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'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki say the boys aren't going 'full-mope'
To read more on Supernatural, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday. You can buy the whole set now, or purchase the individual covers of the group shot, Jensen Ackles, Jare…

Okay, so here’s the thing I LOVE about this article:

“Dean is going to be throwing himself into the job now more than ever. “He’s essentially grieving by burying himself in work,” Jensen Ackles says. But don’t expect him to be enthusiastic about it. “He’s still going to fight the fight, but there’s less passion there because of the loss that he’s dealing with,” Ackles continues”

“Dean is focusing on the task at hand. His attitude, as Ackles puts it, is, “I’m not going to think about what I’ve lost. In turn, I’m just going to focus on what I can fix.” That leads Dean down what Ackles calls a “hopeless road.”

“Ackles adds, “That’s not interesting to me. What’s more interesting is the person who looks like everything’s fine when you are fully aware that everything is not fine.

Now. What Jensen is doing here is quite literally spelling out the subtext. He is confirming that Dean has layers. He is literally telling us that Dean is not what he appears at surface level. That the surface reading is incorrect.

I have read posts from people which have infuriated me because they say that we are idiots for thinking Dean is anything other than black and white. Mr “everything is surface level I don’t have any deep thoughts” Winchester apparently, and I have to SCREAM in IM to long suffering friends about it because I can’t believe how blind these people are all for the sake of disproving something as obvious as Dean being bisexual and multifaceted. (sorry @tinkdw and @elizabethrobertajones as I know I bug you guys the most)

Jensen is literally spelling it out for us here. He is saying that he plays Dean in layers. That when Dean acts like he is “fine” he is most definitely not fine. That Dean will bury himself in the job, the hunt, because he is in so much pain he can’t bare to think about what he has lost (hint: EVERYTHING).

When you watch 13x02 and feel disappointed because Dean is not crying into his pillow remember this article. Remember Jensen’s words. When you see anti’s laughing in their deluded idiocy and using Dean’s “bury himself in hunting” attitude to “prove” that he doesn’t care about Cas at all, remember Jensen’s words. 

By claiming or even attempting to claim that Dean doesn’t care, that Dean isn’t burying his grief and pain and depression over losing Cas, you are effectively saying Jensen isn’t doing his job properly. 

Even if you don’t ship destiel, the level of absolute delusion you must have if you don’t believe that Dean cares for and loves Cas on a deep and visceral level must be through the roof. I’d actually be worried about your grasp on reality if that is the case. This isn’t up for debate anymore. Dean loving Cas is a fact. Its canon. You can argue the difference between it being platonic or romantic love til the cows come home, but denying Dean’s grief? Denying Jensen’s absolutely fucking spectacular acting in 13x01 in which I physically ached in my heart over seeing such raw pain on the screen? That’s just ludicrous. 

The show has been telling us this shit for YEARS about Dean, sometimes pretty much textually, but if that didn’t make it obvious enough for you, maybe you’ll actually listen to Jensen himself, god knows you love to quote other (quite silly and out of context) things he’s said enough times. 

Persona 5 Name Meanings

This is gonna be really long and detailed but I feel like it’s a thing that a lot of people would be interested in. (And if not, at least I’m interested in it and I had a ton of fun making this).

I’m only doing playable characters for now but I’m considering doing the supporting cast in the future. If you have any corrections feel free to let me know; I’d be happy to hear them!

A couple notes before I get into this behemoth: I’m including both given names and surnames (with the exception of Morgana), the name is written given-name-first with the Latin alphabet and surname-first with kanji (as in the Chinese characters used for names not the character from the previous game), the name meanings come from these specific kanji (again, excluding Morgana because his name isn’t Japanese and Ann will get some special treatment for the same reason) because some names can have the same pronunciation but different meanings because they’re spelled with different kanji.

Akira Kurusu | 来栖 暁

Akira(暁) means daybreak or dawn.

Kurusu has two parts to it, kuru(来) and su(栖). Kuru(来) means come and su(栖) means nest. Together, with a bit of creative license, Kurusu means comes from the nest.


Morgana comes the Old Welsh name Morcant and/or the Irish name Muirgen which translate to circle of the sea and born of the sea respectively.

Ryuji Sakamoto | 坂本 竜司

Ryū(竜) means dragon and ji(司) means ruler. Together Ryuji means dragon ruler.

