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Monday Morning Check-In

Not a whole lot to report this morning. My only goal for this week is to finish writing the last two parts of Angels Among Us, and to get some work done on … oh wait, I can’t tell you that yet!! ;) And of course I’ll be chipping away at the remaining ships in my inbox. Tomorrow is the last day to submit for my YouAU Challenge, and in a couple weeks when it is Spring Break, I’ll be working on catching up on those and making a masterlist. I hope everyone has a great week! As always, feel free to drop me an ask anytime, about anything. I love hearing from you lovelies!! Lastly, have a gratuitous Jensen gif because it makes me happy.

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psa: don’t mention commissions/patreon on AO3

Hi guys! So I know we all don’t actually read the terms and conditions of things and just hit agree assuming there’s nothing important in there (I do it too oops) but if you take writing commissions or anything involving money, then there’s actually something in the AO3 terms and conditions to be aware of.

Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted, but advertising it directly on the Archive is not, nor is using language which one might interpret as requesting financial contributions. For example, you can say something to the effect of “check out my Tumblr if you want to know more about me and my writing” and include the link to the site, but you cannot specifically state anything about donations, commissions or sales on the Archive.

Today someone reported one of my fics as violating this condition - presumably because I’d mentioned my patreon in the author’s note (I wasn’t actively requesting donations either… I’d literally just mentioned that it existed, and that the fic in question was written as a thank-you for hitting one of my goals).

I’ve written to AO3 to check whether just saying ‘thank you to those who support me on patreon’ is fine and I’ll let you guys know when they get back to me, but if it’s still going too far in terms of being a ‘commercial promotion’ then I’ll just avoid mentioning this in the future! :’)

As I said, someone did actually report my fic for this - so there are people out there who are noticing/reporting these situations. Please be aware of this if you take fic commissions, or use patreon or ko-fi, because your account could end up suspended, which of course no one wants!

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happy-bub  asked:

hey! thanks for doing such a great job with the lying about age prompt i gave you ☺i know you had a hard time writing it so here is a much easier one! so i live in seoul and LET ME TELL YOU IT IS COLD AS HELL HERE JFC so how would the rfa + v+ saeran keep mc warm? thanks and keep us the great work ❤

Thank you for your kind words and your requests!My ask box is getting empty, so i’m really grateful lol . That HC was a little hard to do, but i’m happy that you liked, this is what is important!
(I can’t relate to you at all, where I live is really, REALLY HOT, i’m almost melting, seriously, ..I’m not even exaggerating.I want to thank you all for the patience with my mistakes, i’m trying really hard to correct them all.
As always, any mistakes, report to me, if this is not what you wanted (or you didn’t like it) I will do it again.
Thank you again for your kind words, this support is really important to me.
I hope you liked it!


  • He knows one good way to warm someone up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Step one: Throw gasoline at the cold person
  • Step two: Set them on fire
  • Step three: They’re warm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • problem solved
  • But he can’t do this to you
  • Is not because he loves you or anythi…
  • Ok, he loves you
  • But this is a secret, so don’t tell anyone
  • It’s so cold in  here
  • By the way, this doesn’t stop him from eating ice cream
  • Just saying
  • Important information
  • When Saeran sees MC in the couch, trembling
  • He just sighs
  • After that he goes to the bedroom, he picks one blanket
  • And then he goes back to the living room and literally THROWS the blanket on you
  • You just laugh and say “ thank you ”
  • You just… wrapped yourself in that blanket
  • He’s just looking at you
  • Secretly thinking:
  • Oh man…That look really good..
  • And then he joins you
  • Now the two of you are wrapped in that blanket
  • Cuddling
  • Watching some movie
  • You don’t feel cold anymore
  • Sometimes you stroke his hair
  • Ok, now he are in the real paradise (ಥ﹏ಥ)


