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Vote in Round 4 of TV's Top Couple!
Round 4 begins.

Round 4 Ladies and Gent

Olicity is up against Stydia

You all know how important it is to Olicity and Arrow that we win this, so please go vote.

You can vote how many times you want just refresh the page to get another run of voting.

Voting closes Feb 23th 5pm PT.


Voting is needed. Stydia is a big ship.

Tagging the Happy Bubble

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Shipping is about love. Love does not have to have reasons or make sense. Why should shipping?

Have a different opinion, that’s good. Just don’t turn it into a personal attack.

Man Face Monday - Requested Faces Edition

Hello, Fabulous! 

It’s Monday again. I hope you have a promising week ahead. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my fic, Yes, last week. I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s. 

So, last night I posted that I would take some requested faces for today and I got some lovely responses. Here are my interpretations of suggestions that included “blue”, lips, eyelashes, serious/intense, “o face” and hair. Some of the photos incorporate a number of these elements concurrently. 

I hope that my lovely commenters, @fiacresgirl, @bigdeesmallworld, @hope-for-olicity, @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline, @kh2o and @arrowlainie05 are happy with the gallery today.

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead (even though it might contain TRED (The Reporter Everyone Despises ::sigh::). Who knows? We might even get a shirtless Oliver? One can dream. 

Tags after the break. 

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The Way She Looks at Him

So just before Christmas I did a post with the way Oliver looks at Felicity, today I’d like to look at how Felicity looks at Oliver. These are just a few of my favourites. There are so many! Who can blame her?!

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Thanks to @felicitysolliver @olicity-i-believe-in-you and @lucyyh for making the gifs!

Tagging the Happy Bubble under the cut!

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Our Precious Badass Cucake

It seems our girl is struggling right now!  We may not know what the rest of the season holds for her, but we can look back at some of her more badass moments!

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Being the brains behind the brawn!

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Her life, her choice!

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And just in general being HBIC!

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Love our Precious Badass Cupcake!

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Arrow & Olicity Peeps!

Send me the reasons you’re still with the show and what keeps you watching. Long or short answers, anon or not. I plan on including answers in an #ImWithArrow post in the next few days! 

Also, feel free to include comments directed at you and your positivity. Have you ever felt discouraged by the fandom, attacked or criticized (by people you once found to be your fandom buddies)? Share anything…I’d love to see what this fandom has become - the good, bad, and the ugly. 

Tagging these lovely positive folks: @scu11y22 @louiseblue1 @dust2dust34 @supersillyanddorky06 @vaelisamaza (feel free to tag anyone you can think of to spread the word!)

Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-A-Thon

Our last Foreplay Friday is done! Is everyone excited about the Smut-A-Thon on Tuesday?? Remember, posting is completely up to you. Post on your blog, tag it as olicity smut-a-thon 2017 if you want. There is a collection on AO3 you can add your fic to so people can find them all in one place.

Readers, if you are interested in a story, contact the author and see if they are going to be tagging people when they post. I know not everyone does, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Writers, if you would like us to post the fic through this blog, submit it to us and we’ll create a queue for Tuesday!

It’s Arrow Wednesday....

Time to remember the awesome.

OTA is back together!

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Olicity rebuild

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Olicity jealousy!

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Bratva Oliver!

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Thanks to @arrowsource, @candicesalvatore, @digglegifs, @felicityqueen and @queensarrow for making the gifs!

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight - so far I’ve guessed very little so every week has been a treat!

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Obnoxious shipping behavior
  • Me: I'm not a fan of A/B, but each to their own, I guess.
  • A/B-shipper: You just haven't seen enough of it. Here, let me tag A/B posts with A/C, B/D, D/F, Character C, D, E, F, the actors of said characters and their dogs. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing the awesomeness of this pairing.
  • Me: Okay, so now I hardcore notp A/B with the fire of a thousand suns.

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Today at 5:43 pm, I FINALLY finished writing The Price of Paradise. I can’t believe it took me a whole month to write it. I thought it would take me half that time at most. But of course, I didn’t count on how long it is!! The final word count (which probably will increase after I edit this thing) is 6530, according to Scrivener. Because, according to Word is 20 words shorter, i don’t why, it always does that.

Anyway, it’s finally done!!!!! Now comes the awful part, which is editing. Thank God I’ve been editing passages all month, so it’s mostly as good as it gets, except what I wrote recently…

To celebrate the occasion, let me show you the absolutely gorgeous cover art that my talented dearie friend @mel-loves-all did for me

Isn’t it spectacular?!!! I love it so much! Mel, thank you, again. *blows kisses*

One more thing….For everybody out there – you know you Olicity avid fic reader–, if you want to be tagged in this (and all) my fics, let me know!!! (If you already did, just ignore this) This fic comes out on Tuesday as part of @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon, so you got until tomorrow to message me ;)

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A Touch of Revelation - #Arrow100 Spec Ficlet

It starts the moment he touches her hand. 

He’s unsure what he sees at first, but the red dress is gorgeous and the body is… unfamiliar and yet familiar all at once. Curves. Perfect curves. And he can feel a tightness in his chest - a dull, residual sensation of his breath catching and heart skipping a beat. But he’s not feeling that. Not for the woman before him. Not for Laurel. 

It is clear the woman he glimpsed was not Laurel. There’s no way. 

Laurel laces her fingers between his and another flash sets in - a vision. 

