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What I’m Working On

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @sententiousandbellicose - Thank you, this looks fun!

Currently Working On:

The Doorway (Rizzles fic): Rizzoli accidentally discovers a magical doorway that transports her to an alternate version of her life where two of her closest relationships are very different. It’s a dream come true in one respect, a nightmare in another.

[Give your main character a moral dilemma they said, it’ll be fun they said! lol. This story was inspired by an old British show called Goodnight Sweetheart. A married guy finds a magical door to the past, meets another girl and marries her, too. He basically lives two separate lives while traveling back and forth. When the series comes to an end, he has a choice to make about which woman to stay with. There is no past/present aspect in my story, just a series of events with different outcomes based on chance and character interference.]

Heroic Endeavor (Berena fic): Bernie Wolfe is really Athena, Goddess of war and heroic endeavor, on earth as a mortal to help the woman she loves. Things do not go to plan.

[This was partly based on a prompt I saw by @refreshingly-original, partly on my love for Clash of the Titans, and from there a manip that I couldn’t get out of my head. I tried to offer my idea as a more detailed prompt to an infinitely more talented writer but they shot me down, lol. Not naming nAmes.]

Manip Ideas (ssh, top secret, bitches!)

Marie Antoinette/Louis XVI (Berena) [Think French & Saunders in Let Them Eat Cake.]

Witches (Berena) [Nuff said.]

Something with Serena in her red coat and cigarette smoke. [I have an image in my head but it’s not full formed yet.]

Covers for any other awesome fics I might read that generate a vivid picture in my brain. (Berena) [My AO3 ‘history’ tab is nuts. And if I’ve viewed your story 50 times in one day you know why! lol]

Paramedic!Bernie [A recent request.]

Open to prompts if anyone has suggestions!

On The Backburner:

Cloudy With A Chance of Murder (Rizzles fic): When a tornado touches down on a crime scene, damaging the evidence and revealing more secrets, Rizzoli and Isles suddenly find themselves in grave danger.

[I was really happy with the first few chapters, despite some criticism about the unrealistic way the characters were out during a tornado warning! - tell that to the CSI Miami writers, they used this idea long before I did, lol - but a very serious life event got in the way and I never continued it. I think I would like to at some point as most of the feedback was positive at the time, but it’s so hard to feel motivated for a show that has already been cancelled and was quite shite at the finish.]

Manip Ideas

Amalfi fic cover (Berena) [I tried a half dozen different image combinations and gave up, really wanted to use that pic of CR in the sun tho at some point, you know the one, with the sleeveless shirt, and the drink, mmm, yeah that one.]

DCI/Security fic cover (Berena) [I think somebody beat me to it maybe, I vaguely remember seeing one like this, and I try not to step on toes when it comes to other people’s creativity. Can’t think of any other reason why right this second.]

Three Bodies fic cover (Berena) [A request that I have yet to fulfil. No idea what to make to convey this lovely oneshot to be honest.]

Maria Von Trapp (Berena) [I think I left it too long for this to be remotely funny now.]

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r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.
i got tagged by @chysleigh thanks mar you’re awesome <3 (so i know its tv shows but i had to put star wars in there too because its important lol)

first ever fandom? on tumblr it’d be rizzoli and isles but in general it’d be star wars
first ever ship? before i ever knew what shipping was it had to be anidala (anakin/padme) but on tumblr it’d be rizzles (jane/maura)
first death that made you cry/upset? as far as i can remember it’d have to be Frost from Rizzoli and Isles because of what happened with Lee Thompson Young (R.I.P) 
OTP? ahhhhhhhhh ummmm so many so many, sanvers, karolsen, westallen, nyssara, wayhaught, wyndolls, cophine, jake x amy, deckerstar……. there’s more but those are the main ones rn i think
NOTP? k*ram*l, any ship with jane/maura that wasn’t rizzles 
least favourite fictional character? i mean there’s a few for various personal reasons and i couldn’t remember them all rn anyways but currently it’d def be m*n*l

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • alex danvers (supergirl)
  • iris west (the flash)
  • padme amidala (star wars) 
  • piper halliwell (charmed)
  • morgana pendragon (merlin)

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • anakin skywalker (star wars)
  • james olsen (supergirl)
  • lucifer (lucifer)
  • finn (star wars)
  • lito rodriguez (sense8)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • lucy liu
  • laverne cox
  • angelina jolie
  • john boyega

6 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • lexie grey (grey’s anatomy)
  • barry frost (rizzoli and isles) 
  • padme amidala (star wars) I’LL MISS HER FOREVER
  • allison argent (teen wolf) 
  • m’gann m’orzz (supergirl) they better make her a season 3 regular 
  • morgana pendragon (merlin) yes, yes ik she was all destined to be defeated and whatever but she still deserved better

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching?

  • emily fields (pll)
  • raven reyes (the 100)
  • scott mccall (teen wolf)

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • sameen shaw (person of interest)
  • prue halliwell (charmed)
  • toph (atla)

2 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • well i started supergirl when it first premiered in october 2015 which is over a year but anyways supergirl
  • lucifer

favourite tv show: of all time? charmed 
tv show you want to watch: omg ugh quite a few but rn mainly queen sugar and humans 

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r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

 I was tagged by @svperheros, thank youu!!  *-* <3

first ever fandom? I think was NCIS

first ever ship? knowing what shipping was it was Rizzles,before I don’t remeber haha

first death that made you cry/upset?  Frost from Rizzoli & Isles

OTP? too many, the ones I can think now is supercorp, clexa, swanqueen, rizzles, cophine, bubbline, shoot, hollstein, calzona.. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I can feel haha 

NOTP? k’aram’el, bell’rke, holl’ance, penny x callie, Jane and Casey Jones,

least favourite fictional character? man hell and baloni

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • Alex Danvers (supergirl)
  • Kara Danvers (supergirl)
  • Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  • Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles)
  • Ziva David (NCIS)

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • J’onn J’onzz (supergirl)
  • Barry Allen (The Flash)
  • Chandler Bing (Friends)
  • Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  • Captain Ray Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • Chyler Leigh
  • Eliza Taylor
  • Chloe Bennet
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Lindsey Morgan

6 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • Lexa (the 100)
  • Lexie Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Cat Grant (supergirl)
  • Lucy Lane (supergir)
  • Ziva David (NCIS)
  • Sara Lance (Arrow)

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching?

  • Ziva David (NCIS)
  • Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)
  • Kensi Blye (NCIS LA)

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • Root (poi)
  • Sameen Shaw (poi)
  • Phoebe Buffay (friends)

2 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • The Flash
  • Modern Family

favourite tv show:  I can’t really pick one, sorry ://

tv show you want to watch: Luke Cage, DareDevil, Gotham, Smallville, Merlin, Parks & Recreation and a few others

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