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Can we have G!sans first kiss, please?

*Sure thing!  This imagine is an extra to the First Kiss imagine I did for the other skelebros.  


The first kiss happens right after he’s teased you over something.  You’re a little flustered because it’s so new into the relationship that you’re not even sure if he’s actually your bonefriend or just a casual dating partner.  You haven’t even held hands, though he does tend to casually touch your back, your arm, sometimes your hair…  and whenever he winks at you or addresses you in that low, smooth tone of voice, you feel butterflies stir in your chest.  

In this case, you had just finished watching a movie with him, and he took note of the way your expression lit up when the main lead was grabbed up and kissed by the ‘bad boy.’  When you were leaving the theater, he chuckled and teasingly asked you if that’s why you took him to that movie–if you were hoping he would do the same to you.

Face flushing and beyond embarrassed, you stumbled over your denial, even though yes–yes, you definitely wanted him to do that, geez–but that wasn’t why you picked the movie!

Still wearing an amused smirk, G abruptly pivots on his heel, sweeps you against his torso with hand at your lower back, and captures your chin in the other.  For once, he doesn’t have that cigarette hanging from his teeth (though that was because he couldn’t smoke indoors), and he leans in close.  Your breath hitches in your throat, and your face feels so hot that you begin to worry that he can feel the heat emanating off you in waves.  

“like this?” he prompts, that single glowing pupil gauging your reaction, searching your face for an answer to more than just that query.  Is he still making fun of you?  You decide to chance it.


And then he closes the gap, his hand at your chin shifting to cradle the back of your head, and his other hand tightening on your back–which is quite fortunate because you just swooned so hard that your knees buckled.  He tastes of smoke and buttery popcorn, his teeth gently working against your lips, but just as soon as the tip of your tongue slides across his teeth, hoping to get past so you can get a real taste, he pulls back.  

And smirks.

“i knew you had a thing for bad boys.”

You smack him in the arm.  “Shut up!”

…. He’s not wrong.

Dating & having sex with Sheamus:


-Not much jealousy

-But for the love of God if some guy touches you

-St. Patrick’s day together

-Being best friends of Lana and Rusev.

-You fixing his hair.

-And giving him kisses in his shaved head.

-”Y/N, Can you please stop?”

-”No, I know you like it”

-The both of you being extremely clingy when you two are alone.

-Cesaro teasing Sheamus because of that.

-You pranking Cesaro for tease your man.

-I love yous all the time.

-”Are we going to sleep?”

-”Only if you want”


-Daddy kink.

-Or maybe sweet sex, it depends.

-Hair pulling.

-Neck kisses.

-Moaning each other names.

-Sex on the living room while TV is on.

-Oral sex.

-Shower sex.

-Cuddles after action.

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Screw Me

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,750

Summary: The reader is cursed with lust; Sam is conflicted

A/N: This is the full version of the latest Sam drabble! You all really seemed to like it, and I really loved writing this. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think. xoxo

Warnings: Implied smut

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Dean’s eyes trailed up your body as if you were alien. Sam stared with a similar conviction.

“So…” Sam broke the silence, “The witch cursed you with lust?”

You nodded while typing up your hair, practically peeling it off your glistening chest. “Did somebody raise the thermostat?” You asked.

Dean bit his tongue not to laugh, staring at your pupils that seemed to be growing with every second.

“Alright, how about you drink some cold water while Dean and I try to-”

“Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.” You exhaled. Sam cleared his throat, his eyes touched every object in the room except for you.

Meanwhile, Dean looked mildly offended.

“And mine isn’t?” He looked between you and Sam. You continued fanning yourself with your hand, trying to cool off. Your body was burning in every sense of the word.

Stalking up to you, unaccepting of the fact that Sam’s voice sounded more attractive, Dean began to run his hands up your arms and towards your neck. You became weak at the knees, practically melting under his touch. Before you could reach out to feel him under your fingertips, Sam gripped his brother’s shoulder and yanked him back.

You whined in protest, feeling your lips pull downwards.

“Dude.” Sam looked at his brother. Dean opened his eyes wide, acting like he didn’t know what he did wrong. “She’s under a spell.”

Dean shrugged, “For the first time, I’m totally fine with witches.” He threw a wink your way and your heart rate quickened.

Sam rolled his eyes.

