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Okay so having just seen The Last Jedi trailer, I have this to say:


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what if, and hear me out on this but. what if, when tracer isnt on a mission, shes emilys gf but she is, shes amile gf? or they just 'tray and share' her

hmm…There is still a story behind it But I have not painted yet Maybe this Christmas can be done.
How to say it? 
Some people like  TRACER & emily
Some people like   widowtracer
I can accept both So put them all together 

I think they are enemies   (NO  share !

My English is bad….
If not answered the question
I’m very sorry 

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I think Katie needs to switch agents. She has the looks and talent to be a star and yet her agent is only getting her secondary parts or parts where she only has 30 seconds of screen time.

Agreed. I know there have been some complaints about her poor representation in the past. I can still say that I am still very proud of how far she has come though. Thinking on her success, she did a wonderful job in Merlin and at that point, when she was done after 5 seasons, she questioned whether or not she would work again.

She went on and got Lucy Westenra, has had a total of 3 projects in which she is the lead (something many actresses unfortunately cannot say), and now she has landed Lena Luthor which has gotten her a big surge in popularity and will, no doubt, open even more doors for her.

The way I see it, Katie is definitely more of a television actress which is great considering the idea of job security in some cases for actors. She does well, turns heads, melts hearts etc. And most importantly, she is enjoying herself. She is just happy to be working.

Of course, her roles in films haven’t been the greatest, but as she mentions, she judges roles/projects by their merits and I would assume the connections she can make. Was a Princess for Christmas great? Far from it. Yet she got to work closely with Roger Moore and Sam Heughan. W.E. –  became friends with Madonna. Final Jurassic World scene? Brutal. But she had a blast performing her own stunts and has a scene that is easily one of the most memorable ones in the history of the franchise. Even those that aren’t her fans remember that. And…. she can say she’s been in a Steven Spielberg movie. As she said, once one studio gives you a shot, the betters your chances.

Personally, I can say that I am even a little glad that she isn’t some starlet that shows up in huge budget blockbuster films. I especially wouldn’t want her first big role in a movie to be the ‘lead’ female in a Guy Ritchie movie.

She’s a private person and just wants to work and be proud of what she does. So, yeah, I think she does need new reps, but as long as she can say she’s happy, then I’m happy for her. 💗

autumn iwaoi headcanons:

  • since they were little kids they collected the fallen leaves to give them to their mothers, they still do that
  • oikawa owns 384584 sweaters and at least 3 of them he stole from iwaizumi
  • iwaizumi wears turtlenecks and oikawa feels offended by his fashion choices
  • oikawa has an unhealthy pumpkin obsession and will eat literally everything pumpkin flavoured. when he was five he tried to eat the pumpkin candle and iwaizumi likes to remind him about it 
  • oikawa absolutely loves evening walks, so they go out for a walk almost every day
  • oikawa tried pumpkin carving once, he managed to get both him and iwaizumi hurt so he’s not allowed to do this anymore
  • when the weather is bad they stay in bed all day, listening to the rain and cuddling under tons of blankets


  • “oikawa, it’s november 1st, it’s not christmas yet”
Lonely at Christmas


This one is set when (y/n) is pregnant with Darragh.


“Lucia!” She heard Harry shout. He never usually shouted at the kids – or anyone for that matter – but he had been sleep deprived any stressed all week, trying to finish up all his work early so that he could enjoy Christmas with his family, which meant that he had gone missing for about two days, locking himself away in his office. Her guess was that the reason for his sudden outburst was due to being interrupted in his work.  

As quick as she could manage with a six month bump, she made her way up the stairs to find Lucia with a tube of red lipstick in her hand and the walls of Harry’s office displaying a range of red designs and patterns.

“Look what she’s done to my work!” He was clearly frustrated- to the point where he was going bright red. “There’s lipstick all over the fuckin’ walls and the song I’ve spent all week working on has been ripped to shreds!”

“Harry, don’t swear!” His wife chastised him, picking the little girl up from the floor; who was staring at her father with wide eyes. “And calm down, there’s easier ways around things than shouting at a two year old!”

“A two year old who should know better than to be drawing all over the walls! How’d she even get to the lipstick anyway? It should be locked away in cupboard so things like this don’t happen.”

“Harry, you’re being completely ridiculous, this is about more than drawing on a wall which can easily be washed away.” She snapped at him. “So don’t you dare take it out on our daughter.”