Saka(坂) means hill and moto(本) means this, so the full translation would be this hill.

Ann Takamaki | 高巻 杏

The kanji, 杏, used for Ann’s name in Japanese means apricot. Ann, or alternatively Anne, means favored or grace making those the more accurate meanings.

Taka(高) means high and maki(巻) means book. Takamäki is a Finnish surname but I wasn’t able to find any meaning for it, unfortunately. If anyone has better resources than me and is able to find a meaning for it, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Yusuke Kitagawa | 喜多川 祐介

Yū(祐) means help and suke(介) can mean mediate or more amusingly shellfish. So Yusuke can mean to help shellfish.

Ki(喜) is joy, ta(多) means much, and gawa(川) means river, so all as one word it could mean much joy at the river. However, some of the sources I’m using say that Kitagawa means Northern River.

Makoto Niijima | 新島 真

Makoto(真) means truth.

Nii(新) means new and jima(島) means island. The whole name is new island.

Futaba Sakura | 佐倉 双葉

Futa(双) means a pair and ba(葉) can mean leaves, needles, or blades. My personal favorite combination is a pair of needles. Futaba, when translating both kanji at the same time, means bud or sprout.

Sa(佐) means help and kura(倉) means warehouse, combined to be warehouse helper. Surprisingly, unlike most spellings of Sakura, Futaba’s surname does not mean cherry blossom.

Haru Okumura | 奥村 春

Haru(春) means springtime.

Oku(奥) means interior and mura(村) means village. Okumura can mean secluded village.

Goro Akechi | 明智 吾郎

Go(吾) can means my and rō(郎) means son, so put together and it means my son. No, I’m not lying about that. For all you akechi stans out there, you’re not technically wrong when your call him your son, I guess.

Ake(明) means bright and chi(智) means intellect. Interestingly, 明 is often used to to spell Akira, also meaning bright when spelled with this kanji.

That’s it for the playable characters! This was a ton of fun and I’ll probably do it for the persona 3 and 4 teams as well when I get the time. If you have any feed back, just let me know!

oswolfpack  asked:

Does Loki want to have children? Since the fairies are genderfluid, does that mean he can bear children if he chooses to?

The question comes up somewhat awkwardly and perhaps later than it should, one night after they have finished and Tony is still lying beneath Loki’s legs, trying to get his breathing under control. 

Can Loki get pregnant?

The thought rockets through Tonys head and then he is panicking and gasping and rolling off the fairy, falling to his knees beside the bed and full on wheezing as he tries to catch his breath. 

“Anthony.” Loki smiles lazily. “We have been together many times by now, it should not shock you all that much how good it can be with me.” 

“Stop.” Tony puts a hand up in warning, and grabs the sheet to wrap around himself. “Stop. Listen. Should we have been using protection?”

“Like a spell?” Loki cocks his head. “I suppose we could. But the aura of my magic is so strong, very few creatures would try to interrupt us. I assure you we are safe.”

“No, I mean.” Tony closes his eyes. “Protection like condoms or birth control.”

“I do not know what those words mean.” Loki tilts his head, narrows his eyes. “You are displeased with our fucking?”

“Dont call it fucking!” Tony snaps, then shakes his head. “Sorry. That just makes it sound like we are going at it like animals. Call it something different.” 

Loki sighs in aggravation but slides off the bed to sit cross legged on the floor, which really isnt helping Tony concentrate at all. “You are displeased with the way we are together?” Loki asks again. “The way our bodies join? Or perhaps the noises I make when we are together. Should I be softer, louder? Do you wish to take me harder? Or maybe—”

“Stop.” Tony says again. “Sheesh, Lo. Look, there’s nothing wrong with how we are together, its incredible. I am just asking if…” a deep breath. “Can you get pregnant? Will you get pregnant? Do I need to pull out or something?”

“Humans worry about the oddest things!” Loki laughs out loud. “Yes, I may get pregnant, since gender is fluid for my kind, I suppose it is possible, but I wont get pregnant unless I wish. We live so long, imagine if our kind was fertile continuously like you humans are. Tiresome. We would have the largest families and whoever is bearing the children would be fat and lazy.”

