can i touch your hair please


Steve x reader 

Notes: Smut, fluff, swearing, just smutty rly. 

A/N: Steve x reader. I know, right? Didn’t know I had it in me (that sounds wrong. So, so wrong), but here we are. And lets be honest. The man is fucking adorable. And.. ever seen him in a suit? Hot damn. Enjoy! x

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“Can’t sleep?”

You looked up from the files in your lap and smiled, Steve stood next to the couch, holding out a mug to you with a similar smile on his lips.

“Never” you answered, only half-joking and took the mug from him with a soft ‘thanks’. “Why are you up, Cap? Don’t you have an early training session with Sam tomorrow?”

Steve shrugged, “Yeah, I do..” he took a deep breath but didn’t seem to let the air go when he spoke, “but sometimes I just can’t get my brain to shut off. And my mom used to say that a bed is for sleeping, not thinking”

You chuckled softly, “Meaning?”

Steve shot you a lopsided smile, “Meaning, if you can’t catch sleep because you’re thinking too much, get out of bed for a while and try again later”

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What's the MOST EXTRA Bellarke scene you like?

The MOST EXTRA? Just one?!? These two are insane for each other. 

This is a tough choice, Nonny, but I gotta go with:

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Bellamy Blake, in the midst of a dangerous rescue mission, on his own and with no backup, because he couldn’t wait for a proper rescue mission to get to her, takes precious seconds to brush the hair away from Clarke’s face. This was so not the time to get soft, Blake. NOT THE TIME but he seems unable to stop himself when it’s about Clarke and who can blame the poor guy. Love makes us do stupid things.

BONUS MOMENT (cause I can’t help myself):

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Bellamy Blake pulling the same soft move after finding the nerdiest, most unnecessary reason to touch Clarke Griffin. 

Please, Bellarke fam, reblog with your fav EXTRA moment from these two dorks in love. 


I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.

The Sexy, Bearded ‘We’

Pairing: Jared x Reader x Jensen

Summary: Jared says something at a con that really gets you going.

Word Count: 1,795

Warnings: threesome, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut

A/N: AU where Jensen is single, remember this is fiction! If you’re a die-hard Jensen girl and don’t want to read Jared smut, stop now. If you’re a die-hard Jared girl and don’t want to read Jensen smut, also stop now. If you’re a j2 girl, you’re in for a treat. Also I’m going to church to confess my sins after writing this.

You sat backstage, listening to your boyfriend and his costar answer a question about the beards he and Jensen had grown over their break from filming.

“We like to call ourselves - Jensen and I - the sexy, bearded ‘we’.” He grinned.

You’d always had a thing for Jared’s beard. The way it scratched at your face when he kissed you, the way it felt between your legs, just scruffy enough to leave red patches between your thighs. And there was no denying how unbelievably sexy Jensen was as well. When they both grew their beards out, good Lord.

After the panel, you met Jared in the green room, Jensen following closely behind him. 

“Oh, the sexy, bearded ‘we’ is gracing my presence.” You swooned jokingly.

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Transference (M) – Chapter 03

cr. [X]

Summary: During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card and figure, what the hell. The business arrangement becomes…mutually beneficial. Y’all know where this is going.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Word Count: 8,370

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, BDSM, shibari, dom/sub roleplay, profanity.

A/N: Prepare yourself, this is the shibari chapter. Shibari practice comes with many risks, so always consult professionals before playing.

Chapters:  01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

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Cuddles - Drabble

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Bucky X Reader

Anon’s request: Heyyy can u please do a Whiny!bucky barnes x reader were he’s just lazy the whole day and just wants to cuddle with the reader specially on her Ass. Because she has a really great ass and he just wants to lay his head their but the reader has work…but bucky just keeps whining. Later on they cuddle

A/N: Anon’s request! Yay!! Thank you for the request, I hope you like it! I wrote something like that previously [here], but there was no ‘ass’ included and I love this idea so much! No problem doing it again. 

A/N2: Requests are open. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it!


“[Y/nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn],” Bucky drags the last sillable of your name as he plops down on the couch beside you. You have your laptop open and propped up by the arm of the couch, your fingers fly around the keyboard, filling a work’s report.


“I need you.”

That gets you attention. “With what?” Bucky needed help, your report could wait.

He reached out with both arms, making grabby movements, a pout on his face, doe eyes and lower lip out (a toddler’s expression, but he could it off amazingly good).

“Cuddle me?”


“We’ll cuddle after I finish this, okay?”

Bucky leaned into you, ruffling his nose on your neck.

“Pleaseeeeeee.” Yes, he whined. Bucky Barnes whined.

“Buck, why don’t you go hit the gym until I finish my report?” you asked, stroking his hair with your hand. His head leaned into your touch, closing his eyes. He turned to kiss your palm.

“I don’t wanna,” he mumbled into your hand. “I’m tired. Please, cuddle with me, doll.”

You seriously had to finish your report, like immediately.

“I can lay down with you,” he perked up and that, his eyes shining from excitement - if he had a tail, it would be flipping fast - “But I’ll still have to bring the computer and finish this.”


Bucky laid flat on his back on the huge couch and you on top of him, chests together.

Your arms outstretched to reach your computer behind his head, on the cushion so you could still type.

His hands crept to your sides, running up and down in a soothing manner. He soon went to do the same across your back and sides.

Then his hands simply settled on your ass.

“Huh, Buck?”

“Yeah, doll?”

Of course he would reply with a smug smile and closed eyes, completely delighted with the situation.

You chuckled, “Oh my God, okay, then.”

You returned to typing away. It wouldn’t be long now.

