can i still not like her makeup

Think of the prospects of fahc kdin rn guys. Just. Just think about it.

She comes out by making an offhand comment over coffee one morning about how the girls are still outnumbered, even with her now. There’s a small pause as everyone processes what she just said. Jack is the first to speak, asking if she would still like to be called kdin or something else. Lindsay is next, wanting to make sure she’s still comfortable rooming with the rest of B Team. Meg, Mica, Jack, and Lindsay offer to take her shopping for some new clothes. Meg and Mica are thrilled to teach her about makeup sometime.

After the initial round of questions (Were you scared to tell us? No, just had to be comfortable with myself first. Would you like me to set up an appointment with Caleb to discuss hormone therapy? Maybe in a bit. I can refer you to my surgeon. That’d be great Jack.) things settle down just as quickly as they started up.

Kdin is still reckless on the rare times B Team is called into the field. The only real difference is now she can do it in a dress or skirt without feeling self-conscious about it.

BTS Reaction #19 - Their s/o has unique eyes

anon asked: Hi ! Can I ask for a Got7, BTS reaction to one of their girl friend having not ordinary eyes (some not ordinary color on the iris, yellow, green, blue, grey ect.) but still kind of mesmerizing because they are big and make her look cute, Please ? Thanks ! :D

Seokjin: *you have Heterochromia - two different colored eyes* “Can I do your makeup jagi? I want to do two different looks to bring out each of your eyes like those youtube tutorials of the half and half faces!!”

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Yoongi: *finds it extremely sexy* “Your golden eyes are so fierce jagi. We make one hell of an attractive couple” he’d then kiss you deeply. Honestly one of the things he’d be most attracted to about you would be your eyes, seeing them as windows to who you are as a person

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Hoseok: *you catch him staring at your hazel eyes* “They’re green…but also brown and gold….” *continues to point out the obvious for hours on end about the various colors in your eyes, calling you beautiful while doing so*

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Namjoon: He’s never had trouble making eye contact before when talking to someone, but when you start talking to him on an intellectual level with your bright denim colored eyes, he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye. He’d be too blushy wondering how he’d gotten so lucky to find such a smart, beautiful, and unique s/o. (not gonna lie, he would stare into your eyes deeply during sex though. like his eyes would NEVER leave yours)

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Jimin: Whatever you want, if he is hesitant to do it for you then just give him a puppy dog pouting look. When he sees your beautiful eyes all huge and sad looking he’d instantly crack and do anything for you. He’d be putty in your adorable hands. He’d also constantly pinch your cheeks and kiss your forehead, telling you how cute you are.

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Taehyung: He’d end up staring at you for hours. You’d ask him to stop and he’d just giggle and keep staring, making cute faces at you to get you to laugh. “Jagi I love how your eyes look when you’re smiling and laughing. They’re so cool… You’re so pretty” *insert more giggly tae here*

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Jungkook: *when someone comments on your eyes* “Yeah, MY s/o’s eyes are gorgeous.” He’d put your arm around you and sort of glare at the other person. He’d love your eyes so much and find them so pretty that he’d find himself getting protective over you when others point that out too. He loves them and he knows others will too

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A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get to the second part of your request love! I hope you like it and thank you for your patience! <3

Hold Still and Pucker Up

Summary: Pidge hates lipstick, Shiro changes her mind.  In a world where Pidge is slightly older and she’s in a healthy relationship with Shiro.  Plus @besh-drawing-stuff needs a little pick me up. :D

The stuff feels tacky and gross.  “Allura do I really have to wear this?”  Pidge whines to the princess. 

“Yes.” Allura says tersely. “This is a formal occasion Pidge, and what’s wrong with lipstick?  The color looks wonderful on you.”

“I look like a clown.” Or maybe she can pretend she’s a wild animal that just ripped into its fresh kill. Pidge bares her teeth in the mirror. The action does make her feel a little bit better.

“Nonsense, red suits you well.  Besides I’ve seen you apply makeup to your lips before.” Allura leans over to share the mirror, finishing the last touches on her own face. 