  • Jumin don’t feel cold
  • He is made of ice
  • Anyway
  • When he comes back from work, he looks at you
  • You are trembling, trying to make this place warmer
  • And he’s just like ??????????
  • I will melt like that!
  • Don’t do this MC!
  • He just takes off his suit and puts it on you
  • After that he picks you up, holding you in his arms
  • Dragging you to the bedroom, lying down with you on the bed
  • He puts the blanket  on you, and then he hugs you
  • But that don’t seem enough..
  • Something was missing..
  • Now everything is perfect
  • He would ask for some hot chocolate
  • But after some kisses on your neck
  • You say that you don’t need it anymore
  • Wow man, it’s hot in here
  • What a drastic change of temperature ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Oh man, this place got cold
  • It’s not because of Seven suddenly speeches about life
  • No, it’s not that
  • You’re cold, he’s not
  • You’re on the couch of his bunker
  • When he gets out of his room, he sees you complaining about “How cold it was”
  • He laughs and he pick up some papers and thrown on the ground 
  • He picks you right after, making you sit close to these papers
  • He takes his hoodie off and puts on you
  • It’s so warm and nice (ᵔᴥᵔ)
  • While you’re thinking about how good that hoodie was
  • He puts fire in those papers
  • You’re like
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • He sits beside you, and hugs you
  • It’s so warm right now ~
  • Vanderwood will have a tough time cleaning all of this mess
  • Saeran is keeping a distance
  • Thinking where he will go
  • Because this place will burn
  • “Saeran is jealous because i’m hotter than him”
  • “Saeran is jealous because i’m hotter than him”
  • “Saeran you’re fired”
  • Seven’s going to die in 2017


  • She’s cold too
  • Because of that she’s preparing everything
  • She’ll drink some hot coffee, what do you want?Hot chocolate?What?
  • She’ll make
  • You’ll help her through
  • The perfect plan, it’s set
  • You
  • She
  • Bed
  • Blanket
  • Cuddle
  • Zen’s performances
  • Perfect
  • You two will get warm in no time
  • Seeing art, with some hot drinks
  • Is this heaven?
  • In the middle, she would just stop watching
  • And starts to look at you
  • Oh, man..
  • You’re the true perfection
  • She couldn’t ask for anything better
  • She have you


  • Oh god, it’s cold
  • He will make a plan, a good plan
  • Hot chocolate, check
  • Now he’ll play some gam–
  • Oh, you’re cold too
  • ;)
  • Oh…This is a good opportunity to cuddle with you
  • See some films, with some popcorn
  • Like those romantic films
  • You just will hold him tight
  • That plan didn’t go too well
  • He’s more scared than you
  • He’ll hold you tight
  • It’s not so bad
  • You’ll just laugh and kiss him at some point
  • He’s blushing
  • Now he suddenly don’t even needs a blanket
  • He’s almost melting
  • He wants more kisses
  • And he loves cold now


  • V is just the calmest person ever
  • When you told him that you were cold
  • He’s like “Same”
  • The two of you would be in the bed all day
  • You’re hugging him and he’s playing with your hair
  • Neither of you wants to get up
  • It’s just..So good in there
  • If you have to get up
  • V will go with you
  • Hugging you tight
  • He’ll just let you go if you say to him
  • And you’ll do the same when he have to get up
  • Maybe you’ll make some hot chocolates
  • But you don’t feel cold anymore
  • Maybe his body temperature warms you up
  • It is because he’s hot? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • I’m slowly becoming Seven


  • How could you be cold?
  • Hell yeah
  • Ok, his presence is not making you feel hotter
  • This is not normal.
  • He’ll make hot chocolates, give you some blankets
  • But he doesn’t think all of this is enough
  • He knows what to do
  • It’s so hot in here.
  • I think I will pass out
  • “It’s so sad that you’re already warm…I could just take off my pants if you’re cold”

I really hope you liked it 



Favourite EOH Josuke hair insults: a collection

Old Joseph:

…do you even realise what you’re saying?


[Insert fanart of Josuke with a Polnareff haircut]


Kakyoin’s hair noodle is very refined


Woah… just… woah…

Hol Horse:

Nice guy™ Hol Horse strikes again


How to be shady in dog language

Pet Shop:



Josuke’s hairdo is so intense even a blind man can hear it


[Guitar solo playing in the distance]


I hate myself for laughing at this one


… what kind of battle strategy is this???