He squeezed your ass, “You got a great ass, doll, did ya’ know?”

You looked at him, “You tell me every day,” you pecked his lips and he smiled lovingly, “How can I not know that?”

“I just wanted to make sure.”

Just one more paragraph…

He kissed your jaw, travelling down to your neck and to the other side and back to the jaw.

“Bucky,” you whispered and he hummed for you to proceed, the noise sending shivers up your spine, “Let me finish and we’ll cuddle. I’m almost done.”


But he didn’t move his lips from your neck nor his hands from your ass, which squeezed from time to time.

And the last paragraph had to be the longest, after all. Fury was burning in your mind, this was a really long report with very little time for you to write it. And you wanted to cuddle with your whining I-could-kill-any-person-in-this-planet-including-Natasha-but-I-just-wanna-cuddle boyfriend.

There,” you beamed, “Final dot.”

“That means…”

“Yes, Buck. Cuddle.”

He made you lay on your stomach again, but this time on the bed. Little difference: he wasn’t under you. No, he was perpendicular to you, his head on your hard yet soft ass, his arms massaging your lower back. He had fetched food and drinks for you as you picked the movie that rolled on the big screen.

Cuddly Bucky was the best.

“Doll?” he called, quietly.

“Yeah, Buck?” you answered with a calming tone.

“I love you.”

You smiled.

“I love you too, Bucky.”



“Having something you can’t bear to lose is fucking scary. And I you’re mine.”

You slid down on the bed and lined your face with his. “You won’t lose me. I promise.”

He looked into your eyes, searching. You held his gaze lovingly. Apparently he found what he was looking for.

Tenderly, he held your face and kissed you. There was no hurry, no fear; just love and care.

When he pulled away, he asked, “Can we cuddle again?”

“Same way?”

“Please,” his puppy dog eyes were irresistible. Once settled on your ass again, you heard him mumbling, “Why the hell I’ve never thought of this before?”


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10 things to do the summer before college

Soooo this is Part 1 of my Post of the Week series, and it won by just three votes. The new poll can be found here, please vote for your choices!

10 Things to do the summer before college:

1. Pay the enrollment/housing deposit. This might seem obvious, but the number of people who’ve lost out on guaranteed residences because they didn’t pay the deposit on time is disheartening. (For most US colleges, this date is May 1, whereas it’s between April and June 1 for most Canadian university.)

2. Check if you are eligible for any transfer credits, and how they translate into your courses. Several colleges might already offer you transfer credits on your acceptance letters, but the number itself might be rather vague and it’s highly possible that not all your credits count towards your major. For this reason, contact the admissions counselor/registrar to check how much of your credit is actually usable before you make your life plans about graduating in three years.

3. If you’re undecided, make a list of the courses you’re potentially interested in and watch lectures from your university. These lectures might be available on 3rd party online platforms, or on the unversity website. Most departments will also be happy to share a few videos with you if you display interest, so be sure to explore that option. In some cases, online classes may actually result in more transferable credit.

4. If you’re an international student, this is a good time to start making a list of all the documents you need for your passport renewal/visa interview. Some of these documents (tax rebate statements, pension plans from the company, etc) might take several weeks to come. You don’t want to be scrambling around the night before the visa interview to actually have these with you.

5. Additional tip for international students: read up a little about your cultural background. I do not intend for you to become condescending and label every act cultural appropriation, but you being from another country is likely a cause of intrigue for most ‘home’ students, and you will be able to hold a more interesting conversation if you have certain interesting things to tell them about yourself.

6. Get an internship or some sort of professional exposure to the field you hope to major in. This experience might vary- for instance, a finance major would likely benefit from an internship at an investment bank, whereas a physics major might learn from guided research under a professor. So find out about what is generally expected of your major, what you enjoy doing, and some summer engagement in the overlapping area.

7. Create your resume. You will most likely be applying for jobs once you start college, and unless it’s a paper printing/dishwashing job (AKA, ones that don’t require much prior experience), they will ask for a resume. The career center will be more inclined to help you if you show up with some semblance of ambition, as opposed to slumping on their chair and demanding for some means to earn money.

8. Research the clubs/extra-curricular opportunities. Knowing about this helps you understand the general essence of the student life on campus, and gives you a general idea before hand about how and where you want to contribute. Ideally, look into three clubs that relate to your major, and 4 that are merely a hobby. If you have been admitted on the basis of your extra-curriculars, and are required to continue something specific in college, then plan your other activities around this central one. 

9. Research your future classmates/roommates. Don’t stalk them to the extent that you’re in a tree outside their house with binoculars, but a slight amount of social media research doesn’t hurt. 

10. READ THAT BOOK YOU’VE BEEN MEANING TO/PICK UP A HOBBY/TRAVEL/EAT AT YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS MORE OFTEN/GO ON A ROAD TRIP/SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY. Please don’t get so caught up in future possibilities that you forget to live in the present. Take an absurd amount of pictures, make heartfelt promises to always keep in touch with your friends, dye your hair purple, and hug your parents a little tighter these last few months. This is the last vacation you can spend without stressing about the future, so enjoy it. I know you’re gonna be great.



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Donald Pierce

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The Last Jedi Theories


imagine being with harry and you are at like a gathering with your family and he keeps referring to you as your bedroom name (kitten, petal, etc) in front of your family but they dont realize whats going on and when you get home its crazy wHAT HAVE I DONE please do a smut like this

It’s probably embarrassing for you first because you think that your family will get it but after a few times of hearing “kitten” by him, using his sexy deep voice which he usually use just while he fucks you, you’re getting angry. It’s having this kind of influence on you that you keep staring at the table and not talking to anyone because you can feel how wet you are. It’s making you so horny and you’re starting to imagine some things that you shouldn’t because every member of your family is wondering why are your cheeks so red.

