can i take your order

  • waitress:can I take your order?
  • James:uh, I mean, whatever the house wants
  • waitress:do you mean you want the house special?
  • James:n-no, I really just want w-what the house wants
  • waitress:sir i'm confused, do you mean you want the most popular dish?
  • James:I t-t-truly just w-want wh-whatever the house wants

In case you missed it.

Server life

Lol, this one will be a reoccurrence, like I can write a book about being a server and dealing with humans. Lol. I wish there was a pet bar, I’d only get sass from ducks and cats. Dogs would be chill af.. But those don’t fully exist just yet. Lol. Dude people are so dreadful to wait on, patience and the mental hope and understanding that we all say to ourselves to cop with people, things like ‘it’s just food,’ 'oh my I hope to never see them again,’ ’… Well done steaks don’t cook fast bitch,’ or 'these motherfuckers right here..’ Hahaa. We all have our thoughts. Anyways, people can be so rude to us, and I don’t know I know I won’t mess up your food, but I know plenty .. Plenty of people that will. The best thing a person can do when they get to a restaurant is, one kindly speak to the host, they get treated like so rudely, coming up shouting how many people are in your party is rude, most host are actually saying things like 'hi, how are you..’ 'Hello,welcome to ..’ They’re people for crying out loud, and don’t complain if you start whole dining experience with that right there. When you get seated.. Chill tf out, whether you been there or if it’s your first time, if you’ve never been a server, please chill the absolute fuck out. Lmao. People will sit for a two whole minutes and swear on their mothers they’ve been there for 5/10 minutes, and they’re dying of thirst and starving because you know if you’re in a rush and oh so hungry going to a restaurant is your best bet.. I think not. So literally chill out. When your server approaches your table… You listen to every fucking thing that comes out of that persons mouth, (*fun fact for that ass..* Did you know… We actually get in a little trouble .. Consistently for not talking to you about our places.. About certain menu items.. About drinks.. Higher ups don’t care that you want that you want that water , and we all find it rude when you cut us off.. That part right there wages your whole experience to be honest) so just listen, you can possibly find out about some places bev and meal specials this way. Don’t look down when you talk, because yes your stomach is hungry, but yo I can’t hear you over everyone else is talking in the rest of building.. Give a little eye contact, it’s a sign of respect. Don’t be all complicated, no one likes your change to the recipe… There’s a reason why what you want is not available. … I can go on. So I’ll comeback. Lol.

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