Shade shade shade

Weather Report:

The poor guy just genuinely wants to know


Not a productive use of your stand, Anasui

Funny Valentine:

That’s abuse of power, Mr. President

And my ultimate fave, Diavolo’s

It just works

5/100 days of productivity
11 ∙ 7 ∙ 16

Today I:

wrote killer notes in all of my lectures (which I will upload tomorrow bc I am currently very comfy in bed)
found and annotated a couple more articles for my two research papers due in a month
finally caught up on Beloved
finished my pre-lab report for this week’s lab

I’m super proud of myself for getting so much work done because I think I’m getting sick :c Anyway, can we talk about how cute this Ipsy bag is? I’ve been using it as a pencil case for the past month, and I absolutely do not care that it isn’t relevant anymore. It is adorable, and I love it! (also yes, the zipper slider is a little ghost 👻)

peep scully on my laptop

Psalm 40:1-11 (HCSB)
I waited patiently for the Lord,
and He turned to me and heard my cry for help.
He brought me up from a desolate pit,
out of the muddy clay,
and set my feet on a rock,
making my steps secure.
He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the Lord.

How happy is the man
who has put his trust in the Lord
and has not turned to the proud
or to those who run after lies!
Lord my God, You have done many things—
Your wonderful works and Your plans for us;
none can compare with You.
If I were to report and speak of them,
they are more than can be told.

You do not delight in sacrifice and offering;
You open my ears to listen.
You do not ask for a whole burnt offering or a sin offering.
Then I said, “See, I have come;
it is written about me in the volume of the scroll.
I delight to do Your will, my God;
Your instruction lives within me.”

I proclaim righteousness in the great assembly;
see, I do not keep my mouth closed—
as You know, Lord.
I did not hide Your righteousness in my heart;
I spoke about Your faithfulness and salvation;
I did not conceal Your constant love and truth
from the great assembly.

Lord, do not withhold Your compassion from me;
Your constant love and truth will always guard me.
Boyfriend of reporter killed on live TV aims to unseat NRA-endorsed lawmaker
Chris Hurst, a Virginia Democrat embracing a gun violence prevention platform, said the fatal shooting of Alison Parker toughened him for political battles ahead
By Lois Beckett

“Anyone who wants to call me a single-issue candidate can look at my body of work over several years. I didn’t report on a single issue, I reported on dozens of different issues.”

At the same time, he said, “I would not be who I am right now if the person I love was not killed with a gun.”

Stitch & Bitch

From tonight’s CAF game, where “Stitch & Bitch” was played for “He did WHAT in the Captain’s chair?!”

Inspired by @purringvulcan

“I cannot believe Admiral Komack would send us back to that fucked up murderous jungle planet,” Jim seethed, accidentally stabbing his index finger as he dipped a needle through the next yarn loop.


“He didn’t even read my report!”Jim continued, ignoring the rope burn steadily forming as he knitted heatedly. “He can’t have read it, there’s no way he’d order us to return, not with any rational explanation–”


“–and there’s no way I’m risking anymore crewmen trying to get a fucking–”



“You dropped a stitch,” Spock said calmly from his post.

Jim paused in his rant, eyes narrowing as he inspected his stitch work. “FUCK!”

EMT Gripes

When we go to a facility for a medical transport and the nurse can’t give us a decent report on the patient, or answer basic questions about the patient.

“this isn’t my patient” “I just got on” or “I don’t normally work on this floor” don’t cut it and are all bullshit excuses for not doing your fucking job.

As a care provider nurses have a duty to properly transfer care of a patient prior to transport to another facility. This is massively important given the fact that they will be transferring care of their patient from a fully staffed hospital to two EMS personnel. We have to keep the patient alive and do the jobs of basically everyone at the hospital. We don’t have the privilege of having the massive support network that nurses have at hospitals. If nurses comprehend how patient care works this should all go without saying.

I don’t know if it’s laziness or incompetence but there is no excuse for neglecting one of your patients by not giving EMS appropriate information and paperwork for said patient. 

Additionally, if a nurse tells us the patient is DNR but for some reason can’t produce a valid DNR, why are nurses confused when we tell them the patient will become a full code without a DNR? 