In the car you’re quite and you don’t do anything still because you want to give it back to him as bad as you can.

But when you get home you go first to your bedroom where there’s a lot of your lingeries. You undress your summer dress but keep your heels on your legs because you know how much they turn him on.

“Babe” he shouts from whatever in the house he is.

You don’t say anything in return and stay in front of the mirror, still checking how you look. You don’t hide how much you love your body and this is what he likes so much about you. You’re confident enough to take his compliments.

“Babe” he shouts again.

You decide to keep silence and the results are soon standing in front of the door, eyes popping up from his eye holes and lip bit.

“What, Harry?” You ask with an innocent voice and you start walking to him. “Need help with something?”

“Umm…” he starts but he’s unable to continue because your hand is on his a crotch now.

“Need help with making me wet while we’re meeting my family and having dinner? Or with calling me kitten in front of every single one of them? I think you already did both. So what do you need help with?” you whisper in his ear.

“Stop, pet, you’re getting yourself in trouble right now. Get dressed and go brush your teeth.”

His voice is husky and you can feel how hard he is even trough his jeans. But he deserves it so you move your hand under his boxers and get on your toes to kiss him.

“What do you think for a blowjob with a lot of teasing?” you ask.

“And what do you think of getting your butt spanked?”

His fingers tingle in your hair and tug slightly but enough for you so you can’t reach his mouth.

“Please…” You beg, biting your lip and making him angrier while he looks at your underwear. “Daddy.”

Calling him like that is the last drop of the cup and he pushes you to the bed. You try to kiss him again but this time is unsuccessful too and you end up lying on his lap, waiting for your punishment even tough he was the annoying one.

“Count” he demands and his hand rubs your ass cheeks before smacking them.

“One” you say, wondering how many of them are you going to get.

He slaps you again, this time harder.


He get rid of your panties and you can hear him smell them.

“Always tasting so fucking sweet.” He says before his hand smack your ass again.

“Three.” You moan, reaching down for you clit.

“What are you doing?” He asks you and his hand freezes on your ass.

You remove you hand and put it back down on the bed.

“Nothing” you say, trying to avoid what is coming.

“Tell me, babygirl, what are you doing”

“Nothing” you repeat.

He smacks you one more time, the hardest of all times before and rub your cheeks, squeezing them hard.

“If you tell me now, i won’t spank you with my belt.”

“Just… Touching my clit.” You try to explain.

“Fine” he says, lifting you up and starting to undress himself. “You want pleasure, i’ll give it to you. But i’m warning you - you won’t be able to sit in the next three days.”

You bite your lip as you see his cock, amazed of his length like every single of the hundreds times you saw it.

“C-Can i ride you?” you ask, wanting to take control just for once.

“Sounds like a good idea, kitten, but not this time. I’m going to destroy your little wet pussy now. Get on yout knees and turn to face the wall.”

You do as he say so and soon you can feel his cock rubbing at your entrance.

“Please” you beg him and you almost reach down to touch yourself because you can’t wait anymore.

“Please what?” He asks, his hand smacking your ass.

“Please, daddy.”

As soon as the words fall of your mouth his cock is deep in you and he’s trusting rough. His fingers are tingled in your hair once again and his grip is causing you slight pain in the scalp every time he trusts in you.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Touch my clit” you beg, almost reaching heaven.

“Kitten, you’re so needy for me. I like it.” he says as he starts rubbing slow circles on your clit and soon you both reach your orgasms.

“Fuck.” You say as he lies next to you in the bed, exhausted.

“Yeah, imma fuck you all night, don’t worry.” He says with a cocky smile and sits up, finally kissing you.

Powerful - Jungkook

I was supposed to finish this in November but I got lazy. But here it is!

-Admin Tamra

Listen to Powerful by Major Lazer while reading!

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Summary: Jungkook has a girlfriend, but is in love with (Y/N). They’ve been friends with benefits for a while and (Y/N)’s had enough. It’s one or the other.

Type: Angst/Smut Song-Fic (With smut)

Warnings: Sex Scenes

Member: Jeon Jungkook of Bangtan Boys (BTS)

(Y/N) remembers the first time they had sex. Jungkook had gotten into a big argument with his girlfriend and it was the heat of the moment. She remembers the noises the headboard made while it pushed against the wall from the intensity of his thrusts. She also remembered the moans and groans of her name that came from his mouth.

She thought of how his hands felt while they held onto her hips, holding her as he thrust deeper and deeper. His lips, softly sucking on her neck, leaving his mark behind. She’d have to cover those up of course, but they both knew they were there.

They did this every time they got in an argument. He’d usually pop up around 1 AM, she’d open the door, and the next thing you know, they were both in the sheets.

The most amazing thing about their sex was their orgasms. It wasn’t a usual orgasm that lasted for about 10 seconds. It was a very strong orgasm that lasted as long as it could. They could see stars while they orgasmed.

The thing was, is that he was never able to stay. (Y/N) felt so empty when she woke up in the morning, not feeling the warmth that was next to her as she fell asleep.

“You know we can’t do this forever?” She asked, as he slowly pulled out of her.

“I know.” He’d reply as he got up to throw the condom away in the trashcan in the bathroom.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure yet.” It was always his response, and she hated it.

She wanted real love. She wanted to know that when she woke up, he’d still be there. She wanted to know that those ‘I’m not sure yet’s would eventually end up as ‘I’m going to leave her’ or ‘I’m not gonna go back.’ But they never did.

