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I spent the last 6 hours of my life looking for active blogs and doing this but it was when I finished I remembered I must ask first to do something like this. First of all, I know some people might feel uncomfortable with this so I’m sorry I didn’t ask first, if you see your blog here and want me to delete it just tell me okay! Here is the link to the page so you can read it more clearly.

Also I want to point out to lemonmeds, katillo and sir-shanksbutt that the links used here are “/tagged/harvest-moon” and “/tagged/story-of-seasons”.

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I just wanted a list of actives blogs in the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons fandom, to make it easier for me to look for content and could be useful for other new blogs like me looking for blogs to follow.

Again, I’m sorry if this made you uncomfortable and don’t hesitate to ask me to delete your blog from this list.



ok ok ok so pumpkin online

its this thing thats trying to get funded on kickstarter. its a cute little animal crossing/harvest moon esque type thing where you live in a cute town and do quests and its a pretty chill little farming game. but heres the thing"

1.there are nonbinary genders

2.nothing is gender comforming like fuck it you can be a boy and wear the frilliest dress, you can be a girl and have the shortest punkest hair ever you can be a hella nonbinary and do whatever you want everyone can do what they wanna ITS HELLA

3.polyamoury is allowed

4.literaly you can date anyone be  any sexuality u wanna be be hella 8D of the head director ppl is a black female?????!?! 8D

5.heres the big thing

so theres this girl who found this. shes very ill and is bedridden and can hardly get up from her bed for more than an hour, so therefore all of her relationships are on the computer.

she found this and she thought it was an amazing idea. it was a pace where she could be herself and happy and she kept getting more interested in it until she donated 3000 dollars, enough to get her a developers spot.

the reason she got this developers spot is that she had an idea of an island based around the spoon theory. its a place where physically disabled/neurodivergent people can all hang out together in their own little island that operates on the spoon system.

this awesome game only have two weeks left on kickstarter, and is only half way up to their 30,0000 goal D: people really need to start donating because this thing seems really damn awesome and id be really upset if this shit doesnt fucking go somewhere like this is incredible . i would donate but im poor as shit D:

PLEASE LIKE SIGNAL BOOST THIS AND GO ON THEIR TUMBLR (you can learn a lot more about it there im way too excited about this to be good at explaining) AND  DONATE TO THEIR KICKSTARTER LIKE PLS I NEED ALL OF THIS 

also sorry if this is really messy and rambly or whatever im writing this on my half broken laptop

pumpkinonline you are hella

No Finn, you don’t understand, this is an important decision!


I drew this as a stress reliever of sorts but…Haha there are a lot of mistakes…In other news though, I got a new TV so now I can play Animal Parade without lines *A* Who should I go for first?

My bias is showing

Agh king why are you so hard to please


Remember those Klavier and Daryan sprites I drew yesterday? I jokingly said on twitter that I want a Harvest Moon AU for Klapollo… and now I drew a whole set of characters °xD This AU is no longer a joke :’D Daaaamn!

(I’m making a new tag on my blog for this - for the future; if there’s gonna be more it can be found here! x’D)

The Story for the Harvest Moon AU would be like this:

Apollo Justice and his half-sister Trucy live together with their adoptive father, attorney Phoenix Wright. One day a letter for the siblings arrives, sent from someone who claims to be… their lost mother? In this letter their mom explains that she’s about to die, and will probably be long gone once this letter reaches them. In her last will she asks for Apollo, her oldest son, to look after the place she had spent most of her life in: Siren Farm in Forget-Me-Not-Valley.

Apollo isn’t very happy about this. First, his mother who abandoned him and his sister when Trucy was just a baby asks him a favour, and second… this favour is a farm?! Yet Phoenix and Trucy persuade him to move to Forget-Me-Not-Valley, where Apollo lives in the tiny farm house while Trucy and Phoenix live in the tiny village.

In the village they meet a lot of interesting people: the self-proclaimed scientist Ema, the unsuccessful musician Daryan, the psychiatrist Athena, the spirit medium Maya, and so on. And the mysterious phantom thief Klavier is on a mission to steal Apollo’s heart…

Apollo has to save the farm and awake the Harvest Goddess who has been asleep for a long, long time…

Bachelors and Bachelorettes would be (so far):

  • Klavier (no rival; he’s obviously the main love interest here because… hey! KLAPOLLO AU!)
  • Ema (rival: Daryan)
  • Athena (rival: Simon?)
  • Maybe Juniper with Robin or Hugh as rival? I’m not sure about the last two yet.

