can it be christmas yet!!

A Family Christmas

T’was night before Christmas, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Just kidding, James Fleamont Potter is wide awake,

And he’s being very loud, for goodness sake.

James: Which is cool for a lot of people. Family time, presents and all of that. But I hear that some of you have shitty families or you’re in a situation with no family right now. I just wanted to drop in and say that it will be okay. Like it was okay for Sirius, while he was with us. You might not have found the family you belong to yet, but this Christmas you can find your family with us.


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supercat + superbabies plisssssss

Kara’s first reaction is sheer, unbridled terror. 

What if they’re hurting? What if Max treated them as callously as Bizarro and the failed attempts at her? That’s when the panic gives way to head-splitting rage, and she lasers the nearest wall pretty badly to let some of it out, just to be able to think.

Then she does what any hero would, carefully scooping up those babies from the sterile incubators that hold them, and holds them close so they can feel her warmth, hear her heartbeat. She’s here, she has them, and they’re safe.

It’s a mother’s impulse, long before she finds out how these two children came to be.


“I guessed that they’re twins,” Kara scoffs, pacing back and forth in Alex’s DEO office. “You didn’t pull me in here to tell me that they’re twins.”

“The subjects–the babies–are Kryptonian. Half, in fact. Max Lord still had your DNA, and he’s been experimenting. He was shot earlier tonight trying to escape, so he can’t do any more harm, Kara.”

“They’re… mine?” Just like the birthing matrix. Strands of DNA entwined, merged to form the children of affluent Kryptonian dynasties, the last generation of their planet all born that way. Until Kal-El. “Alex, if they’re only half-Kryptonian, who’s their other parent?”

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I know it's not Christmas yet but can I have headcannons for what would happen if Bakugou, Todoroki, Midoriya and Sero were casually talking with their s/o and someone from their class held out the stick with the mistletoe above their heads?!

First little holiday request good gods why did it take me this long aldjals anyways here’s them boys 

Katsuki Bakugou:

  • The second it happens he’s ready to murder. Like, he just grabs the thing and uses his quirk to destroy it on the spot because FUCK that shit. He’s not the person to put up with the mushy holiday garbage, so he opts to just be the grinch type character who doesn’t want to deal with all the holiday cheer. Bakugou isn’t one for pda anyways so the thought of him having to kiss his s/o in front of all the others has him immediately taking it to the aggressive side. Probably also tries to chase off the offending person because who the fuck do they think they are??? Why is his relationship any of their business. Get fucked
  • Ooooh boy, but the second he sees his s/o is a little heartbroken over it he’s dropping the act completely. I mean, Bakugou is an ass about 90% of the time but he’s his s/o’s ass so he’s not going to go out of his way to make them upset, so when he sees them upset over it he’s confronted with either keeping his pride or making sure his s/o is happy. He goes for both, and when they’re looking a little downcast about it he gives them a pretty forceful smooch. It’s not short either, and while everyone’s wolf whistling and making a huge deal about it he’s flipping them off. Because fuck them, he’s proud to be their boyfriend and why should he shy away from making sure everyone knows so?? Get fucked x2

  • When it’s a little later at night in the dorms he might be up for more than just one kiss. But not while everyone else is around. Until the two of them are alone he’s a little insistent on leaving but also isn’t going to forcefully make his s/o leave so he just grumpily waits. Pretty docile for the rest of the night and no one has the guts to try it a second time. Ends up getting bored and falls asleep on his s/o’s shoulder probably,,, what a turd.

Shouto Todoroki:

  • Um, do you think he’s going to notice? You are wrong my friend this boy isn’t going to notice the thing of mistletoe above his head he’s probably going to look at his s/o quizzically and then walk off. No matter what people want to think,,, he’s not some sort of suave guy who can take social cues well. He’s so,,, oblivious please be patient with him. His s/o is going to have to notice first, and if they don’t then it’s just going to be a frustrated class 1-A trying to get them kiss by doing the same thing over and over again until they realize what the actual hell is happening. Even then the two of them are probably going to be, “Oh… what does this mean again?”
  • “You gotta fucking kiss you two oh my gods,,,” OH??? Todo’s probably going to be like??? Why?? Why does this plant dictate if we kiss or not? Please he doesn’t understand his family is pretty old fashioned Japanese and it’s not like he’s had the leisure during his childhood to really hear about all the stuff about mistletoes. Honestly would just kinda,,, squints at everyone. There are groans and a lot of exasperated sighing. Bonus if his s/o also doesn’t understand because then it’s really funny and they’re never going to get the two of them to kiss. Get fucked x3