He was her energy. There was a time where she could tell that she was his energy too. But now she wasn’t so sure. He became unfeeling and wasn’t as open with her. He used to talk about what happened while she fell asleep, but know he just rolled over to the side and waited for her to fall asleep.

Little did she know, he felt the same way. She didn’t ask what happened, she just kept quiet, keeping to herself. He was thinking about leaving (Y/N), but he knew he couldn’t allow that. But he couldn’t tell his girlfriend why he had broken up with her.

‘I don’t love you anymore.’

‘I’ve found someone else.’

He thought of things to say but the truth was he’d been cheating on her for the past 3 months with his best friend.

It had happened again, but this time, she had left. Jungkook called you at around twelve and asked for you to come over. 

“We got in an argument again, she left so you can come over.“ 

You bit your lip as you listened to him, it was risky, but you had been craving his touch again. They hadn’t had an argument recently so you’ve been having to get off on your own. 

“Jungkook, that’s risky. She can come home at any moment” You sighed, running a hand through your hair. 

“(Y/N) please, I need you.” He quietly whined and you decided not to make him beg. 

“I’ll be there in 10.”

When you arrived, Jungkook was immediately trying to get his hands in your pants.

“Woah, I don’t even get a hi?” You pouted, pushing his hands away from you.

“Hi.” He says quickly before leaning in and kissing you, his hands attaching to your waist.

You moaned into the kiss and he carried you to his bedroom, not breaking the kiss in the process. He quickly rid you both of your clothes and was working on sliding the condom on his member. His hands were shaking from excitement so you grabbed it from him and slowly slid it on his cock. 

He lined himself up with your entrance and slowly pushed in, not giving you a moment to adjust. He quickly thrust into you, letting out loud moans with each one. 

His hand moved down to your clit and started rubbing it quickly. Your vision clouded as you clenched around him and released yourself.

You were letting out loud moans, riding out your orgasm as you heard an unknown voice.


You gasped as he quickly pulled out of you and looked in the direction of the voice. 

“Shit.” You quickly got up, ignoring Jungkook talking to his girlfriend, pleading for her to listen.

You got dressed quicker than you ever had before and left without saying a word. As you arrived home, you immediately dropped onto the ground and cried. You cried for hours, before finally passing out from exhaustion around 4 AM.

Weeks. It had been weeks since you’ve heard from Jungkook. No calls, no texts, nothing. You eventually stopped trying and tried to move on. You started hanging out with your friends and flirted with some nice men, but never got into a relationship. You didn’t trust yourself anymore. You had helped him cheat on his girlfriend.

You had just gotten off of work when you saw him, he was sitting down at one of the tables in the small restaurant and you panicked. You grabbed your things, quickly said goodbye to your co-workers and got out of there as fast as you could. 

He saw you leave and rushed out after you.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) wait!” He called after you.

You quickened your pace and so did he.

“(Y/N)!” He sighed as he grabbed onto your wrist, making you both stop.

You were crying at this point. “Just leave me alone Jungkook.” 

His features softened as he pulled you to him, sighing as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry. I fucked up. I shouldn’t have brought you into that. It just hurt all 3 of us.” He bit his lip as he wiped away the tears streaming down your face.

“One chance-” He begged, watching you intently for any reaction.

You shook your head, “No Jungkook. We can’t-”

He cut you off, “One chance (Y/N), please. I love you and only you. I was a coward. I didn’t want to hurt you. But give me one chance to make it right.”

You thought for a minute before sighing.

“One chance Jungkook. Fuck up and we’re done.”

He smiled and pulled you into a tight hug, pulling you as close as he could. You could hear his rapid heartbeat with your head rested on his chest. He broke the hug and planted a soft kiss on your lips and whispered, “One chance.”

Children Don’t Do The Things I Do

Originally posted by jamiebarnes

Pairing: Bucky x younger Reader

Warnings: SMUT GOOD LORD, lil bit of sir!kink, spanking, hair pulling, swearing, orgasm denial, reader dresses like a little girl (idk what that’s called lmao)

Summary: Reader is much younger than Bucky. The youngest Avenger at that. They come home from grocery shooping just to overhear Bucky, Tony, Clint, and Steve talking about her and her childishness.

Word Count: 1,994


A/N: Reader is 18+ and i literally know nothing about anything hahahah

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Dating Tae Includes...

Originally posted by bwipsul

—cheeky snapchats ;))

—but with those sexy ass snaps that he sent you, there would also be some hella derpy ones too cause yah know… this is taehyung

—randomly saying lame but extremely cute pickup lines

—"can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back, babe.“ 

—and you going along with it sometimes

—"of course you little cute piece of shit…”

—other times, however………

—"tae baby, I love you but kindly shut the hell up, please.“ 


—really sweet and soft kisses

—hella tongue action when he’s in the mood

—like literally his tongue can make you orgasm in like 4 seconds if he was that needy

—youre the “playful” couple

—surprise kisses!!!

—always finding an excuse to touch you not even like sexually it’s like holding your hand, playing with your hair, thigh caressing, forehead kisses, etc etc

—eskimo kissing is a huge fuck yeah!!!

—hand kisses cause he’s a sweet lil gentlemen 

—defiantly an a$$ kinda guy 🍑

—booty grabbing 👀

—ass slapping 💥👋

—anything with your ass he is totally down for it!!! 

