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i see you reblog a lot of amazing aesthetic pics, could you recommend a bunch of the aesthetic blogs you follow? i always have a hard time finding that type of blog bc they don't necessarily tag their posts as 'aesthetic', lmao

yeah i had time finding some blogs too! but i think once you’ve followed a few they actually start to pop up in your recommended blogs ^^

here are the ones i follow (some of them are aes + kpop) n i lov all of their blogs sm

@lovguk @byungho @12roses @jaetens @chamgmin @1wish @2ramen @fleurilie @velvetgfs @shuasgf @hoseok @cheolsgirl @synqra @kmgs @pocgyu @udons @minyccngi @storyop1 @1attes @724th @slickygirl @lunasea @4wjsn @afterwarmth @2beer @hartfelt @94sky @love1etter @mygslover @756x @ceiun @yumeli @lovsohye @yeoble @ricemasks @rowoons @jonginkims @17unit @frea1luv @gyusgirlfriend @ljygf @yixingco @banhcanh @61kb @tencafe @kyungwho @light5


so, on twitter i have been posting one joshua drawing per day, ranging from doodles to full pieces, starting on my first day of summer vacation and plan to keep doing so until the last day of it

this event is the Summer of Joshua Appreciation, a personal challenge for me to draw every single day, and why not my special boy

here is the first week of pieces (5/13/2017 - 5/19/2017) –i’ll be posting the rest in the upcoming days! 

(each photo is captioned the same way the original is on twitter, for context)

Hey guys?

Okay, so some of you guys might remember the last time I put a GoFundMe on here to help out my family. However, instead of paying for Medical Bills, this is to help pay for my mom’s student teaching.

If you weren’t following me around January time, you probably have no idea what is going on. While everything is explained on the GoFundMe page, I’ll just give a brief summary here.

When I was in 3rd grade, my mom went back to college to become a teacher. She was about to accomplish her dream when a medical set back hit my family on June 30th, 2016 when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had to put off school for a year for recovery. But now that she’s fully recovered, she can do her Student Teaching this fall. Except…due to the cancer my family doesn’t have the funds to pay for this. Aaaaaannndd the government isn’t allowing support to help pay either. Aaaaaaaannd she doesn’t qualify for any scholarships (because of her age and such). So basically, we’re a bit tight on money.

Could you please donate and/or reblog this post? This is something I really care about, since my mom has worked hard for 6 years (I’m not including the year of medical leave) to get her dream job. I don’t want those to go to waste.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe

The link can also be found on my blog if this one doesn’t work.

Thank you for your time.

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hi!! could you recommend me some good baekhyun gif makers? exo-centric are fine too :)

hii yes of course!! these blogs are just the ones I remember at the top of my head rn, starting with the ones that gif baekhyunnnnn (some of them are pretty exo-centric but their bias is baekhyun does that count??? LMFAO):

@subaek @progamerbyun @byunvoyage @305heaux @sebaeked @kingbbh @sefuns @mochibaeks @tipannies @my-bobohu

exo/their bias:

@deararchimedes @chanhyun @sehunoh @r-velvets @the-ooverdose @kaizzzi @lawlliets 

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Anything Steve/Soda/Cherry. ;)

((;) I tried my best I hope I did them justice I just,,, love them. Some of these are modern and some may just be how I see them so yall dont have to agree ((i feel like lots of these are about cherry oops))

-Steve and Soda have tried on multiple occasions to do Cherry’s hair. Soda is pretty much useless in that department, but Steve has gotten pretty good.

-When they go somewhere together, Cherry usually drives (she has the best car) and Steve and Soda always fight over directions (good thing she knows where they’re going)

-Cherry has played the violin since she was about 7, and sometimes they still catch her practicing (she refuses to play if she knows she’s being watched)

-Steve and Soda usually get caught up making out in the backseat (she yells at them)

-Steve is likes taking pictures of the both of them (sometimes he even tells them he’s taking it)

-They’re all firm believers in birthday sex

-Soda always sits in the middle (he just plops himself in between them like the annoying fuck he is)

- Okay but can I say road trips?

-They always have some kind of music playIng. Soda (when he’s seriously trying) and Cherry both have nice singing voices.

-Once a month or so, they stay home in sweatpants, eat takeout, and watch movies (once they can decide what to watch)

-They love confusing people, but take no shit.

