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Licht loves animals but when it comes to a certain hedgehog…Oh boy, hedgie Lawless is such a cutie~I kept imagining how he makes that cute little sounds of his like in the OVA. He wears flowers! Just how adorable he can get?

Licht, stop giving him that look! (I won’t forget how you cradled him in your arms and cried when the incident happened, because deep down you care for him!)
He shouldn’t be glaring at Hyde like that…poor little hedgie wants attention too,  especially when he sees Licht fawning over kitty Kuro and he won’t lose to his big bro!

@reimeijennoir tagging you to see an adorable hedgehog and maybe get inspired for your drawings :)

Lawless fans, hope this makes you guys go “kyaaaa” seeing this little cutie xD

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I liked the Greed ask with a nightmare, can you do it for Envy and Ed too? Thanks!

Sure I can write that for you :) I apologize its taken me so long to write but I hope you enjoy it. 


 “Envy, Envy, please no,” his partner whimpered, shifting and turning in his arms. “Please don’t go!”

“Mm..I’m right here…” Envy groggily said as he heard his partner say his name. However, his partner still thrashed in his arms, until finally Envy sat up and turned the light on in his partner’s bedroom. Now that he could see clearer, he saw that his partner’s eyes were still closed as they shifted and turned in the bed, their arm stretched out as if reaching for something.

“Hey, hey wake up,” Envy said, placing his hand on their shoulder and shaking them awake. Their eyes shot open as they frantically looked around before finally focusing their gaze on Envy. Before he could react, his partner then leaped into his arms, hugging him in a way that might have crushed the ribs of an ordinary human.

“Oh Envy,” they murmured, their voice giving away to choked sobs. “You’re alive.”

“Of course I’m alive,” Envy replied in confusion. “Think I’d let some pesky human kill me?”

“You were dead,” they sobbed into his chest. “You were a little green creature and you were dead, dead, dead, dead.”

A little green creature? That sounded like his true form. Envy felt a bit uneasy but it’s not like it actually happened, so he figured it was nothing. “Hey it was just a stupid dream, don’t let it get to you.”

“Don’t die, okay?” they asked through choked sobs.

“I’m not going to die,” Envy said, rubbing his partner’s back. “Who would look after my human if I died, I wouldn’t let any other filthy human take my place after all. So I have to live.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah I promise.”

Envy held them for as several minutes after that, letting their sobs die down. Eventually when they finally cried themselves out, they cuddled up close to him and slowly drifted back to sleep, still clinging to him like their life depended on it. Well, Envy thought, more like his life depended on it. Still, as he held them close to him and rubbed their back, he promised himself that no matter what happens, he would not let their nightmare come true.


Ed woke to the feeling of a hand pounding into his back, followed by a hard kick to his leg (the one without automail). Was his partner…hitting him?

“Ow, hey watch it,” Ed complained, until he actually sat up, turned the light, and saw  his partner beside him.

Their eyes shut tightly as their face grimaced in pain, seemingly unaware what their limbs were doing as they continued to flail around. They appeared to be panting for breath, as if they were running away from something, their chest rapidly rising and falling.

Ed’s mood quickly shifted from annoyed to panic as he grabbed his partner’s shoulder and gently shook them. “Hey, hey wake up, it’s just a dream.”

Their eyes gradually blinked open, still looking wild and panicked as they took in their surroundings. Their limbs had stopped flailing but their breathing seemed just as rapid as before, their body covered in sweat, as if they really had been running for their life.

“Ed?” they asked a bit dazed, blinking their eyes in confusion. “You still have your automail? You’re still alive?”

“Yeah…last I checked,” Ed answered hesitantly, wondering what it was his partner dreamt of.

Before he could ponder it further, his partner grabbed him in a tight embrace, wrapping their arms around his neck in a way that almost cut of his circulation. “You’re alive!”

“Yeah..” Ed choked out. “Maybe not for much longer..could you..maybe loosen the grip a bit.”

“Oh sorry,” they said, releasing him. While Ed catched his breath, his partner gently grabbed his automail arm and started running their fingers along the metal plating and wires instead. “I’m just really glad you’re… okay.”

Ed’s face softened as his partner choked back a sob, a few tears falling on the automail in their hands. “Hey it’s alright, it was just a dream after all.”

“They ripped your automail from your body,” his partner muttered, trying not to burst into tears. “The homunculi with the black shadowy arms, Pride I think, he ripped your automail from your sockets and I…I ran…I didn’t help you…i didn’t save you..I ran.”

At that moment, his partner couldn’t hold back anymore and the tears started to flow like a bursted pipe. Ed’s black tank became wet with their tears as they grabbed onto the thin fabric and cried into his chest, muttering various apologies.

“Hey don’t worry about it,” Ed said softly as he hugged his partner close to them and ran his non-automail fingers through their hair. “It was just a dream after all. The Promise Day is coming up soon anyway and your fears are probably just manifesting itself in your dreams. It’s not going to actually happen.”

“I left you Ed!” they wailed into his shirt. “I ran and didn’t look back…”

“So what?” Ed replied softly. “You think if something happen to me, I’d want something to happen to you in the process. I’d rather you run and be safe then try to help me and be hurt or killed.”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you,” they muttered, their voice getting raw from the crying.

“Nothing is going to happen to me alright,” Ed comforted, gently rubbing his partner’s back. “How about we go to the kitchen to get something to eat, something that will take your mind off things.”

“Okay…guess I could use a glass of milk,” they murmured, grinning a bit when they saw Ed’s face grimace at the word.

“It would have to be milk wouldn’t it,” Ed said with a sigh. “Alright, if cow juice will help you feel better then I guess I’ll get you some.”

“Ed,” their partner called out softly as Ed started to get up. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” Ed replied, getting up. “And don’t worry, when the Promise Day comes I’ll kick Father’s ass so hard, he won’t be able to sit for several weeks.”

His partner chuckled at that, rolling their eyes as they got up as well and headed for the kitchen. Despite his confidence, Ed didn’t  know for sure what would happen when the Promise Day arrived but when he did, he knew he’d do everything in his power to make sure his loved ones would be okay.