groaned as he laughed, “How my mum dealt with me, I don’t know.”

You push yourself up on your elbows and lean over to give Chris a gentle, soft kiss, you feel his beard tickle against the bottom of your face as he deepens the kiss with you. He gentle rolls you over, so you’re now laying underneath him, Christmas morning is usually spent in bed; not that either of you minded that, it was a nice way to kick start a holiday, in your personal opinion.

You spent mid-afternoon at your parent’s seeing your own family, you exchange presents with one another, your little cousins loving Chris who plays with them, and he even brings Dodger along who is everyone’s favourite dog. He also gets a few slices of turkey from your mother because she can’t help but spoil Dodger, much like Chris who gave his doggy-child a stocking and a few extra presents.

You then travel to the Evans household, his older sisters answering the door first, smiling and hugging you both. His parents are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm but they stop briefly to wish you a merry Christmas and hug you.

Chris settles into the living room, instantly playing with his nieces and nephews new toys they’d gotten earlier in the day, he couldn’t wait for them to open his presents from him; if there’s one thing for sure, Chris loved to spoil his family and you were no exception to that, but he loved seeing his little nieces and nephews faces when they opened presents.

Dodger was running throughout the house, new toy in his mouth and squeaking it, rather loudly and Chris’ dad wasn’t slowly losing his mind at the sound. Dodger eventually settled on Chris’s lap enjoying the toy in the living room, as you stayed in the kitchen talking to Chris’s mum and sisters.

“I thought Chris would have asked by now,” Shanna shrugs gently with Carly beside her nodding in agreement, “it’s his favourite time of the year, he’s a massive romantic nerd, I was sure it would be this Christmas.”

Lisa, his mum, laughed at her daughters and you just rolled your eyes. It’s not that you haven’t thought about it, you’ve both talked about your future, heck you did so this morning. Kids from the beginning were discussed, Chris always told you he wanted to be a dad, and it was a life goal at this point. He wanted as many, as you’d allow, which by default was as many as he wanted.

What yourself or Chris’s female family didn’t know was that he was showing his dad, brother and brother-in-law’s the ring he had picked up a month ago. Scott and your sister had helped picked it, it wasn’t too flashy but it was extremely pretty, it was a princess cut with two little diamonds either side the main diamond.

Once dinner was done and eaten, yourself and Chris finally gave the presents to everyone, opening yours in return. Chris was right, watching his nieces and nephews open their presents is so heart-warming, and you always get baby fever when around them. You cursed his sisters for having such wonderful kids.

The TV was on but no one was really watching it, except the kids; Chris claiming the Grinch is a classic and must be watched by the children, even if they didn’t understand the in-depth storyline. You were sat on Chris’ lap, enjoying Chris’s mum and dad talk about their children at Christmas time, how Chris was always the one to wake the rest of the kids up. It became a job no one asked him to take over.

“Y/N, can you get me my phone from my coat? I forgot to text Mackie and Downey,” you sighed with an eye roll, he kissed your cheek and watched you leave the room to his coat on the hook in the hallway.

Fishing inside his pockets you didn’t find his phone, but a small box, a Tiffany & Co. box to be exact. Your heart picked up in speed, hammering a mile a minute, you turned around and walked back into the living room where his whole family were still chatting. Chris grinned nervously when he locked eyes with you, his mum and sisters all gasped in shock at what you’re holding, his dad and brother plus the in-law’s all smiling.

“I know it’s cheesy of to me, I asked your dad this morning if it was okay, and I wanted it to be special! Christmas is my favourite time, and I can’t picture spending my favourite time without my favourite person… you.“ He was about to talk again but you beat him to it.

“Yes!” He sighed and smiled softly, you extended the box to him almost jumping excitedly which caused Dodger to wake up and jump up at you, you petted his head as Chris opened the box and presented the ring.

He placed the ring on your finger, kissing you softly and you giggled pulling back, tears already welling up in your eyes. Ignoring your small comment of, ‘your beard tickles’, he leant back down and kissed you again causing his nieces and nephews you all say, “gross”.

That was by far the best present, so far, in all the years you’ve been together.

You got your own back on his Birthday when you wrapped up a positive pregnancy test for him.  

(And that’s all folks, unless I have a bonus tomorrow, I may do. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas/ weekend. Eat lots and have fun. Love you all - Rosalee)

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Christmas Time | Zhang Yixing <3

-This little angel will probably wake up really excited for Christmas and if you were still sleeping, he’d have a debate with himself for an hour straight on whether to wake you up or not.

-You’d eventually wake up to a very excited looking Yixing and later, the two of practically jump out of bed because…CHRISTMAS!

-Breakfast on Christmas day will be a joint extravaganza with the two of you ending up making more food than you can finish.

-He’d opt for a simple yet festive Christmas Jumper and when you’d compliment him on it, he’d shyly hand you the matching one he bought.

-Due to his packed schedule I think he’d greatly appreciate the amount of time the two of you actually get to spend together without having to see each other through a screen.

