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Art Competition Update

Hey guys! Updating a few things with the competition.

Turns out tags dont work so we are just putting them in the post! Thats my bad. So make sure to include things like #999 etc with the submission.

As 999 and Depth are kinda done (dont worry if you submitted already or you submit in the next few days Ill be judging your art quality instead of other stuff).I would prefer no more submissions for these. So adding a few more suggestions to art that can be done!

1/ Throne Of Lies (New Town Of Salem Like Game)

2/ More Scared Minx on a Transparent background

3/ Don’t Starve Together

As well as all previous ones not mentioned as being cut here.

grrhatlet  asked:

Shoot, sorry: Harry Potter.

otp: Drarry

favourite canon pairing: Romione

worst pairing ever: every single crack ship that consists of a food item with a character (ex. Drapple) or the Giant Squid, Fawkes, house elves, named pets and/or the Sorting Hat with human characters

guilty pleasure pairing: Tom Riddle/Snape/Draco/Harry OT4 (haters can eat my entire lily white ass)

a pairing you want to see more: Draco/Tom Riddle WITHOUT RAPE/NONCON (I swear 99.999% of their entire ship tag is filled with Voldemort raping Draco and it’s honestly eye rollingly boring and overdone at this point. I’ve only read one good one)

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no": I’m not an anti shipper, you do you, but Hinny (yes I know it’s canon shut up)

favorite non-romantic pair: Harry and Hermione. They have an awesome friendship and I’m so glad that the idea of them being a romantic couple was immediately shot down in book 4 and never brought up again (not counting Ron’s paranoia fed by the locket Horcrux)

11 tag game

I was tagged by @mutantsandproud thank you ❤️❤️
Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about you, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any previous facts. The facts can be anything that come to mind!

1) Pretty sure there’s more caffeine in my bloodstream than haemoglobin tbh
2) I have broken my wrist accidentally approximately 8 times
3) I’m 5"8 and am still considered smol among my friends
4) Hawkeye is my fav avenger
5) X-Men was my first fandom
6) I love dogs so much
7) Keep spelling fuck as “duck” and thus have 999,999 duck memes saved on my phone just in case
8) I procrastinate procrastinating
9) Nemesis is my fav Greek god
10) Intensely dislike onions
11) Would die for X-23

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Hello everyone! Our fandom here needs a wake up call! So let’s do a Captain Harlock week. Come bond with your fellow space pirates and contribute fanart, fanfiction, edits, gifs, videos, memes, anything you want to make! (´ ˘ `∗)♡ This Captain Harlock week will be from Nov. 20th to Nov. 27th! Each day has a theme “but you don’t have to follow them” ♡ so have fun and get creative! ( ˙˘˙ )♡ There will be more Harlock weeks in the future because there are so many other themes I wanted to add too. So if you don’t see a theme you wanted, no worries! (๑ ˙˘˙)/ The future has you covered. Make sure to tag your posts each day with #CaptainHarlockWeek so everyone can see your beautiful work! I have made a side blog for #CaptainHarlockWeek so I can reblog all of the posts! So let’s get started! ヾ(Ő∀Ő๑)ノ*・✫゚*♡

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It’s time for 999 Week once again! 

“But Kiichu! How Does It Work?” Simply create and upload any kind of fanwork (fanfiction, fanmixes, fanart, etc.) for a character from 999 on a specific date! You don’t have to do all the characters, of course; any that you can is appreciated.

Each character gets a specific day in September, corresponding to their bracelet numbers of course! Ace would be Sept. 1st, Snake would be Sept. 2nd, and so on!

September 10th is reserved for any extra characters (Nijisaki, Musashidou, Nona, Funyarinpa, etc.). We can’t leave these guys out! Also, here are some guidelines:

-If you are late on any day, feel free to submit it the day after! 

-If you do not like a character, simply do not create/upload anything for their day. We don’t need character hate on the days we’re celebrating them!

-Tag everything as #999 week so everyone can track the tag! Also: make sure you tag spoilers!

Any kind of support, or even a signal boost, is appreciated! I hope everyone has a great time this year!

999: The Novel Fan Translation

Alright guys here it is! Well part of it anyway. Basically the novel is split up into chapters and subchapters. So this is the first two (don’t get too excited the first one is only one word :P ) subchapters of the 999 novelization (also I skipped the prologue because it was just describing the boat and the countdown, and I didn’t really feel like it. I’ll might come back to it later).

A few points: First, this novel is definitely above my reading level which is good because it’s a challenge and I’m learning a lot. It’s not so good because that means I’m not always 100% about what I come up with, and tbh I could be flat out wrong on a couple of sentences. But overall I think I did okay. If anyone wants to offer any assistance or point out inaccuracies or help out in anyway please feel free to do so! :)

Second, I tried to keep to the Japanese as literally as possible; however, Japanese and English are very different languages and don’t always translate into each other well. Which means this is not going to be the most natural sounding thing you’ve ever read. Basically I wasn’t sure if you guys would prefer a more literal translation or one that sounds better in English. If you’d rather I use more natural English and stray from the literal translation next time, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Also I’ll be tagging all translation related things as ‘jinger translates the 999 novel’ so please black or white list accordingly :)

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the 999 Alterna novel. I am translating it purely for my own enjoyment. I am not making any money from this translation.

