can i take your order

First Interaction Starters
  • "Can I buy you a drink?"
  • "I've heard a lot about you"
  • "Welcome to _____ "
  • "Can I take your order?"
  • " _____, you're under arrest"
  • "Looks like we're room-mates"
  • "IT Support, how can I help you?"
  • "Do you know the bride or the groom?"
  • "Hi, I just moved in next-door"
  • "Excuse me, is this your dog?"
  • "Help, please! Somebody help me!"
  • "I guess I'm your new partner"
  • "Oh my god! Are you okay?"
  • Psychic: *reads my mind
  • My mind: Fast food
  • Greasy
  • Taco
  • I love
  • Nacho bell grande
  • Cheesy gordita
  • I like your nachos
  • Like diarrhea
  • Man I really like
  • Taco bell
  • I know I can't
  • Watch you make my food
  • Drop on the floor
  • I think it's rude
  • Man I really like
  • Taco bell
  • [Chorus: ]
  • Here's to the Mexican
  • Who makes me my food (me gusta)
  • How is that I just ate
  • Now I have to poop
  • Fast food
  • Greasy
  • Taco
  • I love
  • Food like this
  • Could only come
  • From above [x2]
  • [Jay Joseph: ]
  • Robbed a taco store and asked them for a refill
  • Hey this is JRizzle
  • Listen up all y'all
  • I'm winning tacos just because of this gumball
  • I put chalupas where my mouth is
  • So watch this
  • Because I'm the dopest rapper
  • That you've ever messed with
  • Sir, welcome to Taco Bell
  • May I take your order
  • Yeah can I have a big mac and a pepsi
  • Sir we don't sell big macs
  • And some chicken nuggets
  • We don't have chicken nuggets either
  • Sauce!
  • T-A-C-O B-E double L
  • The cashier's name is Omar Vizquel
  • People always
  • Persecute me
  • But I know they'll die
  • For eating Chipotle
  • How is it that you
  • Could hate
  • Good old taco bell
  • And how is it that you
  • Could like Chipotle
  • We walked into the Taco Bell
  • Because I was craving some crunchy shell
  • The man behind the counter said oopah (oopah)
  • I was flying as high as a kite
  • And I looked up to my delight
  • They were having a special on chalupas
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • And as you know there was a man
  • Who preached the truth
  • On rock and sand
  • And Jesus won't hold your sins to you
  • And we all know that he broke the bread
  • But I know that St. Peter said
  • That his favorite food was chalupas
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • I love this song
  • Beef
  • It's a good song
  • And Cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese yeah
  • Beef and cheese in a taco shell yeah
  • Beef and cheese in a taco shell
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • Okay
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and beef and cheese
  • Now is the time
  • That we end this song
  • Without tacos
  • Life would be wrong
  • Man I really love taco bell
  • Michael was right
  • Tacos are great
  • If you're real hungry
  • They're open real late
  • Man I really love taco bell
  • [Chorus]
  • I'm full
  • So dude there's these two black guys in a bar
  • Hey shh we're still recording
  • [Unintelligible burps and noises and laughing]
  • Psychic: what the fuck
Emily visits the Void
  • the Outsider, wearing a dark red cap and apron, standing next to an Outsider Shrine with a Serkonan cash register under a pair of bloodbriar arches, and looking rather more dead inside than usual: welcome to McDelilah’s. can I take your order today
  • Emily *eyeing the double bloodbriar arches*: ... yeah I’ll take one of these [grabs Alexi and throws her over one shoulder] and one of these [grabs Corvo and throws him over the other shoulder]
  • the Outsider: great can I interest you in one of our Outsider’s Marks
  • Emily: hmmmm *trying out Far Reach* yeah sure
  • the Outsider: *counting Alexi, Corvo and the Mark* that will be 900 runes and 2 bonecharms all up. or you can pay by credit
  • Emily: how much on credit then?
  • the Outsider: one Empire
  • Emily: yup sure Delilah can have my throne.
  • the Outsider: [looking incredibly disappointed] oh. well okay
  • Emily: what's the fastest way to Tyvia from here, I’m going to visit my girlfriend

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Fucking roll down your window. I know its raining. You decided to go through the drive thru. I can't take your order when your window is up. Also, fucking turn off your wipers when you get to the window. Stings like a motherfucker when it hits my face. Dicks.

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I definitely don't know if this has been done before or not, but headcanons of the guys working at McDonald's

dally— “fucking welcome can I take your fucking order”
two-bit— wait so I can take this home??omgg
soda— working in a highly greasy environment is not doing my skin any favors
darry— minimum wage minimumwageminim um
steve— “have a wonderful fucking day!!”
tim— “so would you like to hand over that extra three dollars or..?”
johnny— “literally you said a medium”
ponyboy— “don’t forget to add me on the snap”

  • waitress: welcome to the restaurant can I take your drink order?
  • bella: uh sure a coke I guess
  • edward voice over: ah so it appears I have guessed right, she IS on the verge of a breakdown, for aha! Thirst is a sign typically given off by the average human body when it is about to enter the first stages of Shock. fuckin nailed it. I'm so good at this.
Waitress Nagisa

(Of course, the cutie is still a guy… Mwahahaha! >:DDDD <3)

Nagisa: *Walking over to Karma to take orders.* Ah, hello sir! Can I take your order…?

Karma: *Drools a bit, looking away, then wipes his mouth to then look at him.* I’ll take… You.

Nagisa: What?

Karma: I said I will take you as my order… 

Nagisa: *Blushes like hell and gulps.* O-Oh crap…

Asano: Excuse me, stop flirting in front of me and do listen to my orders.

Nagisa: Oh! Sorry sir! What’s your order?

 Asano: I want you for take out.

Karma: Hey! 

  Isogai: Um, is something the matter, sir?

 Nagisa: Isogai-kun, please help me here.

 Karma: Don’t worry, i will eat you up. So be my meal now.

 Nagisa: Eh?! *Blushing.*

 Asano: You haven’t even paid yet!

(Goodness! I’m gonna die! <3 
The owner of the orange joke there is @kanon58ful Thank you! I love it!
I hope you guys like it, too…. Mwahahaha!)

cashier: welcome to arby’s we have the meats can i take your order
customer: ill have the meats
cashier: here you go now you have the meats
customer: thank you for the meats
*repeats indefinitely*