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10 Favourite Fics of 2016

I saw this going around in other fandoms, and I thought I would start one for the Hamilton fandom as well! To kick off another year of fanfic writing, here are my top 10 favourite fics that I wrote in 2016: 

Falling [Phillip Hamilton x Reader]

Rain Before the Rainbow [Thomas Jefferson x Reader] 

Curator [Thomas Jefferson x Reader] 

Leap of Faith [John Laurens x Reader]

Fuck Up  [Lafayette X Reader / John Laurens X Reader / Phillip Hamilton x Reader]

A Little Fall of Rain [HamilSquad x Reader] 

Broken Promises [Alexander Hamilton x Reader]

Take a Break | Take a Break Pt. 2 (Scrapbook) [Alexander Hamilton x Reader]

#61 - “please, you can’t die now.” [George Washington x Reader] 

“It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.” [Peggy Schuyler x Reader] 

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Feedback is love!

Ok, so I know it can be disheartening for creators to not get much positive feedback - so let’s try to support them more! The more positive feedback someone gets, the more likely the person will keep creating and feeling inspired.

So, what to do?
  • Reblog a post - easy and it’s a way to share what you love.
  • Like a post and/or write in the tags - an extra little way to show the creator love.
  • Send the creator a message - positive feedback via the ask box or messaging system is always a welcome surprise.
  • Comment on a post - a positive comment no matter how long or short can be so encouraging.
  • Make a rec post - a really good way to show some love and share creations with people who may not have seen it before.

I know commenting can be hard, sometimes I don’t know what to say but here are some ideas:

For fic -

I love how you wrote [character or ship]

The plot was really [clever/exciting/sad/funny/romantic]

[Line, dialogue or paragraph] really made me [laugh/cry/squee]

I totally didn’t see that [plot twist/cliffhanger] coming

For art/edits/gifs/photosets etc -

I love how you draw [character or ship]

The [colours/setting/style] you used are [beautiful/stunning/interesting]

You are really good at drawing [clothes/hair/body part/body language]

The scenes you chose to [edit/gif] work so well together

Tell them your favourite bits of their work - dialogue/plot/colours/facial expressions/style etc.

Ask them questions - what inspired them? what else are they working on?

I would say - if you can’t think of anything to specific, just tell them you love what they made!

If anyone wants to add any ideas to this post, please do!

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What are your top stories you have read? Any recs?

I’m gonna go with YOI since it’s the main focus of this blog, and I’m assuming you mean fics. If I did all of my top fics…well, there’s 4 fandoms to draw from.

(Almost) Made It by makariaartsabout (I couldn’t @ them so I linked their blog!) is an amazing Otayuri fic about them surviving the zombie apocalypse! (i frickin love zombies so much but i will calm myself) Excellent fic, great characterization, good pace, mind the tags!

Eat Your Heart Out, Adonis by @the-stoned-ranger is another fave! Very nice, more great characterization, very hot! 10/10 would recommend!  

If you’re looking for wholesome, well-written fic I would suggest anything by @aphhun! She wrote an Otayuri domestic fic that was so fantastic! You can find her work here

For Emimike, I definitely recommend @jubesy. A dedicated and talented writer for the lovely rare pair, I enjoy all of her stories! You can find her work here.

Next I’m gonna put some stuff I have on my to read list:

@phaytesworld and her infamous priest Viktor I’ve been seeing floating around~ Here is a place for all your kinky needs!

Liquor Stash by @severeminx looks like a wonderful and hot Otayuri fic!

I hope this is okay? I read fic from 2 fandoms and not nearly enough YOI honestly…When I do get more under my belt, I should make a proper rec list 

Oh yeah! Can I shamelessly toss in my own Otayuri fic? It’s Cafe Latte and it’s basically about sugar daddy Otabek and sugar baby Yuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

wayhaught fic recs

my only claim to any authority on this is that i’ve literally read EVERYTHING on ao3 because i am UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS OF TRASH. so here, enjoy some of my faves: 

small town gun | isawet | rated t | 10710w | ao3 

10k words of nicole haught soft gay backstory? bury me in this fic 

sweet oblivion | trufreak89 | rated m | 2944w | ao3 

wayhaught are cute af and wynonna is an oblivious idiot 

something right | seaunicorn | rated e | 1434w | ao3

nicole haught is a service top pass it on 

and i forget to remember malsseong | rated g | 942w | ao3

waverly and wynonna and willa and nicole and family 

nothing compares | wrackwonder | rated t | 5124w | ao3

nicole haught is better than all your boyfriends 

worth the wait ConquisteloCait | rated e | 4564w | ao3

HAUGHT DAMN if u catch my drift 

feel you get closer now (closer than you’ve been) | reinclarkenation | rated t | 6295w | ao3

waverly and her sweet, sweet babybi feelings

Fic self-rec

I was tagged by @rhysiana (and you should go read her fics immediately) to name my top five fics that I’ve written? Or my favorite? Or something? anyway - 

In which Nursey doesn’t know how to drive and Dex takes it upon himself to teach him. In which Derek Nurse is a love struck fool. In which Dex’s problems have problems. And sometimes they play hockey. 