Doyoung as a Veterinarian
  • you bunny can talk in this AU okay
  • Dr. Kim Doyoung is a very popular vet
  • everyone loved him
  • because he was so nice to animals
  • even the animals admitted they got sick on purpose to go to Doyoung
  • report of a cat admitting: “I really love the way Doyoung vaccinates me, he’s way better than the other vets us cats always act crazy to our owners until they take us to Dr. Doyoung, he’s a great guy”
  • report of a lizard admitting: “Once my tongue turned green and Dr. Doyoung put this medicine called Food Coloring to bring my tongue color back to normal the medicine always works and I use it every time I have to find a mate”
  • ok so once this dude called Ten brought him a rabbit and said “I found your brother”
  • and Doyoung was like: wtf Ten that’s not my brother that’s my fucking uncle 
  • and Ten was so terrified he dropped the bunny
  • the bunny broke its tail and started crying
  • Ten told you he took your bunny to the vet and then you made your way to the very famous Dr. Doyoung
  • when you entered his office he was having dinner with your bunny
  • Doyoung looked so nice he was dressed in a usual lab coat and he rocked it
  • he looked so adorable chewing food he looked just like your bunny omg
  • bunny: sup Y/N
  • Doyoung: hey don’t talk to her, you’re my friend
  • you: MY BUNNY
  • Doyoung: what
  • Doyoung: go away this is my uncle
  • bunny: *shrugs*
  • and then you became so sad because your bunny refused to come with you
  • his tail was injured so he stayed with Doyoung
  • one day you went to check on your bunny and your bunny was finally okay his tail was very fluffy and he told you that Doyoung had used something called conditioner to wash him up
  • and then you insisted your bunny to come along and he wont agree
  • bunny: i can’t leave my nephew
  • Doyoung: awwwwwww
  • bunny: but hey i’ll come on one condition tho
  • bunny: Doyoung gets to come too
  • Doyoung: ewwwwwww
  • bunny: idk im not coming until he does
  • you: okay Doyoung now listen to your uncle Carl
  • Doyoung: ok sure
  • so Doyoung come with you that night bc bunny asks him to stay for 2 days bc he loves him so much
  • and the two of you get so close over the two days
  • Doyoung takes good care of bunny while you are away
  • and you find your bunny very happy around Doyoung
  • and then one day you realise that you have a crush on Doyoung bc he’s so easy going and calm 
  • he’s so nice to you and your bunny despite being a stranger to you
  • but he was not a stranger anymore he was your bunnys vet
  • and your bunny meant a lot to you
  • a few months passed by and because of regular visits to Doyoung you get pretty close to him
  • and one day he told you that your bunny had a very serious disease and he did not have much time
  • and there he was, your bunny on a hospital bed, all weak and tired
  • you were crying and Doyoung was very upset too
  • and your bunny suddenly started feeling dizzy
  • Doyoung kept a check on him
  • bunny: guys, before I leave
  • bunny: bish stfu we need to make this emotional
  • you: oh right
  • bunny: before I die I need to tell you both something
  • Doyoung: what is it, uncle?
  • bunny: i ship you both lmao
  • you & Doyoung: WHAT
  • bunny: yeah now its time for me to act dead so Doyoung can console you and hug so bye 
  • Doyoung: erm what
  • bunny: okay.. on a serious note, I saw that you both have feelings for each other and I advise you guys to confess because I know you both are perfect for each other, it’s time for me to go now. this was it, I have served my purpose in this life, goodbye..
  • bunny passed away and Doyoung was there to help you cope with your stress
  • he got you a new smol bunny on your birthday with a card attached to it’s tail
  • “go out with me?”


Some of you may remember how I experimented with dyeing an Obitsu using “Sandstone” RIT Dyemore. The hard ABS took the dye, but after discoloring my little!Theo’s feet, I knew I needed to find an alternative method.

While researching, I read that some paint made for leather can also work on soft vinyl, so I bought a jar that seemed close to the light tan I had achieved on his torso using synthetic dye.

I’m happy to report little!Theo is now completely tan! 🎉 SUCCESS!!! 🎉

His color is not 100% uniform, but given I had to combine multiple mediums, I’m not disappointed. His feet are a much darker shade, too, because they were the only soft vinyl parts I dipped in the dye bath (which ultimately turned them green).

I will report back after I give him a face-up and share how the paint holds up after some time has passed. I’ll also snap a photo of him with big!Theo (my dyed DIM Happy Ace) soon, too.


