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Would That Be So Bad?

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Your eyes narrowed as they regarded your best friend.

“Even if that were true, which it isn’t, you’d probably twist your ankle long before you even made it to the end,” you pointed out.

Justin’s eyebrows lifted as he turned to face you, “Wanna bet?” he challenged.

Never one to back down from a challenge you accepted. You could hear your friends’ voice their annoyance at what was yet another wager between the two of you. You both ignored them. Everyone knew that was the nature of your friendship. You were both highly competitive when it came to one another and backing down from a challenge meant losing by default and Justin would never let you hear the end of it.

“I ain’t come here to see ya break ya ankles JB,” Za groaned around a mouthful of popcorn.

“Shut up man, I’m not gonna break anything,” Justin responded already out of his chair and exiting the living room.

You rolled your eyes at his stubborn nature.

Hailey had mentioned how running in heels was an art and of course the boys skeptically disagreed. Being the only other person in the room who could relate you backed her up. It was.  But of course Justin had to throw his two cocky cents in, claiming it couldn’t be that hard and that he could probably run faster than you could in heels.

It didn’t take him long to reenter the living room with a pair of red soled pumps in hand.

“The fuck did you get those? You crossdressing now?” Za accused after glancing at the shoe

“Fuck you dude, they’re Y/N’s.”

Two pairs of eyes turned to you, one of them gleaming with mischief.

You knew what Hailey was thinking and you don’t give her a chance to voice it.

“Of all the heels you saw you picked my Louboutin’s?” you frowned at him.

“They’re the only ones that fit, now come on. Let’s get this over with so I can claim my prize,” he brushed off your annoyance and headed out to the backyard.

“What prize?”

“For after I win, duh.”

You had to laugh, “Riight. When I win you have post a tweet kissing my ass.”

“I’d do more to it than just kiss it,” he suggestively wiggled his eyebrows, quickly ducking out of the way before you could knock him upside his head.

“Boy shut up,” you scolded him as you followed him outside.

“Don’t you want to hear what my prize is?” he teased.

“What’s the point? You’re gonna lose,” you smirked.

“I’m gonna win and when I do I want a kiss,” he grinned.

Your eyes turned heavenwards. He’d always been a master at irking you, but lately it seemed his new tactic was relentless flirting.

“Let’s just get this over with Bieber,” you stepped onto the patio, your own heels clicking softly against the wood.

You patiently waited for him to squeeze into your shoes, and cringed at the way his toes spilled out through the peep.

Your confidence lasted all up until Justin actually won. You could hardly believe it. He won fair and square and there was nothing you could do about it. By the looks on Za’s and Hailey’s faces they didn’t expect it either.

“Yes!” he jumped in victory and the moment he landed there was a resounding crack.

Your eyes widened as you saw, almost as if in slow motion, one of the heels snap in half. A deadly silence followed as all eyes turned to you.

“I’m sorry! Shit, I’m sorry!” Justin frantically apologized as he quickly took off the shoes and futilely tried to piece it back together.

“Do you have any idea how much those shoes cost?!” you snapped.

“I’ll buy you a new pair, babygirl. I promise! Please don’t be mad,” he cautiously stepped towards you with an exaggerated pout.

You took a deep and calming breath and turned to go back inside because you were sure if you kept on looking at him you would be moved to wrap your fingers around his throat and squeeze.

“Wait! I won. Where’s my kiss?” he called after you.

“You’re lucky I’m not losing my shit right now Justin,” you faced him, your words a clear enough warning for him to hold his hands up in surrender and keep quiet.


True to his word Justin replaced your beloved pair of shoes and then some. As part of his apology he invited you to a red carpet event and took you shopping for a dress. You didn’t protest; you knew it would have fallen on deaf ears anyway.

But you were glad you accepted as you strolled down the red carpet on his arm, smiling for the brilliant flashes. You felt like royalty in your backless, floor length gown. You knew for a fact you made a good looking pair. You had to admit, Justin cleaned up very nicely in his navy Armani suit.

“You look stunning,” you heard him whisper in your ear as he escorted you towards the entrance.

You grinned at him, unable to ignore the shiver that ran up your spine at his words. You weren’t sure if it was because of the way his lips brushed the outer shell of your ear or how low and raspy his voice was when he said it.

Once inside you swiped a flute of champagne off a passing platter and downed it in an attempt to get rid of whatever weird fluttering was happening in your tummy.

“Woah, take it easy there miss lightweight,” before you could swallow all the contents, pale fingers wrapped around the glass, removing it from your grasp.

“Hi Hails,” you greeted her, annoyed that she took your drink, but at the same time grateful that she saved you from yourself.

“Where’s Justin?” she asked as she scanned the crowds.

You hadn’t even realized he’d been swallowed by masses till you turned around and found he wasn’t there. You weren’t at all surprised or put off, because this was common. Justin was an obscenely popular guy. Everyone wanted their time with him.

“I’ve been here less than an hour and I’m already ready to call it a night,” she downed the rest of your drink and set the empty glass on yet another passing tray.