-Gosh you two would have such an amazing Christmas together <3

Hope you guys liked this :)

~Shazz xx

Bats and Barbie Heads - snowbaz

ok honestly this was kind of a hard one rip me. carry on countdown: christmas shopping! and already i must dive into a new fic. what day are we even on. have entered the twilight zone yet.


No warnings.

If you can’t Christmas shop for your boyfriend, Christmas shop with your boyfriend.

A list of gift ideas for Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch III (by Simon Snow):

1. A shorter fucking name.

2. Sheet music to that one song we both fell in love with in that one movie.

3. Clothes that I can steal.

4. The Entire Works of Edgar Allen Poe (aka, if Baz’s soul was a book).

5. Fairy lights because he needs to lighten the fuck up.

6. Better morning attitude.

Oh boy.


A list of Christmas gift ideas for Simon (by Baz):

1. I don’t know.

2. A pair of jeans that isn’t ripped.

3. Not a dog. Not allowed.

4. A bucket of sour cherry scones (not sure what he’d be more stoked with: the scones, or the bucket).

5. A t-shirt with my face on it.

6. I don’t know.



“All right, Simon,” I confess as we sit in the car, gearing up to go to the shopping centre. “I give up, I’m shit at gifts. What do I get you for Christmas?”

Simon rolls his head on the seat and gives me a degrading smile. “How about boyfriend who actually has some idea of what to get me?” He teases. I make a face and try to slap his hand. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding.”

“You’re a dick, you know.”

“I know. I take it back though - it would be hypocritical of me to dump you over getting a crap Christmas present.”

“You’re stuck too?”

“Let’s just go shopping.”


So, to make all fair, we end up in a shopping centre, with Simon sitting in a trolley from who-knows-where, and myself pushing him around the toy stores as we tease each other on what crappy gifts we’ll buy each other. So far, he’s threatened to buy me and army  of life-size (surely demonic) Barbie doll heads to place strategically around the flat, and I’m dead serious about buying him seven variations of the same shirt, so he can stain them on separate days of the week. So far, we haven’t actually bought anything.

“I’m telling you, I’m easy to buy for!” Simon insists. I give him an offended, confused look. ‘How so?’ “I don’t own anything! You could literally buy me a cookbook and I’d be chuffed.”

“Would you cook, though?” I point out.

His voice lowers as he leans up to my ear. “Only for you. I don’t mind testing my cooking on you.”

“How sweet. You don’t mind poisoning me.” (I kiss him anyway.)

It’s when we pass yet another children’s toy shop (that we obviously swerve into) that Simon lands on the 'perfect’ gift idea. It is also, incidentally, the most risky task we endure today.

I’m holding the trolley still as my ever-intuitive boyfriend stands in it’s basket, reaching for a top-shelf toy that we really should have asked a shop assistant to fetch. Alas, I’m doubling as the look-out on this mission. We’re probably scaring children off with our dastardly teenage antics, but as much as I acknowledge that that could be the case, I really do not care.

“Got it!” Simon yelps as he sits back down again, embraced in possibly the largest (cutest) soft-toy-bat I have ever seen. I try desperately to hide my smile.

“What is that?” I chuckle.

“A bat. Duh. You’re a vampire, you need a bat.”

And then, in a lower, giddy voice, I lean in and whisper: “You are a fucking wanker, you know that?”

He mirrors me, making fun of my face before he kisses my lips. “You get to name it. On Christmas. No sooner, no later.”

With a shake of my head and a theatrical groan, I sigh. “Oh you are definitely getting Barbie heads now.”


Merry Christmas baby! I can’t believe yet another year has flown by so quickly, this is your second Christmas which means your second birthday is right around the corner! 

Today has been quiet; and after 19 years of hectic, drama-filled and family packed Christmases, it was perfect! It may not have been a white Christmas (is it ever in England?!) but it was definitely a cold one so we stayed in pyjamas all day but still pigged out on a huge dinner - I may or may not have eaten a pigs in blanket or two off of your plate because meat cravings plus pregnancy plus Christmas dinner does not a good vegetarian make. I’m really trying with this but it’s proving to be much harder than I thought.

It was amazing watching you open up all of your gifts now that you have a better idea about what Christmas is, although it’s safe to say you found the wrapping paper more exciting than the actual presents!

You’re asleep now, since it’s quite late and you were absolutely knackered. Kenji and I (and Noa and Baby D) are watching Love Actually and no, I’m not crying!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my followers, I hope you’ve all had amazing days, surrounded by love and happiness and that 2017 will be wonderfully memorable for you ♥

Like What You See (Under the Mistletoe)

This is my Christmas gift to @captainstarkreportingforduty! She’s an extremely talented writer, and has just hit over 100 chapters on all the small things as shieldmaidenofrohan over on Ao3! It’s a magnificent fluff fest, and I swear that everyone needs to read it: she’s the Stony Fluff Queen. You gift the fandom with your work, and I hope this conveys at least a modicum of my own appreciation. :D Merry Christmas!