It was the first major fic I wrote for the Check, Please! fandom and I still get a little emo about it sometimes? 

Being a superhero isn’t everything Will Poindexter thought it would be. But at least they’ve got a great team composed of -

- Frostbite, the ice and snow controlling, previously presumed dead hockey player
- Captain Canada, their very own Steve Rogers
- Stardust, who can phase through just about anything (and usually his own clothes)
- Spectre and Phantom, the ghosts who like to ruin bad people’s days
- Adam Birkholtz, who’s name defies superhero-dom
- and Will himself, better known as Livewire these days.And all that would be fine if it wasn’t for the FBI sniffing around, asking questions about where they got their powers. Which also would be fine if they hadn’t come from an experiment Spectre and Phantom concocted out of the research that killed Will’s parents fifteen years ago. But even that would’ve been manageable, until the lava monster started terrorizing the streets of Boston.

The summary is from Part Two: The Plot Thickens, but it’s exactly what it says on the label. It’s a superhero AU. I promise I’m still working on it *sweats nervously*

Holster/Esther Shapiro, the girl he infamously went to Winter Screw with in his sophomore year. 

I wanted to give Esther some sort of comeback because everything mentioned about her in the comic is kinda nasty so I made her a real character? And look, I’ll ship Holsom to my dying breath, but this was also really fun to write. And I might someday continue it. 

Jack’s whole family have been vampire hunters for as long as any of them can remember. But a chance encounter on a photography assignment in Budapest has Jack questioning everything he’s learned - or hasn’t learned - about the species. It…it helps that the vampires he meets are hot blonds.

A fic in three parts that centres on centuries-old vampire couple Kent and Bitty Parson and the strapping young Canadian vampire hunter they…acquire. It is a silly little fantasy story that takes place in Budapest, Venice during Carnevale, and Massachusetts around Halloween. PB&J for sure. 

Steve can’t help but be a little annoyed when Natasha signs him up for a cooking class - a couple’s cooking class. At least, he’s annoyed until he meets the instructor, who might just be the most attractive man Steve has ever laid eyes on.

Featuring chef!Bucky, bitterly single Steve, and their meddling friends.

SO in my defence, @rhysiana also had fics that weren’t Check Please so please enjoy the only piece of writing I have contributed to the MCU fandom. 

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it, really? Please tag me though so I can see your fics! 

Yay! Let’s giggle while we talk about...

The Tenth Time It Happened!!

Ahoy shipmates! Eek! Less than a month until our lil babies return to our tv screens! This is the tenth instalment in my Daddy!Killian fic wherein Killian can’t stop sneaking into his little girl’s room while she’s sleeping. If you’re new to this party, here’s a link to part nine, which also has links to all previous parts of the story!!

This part is fluffy beyond belief. There’s like two seconds of angst, but only two. Promise. 

Tagging a few of the many lovely people who always encourage me when it comes to this fluffball of a tale: @flslp87 @vigilantewives @thegladelf @naiariddle @raggedyclaraa @onceuponiwishmytime @galadriel26 @mayquita @captainswanslay

And a special thank you to both @dark-ones-dont-need-sleep and @losttalongthewayy who rec’d this fic recently. You both wrote such sweet things in your respective recs and I am so grateful! It made me feel so fuzzy and warm! :) 


The tenth time it happens, Killian does it because he feels guilty. Emma wakes in the night, and upon finding the sheets beside her empty and cold, she yawns and groggily gets out of bed. Leia turned one three weeks ago, so it’s been quite some time since Emma has had to rouse in the middle of the night. (Secretly, a part of her misses the middle-of-the-night feedings, but she would never dare tell Killian such. He’d have her pregnant immediately.)

At first, as she begins to walk to Leia’s room, she can’t figure out what might’ve made Killian take this journey. But then, as she nears the room and she gains a little more consciousness, the events of the day come back to her and she can easily deduce why he’s there. When Emma quietly opens the door she’s met with the adorable sight of Killian swaying with Leia, her body slumped against his bare chest. His arms are folded underneath Leia’s bottom, her little legs dangling around his waist. Her head is tucked snugly under his chin, and Emma finds herself mildly struck by the fact that her once-tiny daughter now spans nearly the entire length of her husband’s torso.

“When did she get so big?” Emma whispers, gaining Killian’s attention as she tiptoes over to the two of them.

“I don’t even want to talk about it,” Killian grumbles, shaking his head. “It feels like just yesterday her head was no bigger than my fist.”