“Is it that bad?”

“It’s been pretty boring….but I think that’s gonna change pretty soon. Who is he?” her eyes were zeroes in on someone over your shoulder.

You turned to see who had caught her attention and you breathed a sound of approval. He definitely had to be a model with those chiseled features. Your eyes widened as you realized he was headed straight towards the two of you.

“You look gorgeous, stop that,” you discreetly swatted her hand away from her dress as she tried to straighten out invisible wrinkles.

“Hey, I’m Nathan.”

You both turned to face him, and you hid your amusement at Hailey’s immediate bashfulness.

“Hi, I’m Y/N….and this is Hailey,” you introduced her when you noticed she was too busy blushing to do so.

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled at the both of you, but there was no denying the way his smile got bigger when his eyes landed on your friend.

You were right, Nathan was an up and coming model. His company was definitely a breath of fresh air in the otherwise painfully sophisticated affair. His dry sense of humor definitely kept the two of you entertained.

In the middle of him regaling the two of you with a funny story of one of his first professional photoshoots Justin appeared. At your side, with his hand on your bare back. Your senses instantly heightened at his proximity and touch.

“Hi, I’m Justin,” he stated, holding his free hand out for Nathan to shake.

You and Hailey shared a look. Neither of you were impressed by his impolite intrusion.

“Nathan. Pleased to meet you,” your new friend shook his hand good naturedly.

Justin pulled you even closer into him before he leaned in and left a lingering kiss on your cheek. You wanted to call him out on his odd behavior, but knew better than to cause a scene.

“Nathan’s a model. He was just telling us a story about a shoot he did in Milan,” Hailey volunteered.

Justin’s only response was to nod his head casual acknowledgement. You glared at the side of his face, you had no idea why he was acting so rude. Or why he felt the need to keep his arm around you almost possessively.

No one said anything after that and an awkward silence befell the group. Just when you thought it was getting to be too much, a couple of guests casually stopped in greeting before they too were roped in. Conversation quickly began flowing once more and the tension dissipated just as quickly as it came. Hailey wasted no time in excusing the two of you to the bathroom.

“I know I’m not the only one who thinks Justin is acting weird,” you blurted out as soon as you were in the quiet of the spacious restroom.

“Because he’s jealous.”


“Don’t act so surprised. It’s no secret that Justin is madly in love with you,” she giggled as she applied another layer of lipstick in the mirror.

“Here we go again….” you groaned.

“Yes, here we go again. Whether you want to admit it or not there is something between you and Justin. I swear you’re the only one who doesn’t see it.”

“That’s because there’s nothing to see. Jay and I are just friends.”

“Friends who flirt like there’s no tomorrow? Friends that kiss each other at album release parties?” she teased.

“We said we’d never bring that up! Besides, that was one time and I was drunk,” you defended, feeling your face heat at the memory.

“Right,” she responded with an eye roll.

You didn’t bother to argue with her on that. That was a completely different story that you’d rather not get into.  

“Anyway, that’s just how he is. He’s a flirt.”

“He doesn’t flirt with me,” she pointed out knowing she had you there.

“Whatever Hails. You’re so wrong,” you called over your shoulder as you headed out of the restroom.

“Oh? Let’s test my theory then,” she retorted, following you out.

You couldn’t help but accept that Hailey might be right. For the rest of the night she meddled. Introducing you to a couple handsome men at the event and every time Justin reacted the same way he did with Nathan. You wanted to wipe the triumphant smirk off her face.

And then it was finally time to leave. Just before you left with Justin Hailey hugged you goodbye, whispering an ‘I told you so’ in your ear.

The ride home was silent, but not for lack of trying on your part. Every attempt at conversation with him was met with curt one word responses until you gave up.

You figured he would have dropped you off at your place since he seemed to be in such a sour mood, but you were surprised when he drove straight to his house. You didn’t say anything. Instead you got out of the car, and entered the house, with every intention of changing out of your gown, and calling a cab.

You were halfway up the stairs when you heard the front door slam behind you. You pivoted to stare at him. His face was set in the same scowl he’d had in the car.

“What the hell is your problem?” you decided to call him out.

“My problem is that you felt the need to throw yourself on every other guy at the party!” he snapped.

“Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t flirt with anyone!” your eyes widened in shock and anger at his absurd accusation.

“You were all over that Nathan guy!”

“Oh, so I can’t talk to people now!” you demanded, your anger leading you back down the stairs.

“You came with me, Y/N! And every time I turn around you’re up under some other guy!”

“You are so full of shit!  You didn’t hear me bitching when you were off schmoozing with all your little model friends,” his hypocrisy was ridiculous.

“That’s different. They’re just for appearances. Did you forget you were my date tonight?

“You know what, I don’t have time for your jealous shit right now,” you rolled your eyes and turned away from him.

“I’m not jealous! I’m…” he trailed off.

