can i vomit rainbows


This was going to be a link to a news article about another vile hate filled rant from a former B list sporting personality in Australia who’s been in the media a bit lately banging on about her opinions.

But I’ve decided there’s already enough hate going around and that I’ll not publicize her or her hurtful misinformed ramblings.

I will instead take a few minutes to tell you all I love you……. and I’ll post a picture of a unicorn vomiting rainbows just because I can.

May I have a critique on this, please? ;w;

Beautiful, best work I’ve seen in all my years of arting. There’s no clipping and all the photos used seem cleanly cut.

How the explosion in the background highlights the shoop de woop and our heroic Jedi Kitten goes to fight off the rainbow llamas its just

also this is way better than what I can do on photoshop, i need to step up my game

~Mod Wolfrun