-Cherry is really good at makeup And painting nails (you know she gives them the hook up)

-Soda documents /everything/ on social media

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What makes a Jew not white? I'm pointing to Ashkenazi Jews. My mom's a Russian Jew but I believe that her lineage has no ties to Israel/the Middle East or a different ethnic group for that matter. I think most Ashkenazi Jews are inarguably white, but Shephardis and other divisions are given the exception. I don't want to start any sort of argument but I'm just wondering!

so up until about world war 2 being jewish was a race in the US. Jews do not have white privilege inthe same way, say, an English christian would have white privilege. All ethnic Jews are tied to the same place at some point in their lineage, which is not Europe. White nationalists/supremacists do not allow Jews in their “club.” Jews weren’t allowed in certain places in the twentieth century (country clubs, etc) because of their Jewishness. 

I don’t consider myself white, but I know some Jews disagree with me, which is fine. I don’t trust white people and I know from experience they usually see “Jew” not “fellow white person.” I’m not sure exactly what to consider myself, because it’s not really POC it’s more like somewhere outside whiteness. 

I am personally Ashkenazi (and possibly Georgian as well) so I can only speak to my own experience. 

If you want to discuss this further feel free to come off anon! 


Moments S3 [5]

Episodes of S3 [2]

Moments in S4 [2]

Friendships [4]

Characters (not Isak or Even) [5]

One Other Couple (canon or non canon) [1]

One season other than S3 [1]

I was tagged by the amazing @smileystyles to spell out my url using songs! Thank you so much for tagging me! <3 <3 <3

Tick - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
All This and More - Against Me!
Exile Vilify - The National
Third Season - AFI
Human Fly - The Cramps
Every Thug Needs A Lady - Alkaline Trio
Rose of the Devil’s Garden - Tiger Army
O Valencia! - The Decemberists
Self Esteem - The Offspring
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - The Gaslight Anthem
Spitting Venom - Modest Mouse

Guys I took this way too seriously. I spent what felt like hours, so here you go!

This was so fun to do but I had such a hard time choosing. Honestly I would have chosen Harry or One Direction for everything but I wanted to show my other music tastes too! Though looking at this.. you’d never know I like 1d :P

I tag @donotdialnine @harrybo @kitchentour @cheshireflowers @harrysrogue @louistheicon @ofrainbows @coffeehazza @thetummyhand @rosegoldeyelids and if there’s anyone else who wants to do it feel free to!


Here is how I imagine part of chapter one to play out~

(The second pannel is a bit hard to read but it basically reads as one row and two columns.)

So let me shed a little light on how this begins. Kara ends up becoming a priest and he’s come to a new church.

He’s pretty much been alone his whole life. It’s like an alternate universe where he doesn’t have any of his brothers with him and when he does meet them he doesn’t recognize them. But he’s felt like something has been missing all along. That something is. Wrong.

The commander and deity of this world is Choro. Kara isn’t really praying to him persay, just God generally. Oso makes a joke about this out of bitterness for Choro’s position of power. He’s also just messing with Kara.

Oso is there because he seeks to get Kara on his side; the dark side, basically. He is gathering the others to gain allies and a greater collective power. Oso also happens to miss his brothers and he’s frustrated because he can’t seem to remember them very well. Kara does not know that this is his intention, but knows that seeing a demon is bad news. But he can’t really get Oso to go away. He keeps appearing somehow.

As the story progresses we meet the 3 younger brothers and each of the characters would play an important role.

And believe me. As much as I am going to have jokes there will be angst.

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Don't come back : )

Ohhhh…. Sorry I missed this request, nonnie! I was pretty lax about checking messages during the actual hiatus and I see this was submitted on June 14th: just before the original deadline, too!

Welp, I screwed up this request good and proper! The least I can offer is a pretty picture you might find engaging and applicable to the situation. 

Originally posted by dank-hanayo

The really fun thing about this gif is that it can be interpreted as either hello or goodbye. It’s a “come hither” gesture in Japan of course, but enough people are unaware or just ‘Murican enough to use it as a goodbye signal as well.

I’m sure it’s similar to the “coming and going” sensation you feel having your head stuck halfway up your own ass. 

Thanks for the feedback, nonnie! Aloha!