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What it would be like to date Lee Jooheon;

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  • Jooheon will use his power of aeygo to stop you from being mad
  • he will use his aeygo to get out of you being mad at him 
  • he’ll smile when he knows that he’s put his foot in his mouth 
  • he aso knows full well that you can’t resist that smile 
  • he loves to call you by pet names, rather than your name. 
  • serious Jooheon isn’t something to be lax about because when he is serious, his face is straight and he shows no expression and to you, that is how you know. 
  • you can tell his angry or mad as soon as you see him, he has a tell. 
  • he pouts like a child when he doesn’t get his way. 
  • you love to tease him about his chicken heart, sometimes you jump out at him and then have to baby him. 
  • You get to him rap raw, he practices at you.
  • he has so much energy that you question whether or not he is a toddler in a man’s body 
  • he has a rubber duck that he keeps in the shower 
  • MEME 


“hm?” you hummed. 

“Look at me” you would turn your head for him to kiss your cheek. 

  • he sometimes makes you walk with him down the dark hall way to the kitchen because he legit cannot do it on his own. 
  • He shares all of his clothes with you, legit all 
  • even his precious hats  
  • sometimes you see jackson randomly in your flat and you dont even question it anymore 

“oh hey y/n!” 

you “????” 

  • Jooheon is the type to wake you up on a morning because he’s bored being the first one awake. 
  • he will wrap his entire body around you like a koala 

  • he gets jealous sometimes, but it’s not obsessive jealous, its the cute jealous and necessary jealousy when someone is literally too close for comfort. 
  • he’s constantly reminding you about how happy he is with you 
  • you are always there at his concerts and debuts
  • you support him when he feels down about not having a first win, but hes strong. you’ve never seen a group so strong.
  • you have to prtoect him from the group because they just scare him all the time, ALL THE TIME 
  • You both sit there and smuth each others faces together by squishing each others cheeks. 
“Can i kiss you?” he sys while grabbing your face and squishing your cheeks together. 

  • Jooheon is actually really in touch with his emotions, he gets upset or disheartened by a lot of things and you as his other, feel helpless because hes such a pure light of happiness that you just want to protect. 
  • his definition of love always makes your heart swell

“Isnt love something that might get lukewarm at times, but goes burning again after?” 

  • He’s a sweet heart


  • i wouldnt say rough, but i think it would be beyond passionate 

  • like legit hot and sweaty 
  • basically his rapper persona is similar to his sex persona
  • you never know when this side of jooheon would come out since hes unpredictable 
  • it’s highly anticipated sex because the cute man because a hot god with a voice that’s low enough to be a growl
  • boy, knows how to go down. 

  • he sends you regular selfies because why not?
  • you get face time at ridiculous times because of tours and practice, you’re basically his energy source. 

  • he doesn’t say i love you very often so its more special and nice to hear when he does. 

  • i think he’d be one for couple stuff, like matching hats, or couple rings.

  • sometimes he tries to shower with you, but after the last time… hes more cautious because he tried to tickle you but slipped and landed on his ass. 

  • his smile could probably cure many things  


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i don't remember if i sent this one in or not (sorry if i did haha) but can you do a reaction for when it is cold and you wrap yourself in a blanket burrito and won't let them join you, but later when they walk away you run up and back hug them covering them up with the blanket and you/ (sorry if it doesn't make sense) thank you!! **love fluffy!! :)**

This makes tons of sense and I love fluff too O3O

Sorry it’s late ;-;

BTS Reaction To Blanket Burrito’s and Hugging them from behind

“Jin Jin Look!”
“What is -” You’re squirming around your bed and you wrapped yourself in the blanket. Only making a whole around your face for you to breathe. “a-ah.. I see…” He’s dying on the inside, “I-I’m gonna go make dinner… okay?” He says, slowly walking away, “Jin Noo wait!!” You get up and hug him from behind. It strikes him right in the heart. He lifts you off the ground and hugs you so tightly that you could barely breathe, “I love you so much that it hurts sometimes Princess..”

He would be in the kitchen, yelling your name. You answered every time, but didn’t actually go up to him. He looked in all the rooms for you but couldn’t find you. Until, that was, he heard moving around under the blanket sheets. He walked closer to you, “Baby?”
“Yes?” You muffled out, “What are you doing in there?” You poked your head out and looked up to see him staring wide eyed at you. “You should let me join you Baby” he teased, trying to get you out of the blankets, “No!” You hid yourself once again. He found your gestures extremely cute, “Fine” he turned around back to the door, “No more hugs then” You instantly perk up and run up to him, hugging him from behind, “I’m sorry Joonie…” You mumbled. He looked at you for a moment, then breaking into a smile, “You’re so cute!”