—kinky sex

—handcuffs, lingerie, role play, strip teasing, blindfolds, voyeurism, ear muffs, mouth gagging, organism denial, breath play, you name it he is willing to do it cause he’s a kinky freak himself 👅💋👀


—random text early in the morning saying shit like “do pigeons have feelings?” “is it called sand cause it’s in the middle of the sea and land?” “if barnacles is a bad word in SpongeBob than what does that mean for barnacle boy???”

—defiantly wants to be a father ASAP

—fighting about what gender your first child will be

—"tae, I want a girl first…“

—"well, that’s gonna suck when we have a boy first, amirite?”


—which then lead to making out 😛


—which then leads to making out and more 😛

—the kind of bf that can never get enough of you like he is just so in love AWWWW 😊

—fckin’ hella jealous type 😳

—denies the shit out of it tho

—"just admit that you’re jealous and I’ll cancel on taemin tomorrow, okay?“

—"but that’s the thing, love. I’m NOT jealous!" 

—gets set off by you even hanging out with one of the members for too long!!

—defiantly the boy you’d bring to meet your parents

—you support him in every way cause he needs that shit!! #protectmytaebby 😇

—stressful day at work= rough sex ✊💦

—then afterward, you’d stay up all night to talk about how his day went before slowly drifting off to sleep in his arms 💤💤

—he buys you anything and everything gucci cause that’s his favorite brand and "my love will always be wearing gucci cause that’s just how much she’s worth”

—seriously gucci produces prices are set to as high as 15M like I’m shookenth like ???????? 

—binge watching hwarang and fangirling whenever he comes on screen



—"baby, calm down…“ 


—"aww, thank you, but my girlfriend is soooo much cuter”

—attacks you with kisses

—like all the time!!

—pillow fights that are so hardcore sometimes you guys have to go out and buy brand new ones cause the last ones ripped open oops???? 😇

always messing around together

—cooking turns into food wars 🍕🍟🍔

—baking turns into frosting fights 🍪🍰

—clothes shopping becomes a fashion show

—grocery shopping becomes “who can get to aisle 7 faster with a shopping cart”

—telling him everything that bothers you

—him telling you everything that bothers him

—not only would you be dating the best bf ever, but as well as your best friend and you’re so thankful for taehyung cause wow

—and of course, taehyung feels the same exact way. 😊✊ hwaiting~! 💗

Want more Bangtan? here’s my masterlist!

taetae isn’t even my bias… and neither is joonie, but I ain't a loyal stan sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey can you do a BTS reacts to comforting their S/O when they are having the worst anxiety attack (extreme chest pain, inability to breathe right, uncontrollably crying) I love you so much.

I love you too baby! 

**trigger warning.**

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Kim Namjoon: 

Hearing your cries Namjoon would literally stop what he was doing and come to you. Eyes etched with worry he’d search for you after seeing you curled up on the floor he would drop to his knees besides you and gather you into his arms. After asking you what seems like over a hundred times if you need to go to the doctor, and you violently refusing, he’d sigh softly and bury his face into your hair giving you soft kisses. After what seems like hours, he’d whisper, “jagiya, I don’t know what it is that triggered you, but we’ll get through this together. I love you.” Finally he’d pick you up off the floor and cuddle you on the bed, softly humming you to sleep.

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Kim Seokjin: 

Jin would remain calm. He’s seen one of your anxiety attacks before and knew exactly what to do. Silently wiping your tears with his thumbs he’d press his forehead against yours, “deep breaths, my love. I’m here.” He’d whisper reassuringly. Grabbing his coat, or a blanket he’d pull it around you tightly. His eyes would never leave your face, making sure to catch every tear that falls. “Should we call an ambulance jagiya? Are you still unable to breathe?” You’d assure him that you’ll be fine. He’d sigh worriedly take both of your hands into his, and squeeze them, wishing there was more he could do.

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Park Jimin:

Jimin, being as sensitive as he is, would sense the anxiety attack coming on without you saying anything. He’d take you into his arms, turn on slow r&b music, and sing softly in your ear. He wouldn’t say anything, but he’d be extremely worried. Thinking of something, anything that’ll help get you through this. He’d be scared that he’d make it worse for you. “I love you.” He’d tell you, using the sleeve of his sweater he wiped the tears from your face. He’d hug you closer and hope that this is enough.

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Jung Hoseok: 

Hoseok would be extremely flustered. Every time you have an attack, he has the same reaction. But seeing the tears in your eyes and your hand clutching your chest has him almost panicked. Trying not to show his panic, he sits you down holding both your hands, doing breathing techniques. Seeing you this way always hurts him because he almost feels helpless. “What can I do to make it better, jagiya?” When you smiled weakly at him, he pulled you into his lap, rocking softly, kissing every inch of your face. Then promising to himself to never let you go through this alone.

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Min Yoongi:

Yoongi of course, would do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable. He knows exactly how it feels to have anxiety, so when he saw the tears in your eyes, he was by your side in no time. He place your face into his neck and wrap his arms around you, as if he’s trying to hold you together. “I’m not going anywhere.” You knew he was wondering if he should call a doctor. So to assure him you’d be ok, you squeezed your arms around him. At that moment you could feel the tension ease from his body, along with yours.

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Kim Taehyung: 

V would be a bit slower at noticing the sudden change, but he’d act quickly. He’d immediately run his hands over you, as if he’s picking up the broken pieces of you. He’d lay down with you, on your sides facing each other. He’s gently wipe your falling tears with his finger tips, then press his forehead against yours. He’d take your pain on as his. “Match my breathing. I wish I can take the pain away jagiya, I really do.” He sing to you sweetly, staring into your eyes, praying to himself that he’s helping.