Emma tilts her head, smiling comfortingly at him. She knows the idea of Leia growing up is Killian’s current mortal enemy. “How’re the knees?” she asks gently.

“Still red and painful-looking. Not scabbing up yet. I still wish you’d heal them,” he says, and Emma can feel the hurt in his tone. She gets closer, taking hold of Leia’s toes so she can inspect one of her two scraped knees.

“Killian, it’s really not too bad,” she assures him, although she suspects her words will go in one ear and out the other. “Kids scrape their knees all the time. And if she was in that much pain, she wouldn’t be sleeping as soundly as she is. Yeah, if she had broken her leg, I maybe would’ve used some magic to fix it. But she can handle scraped knees. Isn’t that right, little duckling? Yeah, you’re okay. Such a brave little daddy’s girl you are, huh?”

Killian sighs, knowing his wife is right but still feeling guilty all the same. Leia had begun walking a week ago, her parents completely enamoured by the way she teeters around on her chubby, tiny legs. That afternoon, Killian had taken Leia and Henry out for a sail on the Jolly. A particularly large wave had made Leia lose her balance, and she’d fallen, scraping both her knees raw. They’d bled and she’d cried and Killian had overreacted when it happened and still blames himself for the entire event, despite Emma’s multiple reassurances that it was in fact, no one’s fault.  

“I just hate it when she hurts,” Killian whispers, and Emma bites her lip, reaching up to brush Killian’s dark hair back, away from his pouty blue eyes.

“I know you do,” she tells him, releasing the strands of his hair so she can cup his cheek in her hand, “it’s one of the many things I love about you.”

Killian blinks at her, and his face softens all of a sudden, radiating warmth at her. “I love you so much, Emma. Do you know that?”

Emma scrunches her face up at him, but smiles all the same. “Of course I know that. How could you think I don’t know that, doofus?”

Killian shrugs. “Well this…year has just been, well…what with this perfect little person showing up in the world, sometimes I just worry that I’m giving her…too much of my attention. I…I don’t know how to do this. Hell, it’s been more than a year, and still she scrapes her knees and I get scared to death. Some days I feel like she has my whole entire heart, and even though I love that feeling, I never want you to ever feel like—“

Emma shakes her head violently at him, sliding her hand from his cheek to the back of his neck so she can haul his face closer to hers. She presses her lips against his with fervour, still shaking her head as she does so. When she pulls away she rests her forehead against his. “Hey. I need you to listen to me, okay? You are doing amazing, Killian. Amazing. You are quite possibly the most wonderful father in the entire world. And never, ever, think that you aren’t doing enough for me. Seeing you with that little girl is all that I need.”

Killian smiles gratefully at her, her words doing wonders for his aching soul. He’d felt this way for a little while now, and he was glad to have gotten his feelings off his chest.

“Can I hold her?” Emma asks him tentatively, rubbing the back of her hand against Leia’s cheek.

Killian chuckles. “Only if you join me in the rocker, so I can hold you both.”

“Deal, pirate.”

Carefully, Killian transfers Leia into Emma’s arms. The little girl stirs a wee bit, one of her pudgy hands coming up to fist itself into Emma’s hair, and Emma nuzzles her face against Leia’s forehead. “Mumma loves you so much, Leiabear,” she coos quietly, while Killian takes the stuffed animals off the rocking chair to make room for them. “Yes I do. You’re such a cuddle bug, hmm? I guess you get that from me, huh kid?”

“She certainly does,” Killian agrees, beckoning them over. This position is getting more difficult as Leia grows, but they can still manage it, three in the chair. Emma sits sideways on Killian’s lap, his arm wrapped around her back. Leia lays against Emma’s chest, mouth hanging slightly agape.

It’s quiet for a minute. (But only for a minute.)

“What are we to do when the boys begin to fancy her?” Killian asks suddenly, his tone incredulously horrified.

The question takes Emma by so much surprise that she laughs aloud. “Killian, she’s one. Not twenty-one. You need to chill.”

“Aye, but scraped knees are nothing compared to a broken heart,” he muses, reaching to place a protective hand against his daughter’s back. “How’re we to protect her?”

Emma blows out a big breath, considering what to say. She thought she’d have a few more years before this topic came up. “Well…we’ll just have to teach her to be a good judge of character, and how to avoid being manipulated. And we’ll do our best to raise her to be an independent woman, but one who knows it’s okay to want to find true love. Even then, I can’t promise it’ll never happen, Killian. But if it does, well…she’ll know she has us to back her up. She’ll know she’ll always have her daddy’s shoulder to cry on if she needs it.”

“Aye, and that she will,” he agrees, scratching at Leia’s back lovingly. Emma stares up at him, momentarily knocked breathless by how much she loves this pillow-soft pirate. Needing to touch him, she raises a hand, letting it come to rest against his neck.