“That’s different.” Chapstick or a little bit of lip-gloss is much superior.  You don’t notice it if it comes off and it doesn’t stick to your teeth. 

Allura tugs her away from the mirror to the door.  “No it is not.   Now let’s go, the others are waiting.” 

Of course the others look dashing in their formal wear.  Shiro especially. 

“Wow.” Shiro says breathlessly.  “You look amazing.” 

Pidge tries not to melt. They’ve only been dating for two months, but Shiro seems to almost effortlessly leave her helpless with his words and actions. 

“Thanks.” She mutters. “You…you look good too.” 

It’s a mix between a dance and recruiting new allies.  And each paladin has their part to play.  Keith and Lance make the general public feel at ease. Pidge and Hunk lure guests with their wit, while Shiro and Allura try to hook the big fish.

It’s successful for the most part.  Each paladin has their own charm and most aliens have never even heard of a human before.  Yet some are curious.  Overly curious.  Pidge notes as one of the females of the species reaches over to touch Shiro’s face. Shiro tries to brush her off with a nervous laugh, but the woman persists.  She doesn’t stop.

Pidge doesn’t know what comes over her.  One moment she’s chatting with a delegate from a world that thrives on cheese, the next she’s next to Shiro glaring at the alien woman.

“Pidge wha—“ His sentence halts when Pidge snatches his other arm just to rip him from the alien’s grasp. This is unfortunately not enough to clear the green haze Pidge is in.  She drags Shiro down to her level, a feat in itself really, and…plants one on him straight on the cheek. 

Red apparently looks even better on Shiro, Pidge decides.  The obvious lipstick mark pleases Pidge.  So she makes two, no three more for good measure. 

“Sorry, but he’s off the market.” She declares to the woman just staring at the pair with her mouth open so wide that Lance could stuff his cow in it.  Then nodding at Shiro’s stunned face littered with her claim, she turns and heads back to the crowd she left. 

And what she’s done, doesn’t hit her exactly until she sees Hunk’s expression.  His clasped hands with his mouth stretched in an unholy grin.

“That was even better than Lance’s Latino dramas.”  He gushes.

The paladin goes as red as her lipstick. “Oh my gosh. What have I done?”

“You asserted yourself over your man in a jealous rage.” Hunk says gleefully.

“What does that mean exactly, Green Paladin?” One of their guests twitches his antenna intrigued, “Was that a mating gesture of some sorts?’

Yes.”  “NO.” Hunk and Pidge say simultaneously. 

Pidge feels a tap on her shoulder.  “Quinzak, what now?” She groans, twisting to the newcomer. 

A wet sticky smack lands on the tip of her nose. 

“There.” Shiro states cheerfully his lips painted the same color as hers.  It shouldn’t look that fabulous, but Shiro manages to pull the look off.  “Now we match.”

“What? H-how?” Shiro swoops in to kiss her forehead. Smack. One smear on the temple and then the other. Smack, smack. 

“Allura had extra in case you accidently ‘rubbed’ it off somehow during the party.” He answers twisting another messy kiss into her cheekbone.

“How glorious!” The interested alien waves its tentacles in joy.  Hunk joins him.  “Your gesture is reciprocated!”

“Stop!” Pidge shrieks giggling trying to squirm away from the oily pecks, but Shiro gives no mercy.

“Never.” He chuckles, caging her lightly in his arms.  “There is no escape, surrender.”

His laughter contagious, so she retaliates going for every patch of skin she sees.  “I will have my revenge!” She shouts back.

It is a dirty affair. In the end both of their faces are gross with red lipstick rubbed practically everywhere. Eventually Allura takes one glance at them and with twitching lips sends both to their rooms to get cleaned up. 

Shiro doesn’t know which part was better, getting dirty or taking hours to clean up.

Pidge agrees.  Who knew staking a claim would be so fun? Maybe lipstick isn’t that bad after all?   

