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Art Competition Update

Hey guys! Updating a few things with the competition.

Turns out tags dont work so we are just putting them in the post! Thats my bad. So make sure to include things like #999 etc with the submission.

As 999 and Depth are kinda done (dont worry if you submitted already or you submit in the next few days Ill be judging your art quality instead of other stuff).I would prefer no more submissions for these. So adding a few more suggestions to art that can be done!

1/ Throne Of Lies (New Town Of Salem Like Game)

2/ More Scared Minx on a Transparent background

3/ Don’t Starve Together

As well as all previous ones not mentioned as being cut here.

Gonna post a stream schedule soon!

If you wanna watch my 999/VLR playthrough follow my tag: nooksplays (which is also my twitch name follow me there too :) Will most likely be starting this weekend. Message me what times are good so I can schedule accordingly! Reblog to spread the word to your friends that need to experience the story but don’t have the games.

please remember that the zero escape series were meant to be just 999 so don’t be too harsh on the rest of the games ;v; plot twists and everything can be better or worse than in 999, but please keep in mind uchikoshi and everyone had to think about how to develope ideas that weren’t meant to be explained!!



Hello everyone! Our fandom here needs a wake up call! So let’s do a Captain Harlock week. Come bond with your fellow space pirates and contribute fanart, fanfiction, edits, gifs, videos, memes, anything you want to make! (´ ˘ `∗)♡ This Captain Harlock week will be from Nov. 20th to Nov. 27th! Each day has a theme “but you don’t have to follow them” ♡ so have fun and get creative! ( ˙˘˙ )♡ There will be more Harlock weeks in the future because there are so many other themes I wanted to add too. So if you don’t see a theme you wanted, no worries! (๑ ˙˘˙)/ The future has you covered. Make sure to tag your posts each day with #CaptainHarlockWeek so everyone can see your beautiful work! I have made a side blog for #CaptainHarlockWeek so I can reblog all of the posts! So let’s get started! ヾ(Ő∀Ő๑)ノ*・✫゚*♡

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Good Tiger album 2 review (repost from March)

Fuck it. I’m reviewing the new Good Tiger album.

We’re months away from releasing this thing, but that doesn’t mean ‘The Elliot Times’ can’t review it now! So here is an unapologetic, unbiased review from its singer (me).

I’m not going to be giving away any album or song titles yet, but let me say, the packaging is amazing. Each copy is encased in 24k gold, justifying its $999.95 price tag.

Let’s get this started

Track 1: when Mick Jagger asked if he could do a feature, we all got together and asked “how much is he going to to pay us? We should have him do it quick to get it over with”. So, yes, the English accent you hear does not belong to any of Good Tiger’s British members. Side note: Buckethead’s outro solo really holds the song together. I can’t think of a better way to start an album.

Track 2: This one is ok. A few too many other instruments (as in, all of them) get in the way of my voice. It’s like covering up a beautiful steak in a blanket of racism. Sure, the steak still tastes ok, but now it’s not as fun.

Track 3: I told my girlfriend I was going out to pick up some beer, but really I went to a strip club in lower Manhattan. This isn’t really a song, it’s just what I was recording on my phone that night. It’s, like, 4 hours long.

Track 4: This is actually just ‘Where Are The Birds’ played backwards. Morgan had an app on his phone that reversed it.

Track 5: For this one, we all wanted to see what would happen if we switched instruments. So we have Morgan on vocals, Dez on bass, Joa on left handed bass, Rudy on guitar, and me on drums. The label threatened to drop us if we didn’t rewrite this one. So we told them we did (even though we didn’t).

Track 6: Legend has it Norma Jean recorded all of the vocals on their debut with a Radio Shack microphone. It has a lasting appeal/charm about it. We decided to follow in their footsteps, while going a step further. We picked up a couple of Barbie ukuleles, and a Fisher-Price 'Baby’s first drum kit" from Goodwill. Morgan used an old NIKE shoebox with some rubber bands. Yours truly got two Campbell Soup cans with a piece of string between them. It’s…. yeah…. it’s a classic for sure.

Track 7: ah yes, the song that probably bares the most “soul”. I had always heard the Beatles wrote their best stuff on LSD. I couldn’t find any, so I downed a bunch of Flintstones chewable vitamins. My pee turned real yellow. I hope you recognize the struggle within this performance.

Track 8: eggs, milk, laundry detergent, Brooklyn lager, bagels, deodorant

All right guys, I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to give away how many songs are actually on the album. I hope you’ve enjoyed this in depth and thorough preview/review. Remember, if you want an autographed copy, it’s going to cost you a lot of fucking money.