_ _ _ _ _

No amount of ice could satiate the heat pooling in your stomach. Regardless of the ridiculous count of glasses of water scattered across your desk, you were burning up a fever. It was imperative that you stayed alone.

But the temptation of just laying your eyes on one of the brothers again was tugging you from the bed. So, you peeled off your short sleeve shirt, trading it in for a bathing suit top and some shorts. Any more clothing, and they’d melt off your body.

Your footsteps echoed off the tiled floors.

“Sam?” You shouted, “Dean?” But received no indication that either brother was home. Pulling on the strands of your ponytail to keep it in place, you continued walking around the bunker.

“This isn’t funny!” You exclaimed, entering the kitchen. Opening the freezer, you took out an ice cube and ran it across your face. “Damsel in distress here!”

You rolled your eyes and decided to rummage through Dean’s room; his laptop should be full of porn.

_ _ _ _ _

“Really, Sam?” Dean stared at his brother.

“It’s the safest place to be, Dean.” Sam’s eyes wandered around the garage. “And don’t you like it here anyways?”

Dean scoffed, “I love it here.”

“Then, what’s the problem?”

“I don’t love living here! We can’t hole up in the garage until we find a cure for her, Sam.” Dean crossed his arms.

“But being near her, sets her off. We’d only be making it worse.” Sam sat on the edge of the Impala’s hood.

“So the one time she actually wants to screw you, you don’t?” A laugh escaped Dean’s lips.

Sam sighed and rubbed his face, “It would be meaningless, Dean. Just a way of- of release for her.” He wanted so much more with you.

“Whatever, man. I’m not staying here.” Dean walked past Sam, and back into the bunker.

Making his way towards the bedrooms, he stopped cold in his tracks. Your bedroom door was cracked open and the sound of moaning poured out from it.

“What the fuck?” Dean whispered to himself, knocking harshly on your door. The sounds were way to high pitched to be coming out from your lips.

“One sec!” You slammed his laptop shut and exhaled. Almost.

Instead of knocking again, he opened your door. “Is that my laptop?”

You nodded and shoved it towards him. “I was just-”

“Watching my porn.” He finished your sentence and snatched his laptop from you. “Don’t girls read it?”

You rolled your eyes, “I kinda needed something more intense right now.” You motioned to your glistening body. “I feel like Phoebe from Charmed. Remember when she was cursed with lust?”

“I remember because you made me and Sam watch every single episode with you, but that’s a TV show. This isn’t. So go take a cold shower and help us research how to fix you.” He held his laptop close to himself, as if you were going to grab it from his hands.

Gathering your hair back up from its newly disheveled state, you crawled out of your bed. Maybe Dean was right, some research could help.

If he hadn’t pushed out his chair, you never would have realized Sam was seated at the table.

“Feeling any better?” He asked once he heard you walk in.

“You mean any less horny? Nope.” You dropped into the chair and Sam lifted his eyes to look at you. He had never seen you in a bikini before, and he would be stupid to say he didn’t think you were beautiful.

“How about I get you some more water?” He began to stand.

“It doesn’t help.” You muttered, pulling the book he was reading towards yourself. You furrowed your brows and read the cover as if you were asking a question, “The Effects of Higher Powers?”

Sam shrugged.

“What the hell is this even about?” You began flipping through random pages. “Shouldn’t you be looking through a spellbook or something?”

“I tried that.” He spun the book around and closed it. “I think you just have to wait it out.”

You sighed and slid lower into your chair. “What about Cas?”

“Huh?” Sam asked, placing the book back on the shelf.

“Did you ask him if he can…fix me?” You stood up and followed Sam who began walking towards the kitchen.

“We can try.” He agreed before opening up the fridge. He busied himself searching for something. After a long minute you shouted, “He’s not in the fridge, Sam!”

“I know.” He glared at you, “I’m just trying to find you something cold to eat.”

“Oh.” You whispered. “I’ll go get Dean, he always answers him.”

Nearing Dean’s doorway, you were positive you heard the same porn you were watching earlier.

“No way!” You bust through his door and he jumped, covering himself in the blanket while you laughed.

“What the hell are you doing?” You asked as if it wasn’t obvious.

“You left it open! What was I supposed to do? Not watch it?” He asked as if it were ridiculous to do anything else.

You crossed your arms. “Maybe instead of jacking off, you could be helping Sam search for a reversal.”

Dean shut his laptop.

“We thought you could call Cas for us.”