The same red dress, but a smile to go with it. Bright. Nervous. Loving. Everything he loves in a smile and in the woman sharing it with him. Her eyes are reluctant and yet perfectly confident. Her blonde hair his long and curled. The sensation in his chest intensifies. 

“Oliver?” Laurel’s voice fights to break through. “Oliver, are you okay?”

His instinct is to say yes, but the vision signals something greater. Something deeper and so much more important. There’s weight and meaning to the woman he’s seeing. There’s something he’s never felt with Laurel. 

The flash shifts to the woman’s blushing face as she listens to him. She’s mesmerized and it’s clear he’s mesmerized by her. Her name is on the tip of his tongue but something blocks its progression from concept to reality. 

Laurel squeezes hand but he’s not feeling her fingers and the rings adorning them, he’s feeling another hand. A comforting touch. A loving touch. A supportive touch. 

The flash changes once more. A dark hallway with a single light at the end of the hallway shining against him. Them. He’s gently cupping the blonde’s face and their lips are brushing. Lightly, with a tenderness he is not accustomed to. As they break apart, her breath feathering against his lips makes him sigh. 

And then the images race through his mind, frantic and painful. So many things he wants - needs. A convertible and blonde seated next to him, smiling. A luxurious beach and their feet digging into the sand. Stark white sheets with golden hair splayed out, framing her face of ecstasy. His fingers gliding a ring onto her finger. 

The ring that rests on Laurel’s. 

And then the name rings clear and precise. Once lost but now found. Once unfamiliar but now so familiar. The only name he longs to whisper and moan and cry. 


Everything else crashes down upon him and the perfection of the life he’s leading shatters, revealing the real dream - the real life he leads and loves. “No,” he answers finally, Felicity’s eyes lingering behind his closed eyelids as he attempts to make sense of the craziness around him. “No, I’m not okay.”

Just some housekeeping

Hey everyone! We continue to be very grateful for all the follows and reblogs, and we love hearing from you all in the ask box! Just wanted to make a few notes:

  • When you’re referencing Oliver and Felicity as a couple, please do not use the ship name. Even if we tag it anti, it’ll show up in their tag for mobile users (and I know there’s a way they can configure things to make that not happen, but it’s just less of a hassle to not use the name). Anything like 0licity, Ol*city, O/icity, O/F is fine. We haven’t gotten any hate about this for a while, but just better to be safe than sorry.
  • Same for full names of characters (if it’s explicitly anti. Otherwise, should be fine).
  • We don’t do hate/speculation on any of the actors. We don’t know them.
  • We do criticize the writers, though not anything like their personal lives or whatnot.
  • We’re going to stop taking asks about Smallville/the Chloe character. None of us mods have actually watched the show, and inevitably whenever we take an ask about it someone else responds letting us know we don’t have the full story and so on. So to avoid putting our feet in our mouths we’re just not going to do that anymore.
  • We’ve gotten a few asks that also don’t really have to do with Felicity or even Arrow in some cases, and more with the larger DCTV-universe. We can try and answer them, but it’s not really the focus of our blog? It’s whatever you guys want, really.

Ok, so thanks for reading and as always drop a line in the ask box if you need to vent! One way or another, we will survive the scourge of the worst Mary Sue in living memory.

-Mod Caleb

Let's set this straight

If you do not ship something and you’re against it PLEASE don’t tag the ship, you can tag “anti-ship” but for fucks sake don’t tag the ship itself. Just because you don’t ship it doesn’t mean you can bash it on their own tag. People go on the tag to embrace their own ship KEEP YOUR OWN SHIP ON YOUR TAG IT’S NOT HARD

Hey let's be friends

Looking for some new peeps who enjoy the following:

-Teen Wolf (multi shipper)
-MTV Scream
-The Walking Dead (Caryl shipper)
-Parks and Recreation
-Pretty Little Liars

That’s all I got off the top of my head. I like other things but I’m tired and going to bed now.
(all i wanna do) Let Go Tonight - bokayjunkie - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak
Additional Tags: this is my first smut fic i’ve written, i may have gotten carried away with it, it can be considered PWP, very little plot and a whole lotta smut

“Oh, don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”

written for the olicity valentines day smut-a-thon on tumblr

Well, that was lovely, @bokayjunkie. Perfect amount of sexual tension.

I was tagged by the amazing @thatmasquedgirl  to answer these and tag 9 people I want to know better.

So here goes:

  • Relationship status:  Married
  • Last song I listened to: “God Blessed the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. It is my husband’s ringtone for when he calls me.  I lost my phone and made him call me to find it.  :-)
  • Last book I read:  Capture the Rainbow by Iris Johansen  love mysteries but I also do a lot of self-help books
  • Favorite color:  Blue.
  • Top 3 shows:  Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham
  • Top 3 characters:   Oliver Queen (Arrow), Felicity Smoak (Arrow), Thea Queen (Arrow), John Diggle (Arrow) come on you can’t make me leave one of those out.
  • Top 3 ships:  Olicity (Arrow)  I only ship one and I am crazy about them.

I am tagging @almondblossomme @mel-loves-all @thebookjumper @redpensandgreenarrows @spaztronautwriter @marytagus @oliverfel4  @nalla-madness @jules85  but only if you want to.  

Jaitlin Fanfic / the flash

My BFF Vivi wrote a Valentine’s story for me, and guess what it’s Jaitlin..It’s sweet and lovely and just beautiful. So thank you again @vsldvivi. I adore the story.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it here:

Happy reading.





Because you guys love Jaitlin too.