  • Eventually, after about 30 minutes to an hour trying to get one or both of them to notice and then EXPLAINING it to Todo, do he and his s/o finally kiss. It’s short and sweet and of course everyone makes a big ass deal out of it whoopee. For the rest of the night people are wiggling their eyebrows and shit at the two of them and they just look at everyone else like they’re crazy?? Y’all need to calm down it’s just a kiss. Too be fair they’ve probably never seen the two of them kiss in public before so they probably just wanted to know that it actually happens. What a bunch of nosey teens oh my gods.

Izuku Midoriya:

  • Ready to Die™ because??? They want him to kiss his s/o in front of the whole class?? He’d probably die from embarrassment tbh please don’t make this soft boy do this. He is sweating as everyone is looking at him expectantly, and his s/o is probably just as embarrassed and flustered as he is, and if they’re not then they’re going to have to initiate the kiss. If you think he’s going to do it you’re so, so wrong and like the others he’s probably not big on pda as it is. Without thinking he probably just started going on and on and on about something completely different until people leave the two of them alone. He successfully evades the first mistletoe of the day. Get fucked x4 (when will this end, who knows)
  • For the next half of the day the rest of their classmates are whispering and snickering at the two of them, pretty much planning for when they’re going to strike next. THE POOR COUPLE probably are nervous as hell because they already know when it’s going to happen but,,, when is it going to happen?? Neither of them know so they just get to be flustered for most of the day. Of course it happens when they least expect it, and coincidentally after they had finally let their guards down.

  • Midoriya had like,,, a good while to prepare to kiss his s/o in front of everyone but was he prepared when it finally became the time to do it?? No, not at all. I mean, who can really prepare themselves for that? He’s a blushing mess again and practically grabs his s/o’s face to kiss them in a rush of emotion. Everyone’s in an uproar because they probably didn’t think he’d even do it in the first place? He’s too pure, leave him alone you hooligans,,,

Sero Hanta:

  • Surprisingly flustered at first to the point that really everyone is just shocked?? He’s so seemingly chill and pretty much grins mcgee that you’d probably think he’d just kiss his s/o and be done with it right? Wrong, this is probably the only time you get to see him get a little flustered and see blush color his face. He can practically feel his ears burning and it’s definitely not something he was expecting. But honestly he should’ve been expecting this because either Mina or Kirishima would’ve done the mistletoe thing in the first place. It’s a rough time and he’s so pressed for it to happen that he fucks it up.
  • Knocks his head with his s/o in an attempt to get it done fast but it does work out so they literally just sit there and hold their heads while hissing in pain. Get fucked x5 (it’s back). Everyone’s laughing their asses off and you probably hear someone go, “what the hell was that??” Great, now everyone’s laughing and Sero is about 5000x more embarrassed. Though, his s/o is probably just as embarrassed so he’s trying to make sure they’re okay?? Maybe he has a hard head?? Do they have a concussion lmao pls,,, He’s so unsure.

  • After the laughter dies down he can finally try again and see the reaction from the rest of the class. There’s a commotion and people are making kissy noises and wolf whistles etc, etc, and when the two of them part they’re both wearing that adorable shade of red on their faces. Sero feels unusually accomplished after that and it ends up becoming sort of a confidence booster for the rest of the day. Like oh my gods what a nerd,,, maybe kiss your s/o more ya goof

Yeah real creative title I know. I didn’t want to write anything, but a one shot today, so everything is going to be late sadly. I offer up Logince fluff though as  apeace offering. I hope you enjoy!


Words: 1,036

Ship: Logince

Warnings: Brief alcohol mention

It had been an average day for Roman at most. Not exactly terrible, but not pleasant either. Quite honestly he just wanted to take the rest of the day off and watch a couple Christmas specials with his boyfriend, if Logan wasn’t busy, which he probably was. Not that it mattered. Regardless what frame of mind the logical aspect was in, he was bound to get kidnapped and forced to do whatever extra activities the prince had in store.