I cannot, in good conscience, cosplay Tiana. Because I’m white and even if I wore no makeup or body paint at all it would still feel like I was doing blackface.

Edit: OP cosplay is open to everyone. If you personally love Tiana and you want to cosplay her, regardless of your race, then you can. As long as you don’t wear blackface and you don’t do anything to mock/degrade the character I fail to see how it would be offensive. I am POC and I cosplay characters outside of my skin tone all of the time. Now if it makes you really uncomfortable then don’t do it. The worst thing you can do is cosplay a character and feel uncomfortable the entire time you’re wearing the costume, but just know that its alright to cosplay characters that are darker or lighter than you. That’s just my personal opinion, and everyone will not think the same way I do, but remember in the end Cosplay is for fun. 

-Mod Vani

so my headcanon is definitely that valencia is a lesbian who has lived for years in the closet due to growing up in a slightly religious family (not so religious they hate her for living with josh out of wedlock but religious enough that they think women should reproduce and be moms, hence part of her reasons of pressuring josh into marriage and kids). also she’s like, i’m feminine and care about how i look and like yoga and dancing and pink and makeup, I can’t be gay. so therein her femininity also became her greatest weapon. also that’s why she never hung out with girls, because they made her question what she denied for so long, and rebecca kissing her brought those feelings back up and then finding out rebecca liked josh the whole time and not even her? heartbreaking.

still, after years of holding onto josh, it’s hard to let go. and she loved josh – still loves him, really – even if she wasn’t ever sexually attracted to him. they had a lot of good times regardless.

so anyways, #valenciaisalesbian

I still remember CC posting an excerpt of her Malec smut fic for charity(I think it’s supposed to be for The Trevor Project) some months ago. I recall it having something about Alec liking Magnus without makeup because “makeup and his fancy clothing were his armor”. So thank god Harry said that makeup doesn’t define people but it can help them express themselves. Because seriously. That is why Magnus likes his makeup and nice clothes, imo. Not because it’s armor..

About Ivy:

After seeing her in action, I’m actually good with where the writers have taken her. The age up still looks sloppy, but forgiveably so, and I really can understand why they did it for this specific character, it would’ve been near impossible to move a fifteen year old towards the inevitably strong and very sexual being Poison Ivy is meant to be. Also on a separate note I think it is adorable how she is still mentally young from not knowing that a thousand dollars isnt really a lot to her basic beginner makeup like yes so cute smear that green eyeshadow everywhere and call it good. Also I can appreciate that they have drawn the line very clearly in that Ivy is wearing nice dresses and that’s all, and is giving these horny creeps NOTHING, NADA, ZIP. Just some thoughts, thanks Gotham for handling this as gracefully as possible given the circumstances now let’s talk about nygmobblepot because that’s something ya need to work on a bit. 👍

the beauty of black & white

Parameters of a world without color force you to see things differently, and that in turn push you creatively. Looking at someone’s face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of colors, can provide a stronger emotional connection. 

Black and white photography also provides wonderful tonal range between the deepest blacks and the whitest whites. Pigments, discoloration and distracting elements of the skin can become less obvious – garishly colorful makeup is no longer distracting. 

What I really like about it is it lends a certain timeless quality to my images. This is because we still think of black and white as being a throwback to the photographic past. And lastly, it makes people think. It makes people ask themselves what could be the color of her skin, eyes, lips, and hair.

I often shoot in colors but black and white is also available so why shouldn’t we use it especially when we feel like it serves the purpose of the photo?


A/N hey guys this is my first ever imagine on here, i wanted to write an imagine based on my favorite song from Ed Sheeran’s New Album ‘divide.’ you can listen to the song when you’re reading the imagine if you like. Hope you enjoy. :) ❤️

Shawn’s P.O.V

She’s Perfect. Absolutely perfect. She’s the most gorgeous woman i have ever laid eyes on. And from this day forward i get to call her my wife. When i look at her i feel at home, i feel at ease. Wether she’s in a dress or not, wether she’s wearing makeup or not, i still think she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. And as i’m laying here beside her on the bed, I realized that she’s the one for me. She’s the one i’ve always wanted. She’s the reason the sun misses the moon so much. She’s the reason why i write all my songs about her. I love her so much. I love you so much Y/N Mendes. My one and only. My angel who i’ve finally met in person. I’ll protect forever and always. I promise.