Bonus: A few fake screenshots I suck at making those x’D

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Sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t directing my tags @ you, the artist, I was just venting. I got salty from looking at the stardew valley tags b/c it reminded me a lot of the straight harvest moon fandom. Didn’t mean to make you think I was targeting you

Thanks for the apology! <3 Sorry I misunderstood your intentions there. :)

I just think the marriage policing in the sdv fandom can get a little dumb at times, because the point of the game is for people to marry whoever they want, you know?

That being said, I’d love if some of the bachelors were implied (or even explicitly stated) to be gay/bi/pan etc. rather than straight until romanced. I have a lot of headcanons about their sexualities for my fanfic, and Seb being gay is one of them. I also think the game could be improved by giving some of the bachelors a love interest of the same sex, rather than giving all of them a straight love interest.


remember pumpkin online? remember that fab black female director? remember spoons theory island? remember nonbinary genders and all kinds of love?

they got fully funded


in order or them to be able to implement polyamory they need to hit 40,000 bucks

last i checked they were at like 34000

they have a little over 10 hours.



pumpkinonline you guys are amazing, keep doing what youre doing!

this is for @ask-merman-oliver since it wasn’t letting me submit it to you 

but ye! here’s my merman arthur for your mertober event~ he’s based on a bullhead shark (・ω・)ノ

he can be a little agressive but it’s only because he’s not used to being around anyone other than his brothers and he’s taken to digging around shipwrecks for treasures [[ mostly so he can try and catch certain merfolk’s attention -think harvest moon here- ]]


this is a network showcasing the best of the best fall blogs!


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will be choosing when this gets a good amount of notes 

12-16 spots available


aTHORable: A happy & upbeat mix for the cutest thunder god in all the Nine Realms.


I Can Lift a Car - WALK THE MOON | Send Me on my Way - Rusted Root | Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Starfucker | Safe and Sound - Capital Cities | Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves | Touches You - Mika | Count On Me - Mat Kearney | Uptight (Everything’s Alright) - Stevie Wonder | The Walker - Fitz & The Tantrums | Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest | Love the One You’re With - The Loose Kites | Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Follow Spree! Pls reblog/like

Cleaned out a bunch of inactive blogs, & my dash isn’t as active as I’d like it to be, so please reblog/like so I can check out your blog & follow!

As always, I’m lookin for sum peeps who post/are into: 

  • Aesthetics (Flowers, landscape, ocean waves/beaches, abandoned places, pastels, pretty stuff etc. etc)
  • Anime /Manga in general
  • Anything Studio Ghibli
  • Art/ refs
  • Black butler
  • comics
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  • Free!
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  • Ballroom e Youkoso!!!
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  • Fruits Basket
  • Bleach (ichihime/renruki are my otps)
  • DBZ/ DBZ abridged
  • One Punch Man
  • Gangsta
  • SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!!!! (just finished rewatching it and FUUGEN FEEELLLSSS) 
  • Koe no Katachi
  • Michiko to Hatchin
  • Mazume 
  • Writing Refs
  • history stuff
  • Monster pop!
  • If you play Wizardess Heart!

🌟✨Bonus Points✨🌟: If you….

  • Like/post about: Ava’s Demon, Lackadaisy, Nana / Ai Yazawa, Gisele Alain, Cesare, Otoyomegatari, Bokura Ga Ita, The World Ends With You, Harvest Moon / Rune Factory / Story of Seasons, Junji Ito, Rumiko Takahashi, Kaoru Mori Stuff
  • Are college age or older
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….& reeblooogg this! It’ll help me find more peeps :3 & I’d appreciate it! I’ll go through and follow as many blogs as I can!

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some news

as some of you might know i have been running this blog since 2010! however, lately i haven’t been able to devote much time to even just reblogging posts because i am busy (and honestly i do not play hm at all as of late)

therefore i am sad to say that soon i am going to start phasing out posts on here and eventually stop updating altogether! by ‘phasing out’ i mean that there is a queue and soon i will stop refilling it. the blog will still exist as an archive, though!

hyhm has been a very fun time and i’m thankful to all of you who have followed and sent asks and reblogged posts over the years, i have made so many friends because i made this blog, and i still love harvest moon as a series, but all good things must come to an end.

if you need ideas for other harvest moon blogs to follow you can go through the posts i’ve reblogged or go through the hm tag yourself. if you want to keep up on good friends news @satoshi-mochida i believe usually posts scans and info! (many other blogs too)

if you have ever enjoyed my hm-related blogging and want to keep in touch i urge you to ask off anon for my personal url!

i leave you with these words: inarikins is a genderless fox spirit; send xseed messages telling them you want this to be preserved (assuming they’re localizing the game)