“Why me?” He asked.

“He only answers you.” You reasoned. He nodded and you left his room, waiting for him to zip up his pants and follow you to the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, you hopped up onto the countertop, seating yourself comfortably. Within seconds of Dean even thinking to call the angel, he appeared behind you.

Immediately his eyes were glued to your back, shining with sweat.

“Are you alright?” He placed his hand on your shoulder and you let out a shaky breath. Dean watched with amusement as Cas tilted his head at you.

Sam cleared his throat. “The witch we hunted last night cursed her with lust.”

Castiel nodded and stared at you, in thought. Meanwhile, you stared back, seeing him with new eyes. Suddenly, you wanted to feel his cracked lips on yours and feel his stubble under your fingertips-

“Anything?” Sam interrupted your thoughts, pointing his question at Castiel.

Stepping back from you, Cas spoke, “The solution is simple. This is an old, nearly ancient spell used on men and women in high powers, in which sleeping with the wrong person made entire kingdoms crumble.” He explained.

“So?” Dean raised his brow.

“So, once Y/N takes care of her…need, the spell will be lifted.” Cas looked between you and the two brothers.

“Sounds easy enough.” You hopped off the counter, “So, who’s up for it?” You announced and Dean nearly choked.

Sam’s eyes hit the floor before meeting your gaze again. Castiel, chose to disappear.

“Just in case I heard wrong, can you repeat that?” Dean leaned in with a smile on his face.

“Dude.” Sam elbowed his brother. You bounced your leg impatiently.

“If you guys want to deal with this,” You motioned to your soaked skin, “for the rest of your lives, be my guest, but I don’t. So I’m gonna go find someone who does wanna screw me.” With that, you walked back to your room and changed. A one night stand was exactly what you needed.

“There’s your chance.” Dean pointed loosely to the direction that you walked.

Sam sighed, hanging his head low, “I can’t, Dean. It’s not that simple.”

“Oh,” Dean laughed, “She made it very simple.”

Minutes later, you sauntered out from your bedroom in a little black dress with heels to match.

“Later, boys.” You threw a wink in their direction before making your way through the war room, and to the staircase. With every clack of your heel, Sam’s fist tightened.

Before you could turn the knob and leave, Sam was running towards you.

“Wait.” Sam’s voice carried up the stairs. He swallowed thickly and walked up the steps, keeping his eyes trained on you.

“Change of heart?” You asked, nearing him.

His large hands gripped your shoulders, “I don’t want some douche trying to score with you.”

“What are you saying?” You looked up at him through your lashes, trying to read his face. As he ran his hands down your arms, you began breathing heavily, feeling your blood pump.

“I’m saying that maybe, we shou-”

“Oh, shut up!” You shouted, pulling at his t-shirt.

In seconds he was on you, his hands grasping to get as much contact as possible.

You stood on your tip-toes, reaching up to feel his lips on yours. Without having to ask, Sam lifted you up and you linked your ankles around his hips.

“Finally.” Slipped your lips and you practically heard Sam smile. You tugged on his hair, earning a satisfied groan.

“My room?” You breathed. Sam lifted you from his waist and into his arms.


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Can I please get a Shouto version of his s/o playing with his hair?Thank you!

Sure thing dear! =) I hope that you like it and that I could write it well enough!

Todoroki looks up when he feels a light touch just behind his hear. A glance to the side reveals his partner, who has their hand stretched out towards him.

“Can I touch your hair?” They ask with a warm smile.

Todoroki nods after a short pause. “Yes, go ahead.”

He’s not quite sure why his partner would want to, but he doesn’t mind. Looking back at his book, he feels their fingertips touching his hair. They shuffle closer, the bed creaking gently and he feels their hand more firmly, brushing through the strands.

It’s very nice, he realizes, tilting his head slightly into the touch. It’s soothing and he likes the soft pressure they add then and again.

“You can lean back if you want to.” His partner offers after a moment.

Todoroki looks up before he leans towards them and with a light tug on his shirt, lies down on the bed, with his head in his partner’s lap.

They card both hand through his hair now, brushing his bangs back from his forehead and Todoroki closes his eyes without having to think about it. He relaxes, feeling warm and more and more content.

“Do you like it?” His partner asks and he opens his eyes, smiling softly up at them.

“Yes, I do.”


