can i tickle your peach


Sorry, glitch in the matrix!!! Here’s the video again! if you have sent me a message then you are mentioned here!

Sorry about all the “um”s

EDIT: Here is a transcript for those who need it!!:D

Hi, Im Andy. Im posting a video and the reason why is because after cleaning my house and having an all out argument with myself, I decided to say thank you. The support I’ve received from that horrible, horrible anon has been overwhelming, overwhelmingly fantastic, but overwhelming nonetheless. I have script because I don’t know what to say….

 It didn’t sit right with me, I guess to just type this out in a post. I wanted it to be more personal than that. I wanted to share my thank you with you, personally. There is actually a list of people I am going to name…. Quite a few people that im going to name because they have sent me either private messages or their own asks to show their support. But first I’m going to clear up a few things

#1. I don’t feel bad about posting that blurb of ranting. At all… so, yeah I guess that’s it. I don’t feel bad, I think I needed to be said. Could I have said it differently? Probably. If I were to look back on it now, would I say it differently? Probably not (laughs).

#2 Pronouns .Whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me. I have an interesting view on gender and how all that works. I identify as anything and nothing you call me. It doesn’t matter to me… A few people have taken to calling me “daddy”… okay, cool. Whatever tickles your peach I guess.

#3 Can we RP? Of course we can Rp. I would love to RP with anyone who sends in a submission. I am a bit busy with a bunch of people like Katie and Lundy.. TT whatever. So send dme a submission and get a plotline going. Tell me what you want, what you really want to do. Im totally down for anything. I pretty much ship whatever, so don’t worry about asking “Oh well you might not ship it…” I probably don’t but that doesn’t mean I wont play it!

#4 instagram: it is literally my url. Siriuslynotoverremus is my name without the hyphens. I do post there from time to time, but I just started so there’s like 12 or 13 pictures on there, so bare with me and we will get it together.

#5 Will I do this again, make another video? Pardon me, my voice sounds scratchy, I didn’t sleep last night. Due to my own insomnia, not the stupid person.

Yeah I might do it again. I don’t know. It really depends on 1 whether or not I feel lazy… 2 on the feedback it gets. If you guys want me to do it again, then sure. I’m willing to do it again. Ill even answer questions. I’ll let you know when I’m taking them so you can submit video specific questions.

Anyway… moving on to the people who have sent me PM’s or asks to make me feel better.

1.       @asktheoriginalrebel

2.       @deanthomasfinnigan

3.       @a-doe-rable-evans

4.       @poppy-is-standing

5.       @palewerewolfjames

6.       @alwaysahurricane

7.       @awriterzombie 

8.       @radicalhumility

9.       @mermaidgryffindor

10.   @emilymaybestrange

11.   @fangirlinghufflepuff

12.   @mskitkaty

13.   @matinglorieux

14.   @famousyellowraincoat

15.   @datrandomweirdo

16.   @florescere

17.   @funnyfuzzyfoot

18.   @artemishunter98

19.   @lizzieluvemm

20.   @nerdygirlnoodles

21.   @skylarhaven

22.   @candelephant

23.   @i-am-the-punk-mermaid

24.   @madmachinationss

25.   @askthatwolfboy

26.   @littleduckies

27.   @easyawebb

28.   @a-nerdy-diary

29.   @aaa-nopety-nope

30.   @ohmycabbage