That should do it for housekeeping. So without further ado, here’s the 999 novelization!   

Next: Chapter 1 (part 3 & 4)  

Chapter 1:Chance Meeting (part 1 & 2)

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Dear 999 followers,

…i know some of you are dead accounts, but number counts (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Reblog with picture of your oc/avatar and you might get drawn. You can add extra info about character if you think it is important or with who it could be drawn, but don’t leave me with description alone.
I ask to reblog, because i’m to lazy to check by likes if you maybe have some oc on your tumblr. No giving me your usernames from eldarya/mcl, avatars there load for me terribly. Without skin and mouth usually.

Will be drawing how i want(you can always suggest what you would like…) and can’t say how many. If only few of you reblog, then i probably draw you all. Will update post if i get tired (¯﹃¯)

That is only for my followers, no tags for ninjas to see it >:D 

(little info - yes, it is for my 999 followers)



It is time for us to al come together and make a pledge.

We have good hope (thanks to tweets by Rising Star Games and Uchikoshi himself) that ZE3 is definitely coming, even though there’s a slim chance 4infinity may not be related, “the longest night will come to an end!”

In preparation, I want us all to swear the following:


We must protect each other to guarantee everyone’s enjoyment to the max! Nobody wants to quit tumblr til they finish, and nobody can resist sharing their theories and fan art!

I suggest the very simple “ze3 spoilers” be used. We’re all generally pretty good about it, although we all gotta remember that FULL NAMES ARE SPOILERS, so be careful using those tags!

Pledge, and GET HYPE!

Alright! So I see many complaining posts about Sanji’s new lastname VINSMOKE

I know it sounds weird but since there isn’t anyone make a post to point out this little detail (as I could see on my dash) then I’ll do.

VINSMOKE in other translation I can see VINSMOCK?? But this sound even more weird so before there’s confirmation about the word we should take it as VINSMOKE okay? 

This Word include 2 parts that could separated into VIN and SMOKE. 

I did look up a little and know that VIN in French mean WINE, then we got Smoke make we think about Cigarette.

So Sanji new name can understand as a combine of Wine and Cigarette.

Wine & Cigarette. Is it fabulous?

and make you remember of someone?

999 Week - Year 4!

It’s that time of year again; time for 999 Week! The basis? Create and upload any kind of fanwork (fanfiction, fanmixes, fanart, etc.) for a character from 999 on a specific date! You don’t have to do all the characters, of course; any that you can is appreciated.

The dates are…

9/1 - Ace
9/2 - Snake
9/3 - Santa
9/4 - Clover
9/5 - Junpei
9/6 - June
9/7 - Seven
9/8 - Lotus
9/9 - Ninth Man
9/10 - Any extra characters (Nijisaki, Musashidou, Nona, Ennea, etc.)


-If you are late on any day, feel free to submit it the day after! 
-If you do not like a character, simply do not create/upload anything for their day. Do not mock those who like said character by posting hate on their day!
-Do not make this week about the 999 fandom. This is about the games themselves, and uniting us as fans in ten days for our community. :)
-Tag everything as #999 week so everyone can track the tag! Also: make sure you tag spoilers

Any kind of support, or even a signal boost, is appreciated! I hope everyone has a great time this year!

Reblog to get a message from your bias~

I am at 999, woohoo. I’m still thinking what should I do for you as a gift for 1k, but I missed doing this, so here we go, please read rules

1. Reblog once with ONE bias - in tags!

2. I’ll be happy if you followed me (if you already were, yay~)

3. You can try to give more details, what type of message, but you don’t have to


5. Don’t reply, don’t like (but if you really want to~~), reblog just once, don’t make a mess please, make it easier for me :3


Virtue’s Next Replay

a Zero Escape fandom event by shylax and feytaline-loves (who made the picture above!)

Starting July 3, 2015 after 4infinity

With 4infinity (hopefully) heralding the announcement of Zero Escape 3 (if it isn’t, abort mission!), I would like to formally announce an event that I’ve had in the works for a while: Virtue’s Next Replay. By the name, it suggests that we will be replaying Virtue’s Next Reward, and that’s exactly right.

I invite the entire Zero Escape fandom to play through Virtue’s Last Reward again with us, not only to experience the wonderful story again,but to talk about it and share any insight or epiphanies gained over the course of the playthrough. Each week, I will select an ending, and we will play through that ending, and discussion and theories are very much encouraged. The only rules are, be respectful to everyone else, and if you bring something outside of 999 and VLR into discussion (for example, you might talk about Kotaro Uchikoshi’s other works), please use spoiler tags as appropriate.

Please tag posts with “Virtue’s Next Replay” so people can track the discussion, as well as the regular tags that apply!