“Well control your daughter because she’s just sent me back to square one so I have to start all over again to make money for this family.” She gasped in disbelief, anger bubbling inside her. Had she not had their daughter in her arms, she would have told him exactly what she thought of him but he slammed the door in both their faces before she had a chance to say anything- causing the little girl’s lip to tremble and, in  a matter of seconds, there was floods of tears streaming down her face.


Althought hurtful and completely unacceptable, (y/n) was willing to forgive Harry for what he had said earlier in the week because she understood that he was under an extreme amount of pressure but, when he failed to even emerge from his office that night and then completely ignored both her and the kids the following few days, she was past the point of being able to reason with him. It was Christmas, and while her friends all had their husbands finally finishing work for a week or so, her own husband was blanking his family; leaving his pregnant wife to sort out last minute gifts, keep the kids in good spirit and organise their family meal for Christmas day.

She was in the kitchen ironing clothes when Amelia came into the kitchen, tears rolling down her cheeks. Immedietely, her mother was at her side, pulling her into a hug and rubbing her back in soothing motions.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” She asked, pulling away from the hug and wiping away her tears with her thumbs. “Tell mama what’s up.”

“I-I,” She could barely speak through the tears, leaning into her mum for an extra cuddle to calm herself- a cuddle which was given with no hesitation. “I made daddy a Christmas card because he’s been really sad and angry and I-I found it in th-the-“ She could barely speak, she had gotten herself into such a state.

“Hey, shh, deep breaths sweetheart.” (Y/N) encouraged, breathing in and out with her.

“Daddy threw my card in the bin.” The tears came back again when she finally let it all out to her mother. “I found it in his bin in his workroom when I went in to see if he wanted to come to our tea party but he shouted at me again because I was being too loud.”

To say that (y/n) was fuming would be an understatement. It was bad enough that Harry had taken his stress out on his children but to do it at Christmas time when they should be happy and excited was completely unacceptable.

“Does Daddy not want us here for Christmas, mummy?” The little girl asked as she hugged her mum again and her mother just squeezed her tighter, feeling her heart break when she realised she couldn’t even answer that question.


“What are you doing?” Harry’s deep voice startled (y/n) when he entered Lucia’s room, where she was taking clothes from her wardrobe and packing them into a suitcase.

“Oh, so you haven’t lost your voice then, you’ve really just been ignoring your entire family all week.” She remarked, folding a pair of My Little Pony pyjamas and setting them in the bag. Harry rolled his eyes at her comment.

“I asked what you’re doing.” He repeated in a much more agitated voice. “Where are you going?”

“The girls and I are going to stay with my mum for a few days?”

“How many days will that be? You can’t take my children away from me at Christmas!” He was getting more frustrated by the second, jaw clenching.

“Oh they’re your children again?” She laughed a humourless laugh. “Because the last time you spoke to me, Lucia was my daughter because she done something that every single toddler on earth has done.” She moved to the chest of drawers and began to lift out a few pairs of socks because she honestly didn’t know how long she would be gone. “And do you know Amelia was crying the other day because she thought her own father didn’t want to spend Christmas with her? I get that you’re under pressure at the moment but I’m not letting you ruin our children’s Christmas because you don’t know how to deal with stress.”

Harry pushed the drawer closed with a bang, just missing her fingers. “You’re not taking them away from me.” He declared.

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do when I’m the one who’s been looking after them on my own for the past two weeks.” She shoved past him to quickly zip up the small suitcase and lift it off the bed. “Go and sort out whatever it is that’s turning you into someone who I don’t know and certainly do not like and, if my husband – and the girls’ father – is in there somewhere, he would better hurry up and come back to us because I’m not putting them or myself through this for much longer.” He didn’t have a chance to reply (not that he knew what to say anyway) because she was already out the door and down the stairs and he couldn’t bring himself to stop her- both her and the kids deserved so much better than him right now.

Once the bags were in the car, she returned to the house to get the two girls. It surprised her that Harry wasn’t down yet, refusing to let them go but she was thankful to not have to deal with the argument right now.

“Alright, girls, let’s go.” She announced, lifting Lucia off the sofa and holding out her hand for Amelia to take. They were just about to open the door when Harry came running down the stairs.

“Wait!” He shouted.

“Harry, please don’t.” She sighed, opening the door and urging the little girl by her side to walk on.