A/N i hope you guys enjoy my first imagine you can always request one if you like. And don’t be afraid to give me feed back on my writing. :)


Lisa Bonet who is mainly known for playing Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, and A Different World is my favorite style icon. Going back and watching the Cosby Show and A Different World Lisa Bonet always stood out because of her fashion choices. No matter what she had on or how her makeup and hair was, she always slayed. There is nothing Lisa Bonet cannot pull off she is such a natural beauty. I love how daring she is with her makeup, hair, and fashion. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as she likes it she’s gonna rock it. She was one of the first girls to rock the pixie/boy haircut. Lisa Bonet is still considered a style icon to this day there is nothing she can do wrong when it comes to fashion and beauty 👸🏾😍❤️👑🌹🎉🎉💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾



My bed sheets still smell like her.

I keep telling myself over and over again that I’m going to wash them. Every day following the night she leaves, I make a plan to do it - but then it doesn’t happen. I collapse in bed after I get home from work and breathe her in, and it’s almost like she’s still right there.

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about AoS' makeup department for a minute? I just watched 4x15 again and normally the girls would be prettied up despite fighting for their lives but Daisy and Jemma both loved as though they had both almost been killed. I mean Faisy still had scars from her fight with Malick literally a full season ago. I know this isn't a question but I still feel like the makeup department needs more recognition.

Hi Anon!

The hair and make up team is nothing short of stellar!  They pay such attention to detail making sure to carry over what they need too, not have wounds magically disappear from one episode or even scene to the next.  

anonymous asked:

PT 1 - Everyone's like "MYSTAL is fake Bc of theHQ pics on V Day. Larzaylea must be real Bc it's a selfie" UHMMMMM A LOT OF PEOPLE GET PROFESSIONAL PICS FOR VALENTINES DAY! THE FACT THAT MICHAEL AND CRYSTAL CARE ENOUGH TO GET THOSE TAKEN IS ADORABLE! LARZAYLEA TOOK A SELFIE AND LUKE COULDN'T EVEN CALL HER HIS GF LMAO! Stop telling me MYSTAL is fake Bc they seem more in love and unforced than Larzaylea ever has. Luke always looks forced. -

- ARZAYLEA’S ALWAYS LIKE “take a pic w me so I can be petty and show you off and prove you’re with me” CRYSTAL waits for mikey to post so she doesn’t “show him off”!! DONT TELL ME CRYSTAL IS WORSE THAN ARZAYLEA BC ALL THE “evidence” YOU HAVE OF HER BEING A BITCH IS OLD AS FUCK!! ARZAYLEA IS STILL PETTY, DISRESPECTFUL, AND FAKE. DO NOT SAY THERE WAS NO MAKEUP OR PHOTOSHOP IN THAT ONE PICTURE! SHE HAD HER EYEBROWS FILLED AND SHE WAS WEARING HIGHLIGHTER. WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE SHE EDITED!! not to mention getting lip fillers and using photoshop doesn’t exactly qualify as a good role model. She posts like she knows her whole audience is the 5SOSfam. She doesn’t make a name for herself. DO NOT TELL ME SHES A YOUTUBER!! WAITING FOR 15K IS NOT A YOUTUBER!! WAITING FOR 15K IS USING LUKES FAME AND 15K IS WHEN YOUTUBE SENDS CHECKS!! Crystal has a job and she’s doesn’t do as much promo. Maybe she’ll tag a company or a hotel or something. But she doesn’t do as much as Arz. Yes -

GO OFF!!!!!!! Was there supposed to be a fourth part to this? I didn’t get it if there was. :(

You Belong To Me I Believe

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “hi lovely!! Could you write something where revenge era gerard takes the reader to a party but gets a little possessive when another guy tries hitting on her?? Thanks!!!!!”

