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Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

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Hello! I love your art so much! It's truly amazing! I'm not into Voltron, but seeing you draw that and your incredible Haikyuu drawings during your livestreams make me want to get into it~! Just a question about your FAP Challenge, if I were to partake in it, would I have to post what I draw as proof that I'm doing it, or is it optional?


Oh god, why did I do this to myself? Ahaha it cracks me up every time. 

ANYWAY, thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my art and are considering joining me for the challenge! <3 

Posting your sketch pages is entirely optional, so if you don’t want to share for whatever reason that is entirely up to you! If you do post, however - like I will be! - you can tag your posts with ‘Fill-a-Page February’ or just ‘FAP February’ so other people who are also doing the challenge can see what you’ve done!

Good luck if you do take part!

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Is there a place where you can see all things Charmless? I came to your account through YouTube (Chronotale) and I saw everything that you were doing and thought it was super cool. I looked through all of your Skull-Kid stuff, and fell in love, but I couldn't seem to find the "beginning" or first post of Charmless, and having trouble following them until the newest one. Little help?

My oc tags were a mess, thank you for telling me. The skull-kid tag broke because of the little dash so I had to change it to skullkid. I also went back to all my old charmless art and tagged it correctly as well. On my blog there’s a little link under my face called “++Tags and Links++” click it, scroll down to tag list and it’ll take you to my tags. Here’s also the link.

Thank you enjoying my artwork~!

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Hi admin!! Hope you don't mind me asking how old you are? 😊

// Bruh, I’m old af. LOL I actually got several admin questions that I’ll lump together later. (I haven’t had time yet, sorry ;;) But yes hello, you can call me Dissu! (It’s my art nickname– long story lol) I am a ‘92 liner (hello im a dinosaur) who will forever be BTS’ noona. (I’m really a kid at heart though, so I like don’t really act my age if you couldn’t tell by now ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ LOL) I am a self proclaimed grandma and sparkling rock– so my spirit animal is pretty much Yoongi. (My hair is also dyed grey atm so it kinda fits the grandma motif, but I digress)  Though, if Jin was born earlier in the year he could have been older than me, but all of them are like my precious grandchildren tbh.

On a completely different tangent tho, if any of you guys need any life/career/school advice or just wanna talk, feel free to message (via the message feature) me! :D I can’t guarantee that I can answer everything, but I’ve had a bunch of ups and downs that I’ve gone through have left me with some life wisdom, I so if you need someone to talk to, I’m always open to chat! I just uh … may not be the fastest responder in the world. (If you also need cute dog pictures to make you happy, I will spam you with pictures of mine) (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

- <3 admin

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Hi, I want to make an art blog myself. The problem is that I'm deleting my old blog for other reasons, and I'm unsure whether I should use my art blog as my personal one as well. Where can I make the balance in between reblogs, and my own content?

I have two blogs, my main one which is this account and an art blog which I mainly use for archiving art.

I would recommend that you have 2 blogs, one main (for reblogging other stuff) and one art blog specifically, for your own art.

The reason is because if you’re trying to look for your own art through your main, you will have a difficult time finding it buried in a mass of reblogs even if you put it under a specific tag.

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yor art is so dope it's lowering my self esteem... i also am 17 and an artist and compared to you i am complete shit ;-;

omg dude thank you, but do not be discouraged at all. you can look back in my art tag and see the scrappy looking stuff i was drawing about 2 years ago. my art is still scrappy, but I’ve improved so much since then just by trying to draw something everyday. everyone starts as a really shitty artist. just through practice you will gradually get better and better!

you just gotta keep at it! you’re 100% guaranteed to improve if you just keep drawing. don’t worry about comparing yourself to other people. we’re all figuring this art stuff out at our own pace. just take your time and have fun with it! 

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How do you art-journal?


I guess I cut stuff out of magazines, adverts, books, etc. that resonates with me or that I like or that I think is applicable to my current state of mind.  Then I glue it in some sort of way onto paper in my journal.  You can glue basically anything gluable in there.  Sometimes there is paint or ink involved.  You can sew on it.  It’s very fluid and doesn’t need to be done any particular way.  I find it calming, sometimes fun, and a good way to work through stuff.   @velvettruce is more of an expert than me, lol.  I think that my blog has a tag with a few of my old pages?  I’d check out the “art journal” tag on tumblr for ideas but really do whatever the heck you want on a page somewhere!  Don’t overthink it :)


I had a very, very good Arisia. I sold 14 out of the 23 pieces I had in the art show. As you can sort of see from my not-so-great photos, there are blank spaces where people had taken their art home already & then the ones with pink tags on them were also sold & then more people bought things after I took these photos. So. That was awesome. And unexpected.

I will be at Boskone next month! I have so much painting to do! I’m not complaining, this is a good problem to have but yikes time crunch.

i want it to snow