“No, I-“ He crouched down to Amelia’s level and opened his arms out for a hug. She hesitated slightly but soon leaned into it and Harry breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m so sorry for being so angry, I love you.” He whispered, placing a kiss on her forehead before he rose back up again and placed a hand on his wife’s arm and leaned in to give his youngest daughter a kiss on the cheek. “And you too, munchkin, I love you and I’m really sorry.” The two year old had no other response than to giggle. “Look, I want nothing more than for you to be here with me but I know you deserve much better than an ass like me right now.” He announced to his wife. “Go to your mum’s, have fun and eat and sing loads and whatever else but if you can please be home for Christmas, I swear I’ll make it the best yet. No work at all.”

“Ok.” She nodded, a small smile on her face. “I wouldn’t ever take them away from you on Christmas, you know we’ll always come home.” She assured him with a warm smile. He nodded and returned the smile and then watched as she took Amelia’s hand and walked down the drive to the already warmed up car.

“I love you!” He shouted. “All four of you!”

She simply smiled back at him, placing a hand on the growing baby inside her, who was kicking like mad- it was as if they recognised their father’s love.


“Daddy, we’re home!” Amelia ran into the house first, leaving (y/n) to juggle a two year old, three bags and two gift bags full of presents from their nanna. “Daddy?” She asked, running through the landing and into the kitchen.

“Hey princess!” (y/n) heard Harry shout from the door, a feeling of warmth inside her when she felt that her husband was finally back. The smell of ham hit her once she was fully in the door and had set the bags down. Walking to the kitchen with an excited Lucia on her hip, she smiled in surprise when she seen the table fully set and her husband at the stove with an extremely over the top Christmas jumper.

“Wow, what’s all this?” She smiled in bewilderment, taking a good look round the whole kitchen. “It’s only the twenty third, y’know.” She giggled.

“I know, but I got too excited and mum said the ham tastes better if it’s cooked at least a day or two in advance.” He shrugged, lifting the little girl from her arms and spinning her round in the air. “Hello my little monkey!” He cooed at her. “Did you have fun at nannas?”

“Yeah, we got presents!” Amelia answered for the two of them.

“Presents? Where’s mine?” He asked in shock, lifting Lucia up and blowing a raspberry on her tummy, making her squeal and giggle.

“Santa’s coming tomorrow night, you can get presents then.” Amelia answered, bouncing in excitement.

“I’ve got all the presents I need right here.” He smiled, wrapping an arm around his wife and placing a kiss on her temple.

Christmas Time | Zhang Yixing <3

-This little angel will probably wake up really excited for Christmas and if you were still sleeping, he’d have a debate with himself for an hour straight on whether to wake you up or not.

-You’d eventually wake up to a very excited looking Yixing and later, the two of practically jump out of bed because…CHRISTMAS!

-Breakfast on Christmas day will be a joint extravaganza with the two of you ending up making more food than you can finish.

-He’d opt for a simple yet festive Christmas Jumper and when you’d compliment him on it, he’d shyly hand you the matching one he bought.

-Due to his packed schedule I think he’d greatly appreciate the amount of time the two of you actually get to spend together without having to see each other through a screen.

-Gosh you two would have such an amazing Christmas together <3

Hope you guys liked this :)

~Shazz xx

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can you do how the characters would act on Christmas!

It’s not even December yet and I am sO HYPE for Christmas you don’t even KNOW BOI

Inspiration for this scenario, yo!


  • Is so hype for the new game releases
  • Bakes holiday sweets with you
  • Loves any gift you give him tbh
  • Doesn’t have the money to buy you anything and he feels really bad, but he makes an AMAZING latte art masterpiece of YOUR FACE
  • Thinks he didn’t do a good job and you’re just like “???” because it’s fUCKING FANTASTIC
  • Spends the rest of the day cuddling up with you watching cute Christmas films


  • Totally starred in at least 5 Christmas related musicals; I shit you not
  • Insists you watch them with him
  • Makes you want to see him in an elf costume more often because HOT DAMN
  • You can be my “little helper” boi ;)
  • The beast is AWAKENED when you show him your sexy Santa outfit
  • Like, fuck the dinner; let’s get it on rn
  • But in all seriousness doe he offers to do the cooking so you can relax
  • CRIES when you get him a gift (a mirror)
  • He’s just so touched you thought of him when you picked something for him
  • Gets you a pretty heart diamond necklace with earrings and helps you put it on
  • Says something cringeworthy touching like, “But no fine jewel ever outshines you, my princess~”
  • Ends the evening with stargazing in the cold with sweaters on
  • Passionate kiss under the stars