PS: Tagging @sicktress since a month or so ago I promised to send an update once I tested the leather paint. Also tagging @garden-daze in hopes this new info helps their Obitsu customization quest. :D

PPS: Apologies for the poor lighting in these photos. I was at my sister’s house and her sole lighting source seems to be her Christmas tree. /exaggeration


Sooooo last week my teacher taught us about poster designing and then gave us an assignment to design our own poster advertising any product, it could be a real or fictional product, so I decided to create a poster for Ebony coffee, because I love Ignis and Ignis loves Ebony coffee lol

HUGE thanks and credits to @kingcael for letting me use their Ebony logo that they made and also thank you to @ffxv-fics as well for helping me think of the dialogues for this ^^

All characters, photo source, and name product in this all belong to Square Enix, this is purely just a fanmade and for entertainment purposes only

You can reblog but you cannot re-upload or re-post this anywhere else or reclaim it as your own, I only posted my work in Tumblr, Twitter, and FB only, if I see or hear that it’s been posted elsewhere I will immediately report the person who re-uploaded it 

djinnquinn  asked:

Hey I found an Instagram account that posts YOI fanart and only says "credit to the artist" for a majority of their posts, how do i report them?

you can only report as the content creator or someone representing the content creator, since you have to give personal information like address, full name, phone number, etc. (this information is used to verify your identity, not to contact you. I was uncomfortable giving my entire mailing address so I just wrote my street address and that seemed to work just fine) It’s important to realize some of this information, like full name and email address, will be shared with the user(s) you’re reporting when they receive a copy of the report. 

 Fill out this form, giving all the required information, and when asked to provide examples of infringing posts you should probably link them individually rather than just sending the entire profile–I’ve never just linked a profile so I don’t know whether or not that works. When asked to show examples of your work you can link your art tag or individual posts, either work. A few minutes after submitting you’ll receive a copy of your report, and you’ll likely receive feedback on Monday–I don’t believe instagram handles reports over the weekend.


[submission]So this is my ball python’s tank and I just wanted to know what you think and what I can do to improve it. I am using a UTH and not a heat lamp.

OO LALA thats a nice habitat! i dont see a hyrgometer or thermometer in there though? i assume youre tracking that somehow haha i have a comment thats more based on personal preference- id be very cautious about using ecoearth as more and more people, including 3 snakes at my work now- are reporting respiratory issues when using ecoearth as substrate.

“I graduated last May with an accounting degree and moved to the city. But four months had passed and I didn’t have a job yet. I’d probably sent out my resume to thirty different places. And I couldn’t afford to keep waiting for people to call me back. So I went to the strip with all the car dealerships, and started going door-to-door to see if they had any openings in accounting. I’ve always loved cars. I used to always read Consumer Reports with my dad. So I thought it would be a good fit. The lady at BMW was a bit standoffish. Then I went to Audi. They were great. Super welcoming. But they didn’t have any positions at the moment. Then I got to Jaguar/Land Rover– which was my first choice, so I was working up to it— and they sat me down right there for an interview. I was there all afternoon, then they said: ‘We like what we see. Can you start tomorrow?’ I ran outside and called my parents. My dad was so proud of me. I was so proud of myself.”

I'm quite upset about something...

I was planning to upload the Heartache remix this weekend, but I just received an email regarding others who have uploaded extended versions of my songs on YouTube. I am aware of this, and I gave them permission to do so. However, I did not give them permission to monetize the extended versions. I checked on Social Blade and found that some were making quite a bit of cash on these extended versions, and I’m annoyed that they are profiting off of my hard work. These remixes can take 20-30 hours to write, and I don’t know if I want to upload Heartache because I know that a few hours later, I’ll see a monetized extended version. I filed out a form for Content ID for the music on my channel this morning and hopefully it will be accepted by YouTube. There are some things you should be aware of if you are currently using my music for videos:

1. Please credit me in the description. I never report video owners for forgetting to do this as I am lenient, but please check to make sure you have credited properly. You can leave a link to the video or simply put the video title. For example: [Undertale Remix] SharaX - Death Report

2. If you are using my music for a speed-paint, background music, vlog background music etc, you’re probably okay, but I’ll have to go through these videos when Content ID notifies me.