Unexpectedly, unwanted memories hit her like a freight train, as though her fingers against where a scar from Excalibur should be created a portal that led straight back to those days. Emma’s throat goes tight and she flinches violently as she recalls it all: the cut, how it had reappeared too many times, the way she had to watch life drain from her true love, over and over…she remembers how she tried to heal it, that cut. She remembers thinking, as their foreheads pressed together in the middle of the Camelot forest, that everything was fine.

Boy, had she ever been wrong about that.

Killian feels Emma’s hand begin to tremble against him, and it peels his attention away from Leia. His gaze finds her face, which appears to be far away, and he can just make out tears welling in her evergreen eyes.

“My love,” he says worriedly, reaching up to cover her shaking hand with his own, strong fingers gripping it tightly. “Where’d you go?”

“Ugh, sorry,” Emma whispers, shaking her head, trying to rid her head of her gruesome memories. “I was just…” she trails off, looking up at him still, absorbing every drop of love that pours from his worried expression, “I’m just so glad you’re…here. With me. With us,” she stammers, using her other hand to anchor herself to the little girl sleeping peacefully against her chest. Their little girl.

Killian exhales sadly, her words and the placement of her hand leading him straight to what’s troubling her.

“Oh, darling,” he says, gentleness thick in his tone, “I’m so sorry. I wish we weren’t burdened with a past that haunts us so.” He urges her closer to him, urges her to lay her ear against his chest, over his beating heart. It’s always what seems to calm her most easily. “But I’m here, Emma,” he promises, kissing her forehead, “Against all odds, maybe. But I’m here, and I’ll never leave you. Either of you.”

Emma nuzzles her cheek against him, simply craving the warmth of him. “That’s why I wouldn’t do it,” she confesses suddenly, mumbling the words against his skin. “Heal her knees.”

Understanding and guilt washes over Killian, and he rubs Emma’s shoulder comfortingly with his hand. “Because of what happened in Camelot,” he whispers, and he feels her nod against him.

“It seemed like after I tried to heal you, everything from then on out just went horribly wrong,” she says with a tight voice. “I couldn’t risk…” she trails off, her gaze falling to rest on Leia.

Killian kisses her forehead again. “No, I understand perfectly, love. I wish you’d told me earlier. I’ve been so hard and salty with you about it, and I—“

It’s okay,” she assures him, tilting her head up to quiet him. “You just wanted what was best for her.”

“Aye, we both did, love.”

They lean in simultaneously, the kiss a fatigued dance of lips and tongue. When they break away, Leia wiggles in her sleep, and they both smile.

“I love her so bloody much,” Killian says, in a tone that almost mimics frustration.

I know, right?” Emma agrees, running her fingers through Leia’s mess of dark curls. “Our little Leia munchkin.”

“Our little walking Leia munchkin,” he corrects, and Emma giggles, wiggling her legs off of Killian’s lap and hauling herself to a stand. Killian gets up after Emma, coming to stand behind her while she lowers their one year-old back into her crib. Carefully Emma places Leia on her back, her little arms and legs sprawled out in all directions, just like always. Killian stares at her knees again, but with somewhat of a new perspective. Emma doesn’t miss it. She’s suddenly overcome with the love she has for the two human beings next to her, and, well…what the hell. She can’t help herself.

“Here, come here,” she says, her tone a type of happy exasperation. She grabs hold of Killian’s wrist with her hand, dragging it down over the railing of the crib, stopping her tugging when his large hand is hovering over Leia’s lower half. Killian feels the magic even before he sees the glow, but still, he watches in fascination as the angry red marks on his little love’s legs vanish, leaving her good as new.

Emma can’t help but roll her eyes at his amazed, delighted expression. “Better?” she teases him.

Killian bites his lip and nods at her, spinning her toward him so he can pepper kisses against the side of her face. Emma giggles incessantly, playfully trying to wiggle her face away from his lips.

“Now that she’s all better, you can take her to the park tomorrow, so she can find a little boy to marry,” Emma goads him, and he growls and shakes his head, scratching her with his stubble.

“No boys!” he declares sternly, and Emma captures his lips with hers, wrapping her arms around his neck. He sways them, gripping her hard, tight enough for her to know how much she’s loved.

“Just Daddy?” Emma says in her playful tone, pressed cheek to cheek with him, both of them watching Leia’s chest rise and fall.

“Aye. Just Daddy.

And that was the tenth time.

Tales From The Impala

Welcome to another installment of Tales From The Impala, a weekly Supernatural fanfic rec list! Below is every amazing fic I’ve read recently, from some amazing writers. Go check out these fics and the talented people who wrote them! It was a particularly smutty week!

Note: If you would like to be on next Saturday’s Tales From The Impala, feel free to tag me in your fics!

The One With The Fluff

The One With The Angst

The One With The Smut

The One With The Multiple Parts

Make sure you show these awesome writers lots of love and support by liking and reblogging these fics! Let me know if you want to be added to my forever tags to be tagged in these posts and/or my personal fics. 