Abbey, Angie and Michaela Rose

This is what I do when I should probably work on the story. I give makeovers to spares’ kids who are almost elders in the actual legacy save. These three are daughters of Tania and Lars, which makes them Sebastian’s cousins. However, I don’t think he even knows them. Did I mention my Sims rarely have friends outside of the household? :D

Anyways, you can now download them and maybe give them more love than I gave them.


  • Don’t claim as your own.
  • Don’t touch their features.
  • As for anything else - clothes, hair, make up etc. - feel free to change whatever you want and of course you can use your own defaults.
  • Please tag me or mention me or something, I’d like to see what they’re up to in your game!


Hair | Eyes | Skin

I’m not too sure about their make up (as always) and they most likely don’t have any clothes CC on. However if you really really wanna know what make up they’re wearing, ask me and I’ll try to find it. :)


The .zip file contains all three of them + pictures so it should be easy to choose which ones you want in game :)

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hi, can you do seungkwan + wedding please? thx :)

You were sat in a white chair in front of your vanity, touching your hair updo. “Don’t touch it! Y/N! You’ll ruin it,” your friend screamed from the back when they saw you trying to pull a few strands of hair down from the tight bun. “I just feel like it’s going to rip my scalp off,” you whined. “I’ll fix it after you have the dress on,” your friend said while going through the things needed for your makeup.

“I forgot something, I’ll be right back.”

And there you were, left alone with butterflies in your stomach. You couldn’t believe you were getting married in just a matter of hours, and to a man of your dreams. Who you hadn’t seen in twenty four hours because of the superstitious beliefs of your family.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the door. “Come in,” you called, thinking it would be your friend coming back. But as soon as the door swung open, you saw your blonde husband, wearing his tuxedo pants and white undershirt.

“Seungkwan! You’re not supposed to see me before the wedding!” You cried out in surprise, leaping up from your chair quickly.

“Oh no!” Seungkwan yelped, quickly covering his eyes with his hands, “did I ruin everything?”

You looked at him with your brows furrowed, almost ready to give him a lesson on why he shouldn’t be here right now but your heart melted in seconds when you saw him pouting, still covering his eyes. “Relax, it’s just a superstition,” you said, walking up to him and pulling his hands down from his face.

He rolled his eyes, “you almost gave me a heart attack there. But wow, you look gorgeous,” he said with a bright smile on his lips and you swore his eyes were either watering or then it was just the lighting making them look sparklier than usual. You shook your head in disbelief - you didn’t even have your makeup on yet.

“But I’ll leave now.”

“Yeah, I would rather not play with fate,” you answered, wanting to comment on his outstanding looks as well but not finding the right moment.

“Do I at least get a kiss now that I’m here?” Seungkwan asked, coming towards you with a smirk on his face and you reluctantly pecked his cheek, snorting at his soft whine when you didn’t kiss his lips.

“You’ll get a proper one at the altar,” you told him before shooing him towards the door.

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what do you think of when you hear the name "daphne"?

marble statues, a smile that can melt hearts, going to art museums, cherry blossoms, being young and in love, soft hair, summers spent in the south of france, golden light touching your skin

please don’t send in any more names, i’m just finishing the ones in my ask box! 💗

You can Look, but Don’t Touch - Negan Imagine

Master list

Prompt: Hey I’m Tay really liked your Silent one story! Can you do one where the reader is really tiny and she has long 4c hair(which is Afro hair) and she’s in the lineup with the group and when Negan sees her he sees she’s really pretty and he kneels down to inspect her and he’s close and he goes to touch her hair and she head butts the crap outta him! And when he looks back at her she just shrugs and goes “don’t touch my hair”. He takes a liking to her😊 something cute like Silent One,Please & TY🙏🏾

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,428
Warnings: Curse Words, Kidnapping, minor violence

You were all kneeling in front of the RV. The headlights of two cars illuminated the hopeless scene. You didn’t know what time it was but all you knew was that the moon was high above you. You were knelt next to Carl who was determinately looking forward.

You and your group had been attempting to get to a neighbouring community –The Hilltop- when you were ambushed. You knew when you were first stopped that these people meant business. You had tried to convince your people to turn back and make a plan. They had refused.

“We’ve got a full boat!” A man with a black moustache said as he back up to observes you sorry bunch. “Let’s meet the man, shall we?” The man said before he knocked on the RV twice.

