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That’s right! The FOURTH annual Sanrion Appreciation Week returns October 1st-October 7th! 

Calling all artists, manippers, writers, videographers, if you make art and love this power couple, we want your talent! 

I will be posting prompts for this year’s celebration of the (still married, totally not divorced) Disgraced Daughter and Demon Monkey by the middle of the week. In the meantime, if you are interested in making prompt manips for one of the days, please get in contact with me here or at my main blog ( x <- have to insert because tumblr is 10000% useless and I can’t tag myself). 

I will not be participating much (if at all) due to a demanding student teaching schedule + work for that + the edTPA + another class BUT I will be hoping on periodically through the day to reblog and check in with our artists as well as posting the prompts. 

Please check out this page to see past submissions and get ready to celebrate this fantastic (and vastly underappreciated and grossly disrespected) couple. 



Mentally ill nonbinaries are cool and awesome. Whether your mental illness has an impact on your gender or not, you’re still pretty amazing and there are so many people who are glad you exist. Like me! I’m glad you exist. Keep being you.


The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldn’t help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time.

Me: *sees a car pass my house*
My brain: !!! You’re being watched !!! They’re stalking you !!! Close your blinds !!! watched !!!!
Me: can you like,,, shut the fuck up and be realistic for once please

What’s My Name? (Tom Holland Smut)

Originally posted by tom-holla

request: “Hey I loved your Tom smut I was wondering if you would write something where the reader accidentally calls him Peter during sex and is super embarrassed but he’s kind of into it” (requested by anon)

short summary: ^^

length: 1.3k words (sorry it’s kinda shorter than i envisioned tbh :/)

warnings: none it’s p straightforward

A/N: i’m ngl i laughed as I was writing this like this whole concept just busts my chops lol enjoy (also i kept listening to what’s my name as i wrote this hah shoutout to rihanna my queen)

The time that you’d been spending with Tom in New York was everything you dreamed of and more. Having never been to the city before, it was quite the adventure and you were always happy to be with your boyfriend before one of you had to jet off for work or school.

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the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)