The Vampire Diaries Fic Recs

To celebrate and commemorate the end of the vampire diaries I’ve compiled a list of my favourite tvd fics, here are my other pages and if anyone knows who wrote any of these please let me know and I’ll give credit.


The Sound of Your Voice - bonnie listening to the voicemails, my heart, you can hear damon realising he’s in love and you can feel bonnie doing it too, i know this mostly just bonnie sitting but so much emotion is there

At the Door - there is literally 260 words but it’s so fucking good???like so little words yet so much emotion was evoked


i should have been a pair of ragged claws (scuttling across the floor of silent seas) - this is piece of art, fucking wonderful, wonderfully in character, I read this on a monthly basis I swear to god

almost lover - I have such a love/hate relationship with this, like its so good but it plays with my morals, but that is what a big part of this paring, this is angsty and heartbreaking and hopeful and everything


Forever Is A Long Time (Care To Spend It By My Side?) - this is long but great all the way through, their friendship is done so honestly and well, I love double pining, but once they do get together its beautiful and natural and yes, the scene with elena and damon is my favourite thing

let’s you and I rewrite history - set when stefan lost his memory, what i wished happened, stefan is weirdly in character, like he’s not but he is, hard to explain but brilliantly done


stowaway hearts: baroline (bonnie x caroline) - you don’t even understand how much love this, this ship is my motherfucking otp for the show and everyone knows how terrible shipping an impossible wlw ship is, could be unrequited but s up to interpretation, bonnie is amazingly in character, set pre-series, every single bonnie and caroline interaction is magic (hahaha I’m so funny but really)

when she decides she likes girls: elena centric with a hint of carolena and elena/oc - fucking amazing, I’m such a sucker for pre-series fics, I’m accepting this as canon, just fucking awesome okay, I love how elena is written

Nobody has to Stay: delena - I didn’t realise it was a delena fic when I clicked into it but I so don’t regret it, not a character study but it studies the character real well anyways, elena is in character like no other, I just love this a whole lot


All My Friends Are Dead: rebekah and april friendship - the friendship that I wish the show explored more, I love april and this friendship works and and is written so well

a mouthful of interludes: caroine centric - all about my daughter and amazing, what should have happened tbh, this is such a refreshing fic, just really right

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI

Off by a Thousand Miles
Bucky, a Brooklyn-based cop, has his head turned by Steve Rogers, who’s just opened up a flower shop in his neighbourhood. It all goes horribly wrong when a string of murders leads to Steve being the prime suspect.

Wish you were here
Steve keeps getting postcards in the mail.

American Son; or, Bye Bye, Blackbird
“But where do I start?” Bucky asks.
Steve pauses.
“Back at the beginning, I guess.”
[Bucky, Steve, gender, memory].

cross this river to the other side
In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.
In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.

this city bleeds its aching heart
The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

Touch Has A Memory
Bucky’s so used to touch only bringing pain. He’s forgotten that a hand coming towards his face does not always constitute an attack. The first time Steve reaches to curl a hand around the back of Bucky’s neck (“Just for a hug, Buck. God, I’m so sorry, I should’ve warned you”), Bucky flinches, jerks back. He has to relearn everything. He has to relearn touch.

Somewhere Only We Know
Steve isn’t meant to be lying in the snow with Bucky. He should still be on that train, moving on. Instead, Steve is here. Because he fell from the train with Bucky.
They’ll come for him. For Steve. The world will come searching for Captain America. Bucky’s going to die here, but at least Steve is with him. Just a little more time with Steve. It’s all he can ask for. Bucky will die. Steve will go on. The way it’s meant to be.
Turns out, Bucky is wrong. Bucky is very, very wrong.

Post-movie AU in which Bucky didn’t just leave Steve on a river bank…he took him.

Rules of Engagement
Bucky can’t trust what’s in his own head. But he knows he trusts Steve.
Everybody tries to be nice. Everything is still awful.

Like You A Latte
There’s a coffee place two doors down from their apartment, because this is Brooklyn. It’s cute and homey and possibly the perfect place to write stuff, Bucky thinks, but these thoughts fall to the wayside when he makes eye contact with the guy behind the counter. It’s kind of like a movie. Bucky can feel time slow down, and as they make eye contact, he would swear on his life that he hears Careless Whisper playing somewhere in the background.

Funny But It Seems I Always Wind Up Here With You
The moment it hit Steve that he was in love with Bucky wasn’t anything special. He wasn’t sure if it was meant to be; do birds suddenly appear when you realize you’re in love with someone?

Tell Her You Love Her
5 times Bucky gave Steve advice on keeping girls around, and one time he took it.

the blood in my veins
Bucky doesn’t know a lot but he knows this: if there’s a world out there where he doesn’t have Steve, he hopes it’s a world he isn’t long for. That version of Bucky Barnes would be a sad sonuvabitch to see.
That Bucky Barnes is better off dead.