Changing out of his prince outfit and into his ugly sweater with sweatpants, the prince strode out of his room making a bee-line for Logan’s. When he arrived, he kicked the door open and walked straight up to the logical aspect.

Slam! “Logan! You are done working for right now! I am kidnapping you and we are going to sip hot chocolate while watching Christmas specials!”

Logan sighed whilst leaning back in his swivel chair as he heard Roman’s demands. Dropping the pen in his left hand onto the desk, he loosely waited for his next inevitable capture. Roman had gotten sick of him saying no to everything he invited him to, so he just started apprehending the poor aspect and forcing him to do things with him. Secretly, Logan found it endearing, when the activities didn’t involve any sort of nonsensical behaviour.

Roman’s excessive stomping grew louder and Logan soon found himself being lifted by two pairs of strong arms straight out of his office chair.

“I still do not understand why you insist on carrying me, Roman.” The prince had to exit Logan’s room side ways, as to not bump the logical aspect’s head on the door frame.

“Because I do not want you escaping from the frivolities that I have planned for us, dear.” They trotted slowly down the hallway up towards the common.

“Roman. This is my sixty-seventh capture. You should think I know by now not to run away from you.”

The prince gave a tiny pout as they reached the commons. “But I like carrying you.” The logical aspect’s cheeks pinked at this.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I also have legs and am more than able to use them. There is no reason to-”

“Zip your howling screamer and just enjoy the ride, please?” Logan shut his mouth instantly and refused to speak, lest he hurt the Prince’s feelings or pride further. “Ah. Much better.” He pressed a prolonged kiss to Logan’s forehead, earning him a huff of irritation in return.

Not a moment later, the logical aspect found himself dropped on the couch, the prince already in the kitchen making hot chocolate.

“Roman? I believe it would be in your best interest right now to know, that I do not like Hot Chocolate.” The prince stopped dead and glared at his boyfriend.

“Say. That. Again.” Logan gulped and tried to redeem himself.

“Um w-what I actually meant to say was, I find hot chocolate too sweet in flavor for my liking.” Roman was about to stomp towards him. “I enjoy Eggnog however.” Roman’s face instantly relaxed much to the logical aspect’s relief, but it left him with a confused expression.

“Eggnog? What is that? Sounds like some vile Dragon Witch’s potion to me.” Logan stared agape. Did he seriously not know what Eggnog was?

“Roman. You are fluent in spanish, and have apparently watched the whole Game of Thrones series. None of which Thomas has done or can do, and yet when it comes to something Thomas drinks every Christmas, you have no clue what that is?” The fanciful aspect shook his head in bewilderment.

“I’m sorry Logan, but I have not heard of such a beverage before. Would you show me what it is?” The prince’s question saved him from one of Logan’s belittling sprees. Without a word, the logical aspect arose from the couch and joined him in the kitchen. He knew Patton enjoyed eggnog more than he did, so there had to be a carton of it somewh-Ah! It was hiding behind the milk.

Logan retrieved it from the fridge, set it on the breakfast bar, and claimed two glasses from a nearby cupboard. He unscrewed the cap and poured a small amount for Roman to try.

“It has the appearance of yellow milk.” Roman slightly turned up his nose, but managed to pick up the glass and hold it to his lips. Logan had only turned his back to Roman just to pour himself a glass when he found the whole carton next to him was suddenly gone. He whipped back around and face Roman again only to find him chugging the whole carton, his empty glass resting beside him.

“Roman!” The logical aspect attempted to stop him, but was too late in his efforts. The whole carton was slurped up right before his eyes. “If you wanted more you could have just asked…” Disappointment clearly portrayed itself on Logan’s face.

“I’m sorry Logan. It was just so divine! I did not expect a drink like that to taste so good!” He wiped his mouth on his sleeve with a satisfying grin. Logan sulked out of the kitchen without saying a word to his boyfriend. He flopped onto the couch and stared at the black screen like he had a grudge against it.