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Jeon Jungkook:

Opposite of v, Jungkook would be quick to notice, but slower to act. He’d be super cautious, trying to figure out what triggered you. But seeing how much pain you were in, he ask, “can I touch you?” Nodding at him, he’d pick you up princess style, and bring you to the bedroom. He’d take off your coat and shoes and tuck you into bed. He’d get a tissue and dab your tears away, replacing them with tiny sweet kisses. He’d silently hope that he’s helping you feel better, while stroking your hair. “Please feel better, baby.”

Note: When it comes to anxiety, it can be very crippling and is extremely serious. If you ever feel like you need to talk, don’t hesitate to contact me. You’re not alone in this babe. This goes for everyone.

Jealousy |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and Anna have a girls day and Jack is really happy to see them together but gets lowkey jealous because he’s not seen Y/N all day.

Word Count - 1,329

Warnings - N/A

“What colour were you thinking Anna?” you asked, as you sat crossed legged on the bed, rummaging through the make up bag that already had half the contents spilled over the bed.

“Well, I was thinking like a peach or coral colour because I’ll be wearing like an apricot coloured top.” Anna smiled, her attention was currently on what colour nail polish to wear as she was going to a friend’s party.

I mean, she was deciding everything now and she didn’t leave the house for another 2 hours, whereas you were a more of a ‘leave everything until the last minute’ kind of person, but you had agreed to help your boyfriends little sister out.

Though Jack didn’t seem too pleased on the idea as you hadn’t seen him in a few days, he wanted you all to himself but helping Anna wouldn’t take that long, would it?

It made you laugh and smile because Anna was making such an effort; being 16 your looks were obviously important. You were the same when you were 16, but now being 22 years of age, you were lucky if you made the effort to get dressed as when you did spend time with him, Jack preferred it to just be the two of you, having a lazy day.

“What about this one?” you smiled, holding up the small bottle of nail polish.

Anna smiled and nodded, taking it out of your hand and held it up to the light to examine the colour as you laughed.

“Anna, it’s as close as we’re gonna get. You’re going to look amazing.”

Anna blushed slightly and looked down at her hands as a grin spread on your face.

This was something Jack always did as well, whenever you embarrassed him, he instantly looked down to his hands.

“Right, what did you need help with next?” you asked, as you heard footsteps approaching from outside the door.

“Erm, I think that the next thing was-” Anna started before being interrupted as her bedroom door swung open.

“Are you done yet?” Jack whined, a sad look on his face as you giggled.

“Not quite yet babe.” You told him, smiling as he sat next to on Anna’s bed.

“How long are you gonna be?” he mumbled, resting his head on your shoulder as he glanced over the mass of make up on the bed.

“I’ve still gotta choose shoes, what eye make up and jewellery I’m wearing.” Anna told him, not even looking up as she started to look through multiple eye shadow palettes.

Jack groaned in response, starting to pick a few make up products off the bed.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding a little black tube in his hand, looking at you curiously.

Glancing over at him, you knew he was going to ask many more questions and it wasn’t because he was interested in the answers, it was because his plan was to annoy you until you caved and left Anna to make her own choices and proceed to have your lazy day with Jack.

“Primer.” You told him, going back to look at what kind of eyelashes Anna should wear tonight.

“That stuff that you put on walls before you paint them?” he asked, looking at you and Anna like you were mad. “Why the fuck do you put this on your face?”

Anna rolled her eyes at her older brother, as you started laughing.

“It’s kind of like the same thing but for your face, before you put foundation on.” You giggled, ruffling his hair as Jack glared back at you playfully.

“Is that what this is?” Jack asked, reaching over your lap to pick up the glass bottle. You nodded in response, beginning to look through Anna’s selection of eyelashes again.

“Y/N, please can we stop this now, Anna can decide the rest on her own.” He begged, with the look of puppy dog eyes to follow his request.

“Jack, I really won’t be that long now, promise.” You smiled slightly, stroking his cheek with your thumb as his eyes closed at your touch.

“I just want to spend time with you.” Jack mumbled, barely audible as he knew Anna would start teasing him if she heard the conversation.

Looking down at him, Jack’s blue eyes sparkled as he looked back up at you.

“I know, and I will be done soon, I promise.” You told him for the second time, kissing his forehead.

Jack sighed deeply as he stood up.

“Right well, see you whenever then.” He mumbled, leaving the room quickly.

You sighed quietly as you heard him slam his bedroom door and glanced at Anna.

“You know what he’s life, Y/N. He always wants his own way. He’ll calm down in a minute.” Anna smiled slightly.

You nodded once and turned quiet as you put your concentration into choosing those bloody eyelashes, before passing the tiny box to Anna, though you couldn’t help but think of Jack sulking in the next room.

After an hour or so, Anna had decided on everything from her outfit, to make up, to a handbag and jewellery. You had helped her do her make up and hair and you had to admit, she looked beautiful.

“Thank you so much for your help, Y/N.” Anna smiled as her hugged you, standing on her tiptoes even though she was wearing heels as you were still quite a bit taller than her.

“It’s fine Anna, just have fun and let me know how it goes.” You smiled, watching as she collected her phone and bag before Anna left her room and went downstairs.

You stood in the hallway as you heard Anna saying goodbye to her mum before hearing the front door click shut a few second later.

Letting out a deep sigh, you went into Jack’s bedroom, to find him sprawled out on his bed and the only light source was coming from his TV. Besides that, his entire room was in complete darkness.

“Jack.” You sighed as he glanced over to you, but still didn’t say a word.

“You can’t be jealous because I spent a bit of time with your sister.”

This got a reaction out of him, as he sat up and looked at you.