“Pregnant women are not fat and lazy.” Tony objected. “Growing life is important and–”

“I was joking, darling.” Loki soothes and switches so he is on Tonys lap. “When someone is with child in our world it is an honor, something to be celebrated. However, I am nearly positive a human cannot have a child with a fairy, and even if we could, can simply…” he shrugged. “Make it so I cannot be pregnant. A simple bit of magic.” 

Tony is silent and Loki watches him curiously. “But you want children, Anthony. Is that why are you asking?”

“Actually I was panicking because I thought you might already be pregnant.” Tony winces. “Guys getting pregnant doesnt happen in my world, and I was trying to wrap my mind around it happening in your world and Im just—”

“You forget our genders are not as strictly aligned as yours.” Loki interrupts. “But I did not think of how off this conversation would be for you. Do not fret, I will not be pregnant. And if we decide to have a family–” Loki tilts Tonys chin up, making sure those dark eyes are firmly focused on him. 

The air shimmers and Loki changes right before Tonys eyes, full breasts and a tiny waist, rounded hips and a very obvious lack of anything Tony considered male between his thighs. 

“If we decide to have a family, I shall spend the entire time in this form as to not offend your delicate human sensibilites.” 

“Youre making fun of me.” Tony complains, and Lokis lips twitch up in a smirk. “But thank you.”

“SIlly human.” Loki purrs and brushes his new form against Tonys bare chest. “You worry about too many things.”

Tomato Curse

This is a curse that was made up a few days ago to stop someone from fucking with you and sort of improve their attitude. Preferably used against someone you hate.


  • Cherry tomato or a drawing of one
  • A small jar or a place you can bury the tomato and leave it undisturbed
  • Name of the target
  • An object of theirs that you ca wtap around the tomato (I used a piece of paper with the persons signature)
  • Needles/pins/ something sharp you can stick into the object
  • Curse powder or dirt

1. Take the tomato/drawing and focus all your anger and hate for the person and imagine it going into the tomato.

2.Take the pins and stick it into the tomato. As you do this, you can verbalize the intent.

Example: “you are bitter and filled with nastiness. You are rude and i curse you from now on. Leave me alone. Any time you are rude to anyone, it wil come back to you 10x.”

3.Wrap the tomato up in the object, still focusing on the hate.

4. Put some of the curse powder/dirt into the jar then place the tomato on top. Fill up the rest of the jar but leave a tiny space to add anything extra. I spit into mine to add to the hate.

5. Make sure it’s closed tightly and place it in a dark place where it won’t get messed with.

*Always make sure to ceanse before and after curses. If you are ready to brea the curse, simply throw away or burn the shit and cean out the jar.

If you try this, I would love to know how it worked out for you! Happy cursing ❤️

anonymous asked:

As someone with a rather impressive amount of altars, do you have any advice on making them? Mine is fairly small (dorm life, hurray!) and I feel like it's missing something, but I don't really know what.

Sure! My advice would be to keep playing with it until it feels right. You can add more items and take things away as you see fit. I know you’re limited with space because of dorm life, so just remember that it doesn’t have to be super elaborate to be effective. 

All of my altars are highly personalized and serve a specific function. It may help to keep your altar in line with a specific theme and include items that are sacred to you as well as things you use often for your craft. 

For example, my spell craft altar has the majority of my magical tools including: various herbs, essential oils, different salts, magical powders I’ve crafted, crystals and crystal chips for spells, incense, sage and palo santo sticks, spell candles, a besom, my athame, a bell, and a bunch of other “practical” witchy stuff.

On the other hand, my altar honoring Venus is more of a devotional set-up. It includes a statue of her, a framed photo of the path of Venus (a lot of my magic includes cosmic/celestial witchcraft so I like having that representation as well), lots of crystals including two of my crystal balls, ethically sourced bones, various sacred items, and candles. 

Altars definitely don’t have to be by the book or set up certain way; the important thing is that you’re happy with it. I’m gonna include a few links to some posts that should help you with more ideas:

Best wishes with your altar set-up, Anon! Have a lovely day!! ♡

8anime8  asked:

Song thing- 'He is not one of us' from the lion king 2

I can’t help but think of Jay when I heard this.