The Sun & The Star
There is a way these things are done; this is not it.
Or the one where Steve belongs to the Winter Soldier.

the long game
In 1945, Steve Rogers trades himself to the Red Room in exchange for the Winter Soldier. They accept his offer, but don’t let Bucky go. After all, their supersoldiers come as a matched set.
(Featuring crafty Steve, pining Bucky, and a very noisy metal arm.)

Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones
I’ll always find you.

Ghosts Along the Road
Steve goes on a road trip, for his health and sanity. Bucky unexpectedly joins him.

We’re Sure to Grow Old (Together)
Bucky googles the etiquette of how to sleep with your boyfriend’s boyfriend. Google knows nothing.

your favourite ghost
It’s harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.

Our history is just in our blood (history, like love, is never enough)
Steve is sure the guy working the morning rush at Starbucks is Bucky. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t seem to know that.

Leave Me On The Mountain
Bucky is certain that he’s about to die, cold and lost in this mountain forest. But just as he thinks that the wolves have him, someone finds him and takes him in.

History Through Art and Propaganda (Or; The One Where They Do It In Professor Rogers’ Office)
You knew he’d be probably the youngest teacher you’d have. You were expecting the short stature and the ugly sweater and the friendly smile as he introduced himself. You were not expecting the scuffed up Docs or the full lips or the Frodo fucking blue eyes or the most gorgeous hands you’ve ever seen on a man.

Big Talker
“Bucky,” Steve says absently, “What’s it like, being with a guy?”.

The Official Russian Ex-Assassin Guardian Angel Support Group to Two Blonde Human Disasters
Nick Fury calls in Natasha and tells her, “I need you to keep an eye on Steve Rogers.”

Let me trace our younger days
Bucky tries on suburbia for a size, Clint plays the absentee husband and Steve is a cat. Until he’s not.

Read Me Like A Book
In which Bucky accidentally becomes a book collector, because when the universe gives you a million biographies about your boyfriend, you go bookcase shopping. And then he finds out about The Grenade Incident, and the boys actually talk about it like actual adults. (Somewhere, Sam sheds a proud tear.)

Bucky doesn’t feel human anymore. So he bonds with the other non-human intelligences in the Avengers Tower.

anonymous asked:

hiiiiii E. I'm a new follower, so I'm just trying to learn the ropes around here! Sorry to bother you, but a few days ago you reblogged a smutty piece about Harry. It was about Harry being in a photoshoot but not letting y/n see the pictures? but I can't remember who wrote it. Do you know where I could find it?

Hello, love! Welcome. :) 

Ok, if I reblogged it, then your best bets are the following tags: “fics I like”, “blurbs I like”, and “fic recs”. I’m working on tagging things now, though, so if it ISN’T there, sit tight while I continue on, and try again after I say that all tags are updated. And then if it STILL isn’t there… we’ll put our heads together to try something else. xx

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I might be stalking your blog just a bit, hahah. Just because I don't have a Tumblr myself doesn't mean I can't observe other blogs, right? And I enjoy what you post/reblog, so... Yup. --Nika

I can’t deny that logic :P It’s good to hear that you get some entertainment out of all this *gestures to my blog*

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Fanfic Writer Wednesday

I’m going to attempt to make this a weekly thing, but, you know, pregnant. We’ll see how that goes.

My first choice in fics is my favourite fic. I love A LOT of fics in this fandom, but this is the one that made me go “yes, I also want to write these two boys who are so clearly in love”, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

Four Eight is a series that takes place over, you guessed it, 4.08. Written by the wonderful @palepinkgoat this fic is outstanding.

The writing is beautiful, the characterisation is spot on, and the emotion shown between Mickey and Ian is just fucking delightful. When I read this fic I can feel how much Ian and Mickey have missed each other, how desperately they need to touch each other, how fucking much they love each other. Karen wrote the want between the two of them perfectly.

And there’s smut. Lots of hot, dirty smut that will have you fanning yourself because damn. There are three parts to this series and each part has some filth that will just delight you. And, one of my favourite things about each piece of smut, is that Mickey just fucking grows with it (get your mind outta the gutter, I’m not talking about his dick). You watch him come alive, become more secure with himself and what he wants, and it’s just fucking beautiful. It’s amazing character development over the course of an episode. He goes from “don’t make me say it, asswipe”, to … well, read and find out.

And if this long ramble wasn’t enough to get you to go and read this fic, here are a couple of my favourite bits …

“I–” Mickey starts, then suddenly yanks back, quick as he can. He’s on his feet before he knows it, acting and reacting. “I gotta–”

Ian’s shoved his dick in his pants and is on Mickey before he reaches the door, spinning him around, just rough enough to make his breath stutter a little. Ian’s eyes wide and still, something so still it made Mickey swallow hard. “No,” Ian said. “No, you don’t gotta.”

