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Wanted to draw lomadia because I was watching her play the walking dead
I drew a thing!!! can you believe it!! 

Okay, can people please spread this

Because, for the last time:

YES, THE DIGGY DIGGY BOOK WILL SHIP TO THE USA. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO TO AMAZON.CO.UK AND PAY THE £7 SHIPPING FEE FROM THE UK. Just like everyone else outside of the US has to do every time they want something that isn’t available directly in their country.

Yeah, the shipping fee sucks. But it is available, in physical form. Please spread the word, because everyone seems convinced they can’t buy it.

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Has Kim ever done anything bad? You don't see much controversy about her, aside from commenters not liking her in main channel videos.

Not much in particular, you can check my tag for a fuller account.

If I had to summarize, what I’ve said about her is mainly that she’s her own victim. She came from PSEx with editing and journalism experience and a genre worldlyness no one else in the Yogscast has. You got the feeling in office conversations she’d be the one saying, “You haven’t played [blank]?! You don’t know about [blank]?!”

And then she hunkered down for two years making Minecraft videos.

In the twilight of her channel she complained of dwindling creative energy and feeling beat down by rudeness, her shrinking audience, and YouTube itself. I think how she began to behave put more responsibility on her remaining viewers than was fair. Complaints about constant criticism put her viewers on edge and set her small community against one another. Attributing poor numbers to YouTube well after her boat was underwater was effectively misinformation.

But mainly her failures weren’t malicious, just failures.

((for copyright reasons this song isn’t exactly the same as the original. The original can be found here on youtube. This one pretty dang close, just be sure to skip to about 0:27 when the song starts))

So it’s done I can’t quite believe it. I’m not sure if I’m proud of how it turned out? I guess I’m just impressed that I managed to do it at all.

For a list of the concept art I used and various other info you can refer to this post here.

Thanks so much for looking/listening/reading and all the support I have gotten from you rad people! Have a great day!

Melon Out *salutes*

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Ah yes, Disney channels new hit sitcom featuring Two aliens of questionable moralities

Yogscast Dating Sim

Finally complete!

In this version, you will be able to date the Hat boys (and also a very special other character ohoho).

You can download it here off of google drive!

Just click the download button at the top of the screen!

As always please try to keep the yogscast tag unflooded with screenshots and instead use the tag #yogscast dating sim !

Thanks and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to ask!

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Sorry on the delay to reblog, I was kinda mentally gone the past few days. Unrelated: I don't know if they stream on the regular, but the Yogscast has some players, and I know that InTheLittleWood has several videos on his youtube channel for OW.

Oh it’s nice of you that you came back to me about reblogging, def appreciate it! i think mentally i can relate, been there. hope you feel better soon! ♡ i’m not too interested in the yogscast but thanks ♡ i’ll be on mobile for a while so I can’t tag or really do anything lol sorry

also why tf does mobile allow you to reply to an unpublished ask like it’s a post when the reply just disappears as soon as you publish it with an answer lmao who thought this was good programming

I’m not saying that I spend too much time thinking about Strife, but I do like a lot of AUs that he features in. Most of them are self indulgent of Alex and I, but:

UMY can be found here, and a link to the Architect AU fic can be found here (10/10 cannot recommend highly enough).

i got really inspired to do more cricket!smiffy drawings when i went browsing the hatfilms tag and saw that mwolf0epsilon had done a little ficlet and wrote up some headcanons for it – like woah! super cool to see stuff like that! i got super stoked so i drew more!