Imagine Jay having a nightmare that he was the one that had been under Zevon’s spell instead of Mal. The people of Auradon hadn’t nearly been as forgiving, instead citizens and students had claimed he did it out of wickedness. Even his friends turn their backs on the teen as he desperately looks at them for help.
In the end, as he is kicked out of the kingdom, he sees his father looking down on him with a smirk, which happens to wake Jay up in a cold sweat.

acousticinfinity  asked:

Imagine this on Mal's D2 hair: her natural color is purple & she's been using magic to keep it blonde, but she's so constantly stressed that she can never fully maintain the spell & that's why the purple tips & the spell drains all the life/energy from her hair but it's like trying to wring out a towel under a running faucet, so the worse she feels the harder it is to maintain, & for every slip-up more purple comes back & the only times she'll let go of the spell are when she's alone with Evie😇

I can’t breathe

Beginning Knight

“A ‘Black Luster Soldier’ monster Ritual Summoned using this card gains these effect. You can only use this effect of ‘Beginning Knight’ once per turn.

Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; banish it.

When this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: You can activate this effect; this card can make a second attack in a row. If this card is banished from the Graveyard: You can add 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of ‘Beginning Knight’ once per turn.”

(guys I think you can only use this card once per turn…)

The Only Good Context for Tentacles

So we were going through the underdark on a quest for some kind of artifact. Since we didn’t have a dedicated healer, our sorcerer specialized in crowd control and came up with very creative ways to use his spells.

We had been driven to the middle of a bridge and it was being cut from both sides. We had lost a lot of health and the spellcasters were low. The chasm was very deep, and none of us liked the chances with falling. Looking like a party wipe and the DM didn’t appear to like it either. We had accepted our fate.

Our characters all shook hands and did the “It was a pleasure serving with you.” Thing.

The rope was cut.

Fighter: “*Sorcerer, don’t you have any featherfall spells?”

Sorcerer: “No first levels left… WAIT! I have an idea!”

Sorcerer OOC: Can I cast a spell while falling?

DM: What level?

Sorcerer OOC: “4.”

DM: Beat a 14 concentration check

Sorcerer succeeds and shouts: “I cast Evard’s Black Tentacles!”

We all just look at him. He’d just recently leveled up so he hadn’t used this spell yet. DM pulled open the book to see how the spell worked.

DM: Ok…Oh-OH! Yeah. That’ll do it. So you see the sorcerer point to the ground that is rapidly approaching and you see rubbery tentacles spring straight up. As you fall, each grabs tight to you and begins squeezing really hard, but never lets you hit the ground. You are all being grappled.“

Rogue: “Did you just save our lives by improvising a HENTAI CRASH PAD?!”

Sorcerer: “I’d never thought I would live to hear that combination of words!”

Through our rogue pulling off good escape artist checks and getting everyone out, we all survive the fall only slightly worse for wear.

Sorcerer uses the spell religiously now.


Happy birthday to the man that inspire me the most; Kim Junmyeon. ♡

You inspire me to always look forward and keep going. You spent seven years, working for your dream and it sure as hell paid off. You’re the very core and strenght of EXO and you’re the best leader anyone could’ve asked for. I just appreciate you so so much and I’m so extremely grateful for everything you do. Thank you for being your amazing lovely self. Thank you for being our guardian. I love you little bunny prince. Happy Birthday  ♡

modern witches: 

  • we somehow found our love for the occult and decided we wanted to dive in head first, and then didn’t realize where to start
  • “is this a good one?” we say as we skim through the tiny metaphysical section at our local bookstore, and walk out with a mishmash of titles from various authors, all with conflicting opinions 
  • we jot down notes in old school notebooks because that leather grimoire we found online was too expensive
  • we ditched the books we read over and over again and turned to the internet, hungry for hidden knowledge
  • we all stumbled upon and tried to do the unthinkable before realizing that it wasn’t working and got discouraged
  • we realized that *gasp* you can write your own spells, but how? 
  • we spent hours compiling correspondences for every herb and spice in our kitchen pantry, and dug through boxes to find our old crystal or seashell collection from when we were kids thinking “i could probably use these for… something
  • we spent too much money on candles and incense before realizing we could get them cheaper online
  • we practiced drawing sigils and symbols to make them perfect before crumpling up the paper and starting all over
  • we learned to go outside and look at the moon to see what phase it was in and how we could possibly use that to our advantage 
  • “what cardinal direction was for fire again? south?” we went back to the drawing board, digging through our notes to find the section in which we wrote down the information before giving up and doing a quick google search instead
  • we set up wiccan altars because we didn’t know that there was anything else out there at first
  • we learned about intent, and made sure that we were careful to stir our tea or coffee in one direction or the other to set the mood for the day
  • we would squint at bottles of body wash in the shower to find the ingredients and quickly figure out how to use them for magick: “jasmine and lavender? i think that’s good for peace or something”
  • we say little incantations when we cook dinner, or pour food for our pets - “bunny, you are happy and healthy. enjoy!”