  • Studied how to make peppermint bark coffee and asks for your feedback
  • Literally NAILED IT like oml can she be any more perfect? Das waifu right dere
  • Isn’t picky with gifts, as long as it comes from the heart
  • Takes you ice skating as your gift!
  • Never told you, but she used to ice skate back in her college days
  • So she’s like, AMAZING
  • You’d keep falling but she gets you up and guides you with her hands
  • Lets go of you once you get the hang of it
  • “I’m doing it! I’m really doing it, Jaehee!!”
  • “*giggles* I knew you could.”
  • Goes shopping with you at Barnes & Noble 
  • Gets books for y’all to read together
  • Falls asleep with you on couch during reading session


  • Honestly doesn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas
  • Uses money for everything
  • Fills the ENTIRE FLOOR with gifts for you
  • You spend 6 hours unwrapping them all
  • Takes you out to a five-star Italian restaurant on the other side of town for dinner
  • Like, fancy dishes
  • Fancy dishes EVERYWHERE
  • They’re all blurry af but his camera roll full of pictures of you is literally the best gift he can get
  • But then you give him a framed picture of you holding Elizabeth 3rd in your arms and he mentally loses his mind
  • He makes a copy to have them in both of his offices
  • Ends the night with “one more gift” HUEHUEHUE ;)


  • Literally tramples down the stairs to the Christmas tree
  • Almost knocks it over
  • Claims “Santa” ate the gingerbread cookies you baked
  • Got you a couple of things, but he got you the best gift of all
  • Like, how tf???
  • You named him Mr. Cuddles
  • If you get him a new flavor of Honey Buddha chips and Dr. Pepper, he’ll LOVE YOU EVEN  MORE THAN HE ALREADY DOES
  • Down for tacky sweaters
  • Christmas meme hunting
  • The one with the best memes gets to pick what board game to play
  • He wins
  • He picks Scrabble and OWNS YOUR ASS IN IT
  • “Saeyoung, ‘queefing’ isn’t a real word.”
  • “YES IT IS”
  • Wears nothing but an apron and attempts to cook the dinner but almost burns down the kitchen before you come in to save the day
  • “I thought it would taste better with it!”
  • RIP ham; y’all just order pizza instead and call it a night
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“I really can’t stay.”

“But, baby, it’s cold outside.”

Sam’s eyes squinted as he stared at his brother and his best friend from his perch at the table. His eyes narrowed almost to closing as he watched them over the screen of his laptop. Part of him wanted to laugh at the lines, and another part of him seriously considered that they had no idea they were quoting a Christmas classic.

“I got to get home.” Castiel’s deep voice echoed through the silent bunker.

Dean raised an eyebrow with a plea lacing his pupils. “But, baby, you’d freeze out there.”

At this point Sam had had enough. With a loud sigh he slammed his laptop shut, gaining the other two men’s attention, before he glared at the both of them evenly. “Seriously?!”

At that, Dean smirked with a cocky shrug. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

Sam pointed a finger at him with growing agitation. “You two. All it ever is around here is you two being disgustingly in love. If you’re going to play weird games where you quote romantic shit, go to another room. I’m glad you two are happy together but seriously it’s too much to witness every goddamn second of every goddamn day and I’m trying to do research.”

Castiel couldn’t help the small smirk upturning his lips. “Dean said that it would be fun to see how long it would take until you cracked.”

The last thing Castiel heard before both brothers darted from the room was the sound of Dean’s belly deep laughter. The fallen angel watched with a priceless smile as the younger brother chased the older brother through the bunker halls with obscenities spewing from his lips.

It was the first Christmas that Castiel felt he had a home to finally find happiness in.

When the laughter died down, and no more thundering footsteps were echoing against the walls, Dean came charging toward Castiel with a shit-eating grin on his face. The two embraced like an old dance they had practiced for decades.

Just as Dean was pressing his lips to Castiel’s forehead he whispered, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Castiel could only chuckle as he sunk deeper into the warmth of Dean’s chest and let himself forget about the waging snow crashing down on top of the bunker.

24 Days of Christmas: Best Present *Chris Evans x Reader*

Originally posted by jediavengers

Day Twenty-Four

Summary: I wrote my friend Julia ( @juliagolia87 / @promarvelfangirl) a thing over kik ‘cause I’m a nice friend, lol. And then it turned into something real, we just like Chris with a beard, okay? Don’t judge.