For the prompt: “Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Not yet!” Steve insisted, and glanced over his shoulder to make sure Tony – stood just inside the doorway of their tiny little apartment – hadn’t peeked. Tony still had the ball of bubble wrap Steve had frantically thrown at him clutched over his eyes and a fond, if confused, smile on his face.

Steve relaxed a little, and finished grabbing up the wrapping paper scraps from the floor and screwed them up to throw in the bin. He missed, suddenly too nervous to concentrate now that Tony had come home from Bruce’s earlier than he’d anticipated. Steve tore his eyes away from the snow melting in Tony’s hair and surveyed his handiwork for a moment.

He’d spent all day tidying up and using his Ma’s old decorations to bring Christmas to his and Tony’s little apartment, and there was tinsel hung in every place it would stay, there had been so much of it. The tree was plastic and missing a branch or two, the baubles were kinda gaudy and the lights were a quarter bust so their light bounced oddly off the furniture and photos they had. It was chaotic and ridiculous, but it was Christmas – Steve’s first without his Ma, and Tony’s… well, Tony’s first.

It needed to be perfect.

“Steve?” Tony’s smile had slipped, the concern flooding in evident without Steve having to turn and look. “Are you o-“

“You can open your eyes.” Steve cut him off, swallowing the ball of nerves lodged in his throat and turning to watch his friend’s reaction.

Tony pulled the bubble wrap away from his face, and paused a moment before he opened his eyes. Steve watched as his mouth fell open, staring in shock at their living room. There weren’t as many presents under the tree as Steve had hoped for, and the cookies had yet to come out of the oven, but Tony’s gaze roved over the mismatched Christmas decorations with something bordering on awe. When he finally looked at Steve, there were tears in his eyes.

“Steve-“ he started, and there was so much emotion in that one word, in his name, that Steve’s heart swelled a little.

“Is it okay?” Steve asked, determined not to drop Tony’s gaze. Tony smiled.

“Okay? Steve, this is perfect.” Tony told him, finally stepping away from the door. His smile turned teasing then, “no mistletoe? Mistletoe kisses are tradition after all. At least as I understand it, Christmas novice that I am.” Tony pouted and batted his eyelashes at Steve, and Steve laughed through the blush he could feel rising to his cheeks.

“Close your eyes.” Steve told him, sounding braver than he felt.

“Aw, Steve c’mon, again-“ Tony began to protest, even though he was grinning, and somehow Steve had never loved Tony more.

“Please, Tony?” Steve aimed for his usual exasperation, but the words came out softly, and a pleased little smile flashed across Tony’s face before he huffed and closed his eyes.

Steve carefully extracted the (slightly crumpled) mistletoe from his pocket, and took a steadying breath as he stood in front of his friend. He willed his heart to slow, feeling like his 14-year-old asthmatic self, asking out Peggy Carter all over again – Bucky had never let him live that down and this would be the same, if it worked. Steve held the mistletoe over their heads and kissed Tony.

Tony froze for a moment, but before Steve could panic and pull back, Tony grinned into it, hands coming up to gently pull Steve down and deepen the kiss. Steve was vaguely aware of dropping the mistletoe to the side, but his hands settled easily at Tony’s waist, and the warmth that had always bubbled up around the brunet settled happily in his chest.

They stopped kissing eventually, it fading into soft brushes and little touches, and Tony leant his forehead against Steve’s. Steve felt as punch-drunk as Tony looked, and they were both grinning. Tony glanced down at the fallen mistletoe and laughed.

“Smooth, Rogers.” Tony teased, but kissed Steve chastely before he could reply.

“Thought it’d be romantic.” Steve muttered, blushing, and Tony’s face lit up in the slightly crooked smile that was utterly genuine and– more importantly– just for Steve. “That okay?” he asked, nervous all over again.

“Perfect.” Tony whispered, before he coughed and stepped back, his cheeks slightly tinged pink in a way Steve hadn’t known they could be. He headed into their kitchen with a silly grin that Steve knew he was returning as he stood there like a lemon and stared after him. “Are there cookies?” he was asking, and for a moment, it was like nothing had changed.

He’d always loved Tony like this after all, so wholly and with everything he had, ever since he’d met the genius in his freshman year. He hadn’t known it, not back then, not until Sarah Rogers had pinned him under her gaze when he’d brought Tony home with him for his birthday, and said ‘you like him’.

“Of course there’s cookies, it’s Christmas!” Steve called back, moving to follow him, and Tony leaned back through the doorway with a warm smile.

“Well, come on then boyfriend; take me to thy baked goods!”  

Okay, so maybe a little had changed.

Found here on Ao3.

Why do people start playing Christmas music so early.. It’s only November.. What about Thanksgiving? Dude. Food. So much food and yet all you guys can think about is Christmas. Screw snow, y’know? It sucks to drive in and it’s cold. When they start making music about stuffin’ your face and makin’ food babies, that’s when I’ll start tolerating Christmas music in November.