every witch has gone through their own version of uncertainty and unknowing when they first started practicing. everyone’s path is different, and the situations leading up to our current state, made us the witches we are today. your path is yours, and yours alone. don’t let anyone take that from you.

Some things you can keep track of as a witch:

🌙 Your moon cycle (also known as your period). If you’re into the self-love side of witchcraft and want to focus more on your body and it’s wants and needs, you might want to think about keeping track of your period. You can then create spells, rituals and meditations that correspond with the moon phase and day(s) that you’re menstruating. <— this is obviously for those that are menstruating.

🌻 Your garden. If you have a garden (even if it’s just 3 little baby herb plants in your window, hey a garden is a garden) keep track of how well your plants or herbs are doing. Write down when you water them, how much sunlight (and moonlight, if that’s your thing) they got. You could even write down any emotional vibes you’re getting from your garden. 

🔮 Your spells and rituals. Keeping track of your spells doesn’t just help you remember when you did what spell and what it was for, but it also allows you to go back and write in how well that spell worked out for you. And if it worked out well, because you kept track of it, you’ll know how to use it again in the future.

💰 Witchy buys. This is important if, like me, you tend to do a little bit of overspending on all the witchy supplies. But since I started to keep track of what I’m buying, using and not using, I’ve saved a ton of money on unnecessary things.

🙏 Gratitude. Keep a growing list of all the things you’re grateful for. It’s great to look back on in the future and it helps you keep perspective of your own life and spiritual journey.

🍵 Your tea. Okay, this is just something I do but I love to keep track of all the different teas I try. I think tea is considered a very witchy drink and therefore some of us are a little more serious about our tea drinking lol. But I just love taping in the little packaging, that my tea came in, into my journal and writing a little bit about it and how it made me feel and what it made me think about.

🌦️ The weather. This is important, to me, because I believe the weather can affect us and how we feel, think and behave. I like to have a record of what the weather was like when I casted a spell, did a ritual or did a reading so I can go back later and see if I feel that might have affected the outcomes.

🌾September Magic Tips🌾

🥔Produce In Season🥔
apples, apricots, bilberries, butternut squash, blackberries, beetroot, blueberries, cabbage, clams, cod, crab, chicory, cob nut, cucumbers, figs, fennel, flounder, greengages, garlic, gray mullet, kohlrabi, leeks, lobster, new potatoes, onions, potatoes, plums, pumpkin, pears, oysters, salmon, swiss chard, sweet corn, spinach, turnips, tomatoes, watercress

🍄Wild Foods In Season🍄
 beech nuts, bilberry, black mustard, blackberry, crab apples, cherry plums, comfrey, dandelion roots, damsons, elderberries, grouse, hare, hawthorn berries, hawthorn, hazelnut, hops, horseradish, jack-by-the-hedge, juniper, mallard, poppy, rowan berries, rosehips, marsh samphire, sea beet, sea blight, teal, truffles, venison, wild rabbit, wild mushrooms, wild mint, wild plums, wild strawberry

🌰September Correspondences🌰

  • Mabon is September 22 and is the second harvest, symbols include corn dolly, bread, cornucopia, nuts, acorns, and leaves.
  • The Full Moon is September 6th and is known as the Harvest Moon but also goes by the Corn Moon and Singing Moon.
  • Sycamore and Chestnut are the symbolic trees, marigold, dahlias, and loosestrife are the flowers, chamomile and oregano are the herbs.
  • Colors for September are orange, deep red, and brown.