Ian looks in his lap. “Not going to make you wait much longer, I promise. I know you’ve been waiting a long time.” He turns his head. Mickey knows Ian’s trying not to grab at him. He can see his hands twitch. He hears Ian’s voice waver. “I’ve been…I’ve been waiting a long time, too”

Mickey waits for Ryan to walk away. “I don’t remember. What’d I do? What’d I say?”

Ian passes the cup back, plucks some eggs off Mickey’s plate with his fingers. “Nothing. Just kind of slumped against me while Gideon and Ryan opened the couch up.” Ian smiles at the plate. “Was nice.”

Unexpected - AlexWSpark - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I’ve updated! Part 1 of Chapter 17 is up, it’s the homestretch! Special thanks to @victuurificrec for including my fic in their Fan Rec Friday <3 I can’t wait to share Part 2, this has been a wild ride!

Chapters: 17/18
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Christophe Giacometti, Phichit Chulanont, Okukawa Minako, Katsuki Hiroko, Nishigori Yuuko, Yuri Plisetsky
Additional Tags: Alternate Canon, Falling In Love, Drama, Humor, Surprise Kissing, Secrets, Anxiety, Sexual Content, Cute, Feelings, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, Romance, Mutual Pining, Canon Universe, Alternate Universe, Ice Skating, Angst, Fluff and Humor, Eventual Smut, Grand Prix Final Banquet, Post-Banquet, Christophe Giacometti & Victor Nikiforov Friendship, Past Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov, Pining Katsuki Yuuri, Pining Victor Nikiforov, Hurt Victor Nikiforov, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Series: Part 1 of Banquet/Post-Banquet AU

In which one impulsive midnight decision leads Victor Nikiforov to Yuuri Katsuki and, of course, everything changes, a.k.a Drunk!Yuuri has no chill, a.k.a Victor experiences #allthefeels.

Sterek fic rec list

all works on this list are rated E (nc17) & only contain top!derek/bottom!stiles. If you’re not into that this is so not a list for you

please be sure to read additional & warning tags on fics for possible triggers
Just Maybe - Goodchampagneandprivateplanes - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Minor Characters, Liam Payne
Additional Tags: Baker Harry, Famous Louis, Red Carpet, Non-Famous Harry, Shy Harry, Top Louis, Fluff, soft romance, Romance, wow i think this is the longest thing I ever wrote, please enjoy, i hope everyone likes this, larry stylinson - Freeform, I Will Go Down With This Ship

“You can put it under Tomlinson — eh, Louis Tomlinson, actually. But, if anybody asks, I was never here.”

so many AUs, i'm not sure what to do with them all

+air conditioner repairman [v sweaty job]
+street racers
+Christmas light neighbor competition
+guitar teacher
+little kids with a lemonade stand or kissing booth
+motherFUCK there’s smoothie on the ceiling
+someone’s cat is in a tree
+“how do I say fuck in [language]”
 -[I love you]
 - “cool thanks”
+I broke into your apartment cause it smelled like something was on fire but I don’t think we can salvage your cookies
+try my chili!
 -here use my mouth to calm the heat
+I saw the dude/chick who manscapes/waxes me
+minor car accident
+frat houses across the street
+competing mattress salesmen
+teddy bear doctors
+we both picked the same weird place to watch fireworks
+someone needs a car jumpstart
+gym class soccer
+college tour
+school trip to europe
+I wrote an ode to your butt in 10th grade and you somehow found it at the end of senior year
+i accidentally spilled beer on you at a bar and you thought I wanted to fight
+21 jump street au
+i licked a pole when it was 2 degrees outside please help me kind stranger
+high school intern for senior pictures [I’m literally just here to hold this reflecty thing and make you look hotter than usual]
+you heard me singing in the shower, recorded it, and put it on YouTube and now I’m Internet famous and I’m not sure whether I want to kill you or marry you
+someone found our office game of fuck marry kill and you’re my fuck
+there’s a dorm wii + mariokart in the lounge and we’re now on best out of 39
+I drew a picture of you and put it on tumblr and you found it
+I wrote a fanfic and the au was how we met and you got suspicious
+you’re a really shitty tutor
+you needed to borrow sugar to bake a cherry pie
+all you wrote in my yearbook last year was your number and now I have no clue who did it
+I got locked out of my dressing room wearing only my underwear and now we’re both waiting for an attendant
+I accidentally dropped a water balloon on you instead of my friend
+you write nice comments on all the angsty poems I post online
+we’ve been arguing over the proper use of the subjunctive mood in spanish for 2 hours and neither of us has taken it since high school
+you’re the monster under my bed
+I 100000% did not mean to send you that nude on snapchat oh my god
+I had to explain what dtf is to you
+you tried to perform cpr and iM TOTALLY FINE
+you’re asking me for self defense lessons because you saw that one time I tripped and accidentally took out a guy making off with someone’s belongings
+the secret life of walter mitty au
+bones au
+someone’s cursed to live like they’re in a musical
+book illustrator & writer
+you work at a shoe store and you just laced that shoe up and put it on my foot and I’m having an actual cinderella moment
+you caught me trying to sneak a hamburger off your grill as I was running by
+naked and afraid au
+you’re an expert survivalist and one time I cried because I stepped on a worm
+look I know my window’s really big but that doesn’t mean you had to watch my entire re-enactment of “it’s raining men” from magic mike okay
+our kite strings got tangled up
+you accidentally hit me in the face when you scored that homerun
+there is a very good chance I took your shoes instead of mine when I left that party wasted last night
+i put a gopro on my dog to figure out where she was going and it’s to your house