3. If you have re-uploaded my music or videos directly (same title as my videos or my videos entirely, etc), these will be caught by Content ID. You shouldn’t get in trouble, but you will get a “matched third-party content” warning on the video, and if you have monetized it, the future revenue will be sent to my channel. If you have not monetized it, it may be monetized and again, the revenue will be sent to my channel. This applies to extended versions.

4. If I find my music stolen or claimed on YouTube by someone, the video will be taken down and I won’t give a warning beforehand.

I’ve tried to be a kind remixer, and I will try to continue being a kind remixer, but during these next few days I will be in quite the hellish mood until I get this resolved and under control.

It’s a shame though, Heartache is such a good remix too ಠ_ಠ If you have any questions, I will be active here on tumblr for the next few hours. I won’t bite you, I promise, and I may update this post throughout the day/s.

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Weekly/Flash Challenge Giveaway!

This is for the @pokemoncentercafe​ weekly challenge which was to giveaway the best pet! Mine would be my cat Coco as she was the first pet i ever raised at the size of my hand(and my hands are small). I am also including the flash challenge which was to giveaway a pink shiny pokemon! WELL both are pink so it works out.

How to get one!

  • Deposit an igglybuff named “TxKat” in to the GTS
  • Report any snipers so i can keep a look out! redeposit if you are a victim!
  • No holds unless i say so! only one of each!
  • if you cant catch igglybuff, then breed for one/ use the GTS to your advantage!

*The Giveaway starts now and will end when i say its closed! Which is around 9pm PST!

Believe that’s it! if you have any other questions just ask! Send suggestions for future giveaway as well!

Boosts are appreciated~~

How to write an AP World DBQ

The DBQ (document based question) consists of a set of documents that can include reports, charts, maps, pictures, etc. that are all used to answer the prompt. Personally I thought DBQs were the easiest of the essays because you don’t necessarily need any prior knowledge; this essay analyzes how well you can interpret and draw connections between historical documents. I’m writing this with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of the DBQ, so I’m not going to spell out the rubric all in one place. The elements will simply be mentioned as I walk you through my process. If you are not familiar with the DBQ, wait for your teacher to teach it, then if you’re confused or just wish to see some tips. refer back to this post. Your teacher may be able to explain much better than I can, or may have a specific process they wish for you to follow.

  • Set some time out of the 10 minutes allotted to read the prompt and look over the documents. Take notes in the margins for meaning, trends (for groups), and POV (point of view).
  • Group the documents. Group them as how they contribute to the thesis. Remember- they must answer the question! Aim for at least 3 groups with at least 2 documents each. You can put a document in more than one group, however, think about whether you have enough time to write about it so many times. You can have ONE (and no more) document that is a stand alone. However, never address it as such. Just mention it in it’s own paragraph. 
  • Write your thesis using your groups. Use the prompt in the thesis (ex. The social and political impact of cricket include….), but don’t use any background info that they provide you. If there are dates in the prompt, your thesis better include dates. 
  • Write your body paragraphs. These are your groups, with your topic sentence introducing the group. Then talk about your individual documents. Include as many point of views as you can for each doc. Think- why did this person say this at this time? Tip- charts/graphs/maps cannot give you a POV (usually). 
  • Extra document. What doc has been left out that could be used to answer the question? Can be generic. Don’t ask for something they’ve already given you. 
  • Conclusion. Restate the thesis in different words. If you don’t have enough time, it’s not a huge deal, but since your writing tends to get better near the end because you have a firmer grasp on what you want to say, your conclusion will probably be better than your thesis. If you don’t get the point at the beginning, this is your chance. 

Hope this helps! 

まふまふ (Mafumafu) Namahousou Report ― 050816

Warning: This is a long post, and will not be 100% accurate as it is simply an account of what occurred from my perspective and memory. Because this is summarized from my live-translations on my twitter account, more details can be found there.

Please do not repost my report, including portions of it, anywhere online. If you’d like to re-translate it, please notify and credit me.  


  • Mafumafu starts this nama screaming high pitches & strumming his guitar, before reading out the usual first 100 users to comment
  • Mafumafu remarks that it’s been a long time since he’s held a namahousou, and laughs a little guiltily. He says Niconama hasn’t been working well for him as of late, and because his broadcasts tend to fill up quickly, he’s been using twitcast so everyone interested can listen.