🔮Witchy Ways To Celebrate September🔮

  • This is a good time for protection spells, bringing security and balance in all things; returning to the Earth.
  • Decorate your home and altar with seed heads, berries, and fallen autumn leaves. Burn cinnamon and sage incenses and use orange and red flowers in your decoration. A set of scales or weights can also be used to signify the time of balance.
  • Work with trees in September(all the time). Collection acorns and make simple garlands to hang in the trees as offerings.
  • Cook with autumn berries or fruits that I listed previously! Start to make simple soups to celebrate autumn bounty and the change in season. I’ll personally be posting more recipes soon!
  • Leave offerings for the spirits of the hedgegrow or your harvest gods to thank them for their bounty.
Releasing Spell

Hi there! I decided to post this because it’s been extremely helpful for me, and I’m sure it will be for everyone else too!! It’s a super easy spell I love to do.

This spell can get rid of your doubts or can get rid of a negative situation.


  • Piece of paper. Lined or printer is fine.
  • Black pen or marker.
  • The elements, be safe with them.


First, write down every single doubt you have on that piece of paper, or instead, write down the situation you want to get out of.

If you’re using fire,


If you’re using water,


If you’re using the earth,


If you’re using air,


That’s it.

For fire, burn it and rid of the ashes. For water, soak it until the words are unreadable then flush it down the toilet. Earth, bury it. Air, rip it up on a windy day and throw it into the wind.

Using the elements will allow the negativity to detach from you.

Do this as many times as you need to, and let me know how it works for you, I love feedback!

~ Eris

I view witchcraft in the same way that I do vitamin supplements. Vitamins can help boost you up if you’re deficient in certain things, but if you ate nothing but vitamins, you’d still be very unhealthy. Witchcraft is the same way. If you need help finding a job, a job spell can help increase your chances after you submit a job application. However, if you ignore mundane means and only ever use witchcraft, you’ll never reach your full potential.


A spell to obtain financial stability

🔮Coins - symbolizes money (I used 3 pennies and 1 dime, it’s up to you how much you would like to put it).

✨Lavender - to get rid of the anxiety about trying to get money

🔮Coffee beans - to stay energized and enthusiastic about earning money. Sometimes you just feel like there’s no point to keep trying, that’s why I added this.

✨Bay leaf- success (I wrote down financial stability on the leaf, you can change it to fit your exact situation)

🔮Allspice - prosperity and luck

✨Roses- to stay confident

Seal with green candle (which represents money).

Circle casting 101

(i don’t know the artist of the lovely photo i’ve used for this post, if you do please let me know so i can give them credit!)

A magickal circle is an energetic construct that you build or envision around yourself before working magick, doing a ritual, some like to cast a circle before meditating or reading tarots. For a solitary practitioner the circle is typically 5-6 ft in diameter, but the size expands based on the size of the group. It can be defined physically, energetically, or both.

Circles provide protection and serves as a container for your personal energy as well as the energy you conjure.

Please remember that this is just what i personally like to do when casting a circle, but that there are many methods.

Preparation for circle casting

1. Determine how much space you will need.

2. Cleanse your area. Vacuum, sweep, throw away any trash in the area.

3.Make sure you have everything you need for your ritual! Theres nothing more frustrating than having your circle casted and realizing you’ve forgotten an herb or any supplies you need for the work you’re about to do.

4. Purify your area. Light purifying incense, sage, sprinkle salt and holy water. Most importantly, Visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus & visualize, your physical actions will have little effect. Visualization is hands down one of the most important things in any and all magickal workings!

5. Now its time to cast your circle!

Visualize protective energy coming from within you and direct it towards your casting arm. Focus it through a casting tool (Athame, wand, or hand)  and visualize a beam of energy coming from it and settling on the ground. Trace your circle with this energy, 3 times in a clockwise direction. Once for protection, once for focus, and once for power.

Call the 4 quarters

  • Face North and say “I call to the North, to the element of Earth. Grant me (us if not practicing alone) your endurance, your strength.”            Sprinkle salt onto your altar or crumble earth into a bowl on your altar.
  • Face East and say “I call to the East, to the element of Air. Grant me your creativity and your intuition.”                                                                 Light incense, wave a fan,or drop feathers onto your altar.
  • Face south and say “I call to the South, to the element of Fire. Grant me your passion and your energy.”                                                             Light candles.
  • Face west and say “I call to the West, to the element of Water. Grant me your empathy and your emotion.”                                                         Pour blessed/storm/moon/natural water into a bowl or into your chalice.