“A bit of time? You literally spent the whole day with her, Y/N. I hardly get to see you because we both work all the time, and when I thought I would get sometime with you, my baby sister steals you to talk about paint primer.” Jack frowned as a smile spread on your face.

Jack looked up at you, clearly confused as you smiled. “What?” he asked, still frowning.

“I told you, it’s not paint primer.” You giggled, causing Jack to roll his eyes.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry I spent so much time with Anna today.” You told him, sitting next to him on his bed as he turned his attention back to the glow that was coming from the TV.

“I promise, I am yours for the rest of the night, and tomorrow and next weekend.” You told him, taking the remote out of his hand; you moved into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Planting kisses all over his face, you smirked as he groaned when you missed his lips.

“A kiss and all is forgiven.” Jack told you, that sparkle coming back to his eyes.

You chuckled before leaning your forehead against his, leaving a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you.” You told him, those three simple words causing a deep blush to spring to his cheeks.

“More than you love Anna?” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and gently tracing his thumb over the skin that was exposed on your hip.

“Way more than I love Anna.” You chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder and looking over at the TV.

Suppose you would both get your lazy day after all.

~Hamilton Fanfic Prompts~

Okay, so I’m going to take requests for the hamilsquad(and TJEFF’s group) and the hamilcast. I’m going to put a list of prompts/ideas. If you want a certain prompt/idea for a certain person comment the number with the person’s name. Also, there will most likely be cussing. Just saying.

I will mark the ones that have been done, but feel free to request them again!

1. “You have got to be shitting me.”
2. “Why did you have to be a smart person?!”
3. “Why in the hell are you drinking at this hour?!”
4. “Awesome……Wow……..”
5. “Take a break dammit!”
6. “Shit, I’m sorry.”
7. “Why are you being so nice to someone like me?”
8. “Dueling is stupid.”
9. “Does Jefferson know?”
10. “Damn, I’d tap that!”
11. “Why is school so boring?”
12. “Je t'aime….”
13. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
14. “Your hair is so soft!”
15. “Is that even a sport?”
16. “What are you writing about?”
17. “Why do you always stay up so late?”
18. “That’s a stupid rule.”
19. “How are you so pretty?”
20. “What the in the hell are you wearing?!”
21. “How long are we going to be here?”
22. “This is why I love you.”
23. “Stop running so fast!”
24. “Can we keep it?”
25. “Why is that ‘thing’ in my room?”
26. “You are so adorable!”
27. “I’m dying of blood loss…”
28. “We can’t tell my brother!”
29. “It’s not on the lines!”
30. Why do you always have to gang up on me?“
31. "How is your hair better than mine?”
32. “You wanna go!?”
33. “What are you even saying?”
34. “Do that again.”
35. “Hold me back!”
36. “How are you so tall?”
37. “Sharpen my pencil!”
38. “Why are you so serious all the time?”
39. “Nothing’s more contagious than laughter!”
40. “Fuck, these are my only clothes!”
41. “Are those my clothes?”
42. “Don’t touch that!”
43. “Not in that drawer!”
44. “We ate that yesterday!”
45. “My life is ruined…”
46. “Kill me now.”
47. “Don’t just stand there!”
48. “Help me up asshole!”
49. “Just kiss me already!”
50. “I didn’t want you to say goodbye.”
51. “I’ll show you…”
52. “Can you even talk? You’re always so quiet.”
53. “Who are you?”
54. “I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”
55. “Don’t tell me to shut up!”
56. “Don’t you dare touch me!”
57. “I can’t see anything…”
58. “What do you mean you’re from the 19th century?”
59. “I can’t believe I did that…”
60. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?”
61. “What in the hell did you write that for?”
62. “Can you not touch me there please?”
63. “Women have rights too!”
64. “I’m a dead girl walking!”
65. “This is seriously the best play I’ve ever seen!”
66. “Don’t you know how to clean?”
67. “What’s an anime?”
68. “There is so much to teach you.”
69. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
70. “Why that song and why right now?”
71. “What kind of snack is that?
72. "Put a shirt on!”
73. “I would bear your children if only you’d let me!”
74. “Are you gonna help me with this or what?”
75. “Pick up all this garbage!”
76. “Is that the best you can do?”
77. “Why are you not wearing any pants!?”
78. “Can you please shut the hell up?!”
79. “We always eat that!”
80. “Happy birthday! Wait it was last week? Happy late birthday!”
81. “Now is the time to stand!”
82. “Why are we debating about this when I’m obviously right?”

83. “There’s basically nothing in the fridge…”
84. “You’re nothing without ____ behind you…”
85. “I’m cracking under all this stress!”
86. “_____, my first friend. My Enemy.”
87. “What is that red stuff on your hands?”
88. “The emperor has no clothes…”
89. “I want to give you a word of warning.”
90. “I don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is ___ started it!”

91. “You can finally speak your mind!”
92. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-OKAY that’s it!”
93. “Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree.”
94. “One last time…”
95. “I may have committed many errors…”
96. “The ever-favorite object of my heart.”
97. “I’m going home!”
98. “Say goodbye…”
99. “What the hell does P.F.U.D.O.R. stand for?”
100. “He’s just a friend!”
101. “I wasn’t aware that was something a person could do…”
102. “I know him!”
103. “They all look small…”
104. “President ____. Yeah right, like that will happen!”
105. “What is this?!”
106. “You don’t even know what you’re asking me to confess!”
107. “Unless……”
108. “Um…..Yes?”
109. “At least my papers are orderly!”
110. “Rumors only grow…”
111. “Why is it so quiet?”
112. “I wrote ____ love letters until they fell.”
113. “I can’t seem to die.”
114. “Wait for it!”
115. “That’s one less thing to worry about!”
116. “I’m not here for you!”
117. “God, I hope you’re satisfied!”
118. “Have you read this?”
119. “Be careful with that one love…”
120. “You brought this girl into our bed!”
121. “You’ll catch flies.”
122. “Leave me alone!”
123. “Go away!”
124. “Excuse me!”
125. “Service the customers!”
126. “I’m about to pee on myself! Stop!”
127. “What in the heck kinda app is that?!”
128. “Is that velvet?”
129. “Does your hair smell good?”
130. “Just blowing off some steam.”
131. “I touched the butt…”
132. “What the hell is a weenis?!”
133. “I’m ready, let’s go!”
134. “There’s too much snow!”
135. “Let’s build a lego house!”

