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Have you read Les Misérables? It's a muggle novel. (Also directed towards the admin)

I can’t say that I have, no.  Judging from the title, I’m going to go ahead and assume that it isn’t a very happy story.

(I haven’t, but I adore the musical!  I definitely need to give it a read. )

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made up fic title meme: "such things come in threes"

Um, hm. I’m not sure what the fuck this is, but, now that I’ve done it, I can reblog the title meme again, so. um. yeah. 
@obaewankenope, @lilyrose225writes, @meabhair, @maawi, @eclipsemidnight, @kyberpunk, @stonefreeak, @aidava – thank you all for your help.
*whispers* what the fuck—I’m so sorry. 

Such Things Come in Threes
aka Weird Eldritch Shit, or:
Three Times the Force Said, Fuck This

The Jedi and the Sith have their Codes and their little Laws and Rules and all sorts of Truths they abide by. A Code, they think, can rule their lives, and there’s no use praying to the Force, because the Force is not sentient and does not hear.

Jedi and Sith also don’t like being told they are wrong. But they are, they are so very wrong, so very limited in their understanding of the Force that it’s almost embarrassing.

The Force is everything. Fire and ice, atmosphere and earth and oceans and the vacuum of space. The space between systems, the burning gases and pressed minerals of stars and black holes. Every living and every nonliving thing.

It’s also a great big cosmic power, and It gets a bit bored.

The restrictions the Jedi and Sith have imposed upon themselves over the years are boring. If a cosmic being could possibly understand what numbness felt like, then for the last two or three relative seconds of Its existence, the Force has literally been considering juggling planets out of sheer frustration.

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marked up

summary: leorio is completely Done with this. 

notes: this was a warm-up that got out of hand. originally “idk hickeys?” and @wuzzyletoastermac has better titling skills than I can hope for. chaos-flavored fluff, T, killugon and friends featuring leorio, palm, and ikalgo. 800 words.

There’s a lot Leorio takes for granted, being a Hunter and a doctor. For one, that his friends tend to be really, really weird. And not just the weirdness that is Gon Freecss managing to mangle his arm every six months like clockwork, or how Killua Zoldyck can shoot lightning from his fingertips and usually uses that skill to turn metal surfaces around Leorio into minefields of static. Or even that one of Killua’s closest friends is an octopus who likes to hang out on his head like an oddly-shaped rifle-wielding hat.

All that? Totally fine. But he never expected Palm Siberia leaning over to him and whispering intently, “Did you notice the hickeys on Killua’s neck.”

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HEYYY I LOVED THAT heart MEDIC THING U DID! I also like your idea about medic talking about a bunch of other things! How about you put a name to it? Maybe medic's science talks? Classroom medic? Maybe add engie or demo as his assistant cuz u know... science! Please keep drawing and making art! I really like your work!!!

Thanks! It got a great response, so I’m glad I took the time to make that thing. I dunno if I’ll be doing them often enough to get very formal about it, but I guess I should come up with a title just so I can tag them. “Medic Explains,” I guess? If I think it’s appropriate, I’ll definitely pull in some other characters, but I won’t know until I get there.

I do have an idea for one I wanna draw next month, a subject not on the list. It’s a secret until then, though!

I can’t believe that I thought of “bongba milk tea” for my blog title and I can’t believe it’s still funny to me like a full day later

“Blood On Your Hands”.

I can’t get Jack’s title for the final episode of Detention out of my mind.

I have no doubt that it’s Anti talking to us. So why is there blood on our hands? 

Then I remembered the last time blood was spilled on the channel.

Hard to forget. What’s more is that Anti blamed us for what happened.

You could have stopped me… But you just watched.”

… Is this just a reminder from Anti, that all we can do is watch? I’m not sure.

I’m more curious if the blood will ever wash off.

Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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not everyone loves like you.
some people love just to take.
some people love just so
they’re not left with heartache.
some people love people who love them.
some people love people with passion.
some people love
because if they don’t, they’ll hate.
not everyone loves like you.
not everyone is as tender and
gentle and forgiving as you.
some people love with selfish intentions.
some people love for validation.
some people don’t love you at all,
they just love what people
so kind and loving
do for their self-esteem, is all.

Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.
—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w
  1. This is the Nonsense of Love
  2. untitled because no title is good enough

definitely one of the best early simpsons moments


top 10 chris evans movies as voted by my followers

#2 - Snowpiercer (2013)