“Datsugoku” Upload

  • Mafumafu: “I released “Datsugoku” yesterday! Neru-san even LINE-ed me saying how great the cover was, and I was happy b/c he doesn’t say it much” 
  • Mafumafu: “Datsugoku was especially difficult to sing b/c it was both high-pitched & high-tempo, whereas a slow song like Machibouke’s more doable” (strums a few guitar chords and belts out the chorus’s high point) “You see, I can still do this highness sitting down cross-legged, but when the highness is paired w/ Datsugoku, my voice ends up thin & with the song goes "unyunyunyunyu”, my body subconsciously moves around when I’m recording and ends up at different distances from the mic throughout the process.”

Gochiusa Event with Amatsuki

  • Mafu: “I had Amatsuki accompany me, & not only did he go all the way there but I also told him it’d be rude to see Gochiusa in weird clothes so we went to buy new clothes and have our hair set (in the salon) just for the event”  


  • Mafu: “My friends were complaining that my namas were just too boring, so I told them “it’s b/c you don’t send me fanmail”! So they sent me fanmail”

Fanmail #1

HN: 天月 –Tengetsu- (aka Amatsuki)

Funifuni-san (T/N: Funifuni – onomatopoeia of caressing a fluffy object), good evening
I always enjoy listening to Funifuni-san’s radio.
This time, your album “Clock Croissant Story” with Soruto-san was also very wonderful.
Among those songs, I like “Tachiiri Kinshi” (No Trespassing) the most.
I am a grandpa turning 80-years-old this year, but I have fun listening to you with my grandchild.
Please try your best from now on as well.

P.S. I assume you are trying so hard that your hair has become white, but what sort of meaning does the barcode on your cheek have?
I am so curious about it that I cannot sleep at night.
Please take care of your health and the like and work hard.

Mafumafu’s Response: (Translated from his actual words)

  • This is… this is one of those messages that want to pick a fight, isn’t it? This Tengetsu-san’s someone who tries instigating things. But this person probably has nothing to do with Amatsuki-san right? Since their names are different.
  • Our album name has ended up sounding quite delicious… wow, I have such a wonderful friend.
  • Even though he went out of his way to accompany me to the Gochiusa event, even though he watched through 2 entire seasons of 12 episodes, a total of 24 episodes for the event, I thought he had become a true friend of mine but this is a complete retraction of that statement. What should I do, what should I do to him… Well whatever
  • (Reads the P.S. about the barcode again) He always comes to attack my barcode… Ah, there may be new listeners in this broadcast, so I’ll explain: this barcode is stuck on my left cheek, but the 2-D Mafumafu has white hair. Meanwhile, the 3-D Mafumafu has brown hair, so in order to link the two, I put my barcode into a barcode reader that “beeps” me into the virtual world and synchronizes me into the 2-D Mafumafu. Everyone, did you know that? This is an extreeeemely important point of me, so please remember that. Tengetsu, don’t you forget about it.

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Trip Report: Tree’s LSD experience

In my opinion LSD is one of the most amazing psychedelics out there . It can be fun, useful and mindblowing at the same time. One thing is for sure, your brain works overtime on it. You can suddenly see everything from a different perspective and like I said in my article: 5 reasons why i think everyone should try psychedelics, you will come up with brand new ideas and solutions..

A very creative and amazing individual that goes by the nickname Tree was generous enough to share his LSD trip with us. We will be posting it in parts, cause it will be easier to follow then. The content below has been written on an actual LSD trip. I want to thank Tree for sharing this with UniverseKissesxox.

The Trip, Part 1

16:00 , Monday 23.01.2017

1 seal around 200 mg

30 minutes after taking it: Effects are minimal

45 minutes after intake - I start to feel the 1st effects similar to a plane take-off, my breath is deeper and i am much more present and aware of my surroundings, the thoughts of conciousness , passage of life and time start to worry me.

I start to feel more and more distant from my body, I obsessively start to notice my bad posture.

Every breath feels heavy, as if I am inhaling water, feel an urge to get out of the house.

Pupils dilate.

I start questioning why i am even writing down the physical  symptoms. Objectivly reading trough them I notice that they seem negative and can’t describe how I feel.

Feeling i am writing this down for no use.

Stay tuned for more content from Tree’s LSD experience.