Note- Seems fitting to start and end it with Chris, I had a Romanogers thing with possible Winterwitch but reading it back, it was terrible so I deleted it and now I have this. 

Day Twenty-Three

Chris slowly blinked his eyes open, the alarm clock on his bedside table reading 6 am, he gave a gentle sigh because no matter how much older he gets; he can never sleep in on Christmas. It only happens one day of the year, yet for the beginning of the month you’re preparing and then the day arrives, it happens in a blink of an eye and before he knows it, it’s New Year. He liked being up as easy as possible, to spend the whole day being Christmas-y.

He turns over and you’re lying with your back facing Chris, sleeping peacefully and Chris’s eye catches the window, it’s snowing which is usual for Boston and fitting for Christmas day. Chris wraps an arm gently around your waist, slowly pulling you to him and you make a little sound in your sleep before turning to bury your face in his chest, trying to sleep for as long as humanly possible.

Chris smiles as you tiredly blink your eyes open, groaning as you peeked up at the man-child, no matter how many Christmas’ you spent with Chris you’d never get over how early he wakes up. It’s like his body and mind is in sync with Christmas, you didn’t mind too much but you weren’t exactly a morning person, not even on Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispers with a grin and you can’t help but smile and mutter it back to him.

You glance back up at Chris, he’s content with laying in bed for a few more minutes, his face has a permanent smile upon it. Your lying across his chest, you bring a hand to lazily smooth through the hairs on his face that he’s been growing since he last filmed as Steve Rogers, you preferred bearded Evans. You had nothing against shaven Chris, it was still your Chris but for some reason, you didn’t know why but he always looked a little cosier; a little warmer when he had a beard.

You scratched softly as he hummed lightly, eyes falling shut for a brief second before they open again, blue eyes shining even in the dim snowy lighting from the window.

“Well, at least, one of us would have been up if we had kids right now!” You chuckle lightly and Chris lets out a hearty chuckle before wrapping his strong arms around you, pulling you closer. “God, you’d be getting them up, I know you, and you’d definitely do that.” You poke his chest accusingly.

He nodded in agreement, “Unless they have my enthusiasm, which means, they’ll be getting up at the time I was when a kid,” you wait expectantly, “around five in the morning.” You groaned as he laughed, “How my mum dealt with me, I don’t know.”

You push yourself up on your elbows and lean over to give Chris a gentle, soft kiss, you feel his beard tickle against the bottom of your face as he deepens the kiss with you. He gentle rolls you over, so you’re now laying underneath him, Christmas morning is usually spent in bed; not that either of you minded that, it was a nice way to kick start a holiday, in your personal opinion.

You spent mid-afternoon at your parent’s seeing your own family, you exchange presents with one another, your little cousins loving Chris who plays with them, and he even brings Dodger along who is everyone’s favourite dog. He also gets a few slices of turkey from your mother because she can’t help but spoil Dodger, much like Chris who gave his doggy-child a stocking and a few extra presents.

You then travel to the Evans household, his older sisters answering the door first, smiling and hugging you both. His parents are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm but they stop briefly to wish you a merry Christmas and hug you.

Chris settles into the living room, instantly playing with his nieces and nephews new toys they’d gotten earlier in the day, he couldn’t wait for them to open his presents from him; if there’s one thing for sure, Chris loved to spoil his family and you were no exception to that, but he loved seeing his little nieces and nephews faces when they opened presents.

Dodger was running throughout the house, new toy in his mouth and squeaking it, rather loudly and Chris’ dad wasn’t slowly losing his mind at the sound. Dodger eventually settled on Chris’s lap enjoying the toy in the living room, as you stayed in the kitchen talking to Chris’s mum and sisters.

“I thought Chris would have asked by now,” Shanna shrugs gently with Carly beside her nodding in agreement, “it’s his favourite time of the year, he’s a massive romantic nerd, I was sure it would be this Christmas.”

Lisa, his mum, laughed at her daughters and you just rolled your eyes. It’s not that you haven’t thought about it, you’ve both talked about your future, heck you did so this morning. Kids from the beginning were discussed, Chris always told you he wanted to be a dad, and it was a life goal at this point. He wanted as many, as you’d allow, which by default was as many as he wanted.

What yourself or Chris’s female family didn’t know was that he was showing his dad, brother and brother-in-law’s the ring he had picked up a month ago. Scott and your sister had helped picked it, it wasn’t too flashy but it was extremely pretty, it was a princess cut with two little diamonds either side the main diamond.