He only turned away when we heard a quiet ‘ahem’ from to his right side, attempting to get his attention. Roman stood there with a hand over his chest, the most solemn and genuine expression spreading over his features. He bowed and held out a single hand to the logical aspect, offering a single wine glass filled to the brim with eggnog.

“An apology. The finest for the wisest.” Logan chuckled and carefully accepted the gift.

“You are a hopeless romantic….but thank you.” Roman grinned and sat on the other side of him, conjuring his own wine glass with eggnog.

“Did someone forget I could conjure?” He teased Logan, earning an eyeroll from the other.

“Let’s just…watch the movies.” Roman nodded in agreement, before they cuddled into each other watching Christmas special after Christmas special, completely content with each other’s company.

One hour later…

“Wait…does this have alcohol in it?!”

Roman grinned.

I just finished my time in the isolation ward, and now in my new, little regular bed in my little regular room, in a little regular ward, where I can hear people, smell people, touch people and hug people again, I feel the happiest I’ve ever been!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas or, if you don’t celebrate, a fantastic week! With my dearest, most sincere and enthusiastic love, I wish you a Happy New Year full of serenity, good luck and a huge dose of great health! It’s time to celebrate xx

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I celebrate Hanukkah with my family and s.o., then Christmas with my s.o. family, then open presents on new years because of my parents soviet tradition

how coo!!! a whole season of good!

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what if, and hear me out on this but. what if, when tracer isnt on a mission, shes emilys gf but she is, shes amile gf? or they just 'tray and share' her

hmm…There is still a story behind it But I have not painted yet Maybe this Christmas can be done.
How to say it? 
Some people like  TRACER & emily
Some people like   widowtracer
I can accept both So put them all together 

I think they are enemies   (NO  share !

My English is bad….
If not answered the question
I’m very sorry 

cocoa on a christmas morning // jonah marais

day nineteen of 25 Days of Why Don’t We

this one is so short??? sorry

pairing: jonah x reader

triggers: none

tag list: @jonahgarl@magicalmarais@duh-danii@thefangirlingmaster@veryweirdintrovert@maggie-the-book-nerd@littlemissgiggless​ @worldllamailluminati @kianah-janae @5sosmusic1d@boomboomboomwayhoo​ @woahhitssam7 @american-teenage-idiot@kodieoirskott@no-no-no-n0@whydontweslut@lost-in-wonderland-x@mendes-limelight008@5sosismylife44@noodleswdw@starshininginthedark@affricanprincess@avanunez13@jxckbs@thatssoherron@sunshineavery​ @hometowntjm @swxxt-pxa

“jonah! y/n! get up, it’s christmas!” you opened your eyes, hearing svea pounding on the door before her footsteps trailed down the stairs.

you wiped the grogginess out of your eyes, the fatigue being almost immediately replaced with excitement.

“jo! babe, get up!” you practically leaped out of bed, tugging on your boyfriend’s hand as an attempt to rouse him out of bed.

jonah didn’t respond, but simply rolled over. it was quite obvious that he didn’t want to get out of bed, but you were determined.

“jonah,” you tugged at him again, and this time you were able to get a response out of him.

“no,” he groaned, opening his eyes a bit, showing off the gorgeous color beneath it. “stay in bed with me, i wanna cuddle,” he pouted.

“no jonah, your family is waiting for us. plus, it’s christmas!” you tried to bargain with him, but it didn’t seem to work.

“skip the presents,” he smirked. “you’re all i wanted,” he quoted his own christmas song, causing you to roll your eyes at him.

“you did not,” you laughed, and jonah took the opportunity to tug you back into bed. you squealed a bit, tumbling down into jonah’s arms. he immediately wrapped himself around you, rendering you unable to escape his grip.

“looks like you have to stay with me now,” jonah mock sighed, pressing a kiss on your temple. you let out a light laugh and began to try and wriggle out of his grip.

“jo,” you warned. “c’mon babe, it’s christmas,” you managed to break his grasp, and you quickly rolled out of bed.

“but babe,” he whined. “you’re my cocoa on a christmas morning,” he smirked.

“stop quoting your own songs babe,” you sighed, a hint of a smile spreading across your features. “but if you get up, you can actually have cocoa on this christmas morning,” you tried to bargain yet again.