Final Score: 7 stars
“The Elliot Times”

@morphogenetic FAVORITE FOOD hmm this one’s hard because for a lot it’s probably japanese food i don’t know! so i can’t be super accurate here. so i cant give ABSOLUTE favorites but i can give some (admittedly super american, usually) food i know of they might like… only a few characters though

aoi: likes making soups & curries. special favorite is tomato soup with grilled cheese. likes orange soda, hates seafood, likes apples but doesn’t like potatoes

junpei: loves root beer once he discovers it in america– apparently it’s super unpopular in japan. likes mashed potatoes, gummy bears, pizza, mac and cheese, garlic bread, ate dog food once as a child. apparently there are a decent amount of italian-japanese restaurants in japan? he’d like that. usually orders takeout literally every night and lives off leftovers. apparently cereal isn’t a big thing in japan so he stocks up on sugary shit in america

phi: likes lemon candy, cheesecake, chocolate/mint combo. only eats mac and cheese reheated. guilty pleasure of americanized mexican food. likes german sweets and fancy dark chocolate

light: really garbage taste in food because no one in his family can cook. likes canned ravioli and olive garden (which dont get me wrong i like too)

clover: loves SWEETS!!! especially pink but only for the aesthetic. loves strawberries, watermelon, and peaches. also loves garlic bread and instant ramen


It’s time for 999 Week once again! 

“But Kiichu! How Does It Work?” Simply create and upload any kind of fanwork (fanfiction, fanmixes, fanart, etc.) for a character from 999 on a specific date! You don’t have to do all the characters, of course; any that you can is appreciated.

Each character gets a specific day in September, corresponding to their bracelet numbers of course! Ace would be Sept. 1st, Snake would be Sept. 2nd, and so on!

September 10th is reserved for any extra characters (Nijisaki, Musashidou, Nona, Funyarinpa, etc.). We can’t leave these guys out! Also, here are some guidelines:

-If you are late on any day, feel free to submit it the day after! 

-If you do not like a character, simply do not create/upload anything for their day. We don’t need character hate on the days we’re celebrating them!

-Tag everything as #999 week so everyone can track the tag! Also: make sure you tag spoilers!

Any kind of support, or even a signal boost, is appreciated! I hope everyone has a great time this year!

999: The Novel Fan Translation

Alright guys here it is! Well part of it anyway. Basically the novel is split up into chapters and subchapters. So this is the first two (don’t get too excited the first one is only one word :P ) subchapters of the 999 novelization (also I skipped the prologue because it was just describing the boat and the countdown, and I didn’t really feel like it. I’ll might come back to it later).

A few points: First, this novel is definitely above my reading level which is good because it’s a challenge and I’m learning a lot. It’s not so good because that means I’m not always 100% about what I come up with, and tbh I could be flat out wrong on a couple of sentences. But overall I think I did okay. If anyone wants to offer any assistance or point out inaccuracies or help out in anyway please feel free to do so! :)

Second, I tried to keep to the Japanese as literally as possible; however, Japanese and English are very different languages and don’t always translate into each other well. Which means this is not going to be the most natural sounding thing you’ve ever read. Basically I wasn’t sure if you guys would prefer a more literal translation or one that sounds better in English. If you’d rather I use more natural English and stray from the literal translation next time, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Also I’ll be tagging all translation related things as ‘jinger translates the 999 novel’ so please black or white list accordingly :)

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the 999 Alterna novel. I am translating it purely for my own enjoyment. I am not making any money from this translation.

That should do it for housekeeping. So without further ado, here’s the 999 novelization!   

Next: Chapter 1 (part 3 & 4)  

Chapter 1:Chance Meeting (part 1 & 2)

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Favorite Character of all time: Dang, I have so many. Tifa Lockhart, Malcolm Reynolds, Raven, Beast Boy, and Inara Serra. 

Favorite Hobby(ies): Writing, reading, gaming, crafting, sketching. What can I say? I’m an artsie. 

Least Favorite/Outright Despised Show: Most CW shows (Arrow in particular). 

Most frequent thing i do for my family: Stay out of their way, lol. 

Title(s) of film, anime, video game or cartoon that I feel is underrated:  Kuromukuro for anime, Kubo and the Two Strings for film, 999 (Virtue’s Last Reward, and the others in the series) for videogames. I got nothin’ for cartoons; all the ones I know of and watch are pretty popular. 

Dear 999 followers,

…i know some of you are dead accounts, but number counts (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Reblog with picture of your oc/avatar and you might get drawn. You can add extra info about character if you think it is important or with who it could be drawn, but don’t leave me with description alone.
I ask to reblog, because i’m to lazy to check by likes if you maybe have some oc on your tumblr. No giving me your usernames from eldarya/mcl, avatars there load for me terribly. Without skin and mouth usually.

Will be drawing how i want(you can always suggest what you would like…) and can’t say how many. If only few of you reblog, then i probably draw you all. Will update post if i get tired (¯﹃¯)

That is only for my followers, no tags for ninjas to see it >:D 

(little info - yes, it is for my 999 followers)