Warnings: Possessive Behavior, Rough Sex

Word Count: 886

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: A little possessive turned into rough bathroom sex…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The bar smells like piss and alcohol, it’s crowded and hot just like every other Saturday night. You’re leaning against the bar watching Frank dance around Gerard who can’t stop laughing. They’re still wearing their clothes and makeup from their show and you can’t help but think they all look fucking amazing. You’re all a little drunk, some more than others, and everything is just floaty happiness that can’t be ruined. You turn to your left and see someone smiling at you, he’s cute and grinning at you and you smile back.

“Hey, beautiful.” His voice is like honey, dripping sticky sweet over your drunken mind.

“Hey yourself.”

“Wanna dance?” He leans into you, his eyes telling you he wants more than just a dance. You shake your head just as the guy is shoved away from you. Gerard is standing beside you, hand wrapped possessively around your waist.

“What the hell, man?!” The stranger barks.

“Fuck off,” Gerard replies coldly and the stranger gives you a look, as if asking for you to let him stay, before storming off.

You shove Gerard away, glaring at him like he just killed someone. It’s a tense silence, both of you waiting for the other to speak and both of you unwilling to be the one to break the moment. And then his lips are on yours, growling into your mouth and pulling you against him with fingers gripping tight enough to bruise. You should be angry, should be pushing him away because he always has to be the jealous possessive boyfriend, but you love it. You hate that you love it…but it’s so fucking hot when Gerard claims you.

You curl you hands into his black shirt and let him control the kiss, filling you mouth with the taste of cheap alcohol each time his tongue finds yours. It’s messy, the kind of kiss you shouldn’t have in public, and your knees go weak, leaning into Gerard so you don’t fall over.

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  • Rising – how you come across to others
  • Sun – the specifics of your style
  • Moon – Accessories, Makeup, or the overall finishing touches
  • Venus – Your Actual Fashion Style

Taylor Momsen

Libra Rising | Leo Sun | Scorpio Moon | Gemini Venus
Whenever I think of Libra Suns and Rising Signs Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s come to my mind. Fashion-wise Libra Risings are a lot like Pisces Risings both giving off a chameleon aura about them. Both take a very feminine approach to style if they’re a woman, if a man there’s still a Prince Charming manliness about them. Taylor’s Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon give her a bold, edgy look to her—at least in her stage/photoshoot outfits. You can expect a Smokey eye, raccoon look for makeup when it comes to Scorpio Moons.  A Gemini Venus gives a working look to them, a look that feels that said person is always on the move.

Amy Lee

Cancer Rising | Sagittarius Sun | Leo Moon | Aquarius Venus
Sagittarius Sun and Leo Moon are the Bohemian fashionista. Bangles, rings, warm shades of makeup are common loves for this woman. Amy’s Cancer Rising gives her an approachable feminine look but one of a domestic, warm comfort. This is the look of Greek Goddess Demeter if she lived in modern times. Yet an Aquarius Venus gives an eclectic style. These are the people that dye their hair blue throughout their adolescence but when they’re forty they take that oddness and focus it on one area of their style. They are very precise.

Victoria Justice

Scorpio Rising | Pisces Sun | Aquarius Moon | Aries Venus
Since I have these exact planetary placements I know what I’m talking about with Victoria Justice’s style. The difference is that I’m a Virgo Rising while she’s a Scorpio Rising and this does change her fashion quite a bit from mine. Earth risings are very detail oriented to clothes; that eyeliner line had better be perfect. Water Risings not matter what they are intensify the style. Scorpio’s influence is upped to a ten as an Ascendant these are the rock stars of the zodiac here. A Pisces Sun with Aquarius moon is constantly changing its style, as a woman you’ll want to stay a little feminine even if you’re in sweats. The Aquarius Moon will add something unexpected like feather earrings. An Aries Venus because Venus is the style we love, make this person choose bold statements. Whatever colour a person likes this Venus will choose the bright colour in that gradient. In my case black doesn’t change much unless it stains.