“but i’m so comfy right now,” he pouted once more, his bottom lip jutting out.

“fine,” you sighed. “i guess i’ll just leave you here all alone,” you began to walk towards door, but you were interrupted before you could open the door to go.

“wait,” he sighed, getting up from his spot in the bed. “i’m coming, i’m coming,” he walked over to where you stood, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. you smiled in victory, opening the door.

the two of you walked downstairs, immediately being met with sawyer running up to the both of you.

“hey saywer,” you cooed, reaching down to pet the golden dog. you and jonah began to walk into the living room with the puppy trotting behind you.

“took you guys long enough,” esther joked. jonah’s family was gathered in the living room, presents being stacked underneath the tree.

“merry christmas guys,” jonah exclaimed, settling down on a couch. you plopped down next to him, cuddling into his side.

“merry christmas!” the rest of his family chorused back. jonah then turned to you, a smile plastered on his features.

“so, how about that cocoa?”

Coming soon...

There are a few things I have planned on writing… The italics are a snippet from the writing that I feel shows a bit of what it’s about!
You can find them in my masterlist if they’re planned for the very near future!

1. Mitch Rapp: Following Orders - Already started: Part 1
                 multiple parts (6 planned) - mainly smut 
“Sometimes you got to look at the benefits that could arise from just following orders, Rapp. Something you’ve still got to learn.”

2. Thomas: Morning Glory - Already Started: Part 1
                long-ass story (multiple parts) - my own take on The Maze Runner     
“I did. And the only thing I remembered,” I glance back at Thomas, his lips pursed together as he waits for me to speak, “is that he – apparently – saved Minho’s life. That’s enough for me.”
I grant him a small smile, heading towards the door as soon as I realize what I’m doing. “Get ready for the most dreadful days of your life Thomas, and welcome to mine.”

3. Stiles: Tether
               one shot - smut
I thought Stiles and I made a connection – I could feel it. But with the recent events happening, I started to wonder if this tether was something I wanted to be there and wasn’t to begin with, rather than some established unseeable entity I grasped onto.

4. Dylan O’Brien: Teasing leads to …
                 one shot - smut (possible 2 or more parts)
Tyler’s teasing of my Dylan crush started three weeks ago. The actual horror of this particular story was that Tyler was waiting for me as soon as the offended male rushed through our hallways, still shirtless, pants unbuttoned, and slamming the door as he left. It can’t get worse than this, can it?

5. Dylan O’Brien: A Christmas Miracle
No further details yet, although I can tell you there will be three parts, updated between the week of Christmas and NYE! More information soon!

Christmas RP starters

As requested by @bluehopehuman.

  2. “Do you want help with the [tree/wrapping/shopping/etc.]?”
  3. “Can this year not be a huge fucking flop?”
  5. "It’s not Christmas yet.”
  6. “If Santa wants to come down my chimney and leave me presents, he’ll have to ask very nicely.”
  7. “I swear to God if you say that you’re going to hit Santa with a baseball bat one more time, I’ll hit you with a baseball bat.”
  8. “[You’ve/Name’s] been listening to Christmas songs since October.”
  10. “Something always goes wrong at Christmas.”
  11. “We have to [make the house look tidy for guests/clear the table for the food/wrap these presents/etc.] today.”
  12. “Okay who the HELL is stealing the [bells/chocolates] off the Christmas tree?”
  13. “Santa vs Krampus, who would win?”
  14. “Happy Christah, my dudes.”
  15. “It’s beginning to look a lot like CRISIS.”
  16. “I meant to type Christmas but my phone autocorrected it to crisis oh my God, it knows.”
  17. “You wanna be my German to my British and come together and play football with me?”
  18. “Santa wouldn’t condone this.”
  19. “Hey kids, do you want me to ruin your Christmas?”
  20. “On the [number] day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… nothing. No one loves me. I’m sad.”

It’s December, so that means I can start posting Christmas art, right?

In yet another chat with @leticheecopae about what if Lock, Shock & Barrel form a bit of a bond with Santa as they grow older we thought of Santa bringing them ugly Christmas sweaters - though at least they’re themed a tiny bit to fit their world.  So here they are, a bit older, wearing their ugly sweaters for the card they send to Santa.