Once dinner was done and eaten, yourself and Chris finally gave the presents to everyone, opening yours in return. Chris was right, watching his nieces and nephews open their presents is so heart-warming, and you always get baby fever when around them. You cursed his sisters for having such wonderful kids.

The TV was on but no one was really watching it, except the kids; Chris claiming the Grinch is a classic and must be watched by the children, even if they didn’t understand the in-depth storyline. You were sat on Chris’ lap, enjoying Chris’s mum and dad talk about their children at Christmas time, how Chris was always the one to wake the rest of the kids up. It became a job no one asked him to take over.

“Y/N, can you get me my phone from my coat? I forgot to text Mackie and Downey,” you sighed with an eye roll, he kissed your cheek and watched you leave the room to his coat on the hook in the hallway.

Fishing inside his pockets you didn’t find his phone, but a small box, a Tiffany & Co. box to be exact. Your heart picked up in speed, hammering a mile a minute, you turned around and walked back into the living room where his whole family were still chatting. Chris grinned nervously when he locked eyes with you, his mum and sisters all gasped in shock at what you’re holding, his dad and brother plus the in-law’s all smiling.

“I know it’s cheesy of to me, I asked your dad this morning if it was okay, and I wanted it to be special! Christmas is my favourite time, and I can’t picture spending my favourite time without my favourite person… you.“ He was about to talk again but you beat him to it.

“Yes!” He sighed and smiled softly, you extended the box to him almost jumping excitedly which caused Dodger to wake up and jump up at you, you petted his head as Chris opened the box and presented the ring.

He placed the ring on your finger, kissing you softly and you giggled pulling back, tears already welling up in your eyes. Ignoring your small comment of, ‘your beard tickles’, he leant back down and kissed you again causing his nieces and nephews you all say, “gross”.

That was by far the best present, so far, in all the years you’ve been together.

You got your own back on his Birthday when you wrapped up a positive pregnancy test for him.  

(And that’s all folks, unless I have a bonus tomorrow, I may do. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas/ weekend. Eat lots and have fun. Love you all - Rosalee)

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Okay, You Can Open Your Eyes Now 

Christmas is fastly approaching and Jason has yet to purchase your final present, it is the biggest one yet. He thought about it months prior knowing that you will love him forever once he reveals a cute little puppy to you on Christmas morning. In his head, he pictures your reaction and how priceless it will be. He doesn’t care how expensive it will be all that matters to him is your happiness. You will love all the other gifts he has got you but the puppy will be your favourite, without a doubt. 

Jason walks into a local animal store in Gotham city in order to begin the hunt for the perfect puppy. He is greeted by one of the workers, a tall, light-haired man with a bright smile on his face. Must be the Christmas spirit that has everyone so perky, which Jason has never understood personally. Until he met you, Christmas was just another day. Now it is an opportunity for him to show you just how much he loves and appreciates you. 

“Hello, Sir.” The worker shakes hands with Jason. “How can I help you today?” 

“I’m looking to buy a puppy for my partner.” Jason politely smiles back. 

“Certainly, follow me.” He directs Jason to the part of the store where the puppies reside. “We only have a few breeds available. You can choose from what we have. Do you know what breed your partner would like?” The man clasps his hands and waits for Jason’s response. 

“Uh, y/n loves all kinds of dogs.” Jason takes a quick look at all the wagging tails and big eyes looking up at him as if to say ‘pick me, pick me!’. 

That’s when one little pup catches his attention the most, a little German Shepherd pup with its tongue hanging out and ears pricked up. Jason isn’t usually one to ‘aww’ at cute things but this particular pup is pulling on his heart strings. He walks over and the little dog stands on its hind legs and the wagging of its tail gets increasingly faster. It is then he realises it is a female.

“Hey, there girl.” Jason strokes the top of her head gently. “How would you like to come home with me?” The pup barks excitedly in response which seals the deal for Jason, she’s the perfect pup for you. “I’ll take this one.” He turns to the worker that stands behind him. 

“Of course, Sir. I’ll get everything ready for you so that you can take her home.” 

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I am absolutely convinced that whenever any of the other Robins asked about Santa Clause or said they knew he wasn’t real, Dick would tell them a story about how he once helped Santa save Christmas back when he was Robin. And the first response is always disbelief, but the thing is, the story is really detailed and really consistent. No one can confirm whether or not the story is fake. There are case files on it. It’s the true mystery of the Bat Family every winter.

Dick absolutely loves sitting back and watching them try to figure it out!