can i tag phil

phil the explorer and dan the tiny planet

not long time ago there was a boy that was alone just like the sun, with no moons, with no hope. but he saw a planet on his own and went there to see what he had to offer, and he wasn’t dissapointed.

fantastic foursome vs icarly !!

(ignore the watermark on the left, that’s from my old phan account on instagram lmao)

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #19
  • Dan: *walks into something and trips*
  • Phil: baby can't you see
  • Dan:
  • Phil: yoU'Re fALLinG

I’m;; honestly terrified for what would happen if Dan or Phil did end up coming out because I know that you Ph//an shippers will try to make that “proof” that they are together and further fetishize them and if they do end up coming out and saying that they are together I know some of you are going to be super invasive and ask gross stuff involving their very personal life and call it “real life yaoi!!” Or something and… honestly it just seems to me like you’ve all made it such a bad environment for either of them to come out and I wish I didn’t get these feelings..

So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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the day Dan and Phil finally adopt a dog they’ll have to potty train it, take it outside to go play, go on walks, and give all their love and attention to it, which is basically just going to prepare them for a child