Many thanks to @leticheecopae for bouncing this idea around with me - she came up with what each of their sweaters should feature, LOL!

Lonely at Christmas


This one is set when (y/n) is pregnant with Darragh.


“Lucia!” She heard Harry shout. He never usually shouted at the kids – or anyone for that matter – but he had been sleep deprived any stressed all week, trying to finish up all his work early so that he could enjoy Christmas with his family, which meant that he had gone missing for about two days, locking himself away in his office. Her guess was that the reason for his sudden outburst was due to being interrupted in his work.  

As quick as she could manage with a six month bump, she made her way up the stairs to find Lucia with a tube of red lipstick in her hand and the walls of Harry’s office displaying a range of red designs and patterns.

“Look what she’s done to my work!” He was clearly frustrated- to the point where he was going bright red. “There’s lipstick all over the fuckin’ walls and the song I’ve spent all week working on has been ripped to shreds!”

“Harry, don’t swear!” His wife chastised him, picking the little girl up from the floor; who was staring at her father with wide eyes. “And calm down, there’s easier ways around things than shouting at a two year old!”

“A two year old who should know better than to be drawing all over the walls! How’d she even get to the lipstick anyway? It should be locked away in cupboard so things like this don’t happen.”

“Harry, you’re being completely ridiculous, this is about more than drawing on a wall which can easily be washed away.” She snapped at him. “So don’t you dare take it out on our daughter.”

“Well control your daughter because she’s just sent me back to square one so I have to start all over again to make money for this family.” She gasped in disbelief, anger bubbling inside her. Had she not had their daughter in her arms, she would have told him exactly what she thought of him but he slammed the door in both their faces before she had a chance to say anything- causing the little girl’s lip to tremble and, in  a matter of seconds, there was floods of tears streaming down her face.


Althought hurtful and completely unacceptable, (y/n) was willing to forgive Harry for what he had said earlier in the week because she understood that he was under an extreme amount of pressure but, when he failed to even emerge from his office that night and then completely ignored both her and the kids the following few days, she was past the point of being able to reason with him. It was Christmas, and while her friends all had their husbands finally finishing work for a week or so, her own husband was blanking his family; leaving his pregnant wife to sort out last minute gifts, keep the kids in good spirit and organise their family meal for Christmas day.

She was in the kitchen ironing clothes when Amelia came into the kitchen, tears rolling down her cheeks. Immedietely, her mother was at her side, pulling her into a hug and rubbing her back in soothing motions.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” She asked, pulling away from the hug and wiping away her tears with her thumbs. “Tell mama what’s up.”

“I-I,” She could barely speak through the tears, leaning into her mum for an extra cuddle to calm herself- a cuddle which was given with no hesitation. “I made daddy a Christmas card because he’s been really sad and angry and I-I found it in th-the-“ She could barely speak, she had gotten herself into such a state.

“Hey, shh, deep breaths sweetheart.” (Y/N) encouraged, breathing in and out with her.

“Daddy threw my card in the bin.” The tears came back again when she finally let it all out to her mother. “I found it in his bin in his workroom when I went in to see if he wanted to come to our tea party but he shouted at me again because I was being too loud.”

To say that (y/n) was fuming would be an understatement. It was bad enough that Harry had taken his stress out on his children but to do it at Christmas time when they should be happy and excited was completely unacceptable.

“Does Daddy not want us here for Christmas, mummy?” The little girl asked as she hugged her mum again and her mother just squeezed her tighter, feeling her heart break when she realised she couldn’t even answer that question.


“What are you doing?” Harry’s deep voice startled (y/n) when he entered Lucia’s room, where she was taking clothes from her wardrobe and packing them into a suitcase.

“Oh, so you haven’t lost your voice then, you’ve really just been ignoring your entire family all week.” She remarked, folding a pair of My Little Pony pyjamas and setting them in the bag. Harry rolled his eyes at her comment.

“I asked what you’re doing.” He repeated in a much more agitated voice. “Where are you going?”

“The girls and I are going to stay with my mum for a few days?”