“You’re what!?” you spun back around to face him, “What do you call your behavior tonight? Hm? What’s your reason for getting angry every time I so much as say hello to another guy. For acting like you’re my boyfriend, putting your arm around me like you’re trying to make a-”

“Would that be so bad?” his calm retort cut you off mid rant.


“Would that be so bad? If I was your boyfriend?” his eyes focused on yours, his voice perfectly steady.

“Well…no, but-”

“Then what’s so wrong about me acting like I am?”

“Because you’re not! You’re-”

“What if I wanted to be?”

“…what?” you paused, everything you were about to say dissolved at that question.

He closed the distance, coming to a stop inches from you. His eyes never left yours and your heartbeat quickened at the new dynamic the situation had suddenly taken.

Your breath hitched when he brought an arm around you, placing his hand on your open back like he had been doing all night, and guided you into him.

Your hands rested on his chest of their own accord.

“Justin, what are you doing?” you whispered as you regarded him with wide eyes.

“What if I wanted to be your man?” he answered your question with one of his own.

You found you couldn’t really speak in that moment.

“What if I wanted to kiss you, to touch you, to call you mine? Would that be so bad?” he murmured as his gaze fell from yours to your lips.

He didn’t wait for an answer, and in your hazy state of shock and lust you weren’t sure you had one. Instead, his head dipped, bringing his lips a hair’s width from yours and paused as he waited for you to either pull away or kiss him.

“We’re friends, Justin,” you mumbled, as if that reminder would somehow change anything.

“You know damn well we haven’t been just friends for a long time,” you could taste the champagne on his breath.

You knew the story behind those words and your eyes fluttered at the memory.

“Besides, you still owe me a kiss,” the hint of a smile ghosted over his lips.

Before you could answer he tightened his hold around you and he pressed his lips against yours.

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Well, nobody likes to see a stalwart of the team, and the bedrock and foundation of the defense, a leader and fan faovirte for more than a decade go. Be handed his walking papers. Say adios, amigos! But…it’s a tough game, and a business (see “It is what it is.” ad infinitum) at the end of it all. So yes, it’s sad to see Big Vince go. He’s an all-timer, someone we loved, rooted for and counted on time and again, as fans, to carry the load, blow up the line and make it happen on the sometimes shaky, bend and occasionally break Patriots defense. He’s a monster, someone who the Pats got so much from, on and off the field. Someone beloved the world over, who we’re all looking forward to seeing a halftime of retirement and reverence dedicated to sometime very soon at Gillette Stadium.

But with tough decisions to make, younger pricier guys to sign, and abig $ for Vince, something he’s kinda worth but perhaps too much to make sure the defense remains top-notch, he’s gotta to go. or at least this deal does. Could he, will he, be back? Possibly, but probably not. It’s kinda “seeing your ex-girlfreind maiing out with another dude in the bathroom” gross to think of Wilfork in another jersey. But he almost left last year, and somehow all sides worked it out for one more year. And look what happened! Vince Wilfork go what so few will ever get; a career of winning in a uniform where he bookended his time with Super Bowl wins. Can you think of anyone else who won a Super Bowl his first and last season for a team that played over adecade there? Dude came back from injury in 2013 to prove in 2014 he was worth the money and one more shot to lead the team to the promised land, and he did. Before you and Argentina cry for him remember…he had winning seasons every year! Went to seven AFC Championships! And four Super Bowls! HE WON TWO RINGS! I mean…damn! That’s how you do it, Big Man!

Yeah, there will be some melancholy at Casa Wilfork today, and with the fans who love him and cheered for him. But no bitterness or disappointment. You really can’t ask for more, or get that kind of closure if you script it.

Happy trails and all the thanks and football love in the world to Vince Wilfork. Nobody, literally, will ever be able to fill those shoes. He’ll leave a huuuuge hole in the D-line, and locker room. How that gets filled? Lord knows. All I know now is that this guy helped our favorite team win two Super Bowls and had a hella good run. He had an appetite for winning and being a role model almost as big as his actual appetite. I’d offer to buy him a champion’s dinner, but I’m not sure I can afford what he deserves. Cheers ‘n Beers to Vince Wilfork, an ATGFP! (All-Time Great Fahkin’ Patriot)

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Hi! Zayn/Liam and 42. :) thank you!

42. “I swear it was an accident.”

“So.” Zayn exhales smoke, because it gives him time to think. Time not to look at Liam’s, who’s giving him that earnest, worried look that makes Zayn want to swear he’ll never let anything hurt him ever again. Except this time it’s different. This time, he doesn’t want to feel that, because he’s mad at Liam. Or confused. Or something. “Are we going to talk about it?”

Liam swallows, then sets his shoulders. It’s the way he gets when he’s going to do something unpleasant, which isn’t the most flattering thing ever. Zayn gets it, though. He sort of feels like he’s facing the firing squad. Though for very different reasons than Liam, he expects.

“I swear it was an accident.” If Zayn hadn’t been expecting something like that, it probably would have been devastating, he thinks. As it is, it’s just one more dull ache.

“An accident,” he repeats. “Kissing me was an accident. Did you trip and fall onto my lips?”

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