So kablob17 and @mylordhesacactus (it doesn’t tag u friend I’m sorry) wrote a fic in which Ezra is pretty. It’s all around hilarious and you should definitely go read it: (I’m on mobile forgive me) but in essence, they have to do an undercover op that requires a teenage girl in a dress and Sabine can’t go. Things progress from there. But yeah, I love this fic. I ADORE. This fic. This fic will never tire me. I’ll read it all day, every day, for ever. Bless you two for creating this fic. And here’s a lil blueberry in a pretty dress.

Fic Writers’ Self-Rec Meme

I’m doing this because wearitcounts did it and tagged me, and I do what I’m told! Sometimes. Well, I do what she tells me to.

1. Your favorite fic you’ve written

The Quiet Man. That fic is not what everyone likes, naturally, and I realize some don’t agree with many of the decisions I made in its structure, plot, characterization, etc. But it was the first story I wrote with a really detailed outline, and in the end it’s exactly what I wanted it to be. For me it’s really pleasing to see something go from idea to realization intact. It also proved to me that planning something out carefully means I can accomplish more than I thought I could. 

2. Your least favorite fic you’ve written

This is a terrible question, because you have to think about a story you don’t want to think about. My least favourite is my first, which I have mostly scrubbed off the internet. Well, no. I’ve just ignored it, and I will continue to ignore it. Let’s not talk about that. It was 2001. I can’t be blamed for that. Shhhhh no no no no no, eyes front, soldier.

3. Your most popular fic

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes.

4. The fic you wish more people would read

I am more than happy with the readership of every single thing I’ve ever written, quite honestly. Maybe The Tip Over into the Inevitable? Mainly because it’s the most recent and therefore I’m still fond of it.

5. The fic you most enjoyed writing

The Quiet Man again. Because it was very well planned, so it was pretty much always a pleasure to write, for the entire 6 months it took. Except for the sex scenes, which are horrific every time. I’m really more of a middle grade writer when I’m honest. I have to work very hard to up a rating at the best of times.

Though it was a joy to work with loudest-subtext-in-television on Whatever Remains, However Improbable. We had a lot of fun writing that.

6. Your funniest fic

I wrote a parody fic years and years ago that I think was probably my funniest fic. But in this fandom, probably It isn’t Strange Until you Think About it, mainly because it’s such a dumb premise.

7. Your hottest fic

Do I need to reiterate how difficult sex scenes are? I dunno. I think they’re all sort of lukewarm at best.

8. Your saddest fic

Personally I think Blackout in my saddest fic, because I hate the idea of John giving in to his demons out of despair. Though I don’t write stories that don’t have happy endings, so in the end I don’t think any of them are sad.

9. The fic you’d like to be remembered for

I suppose The Progress of Sherlock Holmes, if anything. I’m pleased with how the voice turned out, which was difficult to write in the first place let alone for that duration, and if a strongly voiced narrator can help some people to stop hating all first person present tense stories all the time, that would be something, I think.

10. The thing(s) your fic contributed to fandom headcanon

Not a thing, I don’t think. I’m not very headcanony, really. I prefer to stick as close to canon as I can, and when I’m not working in canon I hardly believe a word a say. I recommend the same to you. Don’t believe a word I say.


i’m doin’ this for the thrill of it, killin’ it by @foxesmouth

Louis sighs again and Niall doesn’t know if it’s a sound of irritation or exasperation, can’t be bothered to pick up his head and look at Louis’s expression. “‘S like love or something, you know? It’s gotta be grand. Something people want to see.”

Niall frowns. “I don’t think so,” he whispers and Louis hums and Niall feels the tremor of it through his cheekbone, his jaw. Niall wants to say this right now feels like love but doesn’t. It’s probably too quiet to be love for Louis.

Tags; niall/louis, 15k.

Or: Louis is a street artist who hates rich upper east siders. Niall is a rich upper east sider.