“How many days will that be? You can’t take my children away from me at Christmas!” He was getting more frustrated by the second, jaw clenching.

“Oh they’re your children again?” She laughed a humourless laugh. “Because the last time you spoke to me, Lucia was my daughter because she done something that every single toddler on earth has done.” She moved to the chest of drawers and began to lift out a few pairs of socks because she honestly didn’t know how long she would be gone. “And do you know Amelia was crying the other day because she thought her own father didn’t want to spend Christmas with her? I get that you’re under pressure at the moment but I’m not letting you ruin our children’s Christmas because you don’t know how to deal with stress.”

Harry pushed the drawer closed with a bang, just missing her fingers. “You’re not taking them away from me.” He declared.

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do when I’m the one who’s been looking after them on my own for the past two weeks.” She shoved past him to quickly zip up the small suitcase and lift it off the bed. “Go and sort out whatever it is that’s turning you into someone who I don’t know and certainly do not like and, if my husband – and the girls’ father – is in there somewhere, he would better hurry up and come back to us because I’m not putting them or myself through this for much longer.” He didn’t have a chance to reply (not that he knew what to say anyway) because she was already out the door and down the stairs and he couldn’t bring himself to stop her- both her and the kids deserved so much better than him right now.

Once the bags were in the car, she returned to the house to get the two girls. It surprised her that Harry wasn’t down yet, refusing to let them go but she was thankful to not have to deal with the argument right now.

“Alright, girls, let’s go.” She announced, lifting Lucia off the sofa and holding out her hand for Amelia to take. They were just about to open the door when Harry came running down the stairs.

“Wait!” He shouted.

“Harry, please don’t.” She sighed, opening the door and urging the little girl by her side to walk on.

“No, I-“ He crouched down to Amelia’s level and opened his arms out for a hug. She hesitated slightly but soon leaned into it and Harry breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m so sorry for being so angry, I love you.” He whispered, placing a kiss on her forehead before he rose back up again and placed a hand on his wife’s arm and leaned in to give his youngest daughter a kiss on the cheek. “And you too, munchkin, I love you and I’m really sorry.” The two year old had no other response than to giggle. “Look, I want nothing more than for you to be here with me but I know you deserve much better than an ass like me right now.” He announced to his wife. “Go to your mum’s, have fun and eat and sing loads and whatever else but if you can please be home for Christmas, I swear I’ll make it the best yet. No work at all.”

“Ok.” She nodded, a small smile on her face. “I wouldn’t ever take them away from you on Christmas, you know we’ll always come home.” She assured him with a warm smile. He nodded and returned the smile and then watched as she took Amelia’s hand and walked down the drive to the already warmed up car.

“I love you!” He shouted. “All four of you!”

She simply smiled back at him, placing a hand on the growing baby inside her, who was kicking like mad- it was as if they recognised their father’s love.


“Daddy, we’re home!” Amelia ran into the house first, leaving (y/n) to juggle a two year old, three bags and two gift bags full of presents from their nanna. “Daddy?” She asked, running through the landing and into the kitchen.

“Hey princess!” (y/n) heard Harry shout from the door, a feeling of warmth inside her when she felt that her husband was finally back. The smell of ham hit her once she was fully in the door and had set the bags down. Walking to the kitchen with an excited Lucia on her hip, she smiled in surprise when she seen the table fully set and her husband at the stove with an extremely over the top Christmas jumper.

“Wow, what’s all this?” She smiled in bewilderment, taking a good look round the whole kitchen. “It’s only the twenty third, y’know.” She giggled.

“I know, but I got too excited and mum said the ham tastes better if it’s cooked at least a day or two in advance.” He shrugged, lifting the little girl from her arms and spinning her round in the air. “Hello my little monkey!” He cooed at her. “Did you have fun at nannas?”

“Yeah, we got presents!” Amelia answered for the two of them.

“Presents? Where’s mine?” He asked in shock, lifting Lucia up and blowing a raspberry on her tummy, making her squeal and giggle.

“Santa’s coming tomorrow night, you can get presents then.” Amelia answered, bouncing in excitement.

“I’ve got all the presents I need right here.” He smiled, wrapping an arm around his wife and placing a kiss on her temple.