Keep reading

Prompt List

Ayyye back with some new prompts. Reminder that I write for drarry, flintwood, wolfstar, scorbus, deamus, jeddy, and linny (im really picky with requests for those last two, though. the request has to seem really fitting for them for me to write it). And if you want, feel free to send in a request not from this list!!

My Writing


1. “I can’t stand you!”
2. “I never want to speak to you again.”
3. “Can I have a kiss?”
4. “Watch your mouth.”
5. “What’s your problem?”
6. “Sit down, we need to talk.”
7. “Don’t touch me.”
8. “Why are you playing with my hair?”
9. “I don’t feel good.”
10. “Do you want to spend the night?”
11. “I don’t need you.”
12. “Pay attention to me!”
13. “Please don’t hate me.”
14. “Can I sit here?”
15. “Are you sure you’re okay?”
16. “You’ve got quite the attitude today.”
17. “I’ve had a rough day.”
18. “Do it again.”
19. “Here, let me help.”
20. “Are you crying?”
21. “I won’t let anything hurt you.”
22. “Relax, it’s fine.”
23. “There’s no reason to be like that.”
24. “Go to hell.”
25. “I can’t do this anymore!”
26. “Do you want to get a drink with me?”
27. “Can you stop staring at me?”
28. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”
29. “You don’t seem like yourself.”
30. “If you roll your eyes at me one more time…”
31. “Wipe that smirk off your face.”
32. “You’re such a sweetheart.”
33. “Can I take a nap?”
34. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
35. “Can you please just be quiet for one minute?”
36. “I thought you were serious about us.”
37. “I made you dinner.”
38. “Why do you have to be so stubborn all the time?”
39. “Why am I never good enough for you?”
40. “Can I borrow this?”
41. “You’ve been gone for hours.”
42. “Let me make it up to you.”
43. “You can stay…if you want.”
44. “You said we were just friends.”
45. “Get ready, we’re going on a date.”
46. “You don’t have to pretend to like me.”
47. “I just want you to be happy.”
48. “You told me you loved me.”
49. “I hope you can forgive me.”
50. “You’re too good for me.”

Languages (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:   Can I get a damian x mexican reader please? Maybe them talking in each others language? 
Summary: Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue. 
Word count: 175
Warning(s): fluff

You two were just lying in bed, enjoying each others company. Your hand were in his hair as his fingers roamed your body, his touches are feather light.  “Tu eres muy bella”  Damian said, stuttering ever so slightly, a warm smile smile grazing over your face.

“shukra, haby, ‘ant wasim” You attempt to answer back, but you’re pretty sure you butchered it beyond belief.

Damian smiles warmly, kissing your head. You two had decided to learn each others languages to respect each other’s culture and background , plus it’s super fun to mess with friends and family. 

Damian was kissing you all over your face, as you slowly came back from memory lane, little giggles escaping your lungs. 

“porque eres tan despistada?” Damian says, placing a final kiss on the tip of your nose. “hatta 'ant” You answer back, scrunching your nose. Damian begins to laugh a true, low, happy laugh.

Even though you both had a thick accent in each others languages, you both couldn’t be more proud of the other for learning it.

Translations for the arabic:
  shukra, haby, 'ant wasim - Thank you, my love, you are handsome
hatta 'ant  - So are you

SUPER THANKS TO @kryptolipsx for helping me with the spanish!


With love,

I just want to see you.
Hear you,
Touch you,
Feel you.
I want to squeeze you.
Tease you,
Kiss you,
Please you.
I want to feel your fingers as they run through my hair.
I want to feel your kisses on my cheek,
My lips,
My neck,
I crave you,
My body longs for your touch.
And it kills me that I can’t reach over and touch you whenever I want,
Because I feel so close to you,
Even though we’re miles apart.
—  B.M., NeverOnLand

Can we talk about the delicacy and intensity of this scene please! Hank looked at Erik timidly after Charles said “don’t touch my hair” while Raven shrugged. Then Charles smiled at Erik! Five seconds ago Erik was mocking him and Charles fucking smiled! And I’d say that’s a very flirty smile.

In the next scene Hank began flipped switches. Cut to Erik’s worried face. Cut to Charles again.

He was still looking at Erik before closing his eyes for the Cerebro!