Demi Lovato

Pisces Rising | Aries Sun | Taurus Moon | Virgo Venus
Like Pisces Suns and Libra Risings, a Pisces Rising is a fairytale but Demi’s Virgo Venus makes her very meticulous about her style. Any outfit will be very calculate (Virgo Venus is like having a Virgo Rising in this case). A woman might wear a princess dress but she’ll make that look like a business suit. An Aries Sun, Taurus Moon will have this sensual, natural beauty. This is a woman who’ll wear the brightest shade of blood red lipstick.

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise

Imagine Haiba Alisa who always wanted a little sister and pouted for days when her mom told her she was getting a little brother.

Imagine Alisa who doted over her little brother to the point that he let her dress him up in her hair bows and their mother’s makeups when Lev was a toddler.

Imagine slightly older Lev who does not want to be apart of Alisa’s tea part and sobs his little eyes out when she makes him wear one of her dresses because “mommy I dont want to dress like a girl!’

Imagine Lev still wanting to be like his big sister though and accepting it when she paints his toes so they can match.

Imagine little Lev being much shorter than his big sister because she started growing tall quickly and he hasn’t yet, so he steals their mom’s high heels and stomps around the room to make noise when he realizes he’s still not as tall as Alisa.

Imagine Alisa getting a knack for makeup and hair styling, so now she always cuts Lev’s hair (with a couple tragedies, but now, his hair just gets too long when she’s not there to cut it).

Imagine Alisa pouting when Lev starts going through puberty because now he’s not her cut little brother anymore and he just smells like a man (wash your socks once in your life Lev).

Imagine Lev caving at 14 to wear makeup concealer that Alisa showed him how to use because of the bright red zit that showed up on his nose before picture day.

Just, imagine Lev and Alisa being perfect, catty little siblings who love each other more than anything.

It’s funny when people act like Bom is the only Kpop idol to get PS. No amount of puberty and/or weight loss changes bone structure. NOTHING is wrong with plastic surgery. Korea is the plastic surgery capitol of the world. Just get off your high horses and stop acting like “natural” idols are so much better just because they didn’t go under the knife. CL didn’t get anything done and ya’ll still want to call her ugly, complaining about her makeup. Nothing can please the kpoppers I guess.

Just Different (ReaderxDean)

Request: I love your stories! I was wondering if you could write one where Dean hasn’t seen the reader in a few years (she’s always been a total girly girl. Like full face of makeup everyday, nails done, the whole deal) and he runs into her while on a hunt. Dean still thinks she’s “fragile” and can’t take care of herself, but she’s actually trained in krav maga/mixed martial arts and saves Dean and Sam from (insert monster here) Seeing her kick ass turns Dean on and fluff/smut follow :D

Warning(s): lots of swearing as usual, smut

Words: 3312

Note: Ahh sorry it’s so long! I just got a little caught up in it, but this is one of my favorite smut writings so I hope you like it ;)  A/N~I love this idea and I obviously love Dean smut so YAY!

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I can’t stop crying. She was two days away from being 19. She had the spunkiest personality.i loved that girl like a sister and I haven’t seen her since she stopped working where I work and now she’s gone forever. She would have had such a great fucking life. I still can’t process the fact that she’s I just can’t imagine her not being alive. Being a sassy goofy crazy ass kid. Instead she’s gone. Death really fucks you up. She was supposed to do great things. She had the best makeup skills and she loved theatre she always sung phantom of the Opera songs to me even though I’ve never seen it before. I spent so many hours with her goofing off and talking shit and talking about everything. We had vent seshs on the daily.i wanted to see what she would make with her life. She was gonna go so far I know she was. It hurts my heart knowing shell never get to do anything she wanted to do. It fucking kills me to know she’s gone.
Don’t take life for granted because tomorrow isn’t promised.