Now would be the time to call on any deities you’d wish to work with. You can call any Goddess or Angel by personalizing this to them. I typically do not personally work with deities, but if you were to want to, Call to them similar to how the Elements are called. Ex. “I call to Gaia, Mother Goddess, Spirit of Earth.” and then place an offering symbolizing them, so for Gaia you might place  grain on your altar as an offering.

If not solitary, now would be the time to invite others to the circle. The group leader typically invites others in by a series of phrases, although i know every coven has their own method fine tuned for themselves, This is just the method i’ve seen used and am familiar with.                                                                    Ex. Group leader:”Children of the Goddess, I now invite you to enter our circle.” Each member will be asked “How do you enter this circle?” The response should be “In perfect love and perfect trust.”

Now its time to raise energy. This is the most important part of this process.

Here are a few ways! There is no wrong way to do this part, and there are SO MANY ways. You can fine tune this all to you.

Witches Rune Chant

“Darksome night and shining moon,

East, then South, then West, then North,

Hearken to the witches’ rune;

Here i come to call thee forth.

Earth and water, Air and fire.

Wand and pentacle and sword,

Work ye unto my desire,

Hearken ye into my word.

Cords and censer, scourge and knife,

Power of the witches blade waken all ye unto life,

Come ye as the charm is made.

Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Lend your power unto my spell,

and work my will by magic rite.

By all the power of Land and Sea, By all the might of Moon and Sun,

As I do will, So mote it be;

Chant the spell, and be it done.

Eko, Eko Azarak

Eko, Eko Zamilak

Eko, Eko Karnayna

Eko, Eko Aradia”

Meditating to raise energy. Visualize energy building and building by seeing by seeing warm, yellow light fill your body until its expanding out of your body and filling the dome above your circle and visualize it filling with energy.

Music or Drumming, Dancing and Chanting.

Once you reach your desired energy level, it is time to get into whatever spellwork or ritual you desire to preform!


I like to walk the circle the opposite way of its casting three times, and voila!

Keep in mind that this is just my method! There are many methods and this is just one of them.

Some things you can add to your tea, as a witch

🍓 Berries - There’s nothing like a hot cup of camomile tea with a few fresh blueberries. Blueberries = Protection // Raspberries = Protection & Love // Strawberries = Love & Luck // Blackberries = Protection, Healing & Money

🍯 Honey - Adds that extra bit of sweetness and honey is great for love and binding. Green tea with a little honey would be the perfect start for a self-love spell or ritual.

🥛 Milk - I like to use almond milk. Almonds are great for fertility, money and luck spells. It also taste really good! I find taste best in black tea.

🍋 Lemon - Tastes great in green tea. Lemon is great for purifying and cleansing in spells and rituals. Would be an awesome tea to enjoy next time you do a cleansing meditation for your chakras.

🎄 Cinnamon - This one makes me think of winter and Yule but it taste so good. Especially when you pair it with a little bit of honey. Cinnamon is most commonly used in witchcraft related to healing, love, money and happiness.

🌿 Peppermint - It’s an acquired taste, for sure, but it’s very yummy in most teas and can help relieve nausea, gas and stomach cramps. 

🥄 Ginger - Another that’s an acquired taste. It’ll definitely add a zing to your tea but it can help with flu symptoms and nausea. Used in witchcraft to help “speed things up” or “add passion” to spells.


Urban Spell Components

So, as an urban witch, I have a thing for weird spell components. Probably people have done this before, but i’m going to go ahead and throw mine out there. I’m going to try and do several of these.

First things simple, any small object can be enchanted to do anything you want it to. I have been known to grab small objects and just drop an enchantment on them cause i need a magical object right then and it’s what I have at hand. So don’t be afraid to grab anything you want and drop a blessing, curse, glamor, or basically any kind of spell you want on it.

Hell, my most popular post ever on this hellsite out of four blogs is a jinx using pennies. Make of that as you will.


Soda Tabs:

I mean, come on. It’s a tiny piece of metal. All the potential.

But more importantly, it’s a symbol. On the one hand, it represents a seal and on the other it represents a key.

Want to not just lock something up, but make it airtight, completely and utterly closed? Stick a tab in your spell.

Need a charm to open doors to you, to open people to you, to make friends more easily? Soda tab pendant, or in a mojo bag.