Ok this is Baekhyun and Chanyeol being sooooooo GAY cute because that anon asked for it! <3 -thankyou-


“Baek i need you… please!! comeback homeee!! can you comeback hooome~ ♪”

“Sorry Yeol”

Man what the hell? Yeol plz… stop looking at Baek’s sexy back like that!


jealous much, Byun?

that awkward moment when you don’t even know how to make a heart with your hand, Byun plz!

Yeol knows Baek’s weak point ¬u¬

ChanBaek is… so… GAYYYYYCOUPLE

touching bae’s hair like

whispering to bae like

taking selcas with bae like

hiding with th bae like ¬u¬


touching bae’s princess hand like

being in sync with the bae like

being caught staring at the bae like

molesting the bae like

looking dayum, bae can’t resist!! 

flirting with the bae like

protecting sooo cute the bae like

subtly touching -feeling up- the bae like

uhmm yeah 

being cute with bae like

following the bae like

being SO jealous over bae when he is having fun with xing xing the real namja’s weak point

“accidentaly” being about to kiss bae like


I just wanna fucking lay with you and fall asleep. I don’t wanna be wide awake all by myself babe.. I just wanna lay with you, holding me and playing with my hair. I want to lay my head on your chest and have my legs on top of yours. I want to be able to hear your heartbeat because that’s the closest I can get to you. Please let me lay with you..
—  Sleepless without you.
Monsta X reaction to you getting your hair cut

Monsta X reaction to you getting your haircut short (pixie cut)


Shownu would be extremely thrilled by the idea of his other half cutting their hair short enough to show their neckline, and would pester you about when you were getting it done. When the day finally came you would have to fight him off so you could go to your appointment alone, despite his very convincing begging. Shownu would be more than pleased when you came back home, his face lighting up the moment he sees you. “You look so mature. Can I touch it?” He would run his hands over the newly trimmed locks and you would fall asleep together with him stroking your hair. The following days he would tease you about missing your hair clogging the shower and his hands would be on you more than usual.


Wonho would walk you into the salon, joking with the hair dresser about “making sure it looks sexy” and would squeeze your hand tightly before leaving you on your own. He would text you consistently while you were getting it done, making sure you weren’t nervous and asking if it was looking okay. He would end up showing up in the waiting room fifteen minutes before your appointment ended and tap his feet obnoxiously. By the time you came out he looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown, but it instantly would disappear once you made eye contact. “You…. Remember I’m your boyfriend okay?” He would say firmly, pretending to be sly as he tipped the hair dresser extra.


Minhyuk would have probably told his entire family about you getting your haircut weeks in advance so by the time you were going in to get it done, you had a ton of texts telling you good luck and how excited Minhyuk was to see you in a different way. You appreciated the enthusiasm, but it was a bit tiring knowing that everyone and their pet dog had found about your otherwise low key decision. Minhyuk would proceed to take all of your hair ties as his own (he especially liked the cute ones) before you had even gone in to get it done. By the time it was over, Minhyuk would annoy his boss so much that he would be able to get off of work a little early and greet you when you came home. The door would be open before you could pull your keys out, and a smiling, angelic Minhyuk would immediately be all over you. The next few weeks he would help you shop for new hair products and brag to all the cashiers about how cute you were, especially with short hair. 


You would end up wanting to surprise Kihyun with your new haircut, getting it cut on a whim after work on a random weekday. You would end up being unsure about he would feel, getting a little self conscious as you recieved his texts asking why you were late to dinner. By the time you worked up the courage to show up, Kihyun would be waiting around the door worriedly. His face would relax upon seeing you and he would be awe-struck at the new image. “You look really good. Is this what you were hiding from me? You were late because of this? You made me wait to see it?” He would whine loudly to play with you and distract from the face his ears were turning pink. “No, but seriously, it looks so good.” would be the only sentence you heard for the next month.


Hyungwon would be initially shy about expressing how much he liked the new style on you, trying not to make his affection for the look too obvious. This would lead you to be a little more than worried about if it actually looked that great on you and Hyungwon would realize your worries easily, clinging on to you and burying his face in your hair. “I really like it, you know?” He would grin, laying a kiss on your temple to reassure you and soothe your worries. Hyungwon would try to show you how much he liked it much more in the future, dropping consistent compliments. “You’re pretty” would become a common sentence between the two of you.