“jagi~ Where are you?” He giggled, walking around the house in attempts to find you. He noticed the wiggling blanket on the floor. He stared at it for a moment before your head popped out, “I look like a worm” you smiled gleefully. He dropped to his knees with his mouth gawking open, “Oh. My. God”
You moved closer to him, “Are you Okay jimin?” he clenched his chest as he looked at you, “W-Why are you s-so cute??” He said, dramatically falling to the ground. “oh no!” You yelled teasingly. You swallowed him into your blanket and gave him a hug, “You have no idea how crazy you make me. Do you Jagi?” He said, giving you light kisses all over your face

This little fluffball is going to want to join you because you look so comfy. “Please?”
“No” you pout, “But why?” He asked
“Fine” he sulked and slowly walked away. A few minutes later when you realized he wasn’t coming back, you went to search for him. He was on the couch sleeping. You smiled at him and slowly pet his hair, he moaned into your hands before opening his eyes. He opened up his arms and you gladly fit in and cuddled with him, “You’re so cute Babe. I knew you would come by. No one can resist The Min Yoongi”

He would be exactly like you. He would take another blanket and the both of you would cuddle up together, hiding in the mountain of blankets. “You look adorable as ever jagi” he smiled at you
“Thank you Tae” you said, nuzzling your head into his chest. He cuddled you back and the two of you stayed there for a while. “You know..” He began, “I really really love you” you smiled and leaned up so you could give him a kiss, “I love you too Tae”

He would just stare at you. No words needed. The way you perked up and poked your head out made him clench his chest. “Y-you don’t even have to try when it comes to turning me on y/n…”
you crawled over to him and hugged him, enveloping the both of you in the large blanket. He hugged you back and spun you around, “YOU’RE SO ADORABLE I WANT TO CRY” He kissed you all over, not letting you go

you were on the bed, having gun wrapping yourself up in a blanket. Jungkook was somewhere in the house. You could hear him singing. You poked out your head for a breathing hole and soon began to drift off. When you woke up, you found Jungkook staring blankly at you like he was lost in his own world. He was blushing too. You wondered what was going on in his mind. “Kookie” you mumble. Your voice was a lot more restrained than you thought and it made him gulp, snapping out of his trance. He squished your face, “Can I kiss you please?” He said abruptly. “You don’t need my permission for that” you smile

Hope you liked it! This is so cute O3O
~Admin Luna

Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( part 3/? )

Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( 3/? )     [ credit to ofsentencefragments ]

“Come put a baby in me.”
“Slumber party, nudey times, drinky drinky.”
“Calm down, Peaches. Come back to bed.”
“Shouldn’t someone start freaking out right now?”
“You don’t have a cocaine problem.”
“Kiss her, you die.”
“Can I squish your face?”
“I will give you whatever you need.”
“C’mon let’s spoon it up. We’ll make it right, half moon style.”
“That’s handsome disease!”
“I will punch you in the face.”
“I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”
“I’ll quit when you’re behind bars, or when you’re dead. I honestly don’t have a preference at this point.”
“I’ve got the greatest girlfriend ever.”
“Shooting him is honestly the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.”
“The next time you decide to risk your life, remember that there’s someone who loves you, who’s worried sick.”
“How do you know what color your eyes are? You can’t see them!”
“Don’t be the B from apartment 23! You’re better than that!”
“Put your arms around me! Come on sell it!”
“Rub my back at a medium pace!”
“Make it tender!”
“I did get a little action. Over the clothes, middle school style.”
“He’s a lame chop, slathered in fail sauce.”
“You are competing with girls who were murdered.”
“Apples are not snacks.”
“I, uh, like the way we fit and I’m not just talking about when we spoon it up half-moon style. Although, that’s tight.”
[ intensely stares, not helping at all ]
“This is my partner, Immaculate Conception.”
“You have a problem, Candyman.”
“You’re gonna make a really handsome baby daddy.”
“This talk of ours is going to have to wait until long after we’re dead and even then the dead version of me is not going to have any questions for the dead version of you.”
“I never walked in on my parents having sex because my parents never had sex.”
“My girlfriend is seeing other people, for strictly professional reasons.”
“Your heart hearts me.”

BTS reaction to being woken up at 1am on their birthday

Rap Monster: Y/N, it’s so early! But thank you… you’re so cute~

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Jimin: Ahh, thank you so much! Next time, I’ll wish you happy birthday even earlier! *competitive grin*

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Jin: What? It’s only 1am and I get to see you already? This is the best birthday present ever~

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Suga: (still half asleep) Ah… what time is it? Who’s birthday is it? Huh? It’s mine? Oh… (goes back to sleep)

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Jungkook: (a little confused) Thank you, Y/N! That’s too sweet *laughs*… (goes back to sleep)

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J-Hope: You’re so adorable! Did you really wake me up to be the first one to wish me a happy birthday? *squishes your face*

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V: I can barely contain myself! Wait… does this mean that I can have my cake and presents now?

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- dinokun