You can also give me your own prompt as long as it’s only a one sentence prompt. Please request I’m really bad at coming up with ideas!


Pairing: Matt Murdock/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT (daaah is me, what were y’all expecting). Oral sex, probably the longest and worst bj ever written in the history of written porn, dirty talk, me loving Matt.

Word Count: 1182.

Rating: 18+


Loosely “based” on a Lana Del Rey song, I know. She wasn’t thinking about this when she wrote the song.

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Romantic/platonic touch starters
  • “You look so cute like that, is this a sweet spot?”
  • “Are you purring?”
  • “Touch right there – Right behind my ear.”
  • “You have something on your face.”
  • “It feels nice when you run your hands through my hair.”
  • “….Can you hold me for a bit?”
  • “Brush my hair, please?”
  • “Stay still, I can’t brush your hair like this.”
  • “Piggyback ride! Piggyback ride!”
  • “Did you just kiss my eye?”
  • “Don’t lick my cheek. Gross.”
  • “Will it help you sleep if I stay like this?”
  • “Don’t touch me!”
  • “I’m in a bad mood. Don’t touch me.”
  • “Hey, is it okay if we stay like this for a bit? It’s been a stressful week.”
  • “I’m not…sleepy..You don’t have to carry me….”
  • “Your hair’s really soft….It’s easy to run my fingers through it.”
  • “Shorty. Need help getting up here for a kiss?”

Summary: Your fear of storms becomes your worst enemy while you’re studying with Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Fluff

A/N: I’m pretty sure I have this fear, so I based it off that. Enjoy :)

Originally posted by joeck

The sound of rain could be heard crashing against the bedroom window as you and Zach studied together. You were a little on edge as thunder could be heard distance and it was getting closer. Storms often made you anxious and people thought it was an irrational fear, but the combination of the flash of lightening and the crash of thunder made your whole body shake. The fear of the storm had such a firm grip on you that you couldn’t even focus on the material.

“Hey,” Zach called to you shifting your attention to him. His eyebrows furrowed with concern. “You okay?”

“Um, yeah,” you stammered trying to hide your anxiety; however, your voice shook, giving you away, “What were we talking about again?”

“We were talking about mitosis and meiosis,”

“Alright,” you reached over for you notebook from your backpack, but your hands were noticeably shaking as you retrieved it. You cursed yourself for neurotic behavior in front of company, especially somebody as popular as Zach Dempsey.

He was your partner during your biology labs and you found him to be gracious, unlike his teammates, but you still felt like you had to walk on eggshells with him. One wrong move would have you be the talk of the school and ruin your reputation.

Lightening lit up the whole room followed by the booming of thunder that caused the house to shake. You nearly jumped out of your skin and yelped. Your hands covered your face to hide your embarrassment and to relieve some of your anxiety.

You felt a gentle tug against your wrist to pull your hands down from your face. You allowed it to happen and you saw a comforting smile on Zach’s face. “Y/N, are you afraid of storms?” he asked. His voice was barely above a whisper and the way he asked wasn’t ridiculing. It was filled with curiosity.

You slowly nodded your head when there was another crash of thunder. Your hands returned to covering your face for security. Zach had reached for your shoulders and pulled you close to him to ease your worry. The calming beat of his heart had an effect on you. Your racing heart decreased in tempo and your shaking body had nearly ceased.

“What do you do during a storm?” his soft, low voice broke the comforting silence.

The question caught you a little off guard. You pulled your hands down to look at him with a questioning look. What was this boy up to? “Well, I would sit in the living room, wrapped up in a blanket, and try to occupy myself until the storm passes,”

“Okay,” he said simply before letting you go to get up. He pulled the blanket that was on his bed and held his hand out.

“What are we doing?” you asked perplexed.

“We’re going downstairs,” he chuckled, “Isn’t that what you do?”

You didn’t think he was going to this extent to make you feel comfortable. You took his hand, pulled yourself up, and followed him downstairs, leaving your books behind.

When you got to the living room, Zach plopped down on the couch and threw the blanket over his legs. He patted the seat next to him for you to sit, when another flash of lightening scared you and you jumped into the spot next to him. You pulled as much of the blanket as you could to wrap yourself in its warm security. Zach chuckled at your antics, but wrapped his arm around you and pulled you close to his side.

“Can you not tell anybody about this, please?” you quietly pleaded to him.

“I promise I won’t,” he said, “I remember when my sister used to be afraid of storms. When they would come at night, she would come into my room and we would do something like this until it passed and she would fall asleep,”

You couldn’t help but smile at how understanding Zach was being with your phobia. You drew yourself closer to him and relaxed under his touch as he started to stroke your hair. The two of you were like this until the storm passed, reminiscing on the good memories and funny moments that happened in your life. You didn’t realize that you and Zach would get as close as you would just from your astraphobia.