Jooheon would inwardly be very excited about the change, although never revealing it and trying really hard to act cool despite his growing anticipation. By the time the day came for you to get your haircut, he would end up insisting that he had to pick you up from the hair salon no matter what. Jooheon would end up stressing out the workers with his constant pacing around the waiting room, until someone finally asked him to sit down and try to relax. When you came out to show him the result, he would proceed with his rehearsed “cool guy” scenario, pretending to think about it and give you a thumbs up. The staff would have to stifle a laugh as you saw right through it, tugging on his cheek playfully and scolding him for the horrible reaction. Jooheon would apologize formally to the staff and the two of you would end up going on a romantic outing late into the night. “I think you look really beautiful with your hair short. Will you wear it like this from now on?”


Changkyun would be really casual about the whole matter and very supportive of your decision, reassuring that you that you would look good with any hairstyle and that if you didn’t like it that it would grow back. He would give you a sweet smile as he dropped you off, whispering a soft reassurance to you and waving before driving off. He would come to the salon a little before the appointment ended and would dropping stuff he was looking at because his hands were sweating so bad. Changkyun would grin really widely once seeing you, a little overwhelmed at how great it looked. “Good~” He would announce, a little too loudly for inside a store, and immediately lace your fingers together. A more genuine compliment would come once you were out of everyone’s sight, your lips meeting for a split second before he gushed about it for the following thirty minutes. “This is the best on you.”

When I see imagines/fanfictions that describe the reader with features such as: green or blue eyes with long blonde or brunette hair that you can run your hands through" I stop for a moment and cry for a bit because I don’t have those traits. I don’t have hair that you can run your hands through. I don’t have straight hair that I can just brush and put up into a ponytail. I don’t have sexy lingerie or thongs in my underwear drawer. I don’t have long slim lens or tiny fair hands. I don’t have pale white skin thats smooth to the touch!.

like come on guys. Please write something where the girl isn’t tall and skinny with long blonde hair and green eyes who can fit into a size zero jeans. There is nothing wrong with that description but can there be at least ONE imagine that doesn’t need to be requested that implies the following.

-stretch marks


-short super curly hair

-hair knots

-tan, brown, dark skin

-big thighs

-bit tits

-large hands

-a girl who stands up for her self

-flats instead of stilettos

-bad hair days

-hobbies like ballet, singing, dancing, art, photography, writer

-eating things other than salad when the reader goes out for dinner

-reader clumsily falling on their ass and not being embarrassed because of it

-reader not being a damsel in distress all the damn time

-reader with a bomb ass, unique super power

-reader being a bad ass mofo

- -Maybe the chick can be Latina or Asian or Brazilian or Filipino maybe even Muslim. -Maybe she wears a hijab or religious clothing and accessories. -Maybe they are gay or transgender Be diverse because there’s a lot of people in the world.


I didn’t trust Navy from the start tbh, like Lapis said, “nobody can be that well adjusted”.
Also, I think Lapis’s character was really well done again in this episode. I like that they touched upon her depression and stuff. Of course her character could still have a hell of a lot more, but y’know, it was cool. No idea what was going on with her hair though. Someone please tell Raven to look at the model sheets for once. Same goes for Gremlin Peridot. It’s not hard to draw them right, even in your own style holy shit.

I do think it was a little anti-climactic though. Like that was it, she just took the ship and left, and everyone seemed to be FINE with it. Nobody was scared that she’s going to go to Homeworld and report what happened… like… at all???? Nobody is concerned about that???? Even Garnet was just like “lmao whoops” like??? THIS IS REALLY BAD FOR THEM????

Aside from that though, the episode was pretty good!

A normal practice day with Yakov

Georgi: Oh my love you are much more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in this universe. *A*
Yakov: Georgi! Stop talking while practicing! I know how much you love your new girlfriend!
Yurio: *tap tap tap* *giggles*
Mila: *Puts arm around Yurio* Hmm texting your boyfriend again?
Yurio: Gah! He is not my boyfriend! Stop clinging to me woman!
Yakov: Mila!! Why aren’t you stretching?! And Yuri! Stop texting your boyfriend!
Yurio: *embarrassed* I told you! Otabek is not my boyfriend!!! >///////<
Yuuri: *giggles* Viktor, that tickles!
Viktor: Hmmm I love your hair Yuuri. I can’t stop touching it. ♥ ♥
Yakov: And you two! Can you please, for the love of the universe, stop fondling each other for like, 0.1 sec?! AGGHHH!!
Lilia: Yakov, stop pulling your hair or you’ll go completely bald.

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