Want to release pressure, vent power, or make a magical bomb? What do we know that pops pressurized containers? Soda tabs.

In the more abstract sense, they’re associated with effervescense. Need to be more bubbly, more sparkly, more light and sweet? Work a tab into your spell as a symbol of releasing that into the world.

Want a variation and like the idea of provenance? Get one from a beer can and use it to symbolically relax your inhibitions so you can be more open to people, cut loose easier, and so on.

Bottle Caps

All that shit I just said about tabs? Conceivably, you could use that shit with a bottle cap. But you could also do a number of other shit.

Now, some y'all may notice I used a screw cap rather than a metal cap. That’s reasons.

Bottle caps make great curse anchors, for one simple reason that can be summed up in two words: “screw you.” Eh? Eh? Who doesn’t like a good pun in their magic?

You can use them to close things, true, but you can also use them as a valve. Ever had to open a soda slowly to release the pressure a little at a time? Now imagine using that as a component. Where the tab is a sudden release, the cap can be metered. There’s a host of reason to use it in that capacity.

Need a charm to help control your third eye? Crank it up or close it down with a bottle cap.

Bottle energy by filling a soda bottle with a charged medium and set it to slow release with a cap only partially sealed.

Need a charm like the soda tab to be open and effervescent, but don’t want it always on? Bottle cap.

And, of course, there’s the lovely little spikes on the damn things. Ever step on one? Yeouch.

Press into your palm if you’re doing an evil eye and want to transmit pain. Add to wards as a deterrent. Work it into curses as a literal stumbling point.

Want to take your sympathetic sacrifice to the next level? Stick one in your shoe for a day and use it to charge up an inconvenience or pain curse, or flip the script and use the pain as a sacrifice to pull down good luck, good fortune, or blessings by trading bad now for good later.

(This, as a sidenote, will work with anything uncomfortable in your shoe.)

Ballpoint Pens

Ok, so at the basic, you can write spells and draw sigils with them. Let’s get that out the way to start.

Moving right along, one of the other basic uses is as a stand in for a wand. The pen makes indelible marks, so it can be added into the casting to make a spell more durable.

But the real fun begins when you consider: it can be taken apart.

Want to banish something? Consider how fricken easy it is to lose a pen. Get a piece of paper and write what or who you want gone. Make it small, because the next thing you’re going to do is open the pen up and wrap that paper around the ink tube. Stick the whole thing back together. Let nature take its course, and when the pen is gone, so’s the issue.

(While I won’t tell you not to use this to banish things that can become someone else’s problem, this is best for things and people that you just want out of your life, not problems you want to pass along.)

And that ability to make scrolls has a thousand and one uses!

Make a lucky pen. Make a money pen, so every time you write a check or balance your books, you call money back to you.

Make a wand more potent. Make cheap and effective curse artillery. Curse that shit and set it loose, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make a homing missile by writing a targeted spell in it and setting it loose to seek an approproiate target.

Make a whole bunch of lucky pens and cut them loose to bless everyone.

Make a pen to help you with your handwriting, spellcraft, and what not.

And that’s not even getting into blessing a pen so the ink can be used to draw temporary tattoos on your skin that have extra potency, or sigils that are primed for charging, or for magical vandalism. (Vandalize at your own risk.)

Go Wild!

So that’s it for this one. I'mm try and sit down and explain more of this shit that i do in the hopes that you fuckers get some use out of it.

Go forth and be magical!

Dream Message Spell

A while ago, I saw a spell similar to this somewhere on the internet and I could never find it again, but I still remembered it, thankfully. So I thought I’d post it! I’ve used this so many times and it’s been successful 100% of the time.

This spell is to answer questions you have inside of a dream.


  • A blue or black pen
  • A small piece of paper


I. First, write down a question you have on the piece of paper. It can be about anything.

II. Fold the piece of paper and hold it in your hand. You can whisper to yourself out loud or say in your head:

“Oh as I travel into the astral I wish to know [question]. This is my will, so mote it be.”

III. From here, all you have to do is put the piece of paper under your pillow and go right to sleep. You’ll dream of the answer that night!

I hope this was helpful, if anyone has any feedback to give or needs any help with interpreting the dreams they get, feel free to send me an ask!

~ Eris